An Unusual Night at the Bar Ch. 03-04

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These are parts 3 and 4 of the story about Jules and Layla. You can read these chapters as a separate story, however, I recommend you start with the first two chapters to see how the two of them met. Enjoy!


Chapter 3

It was hot. I was lounging in the sun in my favourite blue bikini, taking the occasional sip from my water bottle and gazing at the frenzy of activity around me. Why did swimming pools always have to be so crowded?

Toddlers crawling away from their parents’ blankets, teens flaunting their pre-pubescent bodies in skimpy swimwear, old men with hairy backs and way too tiny speedos, bulky dudes with steroid-filled biceps (and ridiculously skinny legs)… And women.

Women of all shapes and sizes. Muscular ones with flat bellies and well-toned arms and legs. Curvy ones with full breasts and asses that pretty much begged to be squeezed. Blondes and brunettes and gingers and black-haired women, with porcelain and café au lait skin, adorned with freckles and tattoos and jewellery.

They all ran around wearing as little as possible, to avoid unwanted tan lines. While men’s gawking eyes clearly bothered the majority of the women, a woman’s gaze didn’t, because they weren’t perceived as drooling predators.

I hated the large crowds of people in a public swimming pool, but I couldn’t deny the fact that this allowed me to indulge in the view of half-naked women all day without restraint, and that I liked this very much. (I also guessed this was the same reason guys went to swimming pools in summer time.)

My eyes fixed on one particular woman strolling over the lawn in my direction. She was wearing cut-off jeans and a light blue top knotted above her bellybutton. Her blonde hair was pulled up into a messy bun and she was carrying a tote bag over her shoulder.

Her small breasts moved seductively under the thin fabric of her top – she was not wearing a bra, I was sure. I could feel my mouth getting dry, all the wetness gathering elsewhere, as I stared at her gently swaying boobs. With a regretful sigh I finally tore my eyes away from that tantalising sight and looked up into her face just when she stopped in front of me.

“There you are,” Jules said. She pulled a beach towel from her tote and spread it on the dry grass next to mine. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I thought you’d be closer to the pool.”

“Sorry,” I replied and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before letting her unpack her stuff. “I thought I’d texted you I was next to this big tree over here.”

Jules huffed. “Well, you didn’t.”

She pouted, a little too over the top for me to take it seriously, and I laughed and pulled her in for another kiss, this time on the lips.

“How can I ever make it up to you?” I whispered against her lips.

I was tempted to start making it up in my very own way right there and then, by letting my lips wander further, kissing along her jawline down to her earlobe, then nibbling softly on her neck before trailing down to her collarbone, and maybe even further, to her sensitive buds that were already pressing against the thin fabric of her shirt…

But I didn’t, because I was afraid she’d uncomfortably shrug me off like she had the first two times I’d attempted this in public, too self-conscious or embarrassed or whatever.

We’d been seeing each other regularly for three weeks now, and while I did my best to stay patient, to give her time to acclimatise to this new kind of relationship that was so entirely out of her box, I also couldn’t help but notice that so far all of our dates had taken place in secluded locations where no one could see us.

There had been a bike tour through the vast natural reserve north of the city where you hardly ever crossed paths with anyone else (topped off with a make-out session pressed against a tree trunk).

There had been a hike in the nearby mountains along a less popular trail (where I went down on her on a hidden stone platform that overlooked the valley).

There had been a lazy day spent on the riverbank, in a lonely spot far from where families usually had their picnics (here tanning on my picnic blanket had turned into a session of getting each other off through our bikini panties).

There had been a cinema date where we had sat in the last row of the small cinema hall, behind everyone else (and made out as soon as the lights turned off).

And then of course there had been many dates that were nothing but ‘Netflix and chill’, minus the Netflix part.

While this was all great and I really enjoyed the sexual chemistry we undeniably had, I still wondered if she would continue to keep whatever this was a secret.

We hadn’t had ‘the talk’ yet. I was kind of waiting for her to bring up the topic, since I didn’t want to rush her. But I was also curious about the parts of her life that she was keeping me from: her friends and family, her work, hell, even her apartment.

