Any Port in a Storm

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Lightning flashed through the bedroom window, briefly cutting through the darkness. Jane lay on her stomach in bed, waiting for the inevitable but still flinching when the thunder boomed right behind. She bounced her feet slowly off the pillows shoved against the headboard with a nervous energy, waiting for it to all happen again.

“Stop that,” Angela urged, resting her hand lightly on one of Jane’s ankles to still the movement.

Jane glanced over at her, then back to the little window in their bedroom. The rain drummed steadily against it with a teasingly soothing beat, almost lulling one into complacency. Jane knew better, though, so she waited.

There’s the flash…

She gripped the soft silk sheets in preparation.


And she flinched again, with her heart skipping a beat. Angela ran her thumb very lightly over Jane’s calf as she held her ankle; the gentle stroking set her just a little bit more at ease. She let the sheets slide from her fingers and buried her face in them. Silk turned out to be a good choice, if only to keep them cool…the air conditioning had cut out when the power did, and the temperature had steadily risen. Even lying nude in her bed, Jane could still feel the sweat glistening on her skin. She dabbed her forehead on the wine red fabric before looking up again.

“It’s really coming down,” Angela remarked quietly, propped up on one hand next to her. She released Jane’s ankle and slid her hand slowly up, along Jane’s calf and hamstring, up across her firm rear, finally making a home rubbing small circles between her shoulders. She knew Jane was scared; the tension in her muscles betrayed that fact easily enough, but knew even casual touching would help some.

“The lights will be back on soon,” she reassured her.

“I know,” Jane replied quietly. “Not before it’s all over though.”

“Probably-” Angela began before getting cut off by leaves swiping against the windowpane. “Wow.”

The wind had bowed the palm tree in the courtyard outside their apartment, and Angela hunkered down closer to Jane. One heavy breast came to rest on Jane’s forearm as Angela slid down onto the bed next to her, but she made no mention of it. She slid forward a little, pushing along the bed with her toes to watch the tree sway dangerously close. She didn’t move her arm, though, and soon Angela had snaked her fingers through Jane’s and held it even closer. While it normally would annoy her, the now comingled sweat didn’t bother Jane much…she appreciated the closeness.

Angela flipped some of her long, sweat-soaked red hair back over her shoulder, and leaned in close to Jane’s ear.

“It’s okay, hon,” she whispered softly. “We’ll be fine. Want me to light some candles or something?”

Jane smiled a little at the offer, knowing they didn’t even have candles to light. She began to respond, but another flash lit up the room, revealing Angela’s face to her in a flash. The BOOM! came shortly thereafter, but it didn’t tweak her as much as it had. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against Angela’s, tasting the saltiness of her sweat and reveling in it.

Angela released Jane’s hand and rolled onto her side to free her arm from its pillowy prison. She slid her fingers gently through her matted short black hair, and pulled her in closer for a deeper kiss. Jane felt Angela’s tongue probe her lips and parted them in response, happily granting her entry. Angela pressed further in, dancing her tongue against Jane’s in a familiar pattern.

They broke off once to come up for air, and in the flash of lightning she could see Angela begin to rise up on the bed. Before she could react to the thunder, Angela had put Jane on her back and mounted her, straddling her hips. Another flash illuminated her full curvy frame; she swept down and pressed the fullness of her body against Jane’s lithe frame to resume their passionate kiss.

Jane could only gasp for air when Angela allowed a brief respite; she slid her hands up along Angela’s thighs and hips to her shoulders and finally down her arms, loving every inch of the slick wet skin and the heat radiating from her. The feeling of Angela’s full breasts crushed against her own modest offerings ignited her desire for her lover, and she gripped Angela’s arms to attempt a reversal. She wanted Angela on her back and ready for ravishment.

Angela broke their kiss then, drawing Jane’s lower lip along with her, lightly teasing it with her teeth. She planted her hands on the memory foam mattress and wouldn’t budge to Jane’s movements, instead continuing to pin her.

“Nah-uh,” she replied huskily after releasing Jane’s lip. “That’s not how we’re playing it tonight.”

“Wha-” Jane began before Angela cut her off with another kiss.

After breaking off, Angela ran her fingers lightly along Jane’s face then turned it to the side. She planted soft kisses across her cheek and jaw, leading back toward the ear. This time Jane kept silent, wondering where Angela canlı bahis şirketleri was going. She so rarely took charge, usually instead opting for a more submissive role.

