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My cock throbbed against the sole of her foot, held tightly to the skin by the elastic of her stirrup pants. The cum I’d just spent oozed between her toes, dripping on her pussy, splayed and sodden from the fucking she’d just had, and as I knelt down to lick the droplets off her pubes before cleaning her foot I pondered just how I’d gotten here. Just eight hours earlier, this had all been a dream.

Janice had ‘hired’ me to walk her dogs while she was working on an important project at work – she was a CAD designer who worked for a large military subcontractor in the Omaha area and I was the nice, non-threatening nerd who lived across the hall. We traded favors quite often, getting the mail, stopping for groceries, harmless stuff like that but what she did not know was that I harbored an intense desire for her feet.

While any decent pair of feet would be cause to cancel everything on my schedule, hers were the epitome of the type of feet I like. I am very selective about what kind of feet I like and while it is hard to put it into words, I’ll say that I like plump, soft feet that are well taken care of. What I don’t like are skinny, bony feet and skinny, long toes. So generally, I like feet that belong to chunky, but not fat, women. Janice was just such a woman.

She was in her early 40s, about 5’4″ with reddish blonde hair and smallish but well-defined breasts. I’d seen her in shorts and while her legs were by no means thin, there was again some definition to her muscles. Perhaps she was truly just ‘big boned’ but I didn’t really care. I’d never seen her feet except in shoes, and she wore the types of shoes I tend to like the best – sneakers and work boots at home, and 3″ pumps to and from work.

More than once she’d caught me checking her out from my second floor window as she got into her car to go to work. I wouldn’t call her flirtatious, but she had the air of a woman who knew she was attractive. I was much too shy to ask her out and I felt she was out of my league. Plus she was a bit older – maybe five years my senior.

Nonetheless, I lusted after her feet on a regular basis – how she could be blind to it was beyond me. I was sure a couple of times she’d caught me staring at them – she kept them well-hidden and when she’d occasionally slip one off partway I would compromise my secret fetish by stretching to try and get a glimpse. I wanted desperately to see the shape of her foot, how long her toes were, and maybe if she had polish on I’d see it through the socks she always wore. But if she noticed, she never let on.

So we come to this morning. She came out of her door just as I was coming out of mine and she wanted to know if I could walk her dogs in the afternoon when I got home. She produced a key and gave me some instructions; none of which I heard as I was too busy thinking about her Asics and stirrup pants, and she had those slouchy socks on – I just wanted to bury my face in their damp soft goodness. We walked to the parking lot together and we headed our separate ways to work. Only I did not go to work.

Up at 76th Ave I made a U-turn and headed back to my place. After seeing her feet in those damn slouch socks and Asics I knew I’d have to jerk off before I’d be able to get any real work done, and I pulled into our lot with my finger lazily stroking the spot underneath the blazing head of my cock, which was at full attention. I’d make quick work of myself, clean up and be at work pretty close to on time.

As I reached into my pocket for my keys, I pulled out her key; the one she’d given me earlier. The one I’d forgotten about until that moment. Change of plan!

I knew I did not have much time, so hurriedly I opened her door, put her annoying little dog in the 2nd bedroom, and entered her suite. I was on a mission to find those ASICs, fuck one while I sniff and lick the other and then leave the jizz to dry in her shoe until the next time she wears them. My sick mind envisions the sweat from her feet wicking through the sock, liberating the dried up cum and spreading it along her skin as she sweats, between her toes, and wishfully into my mouth.

I find the Asics in her bathroom on the hamper and lo and behold those slouch socks are tucked in the shoes! I’m working quickly and wish I had time to savor this experience, but remember I am all about cumming right now and, to that end, I slip my cock into her still-slightly-damp sock and the slight cool dampness causes me to start to throb, and as I imagine a drop of precum wicking into the fabric that was recently jammed around her captive foot, my cock slips into her shoe, my eyes close, and I squeeze the musty fabric of one Asics sneaker around my sock-covered cock as I inhale the sweat from her other shoe.

