Asian Adventure

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Asian Adventure – My New Job 6

This is the next Chapter in the series of adventures relating to my work as a real estate agent for Al. The arrangement we have is great for us both, I work only two or three days a week, and Al pays me commissions on properties that we sell. He uses me for special jobs when he thinks a woman’s touch is required.

Remember, this a story that is meant to be fun and enjoyed. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

I was sitting at home relaxing by the pool one afternoon when the phone rang. It was Al.

“Howdy babe. Whatchya doing next week? Say between Tuesday and Friday?”

“Well, I was working for you Wednesday – but what’s on your mind Boss?” I replied intrigued.

You see as you know, Al always has these wonderful sexy little jobs for me to do, and it had been quite a while since the last one. In fact, I had not really done anything interesting since the oiled party at his house with the others.

“I’ve got a deal going down in Japan. Kyoto to be exact. Got in on the ground floor building some new condos above the main station there. I need another agent with me to help negotiate. Wanna come with me? I know how much those Jap guys love tall blonde babes. We’d leave early Tuesday morning and be back late Friday.”

“I’ll have to check with Steve and get back to you tonight ok?” I said, excited by the thought of a chance to see Japan and get paid for it!

When Steve came home that night we talked about it and decided I should go. Steve had plenty on at work and we were able to make the necessary arrangements. I let Al know the next day and he was very pleased.

“That’s great kid” he said on the phone. “I’ll pick you up Tuesday at 5.30am. Make sure you’re ready. Oh, and pack light, because I’ll take you shopping when we get there ok?”.

“OK…wow Al, this should be fun! See you bright and early Tuesday”.

I hung up and smiled, knowing that this trip would be fun. Al and I and Steve had become really good friends, and we shared a lot together. I also knew that Al would make sure this was a thoroughly erotic experience too if he was in his usual form.

That night Steve and I made passionate love. Nothing wild and erotic, just gorgeous, cuddly, kissing and lots of foreplay…love. It was sensational. We basked in the afterglow and talked about my trip. Steve had travelled extensively with his work, and on a few occasions I had gone with him. Our travels were always a great chance to explore the world of sex, away from the restrictions of the local community and it’s gossips. However this would be different. It was just me. And Al.

Steve knew Al would take very good care of me and make sure I was safe. He also knew Al would try to make sure I had some wild sexual adventures as we did the deals in Kyoto! I spent the next few days getting all prepared. I had my passport, got myself waxed brazilian style by Jodie my beautician, and then had my nails done and had some new highlights put in my hair. Lastly I had my eyebrows done, my toenails painted bright red, and I was ready.

I spent Monday packing. I chose the small suitcase with the popout handle and the wheels on the bottom. It was made of that hard plasticy material that protects everything inside from breaking. It was actually quite empty when I was packed, as I had remembered what Al said on the phone.

“Pack light, I’ll take you shopping when we get there.”

I woke early Tuesday morning, about 3.00am. Showered, applied a little makeup and then dressed casually for the nine hour flight. I knew the flight and the weather in Japan would be warm, so I wore a white pair of capri pants, sandals and a white crop top. Over the top I wore my big fluffy jacket, as it was still cold here. I heard the toot of the car, and I knew Al was here to pick me up. I kissed Steve on the lips, and he stirred. I pushed my tongue inside his mouth, and my hand snaked down to the gorgeous fat cock I loved so much.

“See you Friday night tiger” I purred into his ear, my hand squeezing his cock as I left.

He sleepily reached out and held my hand, gently squeezing it and saying goodbye.

“Shit babe, you even look cute at this time of the morning” Al greeted me as I walked towards the BMW where he was standing with the boot open.

“Thanks Al, I try!” I replied, placing my small case into the boot and then climbing into the passengers seat beside him. We were on our way.

Al was amazing. Even at this godforsaken hour of the morning he was chirpy, alive and chattering like a canary on speed. On the other hand, I still felt like I could sleep for hours despite having the shower earlier. As we motored down the freeway to the airport, he told more of the details of our trip.

