An Upset Habit

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She changed how we did things, it was scary and exciting.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or persons, living or dead. Everyone in this story is over 18 years old at the time this story takes place. This story should not be read by minors or anyone who might be offended by this type of smut and filth. This story cannot be published or posted elsewhere without the author’s specific permission.

This story has about 12,700 words and about 3-1/2 Lit pages.

Tags used in this story are: married couple, costume, fantasy, sex doll, pussy eating, blow job, cum shot, dildo, masturbation, watching


Clara and I have been married for eleven years. My name is Steve and a I’m a year older than she is, and we were married when I was twenty six. It has been a good marriage, but the sex hasn’t been that great for some time. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not bad, just not great.

Not the sex that I dreamed about when I was a shy pimply teen. You know, all the sighs and groans and screaming orgasms that I would induce in my future wife. Clara has always been a quiet girl, at least in the bedroom.

Clara is a tall woman, about a quarter of an inch shorter than my five feet 10 inches. She’s got well proportioned breasts for her size, more than a handful, but doesn’t show them off, although sometimes I wish that she did. We’ve both put on a little weight, but not much, we’re still a pretty good looking couple.

Usually she wears sensible shoes, but occasionally wears heels. She has a fair collection, going from standard work pumps of a couple of inches up to two pair of what I call her ‘Chase me, fuck me’ 5 inch heels. She also has two pair of boots that come up above her knees.

One has a fairly normal heel with a slightly ribbed sole, she likes to wear them in the winter, but the other also has a pair with five inch heels. She’s had both pair since before I met her. She just laughs when I ask about the pair with tall heels. I’ve never seen her in them.

She has a few short, almost mini, skirts, one is leather, and even a mini-skirt business suit from before we met, but doesn’t wear them any more. She normally dresses professionally and conservatively. Around the house she is usually in comfy sweats or stretch pants and loose tops. Occasionally loose skirts.

I’ve asked her a few times about the minis and the boots, but she just smiles and tells me that a girl has to have some secrets. And since I had a private life before we married that I didn’t tell her about, I let it sit, even though I wondered what she might have been like once, and sometimes wished.

Her hair is long and straight and usually hangs down to the middle of her back. Sometimes she french braids it, and for special occasions she puts some loose curls in, but usually just brushes it out and wears it loose or with it gathered at the nape of her neck then allowed to fall loose. It’s a medium brown color. Rarely, on special occasions she puts it up in a fancy and sexy way.

I don’t want to sound like I put up with her, I do love her very much, but up to then we’d not been an overly affectionate couple. We know the signals each other uses to announce our desire for sex, or our willingness if the other is in the mood.

We had a way of doing things, some would say we were in a rut, in bed and everywhere else, I thought of it as a habit, and it worked. In bed, well it was fun, for me anyway, and I assumed for her as well. We’d developed over the years and settled into a habit and it generally worked for us.

Usually it happens in bed, we are pretty predictable, we smooch, bettingmarkt I play with and suck on her breasts and fingered her pussy, and most of the time go down on her until she comes. Then she gets on top of me until I come.

At some point in our marriage we started to tell sexy fantasy stories. Well she started then got me to do it, and then she would do one, and then me, and so on. And for a long time that was the way it went, and it got her in the mood.

Sex stories were for when we were in bed, as we touched and kissed and fondled. Just fantasies about each other in sexual situations. I know it excited her. Then it changed, not at once, but in stages. At first, as I said earlier, she told as many fantasies as I did, then asked me to do it more and more. She did tell a wild story after a while, and then no more.

Eventually I got tired of being the only one, plus it was hard to keep coming up with different stories. So I slowed down, and eventually stopped telling them. At first she kept asking me to tell stories for her, but I was tired of being the only one and stopped.

I asked her to tell some for a while but she never started up again so that was that. I always figured that she was embarrassed about the last one she told. About being shipwrecked on a jungle island, being held prisoner, her being taken güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri for a goddess and me for a slave, having to serve her, and any others she sent to me.

