Angela’s Portico

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I stirred from my dream state as my husband David slid into his side of the bed. With two years of marriage behind us, our sex life had taken on some routines but I felt a tingle of excitement with his arrival. I knew that his hand would soon find its way to the flat of my stomach before slowly moving up to my breast. We often had sex when he returned home in the early morning hours after being called to the office for some emergency computer problem. It was part of his job and although he didn’t have to keep regular office hours, he was on call 24/7. Sometimes he would not return until late morning and sometimes, like tonight, he returned in the middle of the night. We always had sex if he returned while I was still in bed. This night was no different.

David and I had agreed to try to spice up our sex life but it seemed that tonight would be the normal way that we always made love. I loved sex with my husband in any fashion, but I didn’t want us to get bored with it. We both slept in the nude because we liked the lewdness of it and I preferred it because I liked to remain in the dream state while we loved. Having to remove clothing generally would break the “half awake-half asleep” feeling, I so loved.

By the time David’s hand reached my breast, my own hand was searching for his manhood. I wrapped my hand on his shaft and began a slow stroking up and down. Rolling my nipple with his fingers, David brought a low moan to my lips. I slowly rubbed my thighs together as the passion in me grew. As David moved to caress my other breast, his mouth covered the nipple that he had been massaging. I felt his smoothly shaven chin against my skin as my nipple elongated into his mouth. I urgently pulled at his erection and he raised and then settled between my legs. As I guided him to my nether lips, he slipped easily into me. We began our ritual of slow love making. I kept my eyes closed tight like I always did and just concentrated on being the best piece of ass I could be, for David.

David, being the gentle lover that he always was, stroked in and out of me at his normal moderate pace until the friction against my clit sent me into orgasm. Soon after, David was pulsing sperm into me while breathing heavily into my ear. Some sperm dribbled down onto the sheet as he removed himself and we both fell asleep.

“Angela… Angela, wake up Hon. Don’t you hear the alarm?” slowly registered in my sleepy brain. “Your dad is coming today, remember?” continued David. Groggily, I reached to turn off the alarm and arose from the bed. “Damn, six in the morning,” I was thinking. “I love Dad for coming to build the new porch, but jeeze, why does he always have to begin his day so early?”

Drying off after my morning shower, I was interrupted by David handing me the phone. “Hi Mom, Yes, I’m awake. Dad is on the way now? Don’t worry; I’ll take care of Dad for the weekend.” “You go and have a good time with Aunt Betty,” I continued, “Yes; I’ll make sure he gets enough rest. I know Mom, I know. He can’t sleep on the couch or his back might go out again. He can use our bed and David and I will sleep elsewhere. Have a good time and don’t worry.” I made a mental note to change the sheets. It wouldn’t due for Daddy to see the stained sheets.

Dad pulled in the driveway just about the time the coffee was ready. I watched him from my kitchen window as he climbed from his pickup truck. I was always in awe of him. For the full twenty-two years of my life, he was the one man who never failed to bring a smile to my face. He, being twice my age, had just turned forty-four. He was quite the opposite of David. Though they were about the same height and weight, their lifestyles were totally different. Dad, being in construction since he was a teenager, was a hard body. I suppose it is how he was able to still function with the back problems. David, on the other hand, was a computer wizard. I was amazed at how quickly they came to agreement on building the porch. David designed it with a computer program. Dad read the plan and we discussed a few changes. Dad then surprised us all by saying, “Great design, I’ll build it for you.” I was so pleased. I would have the porch I loved, designed by my husband, and built by my father. Life was great.

My dad hugged me tightly as he came through the kitchen door. His strong arms circled around me as I hugged him back. I was breathless as my body responded to his embrace. Being crushed up against him always made me feel protected, yet my nipples never failed to harden in his embrace. “Daddy, it is so good to see you,” I breathed as I lightly kissed his neck. Dad suddenly broke our hug but not before I felt his member begin to rise against my leg. I gave him my best smile while thinking it would be dangerous to be in his arms for very long. I was sure that I would cum uncontrollably casino oyna if his cock were pressed against me for a second or two more. “Calm yourself, Angela,” I told myself. “He’s your Dad.”

