An Odette Duet

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She could honestly say she was proud of herself.

That’s why when Pari caught Odette, sleep deprived but otherwise motivated, Odette never averted her gaze from her computer. Left hand strumming at the noisy keys and right hand swiping with incomparable precision, she went about as if she were still alone, ignoring the growing irritation in her roommate.

“What the-. . .” Pari started. Realizing a violent, explosive technique would get her nowhere she changed her approach. “You’ve been up, all night?”

“Mhm,” answered zombie Odette.

Pari inspected a can of something on Odette’s desk. ‘Behemoth Energy Drink: Mocha’ it read. It, and the other identical cylinders beside it, had been drained of their contents. “Do you have any idea what time it is?”

Odette jerked in her seat to the left, then the right. Her headset bled high-pitched whining sounds followed by a low grumbling. Red and green lights flashed across her monitor. “Waaaah! Oooooh, no no No NO!”


“I don’t know, like, two a.m.? Three maybe?”

“Eleven. Thirty. In the morning.”

Odette almost gave herself whiplash turning to face Pari. The room was dark, light blocked out by heavy curtains. They were able to see each other but only by the indirect glow coming from Odette’s expensive dual monitor display. Odette looked rueful, her pale lips forming an ‘o’ shape and her eyebrows pinching close together.

“Exactly, now hurry up a-. . .”

“I missed breakfast?!” Odette whined.

“Are you kidding?!”

“But I was hungry! Why didn’t I hear you cooking downstairs? You always make breakfast – you always bring me breakfast!”

Pari whipped her arm out behind her, slapping the light switch and bathing the whole room in artificial light. Odette hissed. “Me choosing to go out for breakfast this morning isn’t the issue here. What could be so pressing that you stay up all night playing some video game when you know you have work today?!”

“Our guild was having new member orientation and we all went raiding. . .” said Odette, oblivious.

“. . . ass up. Clothes off. Shower now. Go, Odette, go!”

There was a small wrestling match, but Pari managed to get the nineteen year old into her expansive bathroom. Odette’s body was limp and awkward, like carrying an irresponsible sack of flour toward the jacuzzi tub. Before they even got there, one thing had been made very obvious: there was no way Odette would make it in time for her shift. Some part of the anger boiled away by that point allowing Pari to calmly, but hurriedly, strip Odette down and start a warm bath, but not without giving her a good earful on being a little more responsible.

“This isn’t an all-the-time thing,” Odette groaned, more from tiredness than from resentment. She was genuinely trying to ease Pari’s mind. “As guild co-captain I’m expected to be there when we introduce new players into the faction, but it’s only, like, once or twice per month.”

“So you only miss work once or twice a month then? That sounds acceptable.” Pari said sarcastically.

Odette nodded, leaning her head against the side of the tub as the water filled up around her. “I’m glad you understand. Oh, and here.”

Pari received a pair of soggy socks that had been neglected in the previous stripping. Not knowing what to do with them, she tossed them into a corner. Pari had a seat on the close toilet, unable to hold back a smile. “You’re something else.”

Odette and Pari were an odd couple, brought together by unusual circumstance. Ever since Odette was young, she had a weak body susceptible to all kinds of disease. All the doctors she had been to growing up could confirm that the cause was something like an autoimmune disorder, but beyond that, they could only recommend that she be careful and live a slow paced life. That she did for her entire childhood, being watched over by her father and older siblings with almost no mentionable problems. Then came a scare, just as Odette turned fourteen. The genetic disorder threatened to take her life, and doctors had no idea what to do to fix the issue. They spent hours in operation and at the end of the episode, much of their efforts proved fruitless. The attack mostly went away on it’s own, but not without a great deal of anxiety from her family, confusion from the doctors, and a number of strange side effects.

Odette and her family would have to learn to live with their new little girl. Although the transition was demanding at first, each family member learned their role in becoming caretakers for Odette. Their father moved out of state to work a new job that earned enough money to pay for Odette’s expensive doctor visits. Julian – his sisters and girlfriend affectionately call him ‘Jules’ – became the temporary head of household, tending to the family’s issues and holding down the fort. Summer became her sister’s main confidant and moral support, and Odette gained a greater deal of confidence in dealing with the unknown disease thanks to the support of her family.

Jules went to college locally, but afterward he had to leave to find work. Almost in the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri same week, Summer got a scholarship to a college out of state, and there was a big question that needed to be answered: who would stay behind to look after Odette? About that time, Odette’s main specialist suggested that his genius daughter move in and look after Odette which would offer both companionship and the eyes of another geneticist in documenting the procession and treatment of Odette’s rare disease.

“You didn’t even do your morning treatment.”

Odette let her head drop just behind the edge of the tub. “I actually did try after the first raid. . . I couldn’t do it though cause the tips were already too tender.”

“That’s cause you waited too long to do it – you got over sensitive. You must have skipped the night treatment too.”

“That one,” Odette paused. “Yea, I actually forgot that one.”