“She needs time,” I told myself repeatedly. “She’s never been with a canlı bahis woman before. She’s probably still struggling with her sexual identity somewhere in the back of her mind.”

But it was getting increasingly difficult to silence the voice in my mind that was wondering if she even wanted to be in a serious relationship with me.

Jules’ voice pulled me out of my line of thoughts.

“How can you make it up to me? Hm, let me see… For now, putting some lotion on my back would be a good start.”

I smirked and held out a hand for her bottle of sunscreen. She knew far too well that I wouldn’t pass up on this opportunity to touch her.

“You better get rid of those clothes then, young lady,” I commanded in my best creepy-professor-voice.

She chuckled, then pulled the top over her head. She wore a strapless bikini top, the olive green of the fabric complimenting her fair complexion beautifully. I had been wrong about the no-bra-assumption after all, but it was a mistake I could live with.

She stood up and stripped down her shorts, folded the clothing neatly (she could be so endearingly, stereotypically German sometimes) and lay down on her stomach on her towel next to me. I got up on my knees, squeezed some sunscreen into my hands and started to spread it onto her back.

Being a little more thorough than necessary, I massaged the lotion into her neck and shoulders, feeling her relax under my hands, letting out soft sighs of pleasure. When I reached her lower back it took all my willpower to restrain from massaging the sunscreen into places that she would most certainly not be tanning today. Her small, round butt tempted me to slide my hands under her bikini bottoms.

I had to make a mental note: massage her next time we were in bed together. The idea turned me on endlessly. I could get some oil and turn her body into a wonderful, slippery, willing piece of flesh with my hands. I knew I was good at this, I had gotten respective feedback several times.

While I was putting lotion on her legs (being aware of the fact she could have done it herself, but still enjoying the possibility of doing it), I imagined the whole thing.

I would put her on my bed, propping a pillow under her belly so her lower body would be slightly raised. Then I would use the oil to massage her, knead the muscles in her neck and her back. When she was all relaxed and slick with oil, I would focus on her lower body, massaging her butt cheeks and her upper thighs, drawing her awareness to her centre but never touching it.

Finally, I would drizzle some more oil on her, letting it run down her butt and cover her pussy lips. I would slowly push one oily finger into her, enough to make her gasp, but not enough to satisfy her – because when was one finger ever enough?

That one finger would soon be joined by a second, then a third. I would finger her with one hand while shamelessly squeezing her ass with the other. I’d let my pinkie flick over her clit, and my thumb press lightly into her bum hole at the same time. (I wondered if she would like that, if she had any experience with anal sex whatsoever.)

When she was panting and writhing under my touch, I would use my second hand, either to pay very special attention to her clit, or to bring a toy into play, maybe a dildo or a butt plug, if I were feeling adventurous…

Unfortunately, I was finished putting sunscreen on Jules way too soon for my taste. I could never get enough of her. It was as if since the night I first met her, I was charged up with this immense sexual energy. I wasn’t usually this permanently horny, but with her…

Part of it was probably because she was so new to all of this. She’d had enough partners to be regarded as experienced, but then again there were so many things that she had never done before, positions, toys, and of course women.

Her earlier experiences had made her curious though, which gave me plenty of room to play with. The idea of being able to introduce her to all these new things, of seeing her initial coyness and reluctance turn into excitement, lust and pleasure as she broadened her horizon – it made my heart sing and my insides throb and it had me buzzing with anticipation whenever I saw her.

Thinking about the oil massage idea had made me wet, and I was once again thankful that female arousal wasn’t that visible to others. I wouldn’t have liked to walk around the swimming pool with a massive boner.

I lay down next to Jules, resting my chin on my crossed arms and shooting a glance at her from the corner of my eye. She caught me looking at her and smiled, rolling onto her side and edging closer to me. I hesitated for a moment, then reached out and softly stroked her cheek. She seized my hand and played with it. When she lifted it and pressed her lips first onto my palm, then on the tip of every finger, I was surprised by the sweetness (and, for her, boldness) of the gesture.

“What was that for?” I asked quietly.

She shrugged. “Nothing in particular. bahis siteleri I’m just very happy at the moment.”

I grinned like a Cheshire cat in return.