“We fly into Nara and then have a car waiting to take us to Kyoto. We’ll relax and get settled in before I take you shopping for those clothes I promised you ok? There is a massive shopping and transport complex there and the development we are agents for is a new apartment block right above canlı bahis the bullet train station. There are twenty-three apartments and a penthouse, and we will be doing a full day presentation on Wednesday, before a sales negotiations on Thursday. Friday will hopefully be ours to celebrate if we do well. I’m hoping to offload as many of the apartments as possible while we’re here, and the penthouse is mine to sell on behalf of my partner if we get the right offer. The presentation is setup as part of a real estate display that has been organised in the function centre of the Kyoto Station shopping complex. There’ll be several other companies there flogging units and apartments, and they all use the same tactics as me…you know…sexy chicks to sell properties! Difference is, none of them will have a six foot blonde with long legs!”

He chuckled and squeezed my thigh as we sped down the road.

“So let me get this straight. All I have to do is chat with Japanese people and hand out pamphlets on the apartments????” I asked surprised.

“Well…not exactly babe” said Al, a quizzical tone in his voice.”That’s the start of it. I also want you to attract as much attention as you can so we can get as many interested bidders in the units as possible. Then, when we open negotiations the following day, I’ll be depending on you to work some of your magic in convincing them to buy!”.

The flight was amazing. Al had used his frequent flyer points to get us upgraded to business class. I loved it! We had massive seats and all the lovely food that goes with the upgrade. In addition, we had the consoles, the blankets, everything we could have wanted. I actually managed a few hours sleep and enjoyed watching a movie. By the time we landed in Nara I was refreshed and looking forward to the next few days. My sexy and naughty old boss had assured me we would have fun doing business, and history showed me that I could trust him to be telling the truth. Al had also told me that the commissions on the sale of the units would test be a staggering 10%. In other words, he was making so much from the sale of these apartments, that he was willing to pay me one tenth of the sale price for each apartment I helped sell. I was totally excited. No, I was aroused!! The thought of using my flirting talents and perhaps my sexual skills to help sell the apartments and make some spending money for Steve and I had me totally hot! I was dying to get shopping so that I could choose some really sexy things to wear at the display.

Apparently Japanese women had a reputation for wearing boots, mini skirts and classy little jackets and jumpers. It sounded like my kind of fashion! I was looking forward to showing off my long legs!

We disembarked and collected our luggage before passing through customs. My bags were opened by a rather swarthy looking Japanese man in a uniform. Embarrassed, he took out my vibrator and held it aloft, before jibbering at me in Japanese. I was speechless and totally blushing. Luckily a woman in the same uniform carrying a two way radio came over and quickly ushered him to put it back and close my case. The poor guy spent the next two minutes bowing and apologising to me in broken English. Al just laughed aloud and then took me by the hand and led me out to the car that was waiting for us. I guess it was rather funny now that I look back on it. And besides, no-one I knew was there apart from Al, and he seemed to get a kick out of the fact that I, the woman he was travelling with, had been busted carrying a concealed weapon…a weapon of pleasure!

“Shit babe…did you really need to bring THAT?” he quipped once we were through the main exit doors of the building.

“Well gee Al, you never know when it might come in handy, and I WILL be away from Steve for four days!” I answered, teasing him a little as I squeezed my thighs together.

“Trust me Dee. You won’t need momma’s little helper. We’re only here a short time and you’ll be too buggered for that!”

“OOooh, Al” I said in my best disappointed voice, “Won’t there at least be SOME time for fun and games honey?”.

“Well, we’ll see babe, but this trip is strictly for business. Pleasure comes later if we do well, ok?”

“I guess so…” I said, wondering if my kinky old boss was actually losing interest!

The ride to our hotel took about forty minutes. I enjoyed seeing the sights of Japan for the first time. It was totally different to what I had expected. Everything was totally grey, and despite the sky being a wonderful blue, my overwhelming impression of that first car ride was one of jam-packed houses and buildings, combined with a mass of billboards and illuminated advertising signs.Then suddenly the landscape changed. Mountains and hillside came into view, and the driver announced that we were entering the Kyoto area. It was wonderful. The old temples and castles, everywhere I looked, were beautiful. This was what I had been expecting! Lush areas of forest hiding magnificent old wooden buildings, with hidden tales of samurai and ancient warriors. I wished bahis siteleri we were staying long enough for me to tour them all. But alas, this was a short business trip and we motored on towards the city of Kyoto. I noticed a bullet train whizzing along a track besides the road we were travelling on. Following it’s course, I was drawn to the site of the massive new station building Al had told me about. It was huge – both wide and tall. I could see that to one side, over the bullet tracks, the new apartments were advertised. At least I think that’s what the banners said, but they were in kanji!

