Balloon Animals

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I’d been waiting for Chase to come home all day so when the clock on the wall said three past five I was ready to explode. I’d been texting him cryptic messages since the morning, little notes that I knew only he could understand but I made sure he wouldn’t be able to guess my biggest surprise. I waited on the couch, nonchalantly reading a magazine, loving the way the glossy pages felt against my bare legs. I wasn’t really paying attention to the articles, just skimming over the words. 67 Ways to Please Your Man. 50 Dresses Under 50 Dollars. I ran my hands over brightly colored pictures, Photoshopped to perfection.

When his hand turned the doorknob and he walked in, I smiled up at him, only looking up from the magazine for a brief moment.

“Well, hello,” he said, resting his briefcase beside the door and taking in the view. I’d been in my turquoise bathing suit top all day with a pair of tiny white shorts. His lips formed that crooked half-smile he makes when he’s thinking something sexual. I knew he wanted me. I wanted him to want me.

I’d been waiting all day for this.

“What have you been up to today?” he chuckled, taking his blazer off and laying it on the back of the chair nearest the door.

“Not much,” I said, going back to my magazine, leaning back against the arm of the couch, spreading out. I crossed my legs and let him take in the view of my half naked body, lean and elongated. “How was work?”

“Not nearly as interesting as this,” he said, walking over to me. He stood over me, his eyes bright and his already semi-hard dick straining against his khakis.

I smiled up at him for a second before going back to my magazine.

“So what’s this surprise you were texting me about all day? I see my beautiful girlfriend half naked all the time, there’s got to be more,” he teased.

I flipped the page, pretending to suddenly take an interest in 10 Minute Workouts to Get You in Shape FAST!

He loosened his tie and let it fall to the floor. I looked up and watched him unbutton his blue shirt, exposing his smooth, tan chest. I felt myself growing wet but kept my legs crossed, letting him enjoy the show.

“Leney?” he said.

I let the magazine drop to the floor as I looked up at him again, his bare chest exposed, showing off the defined muscles in his abdomen. His cock was pressed hard against his pants, wanting to escape and stand at full attention. It took all of my strength not to reach up and yank his pants down to his ankles at that moment.

“Come with me,” I said, standing up. I grabbed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri his hand and led him down the hallway to our bedroom door.

“Why’s the door shut?” he asked.

“Close your eyes,” I whispered. He obeyed and I opened the door, leading him inside, then closing the door again behind us. “Open them.”

He stood for a moment, shocked, at our bedroom. I spent my day filling it with a hundred of bright colored latex balloons. I blew up each one until it was ready to burst, shiny and straining to pop at any moment. Just like he said. Just like he wanted.

“I guess this is my surprise,” he said, picking up one of the balloons. I loved his crooked smile.

“I left some for you to blow up,” I whispered in his ear and I felt his breathing shorten.

I bent down and picked up a big yellow balloon, feeling its smooth latex against my skin. I pressed the balloon up against his bare chest, rubbing it up and down his body, letting him feel it roll against his skin, straining to pop. I let my nails dig into it slightly and it popped with a loud bang.

He shuddered but I ran my hand down his arm, “Plenty more where that came from,” I said. I knelt down in the balloons so my face was level with his waist and undid his pants, sliding them to the floor. His thin blue boxer briefs did nothing to hide his hard cock and he moaned as I rubbed it through the soft cotton.

I picked up another balloon and used the stretched latex to rub his throbbing member through the fabric. He moaned as I teased him with his new play things, a fetish he’d waited years to tell me.

I let go of the balloon for a brief moment to pull down his underwear, his cock finally freed. I placed my mouth around the tip, letting my tongue circle it, tasting his precum before pulling away. I could tell he wanted me to keep going but I had something else in mind. I grabbed his hand and pulled him down into the floor with me, letting the balloons surround him, brush up against his skin.

I grabbed a red balloon, shiny and taught, ready to pop at any second, and brought it to his cock. I rubbed the balloon up and down the velvet skin of his dick, letting the latex squeak slightly as it slid against his skin. A drop of precum got on the balloon and I pulled it away for a moment, licking his sweet juices off, before placing the balloon against him again. He moaned and I pressed my nails into the balloon again, allowing it to pop. I felt his body shudder as I dropped the limp pieces of latex to the floor and grabbed another güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri shiny and supple blue balloon. I liked the way the latex slid up and down his cock as I rubbed him with it. He thrust his hips a few times, closing his eyes. While his eyes were closed, I dug my nails deep into the balloon and it popped. He let out a deep moan and placed a hand on my shoulder.