Jules leaned in to me and put her lips on mine. I thought she was going for a peck, but her mouth lingered on mine, her tongue trailing over my lower lip. I opened my mouth, my heart beating faster. She accepted the unspoken invitation, her tongue gliding into my mouth.

Our tongues intertwined, rubbing against one another in a slow, sensual way. Her hand came up around my neck, and she pulled me closer, deepening our kiss even more. I could make out the faintest humming noise from her, somewhat similar to the purring of a content cat.

Oh yes, my sexy kitten seemed to be very content as she took my bottom lip between her teeth and softly pulled on it, then kissed her way to my ear, nibbling on my earlobe before breathing, “I can’t wait to get back in bed with you again.”

I let out a breath I had unknowingly held.

“Geez, you can’t say something like that and expect me to walk around the pool like nothing happened. Don’t tease me like that if you don’t plan to follow through with it!”

A sly grin spread on her lips.

“Who says I won’t follow through?”

“Um… my experience?” I retorted, a little annoyed that to her this seemed to be a fun game, with no consideration for my feelings.

Jules wrinkled her freckled nose.

“Ouch. What did I do wrong?”

I sighed.

“Nothing. It’s just… I feel like you’re uncomfortable with PDA. I mean, apart from just now. This was new. This was good. Great.”

I inwardly rolled my eyes at myself. So much for being patient.

“Anyways, I was wondering if this had anything to do with me, or if you’re generally not a big fan, or if you are uncomfortable being seen with a woman?”

Jules sat up, watching me, her eyebrows raised in astonishment.

“How did you get that impression?”

I sat up now, too.

“Well, for starters, all our dates so far have been in very isolated places. As if you didn’t want us to be seen. We have only ever been at my place until now. I haven’t met any of your folks. And… when I tried to kiss you like you just kissed me the last two times, you evaded me,” I finished lamely.

This sounded like a litany of accusations, and I had not intended for it to come out this way. Actually, I had not intended for this to come out at all. I mentally chided myself.

Jules had watched me during my short speech, her expression becoming progressively more relieved.

“I can explain most of that, Layla.”

She reached for my hand and held it in hers.

“I thought of these dates because I wanted to do something out of the ordinary with you. You know, because you give me all these extraordinary experiences,” she winked at me, “and I wanted to do the same. At least not do the same old dinner and a movie thing with you every time we hang out.”

She absentmindedly pushed a loose strand of hair back behind her ear.

“I also enjoyed our alone time, because I’m not quite ready to share you yet. Which also explains why you haven’t met any of my friends or family. They are all very accepting and open-minded, so don’t be worried about that. I’m just not someone who is very public with things as long as they are so… new. You know?”

She took a breath and continued in a more timid tone, “We haven’t been at my place because all the… sex stuff… is at your place anyways, so I figured that’s what you would prefer.”

She looked up from my hand, searching for my eyes.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you, I didn’t mean to.”

I just sat there, flabbergasted by this much honesty and directness, and also kind of touched by her confession. Suddenly, my worries seemed very stupid. I shook my head, grinning.

“I’m sorry, for making such a drama out of this. I feel absolutely stupid right now. I get so ridiculously impatient sometimes.”

“So… all good?”

“Yes. All good.”

“Does that mean we can go home and have steamy, hot make-up sex now?”

“Hell yeah!”

Chapter 4

We had merely entered my apartment when we were already on each other, carelessly throwing away our bags in the hallway, making out, pressing our bodies together.

Jules threw her arms around my neck and kissed me fiercely. My hands automatically closed around her butt, crushing her into me. I was trying to navigate us to my room while taking of her top, and she was fumbling with the buttons of my blouse.

I kicked my door shut with the heel of my foot and steered Jules over to the bed. We undressed each other with shaky, impatient fingers, our hungry mouths devouring each other whenever possible. Finally, we were both naked.

I buried my hands in her blonde hair that spilled over her shoulders. Her bun had come undone. She ran her hands over my breasts eagerly. She always seemed so fascinated with touching my body, and I could imagine that she was trying out the things she bahis şirketleri liked to see if I liked them too.