Angela’s kisses snaked up to her ear, which she lightly began to tongue. She slid it around the rim and down; a light nip on the earlobe elicited a tiny yelp.

“Shh,” Angela whispered, kissing the lobe with all tenderness. One hand slid into Jane’s hair and found a nice grip, the other began a descent as Angela lifted herself off of Jane ever so slightly. She gave each of Jane’s perky little breasts a feel, just a delicate squeeze while running her thumb over each nipple in turn. The sensation tingled through Jane’s body and she squirmed in response. Her arousal had kicked into overdrive then, and she felt the warmth and wetness building between her legs. She squeezed them shut and started to rub them together slowly, dragging her heels against the sheets.

Angela’s kisses started to descend then, down from her earlobe to her neck, kissing and licking sweat from her skin as she went. She moved her hand from Jane’s breasts to her knees, pushing them firmly down against the bed and denying her the pleasant sensations she had gotten from rubbing them together. She tried to slip one hand down as Angela shifted herself, but it was swatted away.

“Nope,” she whispered. Releasing Jane’s hair, Angela grabbed hold of both of Jane’s wrists and held them together over her head. Angela was stronger than Jane, but it wouldn’t have been hard to break free.

“I’ll tie them down if I have to,” Angela warned, knowing what was going through Jane’s mind. Jane gave a whimpering complaint but didn’t fight.

Angela grinned devilishly, now fully aroused. Having Jane willingly submitting to her desires sent a brand new flush of excitement running through her, raising goosebumps on her skin and hardening her nipples just a little. It was just as much a struggle to not satisfy herself as it had been for Jane. There would be time, though…she must be patient.

Instead Angela returned to her task, planting kisses along Jane’s collarbone then down between her breasts. By now the pert little nipples were hard and happily at attention; Angela took one and then the other into her mouth to sweep her tongue over them and suck fervently. Jane squirmed again beneath her, and her breath had become ragged and short.

“Oh God,” she gasped lightly as Angela’s hand moved down across her smooth, taut stomach and inched closer to her pussy. Again she was denied, though, as the hand came agonizingly close to her mound before sweeping back up in a looping circle. Angela grinned at the reaction and could feel the coiled muscle in Jane’s hips, ready to nearly involuntarily begin humping against anything that might satisfy her. She released Jane’s wrists, warning against movement with a stern touch to her nose, and brought both hands to cup her breasts. Jane reached up and gripped her hands onto metal footboard of their bed, showing her submission to Angela’s demands.

With both hands gently squeezing and kneading Jane’s breasts, Angela shimmied her way further south. She kissed each rib, then across Jane’s belly, reveling in the smell of her lover’s sweat. Lower she went in a snaking pattern, lips and tongue enjoying every bit of Jane’s skin she could. She kissed along Jane’s prominent iliac crest and down until her lips hovered just over her mound. She blew air against it lightly.

Jane nearly knocked Angela silly as she jerked her hips upward, helplessly banging herself against Angela’s chin. In response, a grinning Angela brought one hand down onto Jane’s stomach and pushed her firmly back down onto the bed using just enough strength to send the message. Jane groaned and tilted her head back in frustration, but didn’t fight.

Victorious, Angela brought her left hand down and guided Jane’s legs apart. She slid down further, then fully off of Jane, and hooked her feet up onto the headboard. Jane brought one leg around Angela’s shoulder and tried to pull her closer, but Angela didn’t budge. She lightly blew onto Jane’s moistened slit, causing her to spasm and jerk in response, whimpering plaintively for satisfaction.

With her right hand, Angela had taken to rolling Jane’s nipple through her fingers, and she dragged her left thumb through the small wiry black landing strip Jane had framed her pubic hair into. Only inches away by then, Angela still drew it out. Giving Jane a toe-curling orgasm came easily to her by then, she had done it hundreds of times in the past. Thousands even, though she hadn’t the time to properly crunch the numbers. Technique and flourish were needed to keep things interesting.

While still blowing air lightly over it, Angela ran her thumb slowly down along Jane’s moist slit, causing shivers to run through her body and bringing out a low, deep moan. She brought her right hand down and repeated the process with her other thumb, then parted Jane’s soft velvety canlı kaçak iddaa lips with both. She leaned in and ran her tongue through the folds, collecting the delicious wetness and causing Jane to cry out and rock her hips desperately forward.

