Andys new life ch2

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Andys new life ch2
Andy woke a couple of hours later, his body ached and there was significant pain from the stripes across his arse. He remembered the reason for the pain, got in the shower and diligently shaved as commanded, he then got back into his basic bed and slept again.

Andy was woken by the noise of metal clanking next to his bed.

“Rise and shine 61. Put them on, ankles first, chains at the back, then your wrists behind your back”

Andy looked at the item on the floor, it was two lengths of chain, each end of each chain had a handcuff bracelet attached to it and both chains passed through a d ring, which allowed some limited independent movement of each chain whilst keeping them together. Andy thought about refusing but last nights punishment was foremost in his mind. He reluctantly closed the handcuff bracelets around each ankle and then moved on the cuffing his wrists behind his back, this was more difficult but quickly achieved, he didn’t want to upset his master, who now entered the room and stood looking at him, inspecting his naked body. Master moved in closer, cupped Andys balls for a while, before starting to manipulate his cock whilst addressing him.

“You broke 3 rules last night 61. You didn’t know the rules, but that is no excuse, you will be punished in time, but we have more pressing things to attended to right now”. Andy groaned and huffed. “Another rule broken slave 61, let’s be clear on a few of them for you……

1. All instructions will be obeyed without hesitation
2. You will demonstrate enthusiasm and energy in every task or order given
3. You will show no contempt, displeasure or annoyance
4. You will never touch your cock without permission
5. You will never orgasm without permission
6. You will always consume your orgasms.

Is that clear?”

Master had been expertly manipulating Andys cock whilst telling him the rules. Andy was really hard and dripping precum, he didn’t know if it was from the rules, his masters hand or a combination of both. His breathing had changed and he was twitching.

“You broke rules 4,5 & 6 last night, are you about to break number 5 again?”

Andy ran through the rules in his head, what was number 5, his mind was scrambled, he could only think about his twitching cock and impending orgasm which was building in his balls. Oh shit, he suddenly thought….

“Permission to cum master?” He quickly said.

“Denied” was the immediate reply. “You must learn control, and I’m going to help you with that shortly, you no longer have control of how, when or where you cum. That control now rests with any dominant that sees fit to allow you that privilege. “ Master collected some of Andys precum on his finger and smeared it on Andys lips.

The words sank in and caused Andy concern “any dominant”? There were more than just the master? Master had quickened the pace of his hand, Andys ass muscles contracted, his breathing reached climax, his thighs were tight. “Oh god, please master, permission to cum please master?” He pleaded.

He was going to cum and break rule 5 for a second time in a day, as he was literally at the point of no return, his master let go of his dick. Andy was conflicted, he was so desperate to cum, but so pleased not to have broken another rule as he’d surely have got a further punishment. The master walked to one of the walls of the room and used a small key from around his neck to open a storage cupboard, which Andy had not previously noticed. Master approached Andy holding a small device which reminded Andy of a fly swat he’d seen in films. It was a small handle with around ten thin 6 inch lengths of leather attached to the top of it. Without warning it was used to whip his throbbing, dripping cock. He recoiled in pain and shock. He bent forward at the waist to hide his penis and make any further blows more difficult for his master.

“No, no, no 61 that simply won’t do. Stick it out for me!” Commanded the master.

Andy hesitated, the first blow really hurt and it was clear he was due more.

“Rule number 1. Without hesitation” snapped the master.

Andy straighten up.

“Further” commanded master, “lean back as far as those canlı kaçak iddaa shackles allow and stick it right out for me, there’s a good slave”

Andy was leaning back, his cheeks burned red, he was so ashamed and embarrassed, a couple of days ago he was out for a run, now he was naked, his body shaven of any hair, chained and trying to fold himself in half backwards to allow a strange man to whip his rock hard cock.

Master whipped his cock firmly and quickly, 4 times in succession, each time Andys erection subsided a little more, but the desire to cum remained. After the 5th strike the pain had caused Andys cock to shrink to its normal size. Master walked back to the cupboard, replaced the whip and returned with a small metal object that Andy couldn’t really see. Master started handling Andys cock and balls again. “Oh no, thought Andy he’s going to get me hard and whip me again, this must be my punishment for last night”. The sensation was different this time though, the master spent some time manipulating his balls, there was some pushing and pulling, Andy felt constricted around the base of his cock. Master stepped back and Andy looked down. His dick was in a small metal cage which was locked to a metal ring which fitted snugly around the back of his balls, by a small metal padlock. Andy had no idea what this was, but was sure that it wouldn’t be good. Master read the confusion on his face.