It was obvious as Pari was dragging her into the bathroom, really. She didn’t really need to ask. It was even more obvious now that water had filled in the tub, pale buoys leisurely floating, keeping Odette from fully submerging. “No choice then. Up on the edge of the tub.”

Odette was slow but obedient. She braced herself against the edge and pushed her body up and over the side of the tub, her muted blond hair heavily soaked and obscuring her eyesight. Her motions were clumsy as she adjusted, but once she was in position she hunched forward, letting her burdensome chest rest in her lap. Odette was always a tiny child with thin arms and legs and a nonexistent waist. She had just recently nudged the bottom of the 5’0″ mark, but only when she could stand up straight and tall. When she was negligent of her treatment, she would always be hunched because of the additional weight on the front side, pulling her toward the ground and, in some dire cases, immobilizing her.

Before the scare, Odette looked how you might imagine a person to if they were dealing with a lifelong disease: constantly starved of nutrients, sallow, anemic, and pasty. Now she was lively, but still smaller than normal. Her eyes were a vibrant, glassy amber on a narrow, angled face. Her shoulders looked a little cramped, cute humps that were always shrugging just a little. Her hands, that she wrapped around the edge of the tub for stability, were like kitten paws with short, skinny fingers attached. Everything was wispy about her; everything except her explosive pair of tits.

Before the scare, she had none. Her body was uniform in its angular compactness. After turning fourteen, Odette was the proud owner of a perky, luscious pair of breasts that women of any size might envy. They were unbelievable, almost unfitting on a girl of her frame, yet there they were sitting perfectly angled on her ribcage. They were the perfect teardrop shapes, even and symmetrical, flawless and milky white like whipped cream or gooey marshmallow. But that was not the only esoteric aspect of the growth. As Pari had noted in her log books, Odette’s natural D cups would constantly change shape and size over time, swelling with unparalleled volumes of breast milk. Of course it was unusual, but the range of change Odette’s body would undergo when she began to produce breast milk bordered on scientifically impossible. Sitting in the bathroom with her patient, Pari was still perplexed at how what started as breasts just larger than the cup of her hand could swell and shift into perfect globes of shuddering, milky flesh ready to be relieved. At the moment they were not the biggest they had ever been, but it had been months since the last time Odette let herself swell to such a size. Every few weeks she might forget one treatment, but by the looks of things, she may have forgotten – or just ignored – two or three in a row.

Pari disappeared from the upstairs bathroom and returned with buckets of various sizes, a notepad, a stopwatch, and a few other scientific measuring tools. She set them on the counter near the back of the room and entered Odette’s personal space empty handed. She looked sweet, almost sorry for the little one who had let herself get into such a mess. “You ready?”

Odette didn’t say anything. She blankly looked down at her distended globes, bare and dripping with water and a bit of milk. The two were like beach balls except heavy and difficult to maneuver. At the moment, she had to remain mostly motionless or risk leaning too much in any direction and taking a tumble. The fact that she had denied herself some sleep only appended another issue to the long list.

“Aww, dear. You have to stay awake. Sleep when it’s over.” Pari got down on her knees in front of Odette, her white leggings immediately absorbing the moisture on the tiled bathroom floor. She abandoned her thin outer tunic and tossed it onto the counter, tied up her thick, maple syrup textured hair, and spread Odette’s legs. This arrangement allowed for Odette’s plump rack to drop suddenly and land in Pari’s waiting grasp.

Odette made a ‘whoosh’ as she bumbled forward. “Whoa there, baby.” Pari soothed. When she had a nice grip and Odette güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri was properly seated with a slight lean forward she issued instructions.

“We’ll start slow. Breathe in, hold it, then release. In again, hold for three seconds, release.”

Odette sniffed in through her nose weakly, held the air till the count of three, then released through her teeth. As she focused on her breathing, Pari went to work with her massaging. She started with her finger tips, pushing into Odette’s upper chest, rubbing at her pectoral muscles in slow circles up around armpit level. When those muscles were nice and loose, she would drag her hands a little lower, applying pressure in a line down towards the puffy upper areas. Odette’s tight skin stretched, the weight of her chest pulling forward with Pari’s guidance. She quivered from the very beginning, letting out a high pitched whimper.

“Cute. . .,” Pari breathed, low enough so that Odette would not hear. She took it slow, applying synchronous pressure to the side of Odette, pushing the taut flesh upward and together, slippery skin shimmering in the light of the room. They looked delectable, sloshing audibly with delicious breast milk. How in the world had she been able to ignore them for so long?

Red warmth came to Odette’s cheeks. She was filled with an overwhelming hormonal response, one that caused her heart to pound and mind to blank. There was a slow building that culminated in her tits from all over her body and she knew instinctively that some great release was approaching. Accompanying this, she bit at her lower lip, squirming a bit in her seat and resting one of her hands on top of her gigantic globular breast. Her skin was warm to her touch, radiating like a heater as her massage continued.