“Don’t stop,” she begged Angela in a high, whimpering voice. “Fuck me.”

Angela gleefully obliged as she reveled in Jane’s taste. She gave each lip and fold due attention before opening Jane as far as she could with her thumbs and plunging her tongue further in her warm, soaked box.

Jane, for her part, had become lost to the pleasure her lover’s tongue was providing, only able to mutter profane encouragement as higher reason fled her. An animalistic need erased all other considerations, even the storm whipping around outside the window was lost on her. She arched her back and groaned loudly as pre-orgasmic ripples ran through her muscles.

Angela could feel her lover wasn’t far now and withdrew her tongue slowly, enjoying the sensation of Jane’s excretions running down her chin. In its place she slid first one, then two fingers of her left hand past Jane’s slippery folds and deeper in. Jane’s channel was well-lubed and clenched onto Angela’s fingers; she stroked each bump and groove as she pistoned them in and out in deep, full strokes. Jane gasped loudly as she was expertly fingered, and started squirming her hips around swiftly, trying to get herself off on Angela’s manipulations.

Angela couldn’t hold off any further at the sight, and slid her free hand down between her own legs, mimicking her movements on Jane by sliding two fingers into her attention-starved vagina. She swept her thumb in purposeful circles over her engorged clit, and brought her lips down to tongue Jane’s at the same time. She pushed her tongue up along Jane’s hood and down across the shivering little organ, then took it between her lips and sucked along its peak.

Jane’s muscles clenched tightly onto Angela’s fingers and her entire body went rigid. Her breath caught in her throat as the pleasure reached its crescendo and her orgasm started to flood her. She cried out in unadulterated climactic joy, her voice shuddering and undulating as each wave tore through her. She bucked her hips reflexively, barely able to stand the intense pleasure that radiated out from her center.

Worse, Angela hadn’t stopped. Her fingers never quit stroking maddeningly in and out of the spasming vagina, and she kept her tongue and lips locked fully onto Jane’s clit. Jane cried out again as the intensity became too much for her to handle; she pulled against the footboard and tried to drag herself away from Angela’s manipulations. Angela let her clitoris go but would not take her fingers out, laughing a little maniacally as she thrust vigorously into her own vagina.

“Oh, stop stop stop,” Jane begged, though she still held firm to footboard. She saw Angela drop her head and groan, and the stroking fingers ceased their movement when Angela brought herself to orgasm. She sunk down onto the bed gasping and practically humping against the fingers inside her.

“Fuuuuuuck,” Angela groaned, lifting her head up to look at her now exhausted and limp lover. Her fingers were still buried in Jane’s twat; she very slowly pulled them free, causing Jane’s legs to flop uselessly onto the bed. Jane gasped deeply for air and dropped her hands down onto her chest, lightly rubbing her breasts as she came down.

Angela slowly pushed herself up onto her knees and brought her right hand to her lips, taking both fingers into her mouth and licking the gooey richness from them. Jane reached a hand out, but didn’t really have the energy to sit up.

“I didn’t get to taste you,” she complained as she watched Angela take care of that on her own. Watching Angela taste herself in such a way inflamed her desire once again, though she was too tired and sensitive to take advantage.

Angela grinned as her fingers slid from her mouth, and she lay down on top of Jane once again. She placed her wet left fingers against Jane’s lips, parting them far enough to slide them into her mouth. Jane’s tongue lapped them over gratefully.

“That’s it,” Angela murmured encouragingly to Jane as she feasted on herself. “It’s better this way.”

After a moment she pulled her fingers from Jane’s mouth and replaced them with her lips, kissing her deeply as they both basked in post-orgasmic glow.

“I love you,” she whispered to Jane after breaking off.

“Mmm,” Jane intoned, fluttering her eyes closed. She could feel Angela move up a little and felt her warm full lips press lightly to her forehead, and she groaned happily in response. “I love you too.”

Angela slid off of Jane and sat up, then reached down and ran her left hand slowly down Jane’s stomach. She could feel all the tension had melted from her lover’s muscles; coupled with the way Jane stretched out blissfully on the bed like a cat, she knew she had done well in satisfying her.

“Come on,” canlı kaçak bahis she whispered to Jane, nudging her to turn over. “I’ve got a surprise.”

Jane had begun to doze, and opened one eye at the insistence.