If you pay attention, you can learn a lot about your partner’s sexual preferences by the way they touch you. So far, I had learned that she liked me to hold her face when I kissed her, that it turned her on when I nibbled on her earlobe, that she became incredibly horny when I teased her, deferred her pleasure. However, so far my most vital insight into Jules’ sexual desires was that she liked it rough.

She did appreciate it when I was gentle with her, but nothing got her going like the harder pace. Biting, nails scratching, fucking her like a maniac – hard sex with all the bells and whistles.

That first night I had been half joking, half curious about her reaction towards the rather big strap-on. I hadn’t really thought I’d actually use that on her, I was expecting her to back out.

It was certainly one of the bigger ones I owned, though not the biggest one (I prided myself on having a rather large collection of toys in all shapes and sizes). I would have guessed that she’d ask for a smaller one to begin with. But instead, she had been willing, even eager to try it. What a vixen she was, and what happy coincidence that she had appeared in my favourite bar that night!

We had used that strap-on more than once in the past couple of weeks, and I felt confident that by this point, I had convinced her that satisfying sex was in fact possible without a real dick.

Today, I wanted to try something new. Fantasising about rubbing her with oil had sparked my creativity. Since I didn’t have any massage oil at hand though, I had to put that particular idea on hold for now. Fortunately, on the bike ride home I had come up with something else.

“Are you ready to try something new?” I asked, reaching for the drawer of toys under my bed.

“Always,” Jules replied, her eyes sparkling with excitement and anticipation.

I took one of my favourite double dildos from the drawer. It was 40 cm (ca. 16″) long, an impressive silicone cock in an over-the-top girly neon-pink, with a girth of approximately 4 cm (ca. 2″), although the heads on both ends were thicker.

This was definitely one of the biggest toys I owned. I did have one that was even bigger, or rather wider, but I didn’t want to demand too much from Jules at once. Plus, it’s always good to leave some room for improvement – or, in this case, rather for intensification.

Jules gulped when she saw the double dildo in my hands. I could almost hear her thoughts running wild behind that pretty forehead of hers as she regarded the large toy warily. Could it be that this was bigger than the strap-on? What was I planning? How exactly was this used? Did all of this length go into her?

I motioned for her to sit on the bed, grabbed a bottle of lube and joined her.

“We’re using this together,” I explained, “you’ll like it, trust me.”

I generously squeezed lube onto one half of the toy and spread it around.

“Lie down,” I instructed her, and she immediately complied, her shyness overruled by her curiosity.

My hand was still full of lube, so I spread the residue between her legs, thoroughly massaging it into her clit, on her labia and then pushing two fingers inside her. I slid my palm over her entire vulva with the slow, yet strong movements of a masseuse, mimicking my oily fantasy from earlier that day.

In an instant her hips lifted, following my rhythm, begging me for more. I continued to stroke her for a little while, until I was fairly sure that she was aroused enough.

Next I reached for the double dildo and eased the slippery half into her. It was fucking sexy, watching the neon-pink toy disappear in her hot, wet body. She panted as the wide head pushed through her glistening folds, not being accustomed to the size of it.

I smiled wickedly. If only she knew that this was just the beginning… Almost half of the toy was buried in her now. I picked up the lube again and put some more on the other half. Jules had sat up, propped on her elbow and watched me spread the lube on the toy and on myself.

It didn’t take me long to prepare myself. Massaging Jules and seeing her before me, now rocking her hips slightly against the length in her, had already aroused me immensely. I sat facing her, moving one leg over her thigh, the other one under her other leg. I edged closer, then pushed the second half of the dildo into me.

The sensation of being filled out and of being connected through the toy was incredible. We both started moving automatically. It took a few moments before we had found our rhythm, but then we rocked back and forth together.

We were both leaning on our elbows, watching fascinatedly the way our sexes ground together. With every thrust forward, the toy was buried so deep inside us that our skin touched. Whenever we rocked back, the dildo moved, and at least in my case the bulky head rubbed against all the right spots.

As we grew more confident in our rhythm, our movements became faster, our bodies grounding together with more force. Jules’ small tits bounced with every thrust, and I reached out for them, desperate to have her hard nipples in my mouth.

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