Another Saturday Night Pt. 03

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Let me take a moment to say I am not a size queen. I love cock. All shapes, all sizes. My husband has a beautiful 8 incher. My lover, at about half that, just hits all my right spots and makes my toes curl and legs shake consistently. We connect in ways I don’t with anyone else and that’s part of what makes the sex so great. Use what you got like a master and don’t worry about the semantics.

I sat on the edge of the bed hot, sweaty, and still catching my breath. My eyes were tired and blurry, but I was able to focus enough to see the 3 beautiful hard cocks throbbing in front of my face. I grabbed the one directly in front of me, Mister “Taking My Sweet Damned Time” and pulled it closer. Oh ladies it was perfect. Long, thick, the vein running down like a perfectly marbled piece of meat. The thick fleshy head was swollen and begging for attention.

I wrapped my lips and tongue around it, sucked hard like a Blow Pop. I took him all the way to the back of my throat before sliding it all the way out. Kissing the tip and running my tongue over its length, it was thick and heavy in my hand. I held his plums in my other hand and squeezed tight until he moaned. Cocks bobbed in my periphery, voices buzzed, but my brain was too tired to translate and I was in the zone. Mister “Taking His Sweet Damned Time” was going to pay.

From behind, my lovers soft hand was on my back stroking me while I made a meal out of this dick. My mouth was up and down, hand squeezing him firm and jerking the shaft, massagin as I worked it. Going all the way to the tip before sliding back to the base. I was licking and sucking his balls individually, popping them out one by one, then both in my mouth at the same time, rolling my tongue around them. His moaning was getting louder and his cock harder in my mouth. Yesssss, here it comes. I sucked harder, pumped faster.

Come on! Come on!

My evil grin surfaced.

He started moaning and begging and I felt him go rigid. I pulled my mouth off, grabbed him by the base of his cock and squeezed…hard. It jerked in my hand trying desperately to squirt in my face, but I held tight, feeling him strain. I watched the engorged purple head of his cock throb and strain and try its hardest to spit at me. He was pushing his hips forward humping my hand and trying to make it happen.

Nooooo, it casino siteleri wasn’t time for him to cum yet.

I heard him groan, then whimper, then shake as his knees buckled under him.

Yeah, I’m that evil.

I felt my lover slip off the bed behind me and at the same moment I was grabbed by the back of my thighs. My view of the wall tilted quickly to a view of the ceiling. I felt like an astronaut being tilted into position ready for blast off. Ground control to Major Tom. Do astronauts have those moving chair things or am I remembering wrong?


I saw fleeting glimpse of my lover leaving the room. A few minutes later the sound of water running. Oh fine, go take a shower without me. I had more immediate situations to deal with anyway.

Hands under my thighs rolled me onto my back. The guys on either side had each grabbed me behind a knee and continued pulling my legs back. I was a victim of pornographic judo! They crawled up on the bed next to me and my poor prone holes now hovered over the edge of the bed. There was a rather vindictive looking cock aimed at me. The question of the moment being, where was it going?

Oh, let me take a quick minute here. I’ve had some questioning about my usage of so many pronouns and a lack of proper names. The fact is, I’m not going to use real names so I can protect the guilty. I could make up names, but then I’d have to keep track of them and you’d need a scorecard. All that really matters, in this particular instance, is me, the raging hard-ons set on corrupting my purity, and our lively escapades. I guess I could call them Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3, but then you’d need a diagram, or maybe signs, and a certain PhD Feline in a Chapeau may take exception to me hijacking the names (Dr. Seuss anyone?). So, we shall make the best of it. By the way my tenses change too as I go from then to now in my head. Flashbacks!

Now back to the ravaging of my innocence. Lol.

That gorgeous angry cock was throbbing and looking right at me. I watched it with my legs spread like obscene cross-hairs. More suspense. I didn’t care which hole it chose I just wanted it in me. Oh fuck I wanted it stretching me out. This image of cucumber being stuffed into a balloon popped to mind for some reason and I chuckled to myself. He grabbed his shaft and slowly put the canlı casino tip of his cock it my pussy. Just enough to get it wet, then trailed my wetness slowly down over my ass and back up to my clit. Lubing his choices it seemed. He teased me like that with 3 or 4 strokes, hypnotized my his own decision.