She was rubbing her clit while I had a couple of fingers in her and was nibbling on a nipple, and then she made the comment about how the queen had to take on lovers from the savage’s nobility, and how she would make me watch her and help her get them ready to “ravish” her. She came all at once, hard.

And wouldn’t talk to me afterwords, just went to the bathroom to clean up and then came to bed and rolled over to sleep.

I always thought it was a sexy fantasy, and it was all just fantasy for me, but she must have thought she went too far, talking about other men, and decided that she was afraid my feelings were hurt. They weren’t, although I wondered for a while where it all had come from. And yes, I wondered if she was trying to tell me something, since she did tend to talk in subtext.

But the way she stopped telling stories made me think it was just something that came to her at the moment and she was embarrassed by it. I didn’t forget it, but eventually stopped worrying and put it back into a far corner of my mind.

A month or two after that incident I was alone on a Saturday, she was visiting with her parents and wouldn’t be home until Sunday. I thought I would read some erotic stories from my favorite site, so to start off I looked through the list of favorite authors and stories that I kept on a document in my word processing program.

As I perused my list of stories, I thought about her fantasy, it came to me because there was a definite pattern in my favorites. I had started off with plain sex stories, man on top, woman on bottom and rumpy-pumpy-oohh-la-la. It progressed through various categories, getting more and more kinky, or at least what I thought of as kinky.

I saw that as I read those stories I needed more and more to get me going. The last dozen or so of the saved favorites on that document were mainly cuckold stories. Wife plays around, with or without hubby’s permission. Sometimes dominating him, sometimes humiliating him. Up till then I hadn’t thought about it, they were just fantasies. I knew that I would never enjoy or accept Clara going out with other men.

And by the last I mean the last I saved. I copied the URL of each story, and pasted each one above the previous. So when I opened the page on my word processor, those were the stories at the top of the page. The story site I used had the story name in the URL.

Then it occurred to me that that page wasn’t password protected. Well, why, after all I had my own laptop, she had hers. I suppose I should have protected it, but never did until too late.

I started thinking back to when she had hers in for repairs for some problem or other. For a couple of weeks she used mine to access email, as well as do some web surfing. At the time I had a good book from the city library and passed the time reading that while she had my laptop.

I remembered a few evenings that I was a little peeved because she spent so much time. We shared an e-reader account and she had just brought some of her books to my machine. She also had brought some of her work over when she had to do some work for her job one weekend.

In particular I remembered one evening when she gave a little, ‘oh!’. I looked up and asked her what was wrong. She answered by explaining that she had pulled up a file of mine by mistake, said that they were next to each other in the list of recently used files, and that they had similar names.

I didn’t think about it for a while, But a few weeks later I went onto my laptop and thought about that night. I checked the word processor we used and saw that my ‘special’ file was right next to her file named ‘special project’.

Uh oh, I thought. She opened up my favorite story file. I wondered if she had seen what it was, and if she had clicked on any links. If she had, well then my secret fantasy life, my stroke material if I wanted to be truthful about it, was no longer a secret. She never said anything, and I changed the name and password protected the file.

I tried to remember if that was one of those nights where she spent her time reading on the laptop, or if it was one of the times she had been typing away at something for work. I couldn’t remember. I wished I had thought of that the day after it had happened, but I’m not the kind of guy that was very suspicious. At least not then.

As the weeks went on, I started worrying and wondering if she had clicked on any of the links in my ‘special’ document. The top few were stories where the wife cucked the hubby. Some got pretty kinky. I started worrying again, but not a whole lot. I figured she had her fantasies and couldn’t object too much at mine.

But it made me think about our uninspired sex life. I really wanted to do something about that. We were still young and I didn’t want to just settle güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri for a sexless marriage for the next forty of fifty years. And if things continued to go as they were, eventually that is what would happen.

So a few nights later I made the little hints early in the evening, I had had flowers delivered to her office the day before, and she gave the little sexy grin that meant ‘message received.” We flirted with each other all evening long. Soon she got up and showered. When she finished she didn’t come back in, so I headed back to the bedroom.