Instead of stroking her shoe güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri up and down my shaft, I am holding it still and fucking it like it were a pussy – my cockhead bottoming out into her toe area while the ridge at the heel digs into my balls with each burgeoning thrust. In my mind’s eye I imagine her toes slipping between my lips, sock and all, and my tongue pressing the sweaty sock into the slots between her toes.

All of a sudden, her fucking dog starts barking and I panic, stuffing the socks back into the shoes and my turgid cock back into my pants. Just in time, too, as the key was in the lock as I zipped up. By the time she entered, I had concocted some lame excuse about wanting to see how the dog was towards me, but it was of little use when she asked, “Is that why he is locked in my bathroom?”

She then said I could go ahead and save myself the humiliation of lying, and pointed to the security camera above the door.

“My wifi camera sends me a snapshot every time something moves in here. Do you want to see the pictures I got this morning? Now I know why you were always looking at the ground – I thought you were shy – but you were checking out my shoes weren’t you?”

I wanted to deny her accusations but knew there was no sense in it. I was speechless. She continued…

“So instead of going to work you decided to come back here and jerk off in my shoes? My smelly shoes?”

“I didn’t cum in them, if that’s what you’re thinking” I replied, knowing that the sock in her right shoe was swimming in precum.

“That’s not the point. You would have if I would have walked in, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah, probably,” I admitted. I’d finally calmed down enough as to where I couldn’t help but check out whatever shoes she had on at that moment – and while she was standing there thinking what to do next I’d already moved on to my next fantasy, involving the black 3″ pumps she had on right at the time and those luscious stirrup pants just made me all that hotter. My cock once again started to stir, and she noticed.

“Oh, my God! You just can’t help yourself, can you? You’re staring at my feet right now aren’t you? Your cock is hard right now, isn’t it, even as I am about to call the police and have you picked up?”

I suspected this might be a bargaining ploy, as she had never come across as spiteful, and if she’d set out to catch me (as I was beginning to suspect) it was not because she wanted to see me in jail. Plus, she did not really seem as angry as she could have been. Again, I was speechless. A few seconds of silence passed…

“So now what?” she asked.

“Uh, I guess I’ll just go to work and try to forget this ever happened, if that’s OK with you,” I replied

“No, I think you’ll finish what you started. I didn’t set this trap just to let you walk away.”

“So you set a trap? Why didn’t you just ask me about it?”

“She countered, “Why didn’t you tell me you wanted my shoes and feet? See?”

I couldn’t help but agree, saying, “Oh yes, Janice, I definitely want them!”

“Want what?”

“Your feet”

“And my shoes?”

“Yes, your shoes!”

She reached down and pulled off one of her shoes, brought it up and smashed its smelly sweaty interior into my face, forcing my lips up against the warm inner sole and my nose up into where her toes were wiggling just seconds ago. Her other hand felt for evidence of a hardening cock, tracing the outline through my jeans as she slid that warm shoe over my tongue.

“Come on, get your tongue up there where my toes go,” she instructed, “and take out that cock.”

I eagerly complied with both requests, and as I came to realize she was enjoying this as much as I was, her role became less dominant and mine became more so. Needless to say, as my cock sprang into view, I had completely forgotten about going to work.

“Do you know, for all this I have never actually seen your feet?” I questioned.

“Really? Never?”

“No – I’ve tried a million times but never had any luck.”

Throughout this discussion, I’d been lazily stroking my cock, and her gaze was riveted to my crotch the whole time.

“Do you like to watch this?” I asked.

“I’ve always wanted to, and yeah it’s pretty hot”

“Give me your feet!”

She pulled the shoe from my face and kissed me, drilling her tongue down into my mouth. “I can taste my feet on your tongue!”

“I want to taste them for real. Lay on your back on the bed!”

She sat back on the bed and then said, “Wait. Let’s do this!”

She got up, walked to the hamper and picked up the ASICS and socks, slipping them on her feet and giving me a tease show.

“Are you sure you didn’t cum in my sock? It feels güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a little wet in there.”

“No, I was sucking your sweat out of them, that’s all. Maybe some precum…”

She got her shoes back on with those delicious scrunchy socks, slouched down over her leggings.