“Really?” Said master. “You really have led a sheltered life. It’s a chastity device slave 61. It will help you achieve rules 4 & 5. And now it’s fitted we’ll discuss your regime for the next 7 days and your punishment for breaking the rules last night.”

Andys face must be easy to read, the master saw the disappointment in his eyes.

“Oh, poor 61, you thought the penis whipping was your punishment. Oh no no no, that was just a fun way for me to get you small enough to fit the chastity device.”

Andy was not looking forward to any of what was in store for him in the future, but he could think about much else than the desperate desire to ejaculate from his earlier stimulation by the master, but there appeared to be no chance of that now his dick had been locked up.

Let’s start with your regime for next week and then we’ll deal with your punishment” said the master.

“You’ll have a standard regime for the next 7 days, you’ll be woken at 6am and take a viagra, you’ll then shower and shave before locking your shackles on. You’ll then sit on the bed and wait for me. I’ll fit a ring gag before fucking your face. The gag is for the benefit of both of us. It will benefit you, because I suspect that given your current situation, you may be tempted to bite me, that would be a very bad idea as the punishment for any submissive using their teeth on a dominant is extreme. It will benefit me because it will stop you from biting me. Once you have swallowed my cum, you will be allowed to eat some breakfast.”

“We will repeat the routine again at 4pm and then again at midnight, but without the shower and shaving. Over the next 7 days, you will take 21 viagra and be face fucked 21 times, both are to prepare you for the next stage of your training which will take place over the following week. The face fucking will get you used to having a cock in your mouth and swallowing a load of cum, you’ll understand why you’ll be taking the viagra as the week progresses.”

Andy couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He’d never been near another guys cock, let alone had one in his mouth, he certainly never swallowed cum before, it was bad enough earlier when the master smeared his precum on his lips.

Andy was brought back out of his worrisome thoughts by the next words from the master.

“Now 61, you are due a punishment. There were three transgressions last night, so I think 3 hours on the punishment chair and 3 pints of cum”.

3 pints of cum? Did Andy hear correctly? He hoped he wasn’t going to be expected to produce 3 pints of cum, that sounded impossible to do over 3 hours.

The master locked Andys shackles to one of the rings on the wall before leaving the room. He came back a few minutes later pushing a metal canlı casino frame, with a six inch dildo attached to a bar half way up. “Sit on that” the master ordered as he unlocked andy from the wall ring to which he had left him attached. Andy did as he was told fearing even more punishment. Sitting on a dildo was an alien feeling to him, he really struggled to ease himself on to it, he was hesitant and stopped with the tip of the dildo just inside his sphincter.

“Come on 61! Remember that hesitation will be punished, and I’ve even put a bit of lube on it for you”

Andy sat down as quickly as he dare, he thought his ass was going to tear open, he’d never had anything in his ass before, it felt very odd and totally humiliating. The master worked swiftly, Andys hands were quickly locked to the sides of the frame above his head, his ankles to the base of the frame. Nipple clamps were attached to Andys hairless nipples, the master then pulled them downwards under a lot of tension before attaching them to the frame. The Master then went to the storage cupboard from which he had retrieved the whip and chastity device earlier. He got out an odd looking contraption, Andy thought it looked like a strange funnel, with a cock snapped attachment at a right angle to the cone. Master forced the cock into Amdys mouth and secured the gag around his head. He then left the room, Andy took the opportunity to try and make himself more comfortable he tried to stand a little to get some of the dildo out of his ass, however doing so caused incredible pain in his nipples as standing up, pulled in the opposite direction in which the clamps had been fixed, it also caused his legs to be in more of a stress position and his thighs quickly started to ache from the lactic acid, he had no choice but to drop back down and allow the dildo to penetrate him fully. This is awful thought andy, 3 hours of this I’m going to be in awful pain whatever I do, surely it can’t be made any worse.

At that point the master returned with what looked like a giant ice cube. “Here you go 61, it takes around an hour for a pint of cum to thaw, so I’ll be back with another one in and hour, and your last another hour after that. ‘Oh my god! Thought Andy, I’m not going to have to produce 3 pints of cum, I’m going to have to drink 3 pints of cum!’ The master then put the pint of frozen cum into the funnel. Finally he put a set of ear defenders on Andy and blindfolded him. He then left Andy with no external stimuli, all Andy could focus on was the cold slimy cum slowly filling his mouth as it melted in the funnel and slid it’s way through the cock gag, the clamps pinching his nipples and the dildo filling his ass.

