Asian Interlude

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I could tell that he wanted me. He was sending the signals –shifting his package in his tight black jeans and staring at me. So of course, I followed him shortly after he went into the men’s bathroom. He had gotten my cock bone hard and I meant to alleviate the problem.

When I entered the bathroom, I found him leaning against the far wall waiting for me. His shoulder length hair –streaked with blue hung rakishly over his left eye. He was about five six and slender. His skin was smooth, golden, and unblemished.

“I’m Kyto,” he introduced himself. A faint but pleasant accent clung to his words.

“Take your clothes off,” I told him. “I want to see you.”

He smiled at my obvious impatience and started to undress. He pulled off his black turtleneck sweater and watched my reaction as I saw the metal rings that hung from his tanned nipples. I was intrigued. I wanted to touch them. I wanted to taste them in my mouth.

He undid his button fly and pushed down his pants and I felt my cock strain against its confines as his cock was revealed. It was beautiful and hard and pierced with silver studs all along the underside of his shaft. A metal ring was fitted snugly around the base of his cock.

“Are you going to lock the door?” he asked me when I stepped towards him.

“If you wanted privacy, you should have chosen someplace else.”

He laughed and I could no longer wait. I wrenched my clothes off and rushed him, lifting him into the air. His arms went around me. I placed my hands on the back of his thighs, baring him for my entry –I loved dry entries. Bracing him against the wall, I thrust my cock at his hole and grunted my frustration when I found him to be too tight.

“Try harder,” he urged.

“It’s not fucking working.”

“Well maybe you don’t want it enough,” he taunted.

I set him down and rifled through my pants. I usually carried lubrication with me, but this time I had forgotten. My fingers came across two small food packets. I pulled them out and smiled. Butter, how convenient.

To canlı bahis my Asian companion, I said, “Bend over the counter.”

His nipples hardened at the command. He did my bidding, slowly bending over the black tiled counter top. His feet spread wide apart, his ass raised high in the air, firm round buttocks that begged to be spanked. I pinched the impertinent globes. Kyto moaned. I pinched a little harder. He gripped the edge of the counter and shuddered.

“You like that?”

He did not answer but lustily moved his hips. His buttocks shook. I dipped my head and licked the light brown bud that was nestled between his handsome cheeks. He gasped and damn near purred. I tilted my head back at another angle and fluttered the tip of my tongue over the shy blossom. I nipped at one globe, and then lapped at it to soothe the hurt. I traced the bud then prodded it –giving it some pressure. It would not yield to my advances. In frustration, I swatted his left flank with the palm of my hand. The sound resonated in the air. Kyto flinched, his balls swinging from the impact of the blow.

I suddenly wished that my toys were with me. My dildos and anal beads –he was worthy of them, my little Kyto. I gave his asshole one last lick then straightened up, throwing the food packets into the sink. I turned on the faucet and let the hot water run over the small white packages.

My cock was dripping with precum. I lodged my shaft between his cheeks and rubbed my essence into his tender skin. He reached between his legs and grabbed my cock, gave it a few tugs. I pushed his hand away and turned off the faucet.

I picked up one warm packet and tore it open then poured the now melted butter down the crack of Kyto’s ass. He hissed and stood on his toes. I rubbed the greasy substance into his cleft, coating his bud, thrusting my middle finger past the taut anal barrier.

Kyto rested his forehead on the cool surface of the tiles and breathed out, “Oh, yes…fuck me.”

I drove my finger into him getting him slick. bahis siteleri My cock head glistened with my own secretions. I could no longer wait. I had to have him. I positioned the tip of my cock against his bud, withdrew my finger and shoved myself inside of him before his hole fluttered close. He cried out, but I didn’t care. The sensation of my cock parting his soft angelic ass made me feel euphoric.

If only they could package an ass as good as yours, I thought and rammed into him. I filled my hands with his ass cheeks and kneaded the delicious flesh.

“Oh, yeah! Ah!” Kyto’s voice echoed in the room.

I dug my fingers into his ass cheeks, bruising him, and still I pummeled his man cunt, fucking his slippery sheath. I rode him hard and fast. My cock was like a blur as it disappeared repeatedly into his moist cavern. The heat of his softness and his unnatural snugness attempted to milk me dry.

The heat was building up in my balls. I could feel my cum churning, ready to fire.

“Aaah! Oh, god!” Kyto was worshipping my efforts. His fingers clawed at the counter’s surface. His thighs trembled.

I pinched his soft, buttery, pliant butt. They were bruised red from my punishing fingers. “You like that bitch?”

“Yes…fuck me! Yes!”

I pumped my hips hard and fast, lifting his bottom with each stroke. Kyto fell against the countertop and gave a drawn out cry. He began speaking his native tongue, his desire knocking loose his grasp of the English language.

“My little bitch,” I called him, taking my pleasure. I loved his tight ass. I wanted to fuck him all night long.

“Hai, otou-san!” he cried out, and lovingly reached back to caress my abs.

I shoved hard into him and asked, “What was that?”

“I…oh, yes… I-I said yes, daddy.”

“I like that, baby.” I swatted his butt in approval.

“Your cock feels fucking wonderful,” he said and slid his fingers down to grasp his own dick. I heard the clatter of something metallic. He had removed the cock ring. It was now bahis şirketleri on the floor. “Make me cum otou-san. Make me cum.”

I focused all of my energy on aiming for his prostate. Each blunt impact produced a gasp from him and finally, Kyto shouted his release. Gobs of viscous cum shot out of his studded cock and anointed the floor.

I didn’t let up on him. I kept pummeling that ass, letting him ride out his climax. His tight sheath constricted over my cock and pulsed. I bravely pushed through the seizure riddled walls and groaned at the effect. Kyto’s little Asian ass was so hot and moist, I never wanted to leave it, but my cock was ready to blow its load.

I lifted myself on to my toes, firmly grasped Kyto’s buttocks in my hands and made one last final plunge.

I remained deep inside his bowels as my cock exploded inside of him, flooding his chocolate chute with rich man juice.

I shuddered and lowered on to the balls of my feet, then slumped over my lover’s still spasming body. I kissed his slender back and his nape.

“How was that, baby?” I asked him, kneading his earring adorned nipples. The tiny morsels were hard. I wickedly pinched them.

“Very good otou-san,” he muttered breathlessly. “Arigatou, thank you.”

I slowly pulled my cock from his interior, enjoying the feel of my spunk in his tender ass. My action made him moan in discomfort. When my cock was free of his male pussy, my cum dribbled from his slightly reddened sphincter. I reached into a stall, grabbed some toilet paper, wiped up the still warm semen and along with what clung to my cock. When that task was done, I straightened up my exhausted Kyto, turned him around and kissed him on the mouth.

“You’re my little bitch now, Kyto. Do you understand?”

He nodded and said, “Yes, otou-san.”

“Now be a good little slut and get dressed.” I gave him another kiss and patted his backside. He blushed and bent over to retrieve his things. I watched him get dressed and did the same.

No one had seen our little tryst. I was a bit disappointed about that, but in the end, it didn’t matter, because I had left the club with a new pet. My Kyto, my little sex slut, a token from my Asian interlude. I was going to make sure that I enjoyed him.

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