For some reason I’m reminded now of that wheel on Price is Right. The one you spin for the showcase? The little pointer thing going up and down as the wheel spins. Haahah. No idea why that popped to mind, but it looked like it was about to hit $1.00. Which would make my ass .$.50?

The tip of his cock stopped at my sweet pink little hole and he began to push slowly. Oh my fucking God. Tight. Yessssss. Tight. Oh fuck take it. I grunted and he went deeper and deeper. That mother fucker went all the way until he hit the back wall. Oh my jeezus yessssss. I remind you again I’m not a size-queen, but fuck do I appreciate a cock filling me up and stretching me out. Balls deep. Back wall. Oh fuck the shit out of me!

He grabbed my thighs and started fucking me slow. The other two still had me spread and pulled back. One moved down to start sucking on my tits, the other had positioned his throbbing cock at my mouth. I grabbed and wrapped my mouth around his dick. My free hand went down between my legs to my clit and began to rub. We were getting this engine moving.

Pumping slow to start. Deep and slow. Taking his time. I could see him from the corner of my eye looking down, watching his cock sliding in and out of me. I got wetter with each stroke. It was around stroke four he decided to start fucking.

Four strokes in I guess he decided how many licks it took (Tootsie pop reference anyone?) and put all of his weight behind it. It took my wind and I grunted. Four more and he reversed his grip from the bottoms of my thighs to the top so he could pull me to him and started jack hammering me. Oh my fucking God. My eyes popped open and the cock fell out of my mouth as he made me make a noise somewhere between a grunt and a scream. He was fucking swinging for the fence with every fucking stoke (baseball reference for the guys.). Jeezus, the Mets win the World Series! Touchdown! World Cup! (More gratuitous references for the guys to understand).

Ladies, you know when you’re getting that good deep dickin’? Oh fuck! kaçak casino

Guys, it’s like when you’re fucking her as good as you think you are…lol..

Pounding the shit out of me, it hurt, but God I wanted more. Yes! Yes! Yessss! I turned my head to watch the fucking show completely forgetting the one in my mouth. He was a fucking artist with that thing making me gasp and grunt for it. A hand grabbed my hair and turned me away, a cock stuffed back in my mouth. I grabbed it started jerking him furiously, moving from his cock to his balls, sucking him with the same vigor I was being pounded with. He pulled my hair and started face fucking me, his balls bouncing off the side of my face.

It was building again, deeeeeppp, my pussy was already dripping down my asshole. I was suddenly keenly aware I had a handful of hair and my tits were being manhandled. Fuck yesss. My body started shaking. Waves shooting through me. I couldn’t hold back. My jaw dropped, my back arched and I screamed. Hot cum splashed across the side of my face and more erupted inside of me. I think I felt 20 years drain out of me. My body came down weak, shaking. He was too weak to hold me up any more, but was able to lower me to the floor as I slid off the edge of the bed pulling the sweat soaked sheets with me.

He won. Good for him. Lol.

I sat there with my back against the edge of the bed convulsing and wanting to pass out.. I noticed we’d fucked the bed across the room. I smiled to myself. Sleep please. I was gasping for breath, too weak to move. My poor stretched pussy leaked cum on the hardwood floor. Why was the side of my face wet? Lol. My poor pussy was so sore but fuck. If I hadn’t been getting good and fucked before this, this still would have been good and fucked I thought to myself. I felt myself trying to smile.

I looked up and saw my lover leaning against the wall eating a sandwich and smiling at me. He said…something…I mumbled an answer in unintelligible grunts, but smiled the best I could muster. A cold bottle of water was in front of my face and I grabbed it weakly. Ohmahgawd, so cold, so good. Dehydrated. Need water. It tickled running out of my mouth as I drank, dripping down my chin and splashing on my tits down my tummy. I giggled weakly, it tickled. Heh. Cold. Just give me a minute. I’ll be ok. Just a minute.

Voices, then I was being lifted, then cold wet sheets. I didn’t care. Kiss. Sooo nice to lay down. Laying on a cloud. So tired. So sore. Sleep. It tickled. Mmmmmm.

Suddenly, my eyes popped open…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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