Dad worked all day building the porch to exactly the way it was in the plan. I brought him drinks a few times and sat with him during those breaks. He gazed at me with those steel gray eyes, as we conversed lightly. By dinner time, he was more than half finished. After much discussion, I convinced him that he would have plenty of time to finish it tomorrow. During dinner I finally convinced my dad that he would sleep in the main bedroom and I would sleep on the couch in the living room. David was certain to be called to work before long and he would use the couch in his den if he got back before morning.

By eight that evening, there were several emergency calls for David to respond to and he left. I set towels out for Dad to shower and then I showered after he was finished. I put on my robe over my nude body, as I did every night, and met Dad in the living room for a movie. He had donned a T-shirt and summer shorts he brought with him. We sat on the couch and I had a few glasses of wine while my dad sipped bourbon. We talked, mostly ignoring the movie. I held his hand, told him I loved him and settled in close to him. With his arm around my shoulder, I rested my head on his chest. I felt my nipples extend at the closeness of him and basked in the giddy feeling of being in his embrace.

There was a long pause during our light conversation and Dad spoke again. “Baby, I love the view but I am having some difficulty dealing with it,” said my father as he lightly kissed the top of my head. I turned my head and looked at him with a quizzical smile. Following his gaze, I looked down and saw that my right breast was fully exposed to his view. A surge of adrenaline jerked my body and I saw my nipple jut to its fullest extent. Embarrassed and excited at the same time, I exclaimed, “Oh damn, I’m sorry Daddy. I didn’t mean to tease you.” I adjusted my position on the couch and closed the opening enough to cover the nipple. Red faced, I looked at him and said, “Forgive me, Daddy?”

“Of course, Baby,” he said through a smiling face. “But now there is a new problem.” Again, following his gaze I saw that adjusting my robe had exposed my thighs to the point of revealing a tuft of hair from between my legs. “Oh Daddy, you must think I am a slut.” I protested as I drew my legs onto the couch and franticly made adjustments to my robe again. Leaning my head on his leg to complete closing my robe, my ear came in direct contact with what was unmistakably, a stiff cock. “My Daddy was hard as a rock,” was the realization that again shocked me. Before I could raise my head, I felt his involuntary twitching against the side of my face. Finally getting my robe arranged so that it covered my naked body, I lay with my head in Daddy’s lap as he rubbed my shoulder. I soon fell asleep and Dad must have gone to bed.

I awoke sometime in the middle of the night needing to urinate. Still a little influenced by the wine, I groped my way toward the bathroom. I realized that I must have gone the wrong way when I peeped an eye open long enough to see that I was in the kitchen. I turned and felt my way down the hallway, through the master bedroom and into the bathroom. I returned to my bed after reliving myself. I dropped my robe to the floor and crawled between the sheets. The sheets were cool against my naked skin. The sheets were warmer as I moved towards the center of the bed. Realizing that David must have returned home, I snuggled close to him and drifted back to sleep.

At some point in the night, I stirred as the arm came over my waist and the hand settled on my stomach. A little disappointed when his hand didn’t continue, I decided to help my husband get into the mood for some love making. Pulling his hand to my breast, I planted his palm against my nipple. His hand felt a little different from normal, almost like it was calloused. I then reached for his cock. I stroked his cock slowly pausing to run my thumb over the head every few seconds. I felt him responding in his sleep as his cock lengthened in my hand and he began squeezing my breast. Soon I feel his cock coming to full harness and it seemed to be pulsating with heavy veins around it. I never noticed those veins before and it felt a little heavier in my hand. In my still asleep mind, I am thinking that he must be super turned on to have so much blood engorging that fat cock.