“Now, show me what you were thinking about while you were fucking my shoe earlier”

Wow – her use of the words ‘fucking my shoe’ brought me to diamond hardness, and I could have cum in an instant. I took her shod foot in my hand but before I could get the end of a lace in my mouth she abruptly pulled away and said, “I’m hungry and it’s almost noon – can we go get lunch?”

Now, I am a big fan of edging so in some way I was fine with this and told her so.

“Plus, my feet will get all hot and sweaty in these shoes – you like that don’t you?”

“Sounds good to me!” I said, and we went to grab a bite at a fast-food place a couple of blocks away. We had a nice conversation that had nothing to do with feet and by the time the check came, I had almost forgotten about the events earlier.

“So. We have some things to finish up back at my place, no?” she asked.

“Did you think I’d forgotten?”

“I wasn’t sure…” she replied, the toe of her Asic making contact with my stiffening cock under the table. “I thought maybe you got soft”

“Well, I sort of had, but now that you’ve reminded me, my balls are so fucking blue…”

“Well, let’s go take care of that, shall we? My feet are swimming in sweat it’s so hot out.”

With that proclamation, it was as if we’d never left her place for lunch – I was rock-hard in an instant and had to take care when I stood up. I followed her out the door, imagining how her shoes must breathe with each step – fresh air in, sweaty air out. We walked arm in arm back to her place, with her teasing me with her dirty words all the way home.

“So, are you going to finish your jerkoff session on my feet? My sweaty hot feet?”

“Yes, but they won’t be sweaty by the time I cum on them”

“Why’s that?”

“Because I’ll lick them clean while I am fucking you.”

“Then what?”

“Then I am going to hold the engorged head of my cock against your toes and spurt the spaces between them full of jizz”

“Then what?”

“Then I am going to lick them clean again”

“Oh, fuck yeah! I’d love to see you do that!”

I’d apparently stumbled on something by her reaction…

“Are you some sort of cum freak?” I asked her

“Well, yeah, I love watching a guy get off and how it shoots everywhere. Are you a shooter or a dribbler?”

I replied, “I am most definitely a shooter, but I am dribbling now!”

“Well, we’d best get you out in the open so we don’t waste it then, huh?”

I couldn’t help but agree with her, and by the time we’d made it to her room my cock was sticking out of my pants and laying in her hand. She dragged me into her apartment by it, turned and once again shoved her tongue in my mouth. I grabbed her ass, pulling her to me and grinding my cock into her belly. I needed to cum so badly!

She pulled me into her bedroom and sat on the bed, her feet in the air.

“Take off my Asics,” she said, “and do whatever you want with my feet. Just make sure you let me know when you’re about to cum so I can watch!”

“Oh, yeah, these are hot!” I replied as my hands encircled her shod foot. “I’ll bet your socks are damp aren’t they?

“Yes I can feel the fabric sticking to my feet inside my shoe. Please hurry and peel them off!”

I wanted to, but hurry I did not. I savored the experience of untying her laces, popped just the heel of her shoe off her foot, and jammed my face into her arch. After inhaling a huge whiff of heady, sweaty air, I slipped my tongue inside her sock and slid it down along her anklebone to her arch, between her foot and shoe, being careful not to pop the sock off her heel . I slid my tongue back and forth inside her sock until all the sweat was gone from the wrinkles of her arch, then took her shoe off and immediately sank all five of her socked toes into my mouth, licking them and chewing on them until my spit had liberated the sweat and then slurping it back in my mouth. Each toe was in its own little sock-fold, and her socks were so saturated with sweat I could clearly see the polish on her nails and the gaps between her toes in the stretched fabric, greyed with sweat and dirt. Mmmm it tasted so salty! My hand once again found my cock, and I directed it between the sock and her foot, scrunching the sock even further over her heel and slipping my cock under the stirrup band, effectively holding it flat against the sole of her foot. I pressed forward as far as I could, güvenilir bahis şirketleri till the head of my cock was bathing in the spit and sweat still soaking her socks. Fuck it felt so good, and as I started fucking her foot, holding the sock tight around my cock as it fucked her foot, I knew I would not take long to cum.

