Anal at a Barn

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It was during the first week of last spring, I was looking for an old boat and I decided to place an ad in CL (something like “looking for old, unused, backyard boat”). I got a couple of replies and went to look for it at different places. The first one I checked was not what I was looking for (pretty bad shape and not worded). For the second one, I supposed to meet a guy named “Charlie” (not his actual name) at his farm about 4 miles from home. I got there at 2:00pm as agreed. There he was, an old guy in his middle/upper 60’s, waiting on the back of this old house. After exchanging a couple of words, he told me the boat was stored inside the barn at the back of his property (an old but still in good shape small barn about fifty yards back of where we were).

He opened the barn’s doors, we got in and he closed the door behind us. Then I followed him inside. The boat was in the middle of a ton of other stuff ranging from old road signs, few rusted bicycles, car parts, and more. It reminded me the places the American Pickers characters used to show in the TV series.

I checked from the outside and the boat looked OK, so I decided to kneel down to check it from below. It was then when I hear a sort kind of whisper from him saying something like “nice ass you have there”. I turned my head looking back at him and I just smiled. He may read me right away, since w/o any hesitation, he looked at my ass and smiled back to me.

My heart was pumping like crazy, not sure if that was real or a figment of my imagination. Without a second thought and while still in my bahis firmaları knees, I graved my jogging pants and pulled them down. I was with no undies so my naked ass and my smooth pussy were suddenly exposed right up, in front of him. By the expression of his face (he was totally in) I asked “interested?” He immediately kneeled down behind me, graved my buns and started kissing my buns. With an “it is yours” coming out of my mouth, he started using his tongue in my ring, making me getting crazy hot by the second!

I do not know how long he was tongue fucking me. I just noticed that after a while, he just stopped. As I turned my head to see what was going on, I saw him standing up, pulling his pants down. Before I noticed that he wore no undies, a very nice hard cock jumped out of his pants. Needless to say, and still kneeing, I turned toward him. His dick was 6-8 inches long and with a very nice mushroom head.

I gently grabbed it with one hand and I touched its head with my tongue. The response was immediate, getting harder at the very second he felt my tongue. I licked a couple of times and then I used my lips to rub it gently (the same way you enjoy a sweet lollipop when you are a child). I hear him moaning, so I put his cock all the way in till it couldn’t fit in my mouth. I started pulling it in and out rhythmically, going slowly but deeper and deeper every time. He really enjoyed it. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed me forward, forcing me to get his cock even deeper with each movement. For moments, I was gagging for air with his cock reached kaçak iddaa the back of my throat.

Suddenly, and after maybe a couple of minutes he stopped. He asked to turn over… I did. I sensed him kneeling down again behind me and I immediately, while in my fours, I raise my but up. He graved my buns again but strongly this time and started rubbing his cock up and down on my crack. After few rubs, he placed the dick’s head against my pussy. I felt the hot head pressing on my pussy with a very good push. I did not have time to enjoy it much. I felt his head getting in me with a kinky and nice “poop” sensation. It took me by surprise that he did not have to push too hard to get it in (I think the tongue session was enough to lose and lube my ring).

I pushed my ass further back as hard as I could against him, forcing the whole dick getting deep in me. I did notice then that his cock was thicker at the base because my hole was very much stretched when it was full inside. He fucked me rhythmically and gently, moving his dick up and down while getting inside me (like he was trying to lift me in the air using only his dick). I loved that!! . I couldn’t stop but having my ass twitching around his dick several times to feel it not just in my hole but rubbing my insides (Oh that felt so good).

He pumped me without stop for two, may be three minutes. Then I felt being pumped faster and faster, deeper and deeper. I knew what was coming next, and I was ready for it. A “cum inside” came out my mouth. Needless to say he cumed right away (I felt his hot cum filling me from kaçak bahis inside). He slowly kept pumping few more times until there was no more coming, then stopped, holding me strong and still and keeping his cock inside me until it got soft and slid out gently. I felt a lot of very hot cum dripping out of my pussy and going down my legs.

I must say I was enjoying it too much that I did not pay attention of what happened next. The guy just said “this was the best fuck I had in years”, then he stood up and stepped back a couple of feet. When I turned my head back looking at him, he was pulling his pants up with a very wide smile.

At that time, I was still in my fours, half-body naked; butt up and with a lot of cum coming out of my stretched and gaping hole. A sort of weird thought stroked me: what if someone else steps into the barn and finds me like that. I must say that the thought of having someone else doing me again right there, was very appealing at that time.

I whipped the cum on my legs with one hand while trying to get up in my two feet. As I did, I pulled my joggings up and, while looking at him very timidly, I said “let me think about the boat”. I felt a sort of embarrassment, so, looking down, I walked toward the door and left the barn. Without looking back (I did not know if he came out after me), I got in my car and drove back home.

I did not contact him again (having this spontaneous experience is one thing, looking to repeat it as it was, is a different story). I must say though that I visited other places that contacted me about the boat, but I was never able to have the same or similar experience.

Thinking ahead, I would love to find a CL ad saying something like “Barn old butt opener available”. I will for sure reach out and send reply…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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