He scrapes the calloused feeling hand against my nipple and pinches it tightly. Rolling it between his finger tips and squeezing harder than I am used to, I find that my passion is rising fast. His hand moves to assault my other breast and his mouth finds its way to the one his canlı casino hand just left. I suck in my breath as I feel his whiskers harsh against my skin. “That’s it baby, I whisper, get rough with me.” Suddenly, he pulls me against his body as he sucks my nipple into his mouth. He holds me tight as his teeth ravage my aroused breasts. I release my grip on his rigid cock hand hold his head as he continues to ravage my breasts and nipples. His teeth and whiskers are making me raw and I love it. With his free hand he grabs my ass and roughly pulls me tight against him squeezing his engorged cock flat against my belly. Bolts of electricity shoot through my body as I feel like I am being taken by him. I raise my leg over his hip and push my now dripping pussy against his cock. Using my leg for leverage, I rub my clit and pussy lips against that magnificent piece of meat. Soon, his fingers find their way into the crack of my ass and draw little circles around my anus. His fingers make me squirm more against his cock and I feel an orgasm approaching. “YEEEAAAHHHIII,” I scream into his ear as I begin to cum. I dig my heel into his back and furiously rock my clit against his cock as his fingers play a beautiful tune in the crack of my ass. Before my orgasm has ended, he pulls me on top of him.

Gripping my waist, he lifts me a few inches above his body. I had no idea that my husband had such strength. His cock springs straight up and I am poised directly above it. I use my hands on his powerful forearms to balance my upper body as I feel myself being slowly impaled. The head of his cock passes between my lips and I shudder as the anticipation builds. Soon I can feel the ridges along the length of his cock entering my pussy. The head of his cock stretches the inner walls of my pussy as I produce more and more lubricant for it. As my knees make contact with the mattress, I reach with one hand for the base of his shaft. I feel full yet discover that there are still several inches that have not yet penetrated me. I feel the veins pulsing in my hand I am amazed that my husbands cock feels so different. I lower myself further onto the hardest cock ever to enter me and I can feel the ridge like veins as they pass my pussy lips. Suddenly, the head of his cock is against my cervix and there is still two inches of cock in my finger tips. I move my knees forward and lean back in an attempt to make more room. With a jerk from his hands on my hips, I am totally impaled. A bead of sweat drips from my brow and more appears between my breasts and trickles down my belly.

I feel his thumbs spreading the lips of my pussy as they seek out my clit. I place both hands on his knees behind me for leverage and start fucking. Although his cock feels much larger than normal; I am so well lubricated that I slide up and down on it with ease. I ride the wonderful sensations as I plunge down and feel the head of his cock bottom out. He pushes down on the top of my clit so that it rides against his shaft giving me increased delight as my pussy keeps us well lubricated. My back is arched with my breasts pushed skyward and my hair sweeps across his legs as I fuck myself on him. I am oblivious to anything except the feelings exploding in my belly. Off in the distance, I hear a woman’s voice moaning lowly. “OH, OH… OHHHHGGGGHHH, the voice begins to wail and only then do I realize that it is my own voice. “YEEEEIIIII BABYYYYY,” I scream as orgasm overtakes me and I am lost in it for a minute.

Just as I begin to recover, he grabs my shoulders and pulls me chest to chest with him crushing my breasts. His hands grip the cheeks of my ass and he rocks me up and down on his cock. I wrap my arms around his neck and fuck back at him. My nipples rub against his chest with the motion of my body and my nostrils are filled with the scent of him. My clit rides hard against his cock and I can think of nothing but the pleasure he is giving me. I plant my lips on his and suck his tongue deep into my mouth. I can smell my own sex mixed with the scent of my partner as he continues to provide the root of my pleasure. With my eyes closed tightly, I envision the cock sliding in and out of my well oiled cunt and it puts me over the edge again. He slips his fingers between my ass cheeks again and swirls them around my puckered hole. My excitement builds as the sensations from his fingers meld with the pleasure flooding me from my clit. Removing my mouth from his, I begin panting in his ear. I whisper the secret that I am going to cum again as I feel the current surge through me and the orgasm begins. He drives a finger into my tight ass and the shock sends a new bolt of electricity through my body. A white blinding light flashes in my mind and I am engulfed in intense orgasmic delight. I scream unintelligible words into his mouth as my body is wracked with spasm kaçak casino after white hot spasm. “FUCK… I have NEVER cum like that before baby,” I tell him.

