Awakened by a Goddess

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I am laying sound asleep in my bed, dreaming about the girl I would like to have a romp with. I know that I am curled up to my husband but then I hear him say something.

I hear another voice go “shhh.”

I think it’s a female but I am too lost in my dreams to know for sure. There is a long silence and I feel him get up. Not really caring I curl up into a ball intent on finishing my dream. I drift off again and time has passed before I wake up again.

I start to wake up, feeling a hand playing with my nipple but I don’t think anything about it. until there is a soft breath on my ear.

“Wake up good looking!”

It’s not my husband. Quick thinking tells me that it’s a small hand with a soft touch awakening me, or is this just part of my dream? I open my eyes to a beautiful, massive set of tits with light colored areola just inches from my face, and above them, a face that could light up the heavens.

Out of the corner of my eye I see my husband sitting on the edge of the bed; smiling and I realize that this is no dream. My focus however very quickly turns back to the beautiful globes in front of me. Light colored areolas with decent sized nipples are presenting themselves to be pleasured. I tentatively reach out to feel, wondering if this is really happening.

This goddess leans over, tilts my chin up, and kisses me. It is a peck at first then she parts her luscious lips and slides her tongue over my lips. I lean up to meet her in canlı bahis a sensual, sexual, passionate kiss that warms me from my head to my toes and back. No man will ever kiss me like that.

Wanting to be fully awake and still wondering if I am dreaming I ask her to lie on her stomach. I have no reason to think she is naked, just wanting to tease me, however I am very, very wrong. As my hands work their way down, I continue to feel nothing but skin. I am getting super turned on not only by her but also by being given the chance to please her which is what I do for my friends in any means necessary.

As I massage her ass I place soft kisses down her spine, and she shivers ever so slightly under my touch. I just hope that I am pleasing her as much as she is pleasuring me and not even knowing it.

My goddess doesn’t know that I can orgasm without being touched, just by pleasing another woman. As my hands move down her legs my kisses trail all over her ass. My thumbs trailing over the bottom of her ass, the small shivers continue.

At this point it makes me wonder if I am really accomplishing anything or if this is all anticipation. I work all the way down her legs massaging just like I always do and teasing her pussy ever so slightly here and there. She spreads her legs slightly allowing me better access yet I do not concede. I roll her over but instead of coming back up her legs I start at the top and work my way down.

I rub her temples then bahis siteleri move down to her cheeks and trace a finger around her lips. She reaches up and pulls me in, kissing me with a wanton abandon but I pull away and continue rubbing my way down her neck, knowing that I am having an amazing effect on her. I work my hands around her boobs massaging till I have a hold of both her nipples. One by one I take them in my mouth, I feel my own nipples being played with. Normally I would pull away but at this point I just don’t care.

I do finally pull away from her nipples trailing kisses down her belly. I continue working my way down until I reach her hood. Wanting to please her a little longer I slide down to her toes and work my way back up. As I get closer and closer to heaven, her breathing has increased a little and she has a look in her eyes which say that there is something there. I get closer till my fingers can touch her pussy but I still resist. I work around her body and up her hips till I am back at her hood.

At this point the control is taken out of my hands as she takes grabs a hold of the hair on top of my head. She leans up and after blowing softly in my ear, which combined with grabbing my hair both turn me on more than most anyone could ever know.

She whispers, “Make me cum NOW!”

I slide down saying “your wish is my command.”

Now for the fun part, I get to cum by making her cum. I circle my tongue around her clit and bahis şirketleri then slide my tongue all the way down to her ass. As I come back up I put my thumb on her clit and start working it slowly. My tongue, on the other hand, is ready to go to town licking and sucking all those amazing juices that we have created.

I bury my tongue as deep in her pussy as far as I can, working it around as I work my thumb faster or her clit that is just being to be satisfied.

I am feeling little tremors starting but I am not sure if it is her or me. I trail my tongue up and start teasing her clit with my lips. Flicking my tongue very quickly, I also bury two fingers in her wet pussy. I work faster and faster starting to feel her shake. I replace my mouth with my hand and I slide up and get a mouth on a nipple, as they are begging for attention.

I work my fingers faster and faster,knowing that she is about ready to cum.I want and more importantly need to feel her clamp down on my fingers.I buried them deep, working in rhythm to bring her off in a raging orgasm fit for my goddess which is exactly the gift that I gave her. My hand was soaked.

I slowly pull it out and clean it off moving down to enjoy the present she has left for me. I clean her up flicking my tongue against her clit occasionally making her clamp down and squeezing out just a little more of that intoxivating nectar. When I finished, there was a look of satisfaction in her eyes. I must have done what I had been promising for awhile.

I reached up to kiss her, leaving the ball in her court. What will she do? Get up and walk away? Fall asleep in my arms? Leave? or Will there be round two? Time will tell I guess.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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