I cleaned up and brushed, and shaved, and went to bed. The lights were on low, and I could see that she had a sexy satin shorty gown on, and I got into bed with her. I snuggled up to her and we kissed, I lightly nibbled on her lips and sucked in her lower lip.

I reached up under her gown and started running my hand around her tummy, slowly getting closer and closer to her bosom. I slid my hand between her tits and started circling closer and closer to her nipple.

“Mmmm that’s sexy baby,” Clara whispered as she tugged her panties down her thighs.

“How about a story honey?” I asked quietly. I slowly pinched her nipple and pulled it out, and kept playing with it.

She hesitated, her legs pulled in and knees up as she tried to pull her panties off her ankles, I saw the confusion in her eyes.

“I’m not sure honey, you know I’m not good at it,” she waffled.

I waited until she got them off, and she relaxed on the bed, her legs slightly spread. I moved in close and put my mouth near her ear. I nibbled a bit and my hand played gently on a nipple.

“We’re shipwrecked, and I crawl up the beach, nearly naked. Just the pajamas I was wearing when the explosion rocked the tramp steamer we had been sailing on.” I whispered, hoping it would work.

“Oh, honey, are you sure?” she whispered.

“Mmmm, yes, I’ve been floating around on a life raft for two weeks, ran out of the water and emergency rations stowed on the raft.” I continued.

“Oh you poor thing, and what about me,” she asked.

“We got separated when the ship went down, I saw you get in a lifeboat but the sea was up and when the ship turned over I got thrown in the water, the raft popped up after the ship went under. When the storm cleared and daylight came, I couldn’t see anyone or anything else.” I told her.

“Alone, alone, all all alone, alone on the wide wide sea,” she quoted.

“When I got to my feet on the beach there were a few native warriors, they marched me to their village, and kept me prisoner in a hut until I felt better. Then, one evening they brought me out, took me to a waterfall and washed me, women washed me, everywhere,” I continued.

“Where you excited?” she asked.

“No, I was worried, the warriors were there with their spears, they wouldn’t let the woman talk to me. When I was clean the women dried me off, and the warriors took me to see their new goddess queen.” I said.

“Oh oh, dear, honey, ohhhhh,” she gasped.

I saw she was perking up and I switched to the other nipple with my hand, and lowered my head and put the first one into my mouth. I only had one free arm as one was under her neck. I took my hand away and slid it down toward and then through her landing strip.

“There you were, on the throne, looking every inch a queen, two hand maidens at your feet and two warriors on each side of the throne. My guards tore off the scraps of my pajamas and I stood there naked, and started to get hard.”

“Mmmm, I bet I liked that,” she hissed, her own hand taking over tickling her clit, the other up beyond her head, holding onto the headboard. I slid a finger into her.

“No, you didn’t look too pleased, you sort of smiled in a cruel way and asked me if that was all I had,” I crooned at her, and felt her pussy tighten, I slid another finger in, my little finger trailing down and teasing below her pussy.

“Ohhhggnnnnn,” she moaned, pushing her pelvis up at me, the hand on the headboard came down and pulled my head harder into her breast.

“Then you got up and came to me, grabbed my erection, your hand maidens beside you smiling and giggling, you beckoned to a warrior and he came up, you pulled his loin cloth away and pulled on his cock,” I went on ad-libbing, just barely above a whisper.

“Ohhh darling, was it big, was his cock bigger than yours?” she asked gasping.

“Yes, it was huge compared to mine, plus his dark skin was smooth and rippled with muscles, I was pasty white and scrawny from hiding from the sun under a canvas on the raft, and not eating properly,” I whispered.

I was getting a little excited in spite of the direction the story was going. It felt strange, I was putting my self down in this fantasy on purpose, hoping it was something she would enjoy, but I was getting excited as well.

I felt my erection touch her thigh, and she shifted against me and moaned again. Seeing her güvenilir bahis şirketleri turned on always got me going.

“Then what happened,” she said, her voice breathless.

I felt her fingers speed up, and I pushed a third finger into her, and began to push in and out of her, making squelching sounds. She was very well lubricated, it had happened suddenly and I could feel in oozing out and down her taint. I curled my fingers upward as I pushed them in and felt her moving against me.