The master returned after an hour to put more frozen cum in the funnel and check the nipple clamps were still attached and under tension, and again another hour later to introduce the third and final pint of cum into the funnel. After 3 hours the master return and unlocked Andy from the frame, Andys legs were like jelly, he couldn’t stand and felt sick, humiliated and disgusted from having swallowed 3 pints of cum. The master had to lift him off the dildo and place him on his bed. Master pushed the frame out of the room and said “don’t forget 61, rise and shine at 6 tomorrow, viagra, shower and shaved before I come to fuck your face! Sleep well, ha, ha, ha, ha.”

The week went exactly as the master had said it would, and Andy hated it, he hated it more as the days passed. Each day started with Andy being woken by the lights in his cell coming on and an alarm being played. He would take his viagra, take a shower and shave his body from head to toe. He would then put his shackles on and wait for his master to enter the room. The master would arrive shortly afterwards and force the ring gag into Andys mouth, he would then drop his trousers and force his stiffening cock into Andys mouth. What followed next could only be described as a face fucking, there was nothing gentle about it, sometimes the master would put his hands around Andys head, other times he would grab Andys ears but he would always rapidly fuck Andys mouth, ignoring tipobet giriş the drool and gagging until shooting floods of hot cum into his slaves mouth.

The viagra and face fucking continued each morning, afternoon and night, day after day. Andy was on three viagra a day and receiving three face fuckings a day. The viagra made him so unbelievably horny, but with his tight fitting chastity cage he could do nothing about it. He was in mental turmoil his thoughts constantly arousing him and causing his cock to stiffen, only for his growing erection to be stopped in it’s tracks by the metal cage. He was also totally humiliated from the quick and hard face fuckings that he was receiving, over the week, he got more used to the cock being thrust into his mouth. However it still caused him to drool and gag. One thing he was sure he wouldn’t get used to was the cum being shot into his mouth and down his throat, however he consoled himself with the fact that it was fresh and warm, unlike the 3 frozen pints he’d recently been force fed.

After the seventh day had been completed, Andy was in complete turmoil, so desperate to cum, so horny, so frustrated with the awful cage on his dick. Andy had spent the week picking at it, shaking it, trying to pull it or bend it, hoping there was some way he could get it off or manipulate his dick out of it, but he’d realised the only way he’d get out would be if his master unlocked him. That’s why Andy was surprised and elated when he heard the question his master asked of him. In fact so surprised he asked his master to repeat himself”

“Would you like to cum, slave 61? I won’t ask a third time.”

It was a no brainer, “yes please master” was the immediate response from Andy.

“Ok then 61, let’s sort it out for you”

Andy found himself in a device rather like medieval stocks, he was bent at the waist with his head and hands fixed in place, his arms had a small amount of limited movement and his ass was presented to the room, he didn’t mind though as this cage would soon be off and he would be enjoying an incredible orgasm. He soon felt something happening around his ass hole, possibly some lube being applied, he should have realised it wouldn’t be straight forward, but still the orgasm would be worth it. Next came pressure on his ring, quickly followed by something being forced into his ass, ‘oh shit, I’m being ass ****d he thought’ then he saw his masters feet and realised that couldn’t be the case. The item in his ass was moved around, pressure here, then there, moving firmly, then slightly faster, he felt an odd feeling in his loins, something he’d never experienced before. He could feel pressure building in his balls and then it grew in intensity before moving into the base of his cock. Was he cumming? No he couldn’t be, it was impossible to get hard in that cage, but that feeling…….. Andy was so confused, this was nothing he had felt or experienced before,but he was now certain that cum was streaming out of his limp caged penis.

After a few minutes of this his master spoke again

“Well done 61. I hope you enjoyed your cum” he said. The master walked into view in front of Andy, he was holding a beaker that was half full with what must have been Andys cum.

‘How could he have produced that much!’ Then again it wasn’t surprising he thought, 21 viagra over a week had seen to that. He was still so horny, the orgasm he had just experienced, if you could call it an orgasm was so unsatisfactory. Andy didn’t know whether to be angry or disheartened, he guessed he was both.

“Time for drinkies” said his master, waving the beaker I front of Andys face.

He must be joking thought Andy. After the week he’d been through, in his cage, horny as hell on viagra, having swallowed 21 loads of his masters cum, to have been tricked and humiliated into producing a beaker full of his own cum, without any of the physical or mental relief and enjoyment of an orgasm. The master could go fuck himself! There was no way he was drinking his own load.

Master put the beaker into Andys hand. “Down in one 61” was the instruction.

Andy threw the beaker onto the floor with as much force as his restraints would allow.

“Oh 61, you’ve been so good this week, I thought you’d accepted your position as a slave, but obviously not. You are going to regret that, in fact you are really going to regret that…………….”

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