Our hotel was a wonderful new building on top of the station on the opposite side to the apartments. The people welcoming us were wonderfully friendly. I was totally blown away by their attention to detail. Our driver opened the doors bowing. We were met by a concierge and two attendants who carried our luggage up to our room. Al handled the check in, and I couldn’t help notice he was showing off the fact that he was with me, a younger, attractive, tall blonde woman. Perhaps this had something to do with the special treatment I thought? Anyway, we were checked in and then shown up to our room, which was stunning.Al had booked a top floor room, complete with a balcony and a massive spa. There were two bedrooms. One had a king-size bed on a platform, decorated with traditional asian fittings, apart from the mirror on the ceiling (True!!) and the other was a smaller bedroom, with just a normal queen size bed. There was also a dining room, a living area and a small kitchenette. It was lovely. Al thanked the very polite man who had shown us to our room, and then we crashed out on the couch to relax a little. I spent a few minutes taking in the surroundings from where I was seated. It was an amazing contrast.

Out one window was the view of the new buildings and the apartments. The other side revealed a magnificent hillside landscape, complete with an old temple up near the top. The entire window featured forest and countryside. Kyoto was a beautiful blend of the old and new Japan. It had been a huge day so far, and I must have dozed off on the couch for a while, because the next thing I knew, Al was shaking me gently, waking me from my slumber.

“How long have I been asleep?” I asked.

“No idea babe. I just woke up myself,” he said as he went to the bathroom and splashed some water over his face to freshen up.

Al took the main bedroom, and I the smaller. I didn’t have much to unpack, and once finished, I poured us both a champagne from the bottle that was on ice waiting for us when we arrived. We managed to finish the bottle before Al said,

“Ok hotpants, let’s hit the shops then have some dinner. We’ve got an even bigger day ahead of us tomorrow!”

The massive shopping mall was amazing!

Everywhere there were men in dark coloured suits returning home from work. The usually carried a briefcase or a laptop and wore glasses. They were very determined to get to their destination, and on occasions actually bumped into me rather than move out of the way. It was a bit like going the wrong way on a one way street as Al and I began looking for some clothing shops. We decided to head into one of the major department stores, and this was a totally different world to the hustle and bustle of the station, thank goodness!

The Japanese shop assistants were gorgeous. They were totally helpful, and ranged in age from young girls to almost elderly women. I think Al was really excited to be showing off with me, as he had my arm resting on his, suggesting I try on things here and there when something took his fancy. I noticed that the fashion in Japan was just as I had been told. Boots, most of them knee high, with huge heels, mini skirts and jackets, light tops or fine jumpers were everywhere. I laughed at the height some of the women wore on their heels. I knew that if Al picked some of those for me to wear, I would be towering over all the locals, men and women! We first stopped at a lovely dress section, where Al picked out two very short skirts for me. Then we made our way to the blouse department, and again, Al did the choosing. One was white silk, almost see-through, and the other was a gorgeous black satin, with a low plunging cleavage and only three buttons! It actually allowed me to show off my pierced belly button. Seeing this, Al also took me to the jewellery section and bought me one of those cute little jewelled playboy bunnies to go in my navel! Finally we hit the shoes section, and I selected a magnificent pair of leather boots which were black and had a five inch heel. They were absolutely adorable, and the pointed toe and narrow heel made them very sexy! Al chose a pair of pink pvc boots with a stiletto heel also, and they were very elegant – which surprised me a little being that this WAS Al and he usually liked to make me look slutty!!

Anyway, the rest of the evening was lovely, but we were both tired. We enjoyed our meal in one of the small restaurants near the hotel and then retired for the night bahis şirketleri to our room. Inside, Al suggested we hit the spa before bed, and I agreed, looking forward to the massaging of the water on my now aching body. It had been a VERY long day. As Al ran the spa, I undressed and laid out my outfit for the next day. I was going to wear the pink boots, white silk shirt and a miniskirt we had chosen to match the boots. As tomorrow’s display was to be held in the function area of the shopping mall, I thought it best to save my “cum fuck me” combination for the second day – negotiation day! I walked naked out to the balcony, and found Al sipping on a beer already naked in the spa.