“You turned and walked toward the large hut behind the throne, a hand maiden grabbed my penis and pulled me along behind you, and you held onto the warrior’s cock,” was my breathless answer.

“Oh darling oh darling oh darling,” she cried as she was pushing against my fingers, pushing my head into her breast. I could see her pulling on her other nipple and I tugged at the one in my mouth, pulling on it with my lips.

“Before I knew it, you were naked, you pulled the warrior down on his back and straddled him, the hand maiden pulled me down beside you, and then you turned to look at me, your whole face showed contempt for me,” I said in a rush.

“Nnnnnnnnn,” she whined.

“Then you told me to take hold of the warrior’s cock and put it into you, I did, it felt so big and so much harder than mine was, I held it up and as you lowered yourself. You moved your hips so that his cock slid up and down your slit. Then you slid down, all the way. I let go and the maidens pulled me away and held my arms,” I said.

“Oh god Oh godohgodohgod,,”she screamed and came in a huge orgasm. She kept shivering and coming for a long time and finally quieted down, pulling my head off of her nipple and I pulled my fingers out of her. She reached for my hand and pushed my fingers into my mouth, she held on and pushed it in and out.

I sucked my own fingers as she fucked my mouth with them. I couldn’t believe that she was doing that, and that I was sucking on them, that had never happened before. Then she stopped. She stared right into my eyes.

“What happened then,” she said, clearly and crisply.

I wasn’t sure what to do, in the past when I told her a story, it was after I had come, using a condom, then I told her the story, or continued it, and helped her as I did just now. So after she came we stopped. That was how it used to work.

When she told them she talked while I was going down on her, bringing her to orgasm, then she or I would talk about it, how good it was, how it felt as I was in her, or she rode me.

Occasionally we would get a second, or continuation story going and she would come again. We often used condoms so I could go down on her again, or after, or she could lower herself onto my mouth.

This time I hadn’t been in her, I hadn’t cum, and she wasn’t sounding like she wanted to continue our sex play, it was a new thing, a new way of doing things. We were out of the comfort zone of our old habit.

I had wanted to change things up, but hadn’t though how we were going to change, I was sort of at a loss. I wasn’t sure what to do and was surprised at her asking me to go on with it.

I thought maybe I would just go to the bathroom and jack off, or just try to go asleep, but now she wanted to know the rest of the story. I was worried about what she might want. And about what I would say. I had been just winging it and now I was stuck.

I decided to stay with the character of the story, that is to continue to humiliate myself. I don’t know why I did. I could have said the warrior didn’t satisfy her, but then I got on her and made her cum. But no, I can’t say why I said what I did, but no, I stayed with the theme.

Yes, I’m an idiot. But then that was the theme of the story she told me months ago, the one that she wouldn’t talk about later. And this whole evening was to liven things up, to get her to be as sexual and eager for sex as we used to be.

“You signed to the maidens and they pushed me back to my knees and let me loose. Still on top of your warrior you spoke to me. You said that on this island I was no longer your husband or lover, that on this island men with small penises weren’t allowed to be with women, but were slaves.

“You started moving again on your lover, small movements of your hips, you smiled at me, in a cruel way, and told me to jack off, jack off and catch my cum in my hand.” is what I told her.

Then Clara sat up, fluffed a few pillows under her back and sat up in bed with her legs spread out and slightly bent. One hand went to a breast and gently kneaded it, slowly and softly. The other lay over her pussy, a finger curled into her, just slowly moving.

I was still laying on my side, I had moved a little away when she sat up, so my back was at the edge of the bed.

“Go ahead honey, get up on your knees, do it,” she commanded.

“Huh?” I asked stunned.

“You heard me, if you want to come, get up on your knees, over there near the foot of the bed, and jack off facing me, look me in the eye and catch the cum in your other hand. DO IT.” She said forcefully.

I could see she was still playing the game, but I wasn’t sure I liked where this was going. Not sure at all, but I didn’t want to upset her, and my cock was as hard as it had ever been when I was a teenager.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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