I grabbed a pillow and put it under her foot, slipping the steamy shoe back over her toes to encapsulate my thrusting cock while I went to work on her other foot, this time using my tongue to remove her shoe and sock, slowly, continuing to edge myself to the point where my balls hurt and I had to stop fucking her shoe. I begged her to hold her foot perfectly still as I wasn’t ready to cum just yet but was so close.

“I can cum whenever you want me to; I am so fucking ready!” I announced. I knew she wanted to watch and so did I, so I popped the shoe back off, setting it under my balls so that they sank into her shoe, peeled the damp sock off of our union and pulled my cock out from her stirrup. My cock was so red; so angry at me for not finishing what I had started hours ago.

She scooted up on the bed indian-style with crossed legs, the arches of her feet overlapping. She raised up one knee so her one foot was flat, sole down and on top of the other, on its side, sole and arch up. I was able to slip the head of my cock under the toes of her one foot and on the arch of the other; I drooled a big blob of spit and it fell on her spread toes, seeping between them to the spongy purple head of my throbbing, aching dick. This was it.

“I can’t hold off any longer…”

“Then don’t! Let it cum, all over my feet! Here, do this…” and with that she got off the bed, scampered onto the floor, and put her feet up. “There. Shoot it the fuck all over me!”

I took the elastic strap from her stirrup and pulled it up, slipping my cock under it With one hand, I held her foot with her toes curled, so every time I pushed forward the head of my cock would bury itself in the steamy crook under her toes, spreading them slightly on every thrust.

When the toes of the foot I wasn’t fucking slipped under the foot I was and teased my balls, I knew I was done for. I grabbed her spent Asic off the bed and jammed it over my face, desperately searching for the smell and taste that would deliver the massive, arcing cumshot we were both primed for. I held the shoe to my face with one and used the other to keep her foot against my cock with just the right amount of pressure, the spastic thrusts of desperation leading to the slow, measured pushes of a man who is about to cum, and who is edging himself up to the last second.

Janice sure was good at reading a man and knowing he’s about to cum, because once my thrusting became slower and more deliberate, and I squeezed her foot to my cock tighter, she started a conversation of dirty talk, designed to maximize my orgasm.

“Do you want to cum on my feet?”

“Oh, yes, desperately!”

“Are your balls full of hot cum?”

“Fuck yeah, they are, but not for long! My precum is making strings all over your toes. I’m going to pack them with jizz”

“Yeah, your cock feels so fucking hot. Shoot it for me. Give it to me on my feet!”

“Ohhhhh, FUCK!” I moaned into her shoe, pressing my cock even further forward and wrapping her toes over the head of my cock, “rub your toenails behind my balls…”

“Oh, yeah, I’d nearly forgotten about that spot…” and immediately I felt the wiggling of her toenails right on that perfect spot just behind my balls. I took the Asic and pulled the tongue, spreading the laces even more; so far in fact that my tongue was able to feel her toe imprints. I was past the point of no return and could edge no longer.

“Oh! Shit!” she exclaimed as the first clotty shot of jizz rocketed out of my cock and basted her toes, bouncing against them and dripping down onto her black leggings. Subsequent offerings bathed the soles of her feet, me slipping my cock from under the elastic strap to stroke it, aiming it right at her feet.

By the time I was done, both of her feet were striped from heel to toes, and the gaps between her toes were packed with white, clotty jizz. She reached over to her nightstand and grabbed a fresh pair of socks.

“No, no, no! I want to lick them clean before you get dressed!”

“Silly boy, these are my gym socks from yesterday. I worked out not once but twice; look how stiff they are!” With that, she proceeded to put these crusty, sweaty socks on over the mess I had just made.

“See, I’m just as twisted as you! I’m hoping that when your cum liberates the sweat from my sock you’ll be ready to do anything I ask you to once you taste it.”

“I am already ready… it’s your turn to have a fantasy cum true. Name your game!”

The answer is fodder for a future story, but I cleaned up every drop of jizz and sweat from her feet and socks. It would not be the last time I would do this, and in future encounters I would come to find that it wasn’t always my own jizz that I’d be cleaning up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20