Before I can finish the words, I am on my back and he is positioned between my legs. I rub his cock against my screaming pussy and beg him to fuck me. I feel his mouth smash to mine as he grips my ass cheeks with both of his hands. I suck his tongue into my mouth and center that throbbing cock for his easy penetration. My body and mind are on fire as I raise my hips in anticipation of having that hot cock inside of me again. He enters me hard; unlike I am used to him doing. The shock of the rougher sex sends more sparks through my mind. He is balls deep by the third stroke and I feel fuller that I have ever felt. He pulls my legs around his waist and I lock my heels together. I feel his rough hands grip my ass cheeks as he lifts me off the mattress and settles his fingers back into the crack of my ass. I reach one hand back to his ass cheek and give him some of the same pleasure he is giving me in that sensitive area. With my other arm around his neck, I kiss and lick his ear as I mumble incomprehensible words. Suddenly I am jolted with an intense orgasm and I scream into his ear, “EEEEIIIIIIYYYYYHHHHHAAAAA.” Just as the orgasm is subsiding, he wiggles a finger into my ass and the sensation makes me cum again. “GOD, BAAABYYYY, GOD… IT IS SOOOO GOOD.” I couldn’t stop Cuming as I rode that cock for all I was worth.

Finally, drained, I begged him to cum. I was exhausted yet I felt I truly owed him an orgasm as good as I could give him in payment for what had been the best fuck of my life. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I whispered words of love and encouragement into his ear as he continued to stroke into me. Keeping my ankles locked around his waist, I dug my heels into his ass and rocked my hips in step with his plunging. Timing his strokes, I relaxed my pussy as he stroked in and tightened it as he stroked out, trying to give him maximum pleasure. “That’s it baby, cum in me. I’m ready for you. Cum inside me,” I kept coaxing him. He grunted and growled and his body jerked as he shot his cum deep inside of me. He jerked and grunted seven times and I felt the hot cum start to run down the cheeks of my ass and onto the sheet. Finally, he lay still, as spent as I was. With tears streaming from my eyes, I fell into deep sleep.

I awoke alone in the morning and immediately was reminded of last night’s activities by the rawness of my nipples. I arose and showered. Returning to the bedside for my robe, I saw a huge spot on the sheets where my rear had laid. “My god David,” I thought to myself; “you have never cum that much before.” The stain was easily three times as large as he normally left. I made a mental note to ask him what had made him such a super lover last night. Whatever it was, I liked it.

“Mornin Honey,” greeted me as I entered the kitchen.

“Dad, I almost forgot you were still here,” I stammered.

“I didn’t want to start sawing and hammering until you got up,” he continued.

“Oh, thanks Dad; that was so thoughtful of you. Where is David, I asked.”

“I haven’t seen him Hun,” his answered.

“Maybe he got called back in early this morning,” I commented.

“Maybe so,” Dad said as he rose from the chair. “Time to get back to work.”

I poured myself coffee and puzzled over David’s absence as I watched Dad working. He looked at me through the window a couple of times and winked at me when he caught me gazing at him.

The ringing phone broke my train of thought. “Hello?”

It was David. I felt a shock course through my body as David explained that he had not been able to get back home last night. More emergency calls had kept him busy all night and he would not be home until late afternoon today. He apologized if I had a lonely night but he would try to make up for it. I barely heard him as the memory of the incredible sex session of last night flooded my mind. I quickly made an excuse and said goodbye to David as I stood there looking at Dad. My face flushed and my nipples hardened as my pussy involuntarily lubricated itself as if in anticipation of being used.

Breathing heavily, I realized that it was Dad who was in my bed when I had mistakenly gone there last night. In my dream state I had forgotten that he was there. No wonder it had been so different. I shivered with excitement as I thought about the fantastic fuck he had given me. I was ashamed, yet incredibly turned on at the same time. How I would face him, was heavy on my mind. Finally, I concluded that it did not matter. Obviously, at some point, he knew it was me. He had to have known when he woke in the morning and saw me. Most likely he knew it was me during the act. He must have thought I did it intentionally. No matter, I must have him again. That cock was too incredible to give up even if it was my dad’s.

Opening the door; “Daddy, we need to talk.”

copyright Angela Hart October 12, 2002

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