“Huh?” she asked, though she turned over to lay prone on her stomach just the same. Angela lightly cupped and squeezed her ass, then climbed off the bed.

“Close your eyes,” she instructed when Jane lifted her head to try to locate her in the darkness. “It’s not a surprise if you see it coming.”

Jane opened her mouth to respond, but decided against it and settled her head back down against her forearms. She closed her eyes as she heard Angela rummaging through the bedside table, imagining the possibilities. The baby oil, it must be…she was about to get a nice massage to end her special treatment. Angela was always so thoughtful, that was exactly what she had needed.

Angela crept back up to the bed, making sure Jane had listened to instruction. She had even turned her head away, which brought a mischievous smile to Angela’s lips. She slid her hand gently back over Jane’s rear, then leaned down to plant a kiss on the smooth round mound of flesh. She climbed back onto the bed and straddled Jane’s legs, careful not to touch her with the strap-on she was currently wearing and accidentally betray the surprise.

“Mmm,” Jane mumbled against her arm as she wiggled her rear at Angela. “Never heard of a massage that started with the happy ending.”

Angela couldn’t help but grin wider, knowing Jane didn’t have any clue what she was in for. She brought her hand down onto Jane’s ass with a stinging spank, the sweat-soaked skin producing a very satisfying crack.

“Ow!” Jane complained with a giggle, lifting her head up a little. “Never heard of a massage with a spanking either.”

“Sorry, babe,” Angela replied apologetically, lightly rubbing the affected left cheek in response. If only there was light to see, she would have loved seeing the red welt that was sure to be spreading. “Is this better?”

Crack! went a spank on the right cheek, just as hard as the last one. Jane groaned against her arm, the pain and pleasure mixing in a heady combination. Her mind reeled…this was no massage. What would be her surprise?

Angela slid her hand down between Jane’s thighs, finding her vagina still soaked and ready. Jane squirmed away from the invading fingers.

“Wait, wait…it’s too sensitive,” she complained. She was answered with the hand being removed and another hard spank cracking across her now burning cheeks.

Angela worked a good amount of spit into her mouth and dribbled it down onto the strap-on, then rubbed her hand along its length to lubricate. She brought her fingers back against Jane’s pussy, this time not getting a reaction more than Jane squirming a little away from her. She slid one finger inside once more, finding things more than wet enough to proceed. She brought herself down on top of Jane and started to position.

“What are you-” Jane began before she felt the head of the dildo pressing against her lips. She bucked forward and gasped, though found her progress stopped by the footboard before her.

“Wait wait, I can’t…” Her voice was drowned out in a long loud moan when Angela slipped the head past her defenses and the length of the strap-on began sliding deeper and deeper into her. She cried out at the intensity of her sensitive vagina being invaded, and gripped onto the metal slats on the footboard tightly.

“Isn’t that nice?” Angela whispered gently as she reached her hilt, then fully inside Jane and lying on top of her. Jane squirmed and whimpered but couldn’t form a coherent response, giving Angela free reign. She drew it out slowly, making Jane feel every maddening inch, then piled fully back into her in a powerful thrust.

Angela slid one arm around Jane’s shoulders to brace herself, and she intertwined the fingers of her free hand through one of Jane’s gripping onto the footboard. With her lover secured and all the leverage she would need, Angela began pumping slowly in and out. Jane met each vigorous thrust with a gasp or a moan or a load cry of pleasure as Angela fucked her swiftly and mercilessly. Her toes curled and she beat her feet lightly on the bed.

Both knew Jane wasn’t long for this treatment; filling her like this sped her faster toward orgasm than anything in their playbook. Angela leaned close beside Jane’s face, sucking lightly on her earlobe, licking her cheek, then kissing her shoulder. She gripped Jane’s hand tightly in hers and mixed her thrusting, going from smooth steady strokes to speeding up with short, fast movements, then slow and deliberate force.

“Tell me you love It,” Angela whispered into her ear between kisses.

“Oh…God…oh…oh,” Jane mumbled with each thrust. “Fuck me, Angela, fuck me hard…harder…”

Angela obliged, abandoning all finesse and piling into Jane as fast and hard as her strap-on harness would allow. The sweat beaded up on her forehead from the effort and dripped into Jane’s hair, then onto her forehead as she tilted her head up, but neither paid it any mind. Each thrust sent Jane closer and closer to the edge, and she wailed in wanton pleasure.

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