“MMmmmmmmmm…just what I need after a full day hot pants” he said, feasting his eyes on my naked body. “Fuck you’ve got a great body Dee”.

“Why thanks Al…I guess I’m NOT bad for forty!” I teased, standing before him, my hands on my hips, my head flicking to one side as my boobs shook a little.

That was the good thing about my natural breasts, they still had that sexy little bounce and wiggle when I moved. I’m always glad I never had them enhanced with silicone, because you lose that sexy jiggle I reckon! I knew he had a perfect view of my body, including my freshly balded pussy. I reached up and took a languorous stretch as I stood there, smiling at him as he reached down in the bubbling water to play with his cock.

I climbed in to join him, and noticed that he must have ordered more champagne, because he offered me a glass as I sat down and submerged my body beneath the bubbles. God it was good! I adored that feeling of submersion in hot, bubbly water, and the fact that I had been up since 3 am made it increasingly pleasing.

We sat chatting in the water for a long time. Al explained exactly what we had to do tomorrow, and we laughed and giggled as we talked. A couple of times I felt his hand or leg brush me, but I was too tired to take the bait.

“Time for bed handsome” I said, and climbed ever so slowly from the water.

Standing up, Al reached over to get me a towel, before also getting out of the spa and joining me on the bath mat. He carefully removed all the bubbles from my body with small patting movements of the towel, before leaning forward and kissing each nipple. I shook in response, the sudden pleasure ripping through my tired body.

“Cut it out boss” I said laughing, “Tomorrow is a big day, so go get some sleep!”.

With that, I turned, dropped the towel from my body, and wiggled my hips all the way across the room to my bedroom where I crashed out really fast. I left Al with a semi-hard on drying himself off and drifted easily off to sleep.

The next morning was all go. We ate breakfast in the room. It was interesting to taste more of the Japanese cuisine. I had juice, rice and a lovely Asian salad. Al, being Al, had toast, coffee and a croissant. Talk about immersing yourself in the culture…not! Al spent about forty minutes detailing the apartments to me and what the different ones offered, so I felt comfortable enough to promote them to the clients later that morning. He also explained that we needed to make appointments with any genuine prospects to show them the actual apartments.

I dressed in my little elegant outfit, and smiled in the mirror as I scanned my looks. My blonde hair was up in a bun, exposing my cheek bones and ears. I wore my large gold hoop earrings, and the white blouse. I left the top two buttons undone, just exposing a hint of cleavage and the edges of my white lace bra, which was clearly visible through the satin material. Carefully, I slipped the gorgeous little Playboy bunny into my navel. I know I am forty now, but I still have a pretty good flat tummy. On my bum I wore a small pink thong, nothing fancy, just a Victoria’s Secret satin thong, which was invisible under the skirt. My small pale pink skirt had slits either side, but not TOO high, and I matched this with my new pale pink stiletto heeled boots. I felt like a school girl! Mind you, I also stood almost 6’4″ so I guess that’s where the comparison ended!

When Al walked out of his room in his new suit, I thought he looked very elegant.

“Wow Al, you look handsome!” I said, smiling.

He looked back at me as he cuffed his shirt, “Well shit babe, you look HOT! Those Jap guys better watch out!” he smiled back.

We gathered up all the materials we needed for the display, and then headed down to the foyer and across the road into the main shopping plaza. When we arrived, it was unlike any other real estate display I had seen. Everywhere there were Japanese men in suits, usually with glasses, looking very formal. They were standing and talking to each other, as the customers hadn’t been allowed into the display area yet. Then, at almost every stand, were one, two or three VERY young Japanese girls. They were all dressed in similar gear – namely boots with massive heels, short skirt and a skin tight lycra top or singlet. A few wore catsuits which were equally tight, and the contrasts between the very formal men and the sexy almost slutty young girls was amazing. Al explained that their job was to hand out leaflets and information, and generally flirt with the customers making enquiries.

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