“You have to stop,” he begged, I’m going to cum already.

I smiled and grabbed another. He grunted in protest as I ran my tongue across the stretched pink surface of the balloon before placing it back against his straining cock. I could tell he was trying hard not to cum but there was no use. As I rubbed his cock, streams of hot white cum burst from his cock, coating the pink balloon. I jerked him off, milking the last drops from his tip and rubbing them onto my balloon before licking them off, swallowing every last drop. He moaned, watching me consume his juices hungrily.

When the last drop was licked clean, I popped the balloon, letting it fall to the floor with the other balloons I’d massacred.

Once he caught his breath, he bent down, forcing me to lay down on the floor and climbing on top of me. Balloons nearly swallowed me, brushing up against every part of my body as he leaned in and kissed my neck, his body pressed firmly against mine. He left a wet trail of saliva as he worked his way down my body, his lips touching my skin gently, pausing at my breasts to circle my nipples. I bit my lip as he nibbled gently at them, tugging slightly at them before resuming his journey south on my body. My body tingled and buzzed as his lips traced their way down my stomach.

When his lips reached my pussy, I let out a full body shudder. He traced my lips up and down with the tip of his tongue, stopping to brush my clit each time before heading back down to dart his tongue into my hole, tasting my sweet wetness between my legs.

I moaned as he lapped my pussy. Each time he grazed my clit, an electric shock coursed through my spine. I twisted and turned as he continued to eat me out, his tongue plunging deep inside me as I writhed around. I felt his teeth graze my throbbing clit and I let out a screech as I started cumming, my juices flowing out of me.

When he pulled away, I could barely catch my breath. He worked his way back up my body and kissed me roughly on the mouth. I could feel his dick harden against my leg and I reached down to jerk him off. He moaned into my mouth as he continued to kiss me.

“Fuck me,” I whispered güvenilir bahis şirketleri into his ear.

He smiled and placed a balloon between our chests. I could feel it strain, ready to pop as he put even a slight amount of pressure on it. He moaned and teased me, placing the head of his penis at the entrance to my dripping wet hole.

I tried to grip his hips and pull him into me but he resisted, concentrating on the balloon between up, letting it strain and stretch. I could feel how tense it was, ready to pop against our skin but he didn’t let it.I begged him to fuck me but he just grinned before pressed his body down and letting the balloon pop. When it popped, he thrust his cock deep inside me in one quick movement.

“Oh god!” I screamed, feeling him fill me completely. I reached over and grabbed another balloon to place between us. I nestled it between my breasts and let it rock back and forth under us as he thrust his cock in and out of my cunt. With each thrust I got closer and closer to climaxing. The balloons that surrounded us bounced and flew around us like an ocean of shiny latex.

As all of my muscles began to spasm and my juices coated his dick as he fucked me, the balloon between us popped. I screamed in ecstasy and he kept going. I bucked my hips and rode him harder, watching his face turn red as he tried to hold back. I knew he was closer to cumming.

I grabbed a balloon from the floor that I hadn’t blown up and placed it between my lips, blowing air into it as hard as I could. I inflated it quickly until the latex was stretched as far as it could. I let him play with it, using his hand to smack it as I held it firmly between my lips. I blew into it one last time and it popped, creating a bang that echoed in our bedroom. As the balloon popped he pulled his cock from inside of me and shot another load of sticky cum all over my stomach.

As the last drop of his cum hit my stomach he rolled over into the sea of balloons surrounding us. I took a balloon and smeared it across the cum on my stomach and brought it to his lips. He tried to resist but I held the balloon to his face, smearing his seed across his cheeks and chin until he opened up.

“Lick it clean,” I said.

And he obeyed, using his tongue to wipe every remaining speck of cum from the bright colored latex. Once he was finished I used my teeth to pop the balloon and dropped the deflated pieces on his stomach before laying down beside him.

“You like the way you taste?” I asked after a moment.

He nodded, turning over on his side to look at me. I turned my head, looking at him through a clear yellow balloon.

“We have a lot of balloons left,” he said.

“I know.”

“They’re going to go flat if we don’t use them,” he added.

I ran my hand down his bare chest, nodding.

“I know,” I said, grabbing a balloon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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