“Remember to breathe,” Pari’s voice penetrated her mind. She hadn’t noticed the sharpness in her breath and how quickly she had lost control. Again she resumed, trying to recapture her presence of mind. In, hold for three, out. In, hold for three, out.

Pari became more forceful then, actually beginning to do more than tracing the outline. She let her fingers sink in and feel the full weight of each boob, the experience almost like trying to manage an over-sized water balloon. She actually gave them both a squeeze from the underside playfully then from the outsides, jiggling them together. The flesh slid against each other, denying gravity and endlessly recoiling with each bounce. Pari swung them back and forth, pushing and pulling Odette along with the motions. This was astounding.

Pari was not the type to let fun get in the way of work. She did have to be the responsible one of the two, after all. However, being with Odette gave her a sense of bliss. The feeling was magnified by how unaware Odette seemed to be of her own appeal, her helpless face folded into adorable shapes of longing, her toes curling in ecstasy, and her sexy boobs demanding excessive amounts of attention. It was enough to make even a scientist develop a connection. It may have been just enough to make a scientist fall in love. But love between doctors and patients was unprofessional, so Pari would never take that step – or at least never admit to having taken it. Instead, she would play with Odette’s mammaries in the name of research and study, titillating her most sensitive zones till the nineteen year old was satisfied.

“Ready, dear?”

Odette ceased her purring long enough to answer. “Mmmm. So full. . . just, mmmmm. Just do it.”

Pari got up and retrieved a few of the tools she had brought with her. She hung the stopwatch around her neck and positioned the largest of the buckets – it was more like a vat or trough – directly in front of Odette. Then, she had a seat on the edge of the tub, right beside her attractive young patient. “Quick breaths now but stay controlled. Two quick ones in and one out.”

Pari leaned into Odette’s shoulder, her arms cradling the milkable orbs with care. Odette was anxious, leaning into Pari with closed eyes when the real fun began. At the first brush of her nipple, Odette let out a long, pleasure filled moan. It was so loud and hard that it one might have thought it fake, but Pari knew better. She knew how even the slightest of motions would cause Odette to seize up and exclaim her euphoria. Grabbing Odette’s left nipple so suddenly, pulling on it with such a grip, was enough to cause an orgasmic reaction, pleasurable beyond what the average person had ever or would ever experience.

Odette panted. Her entire body tensed up as Pari got into the true nature of the treatment. What she had been unwilling to do because of her sensitivity, now Pari would do whether she liked it or not. The truth of it was that she more than liked it – she loved it. Her nipples were at full length, feverishly pink and dripping constantly with the contents of her huge tits. They felt like they were on fire, like the air itself was electrically shocking them, causing her to cry out. Odette knew that they had just been denied what they had wanted all night and that, as payback for not milking herself, güvenilir bahis şirketleri the pleasure she felt would be absolutely arresting. Pari focused only on her left boob at first, squeezing at the top, bottom, and both sides. When she got to the nipple again, it was too much, and Odette threw her head back in a sexy, lascivious moan. It shook Pari to her center. She wanted to hear even more of Odette, even more moaning, and to see just how much milk her little cow had been keeping to herself.

Her index finger flicked at Odette’s inch long nipples, and high pressured shots struck the bottom of the vat at their feet. The first stream. Beyond that, Odette became a literal fire hose. Her breast offered up its milk generously and quickly filled what was meant to store it all. Behind Pari’s wet hands, Odette’s udders pumped as quickly as they could, forcing the fluid out through the narrow passage of her nipple. Pari added a twist to her motion and Odette’s body responded with even more delicious milk.

“That feel good, sweety? It sure looks good,” Pari failed at her attempt to avoid dirty talk. The twenty-four year old began to fiddle with Odette with greater vigor.

Odette just moaned, thrashing about while being contained by Pari’s embrace. Her hot and bothered expression forced Pari to squeeze even harder, but it soon became clear that the flow was building up on it’s own. Odette was willing her own milk out, keeping the momentum and accelerating it with minimal contact. The vat beneath them was half full and Odette had not shrunk at all. Her production from being aroused actually matched what was being milked.

“I-It’s too much just s-s-s. . .”

“Just what? What do you need?”

Odette turned to her left, laying her head on Pari’s chest. Her mouth was agape, oozing heated breaths as she lost strength and had trouble finding words underneath her own rapture. “Suck me. It’s too much, so just suck me!”

“Wh-whaa. . . Okay! Alright fine!”

Pari had never had to do this before. The last time Odette’s chest was large enough to have such pressure was back during the scare of her fourteenth birthday. The story was that no matter how much the doctors milked her, her arousal would have her fill even larger to the point that she threatened to break the operating table she was laid on. Flashes of that thought filled Pari’s mind, embarrassing her. Was that much growth still a possibility? Was it just an exaggeration? Was she actually turned on by the thought of boobs that fill an entire room?

The situation demanded her attention. She could shake her erotic dreams for the moment, but indulged in them just a tad when she lowered herself in front of Odette once again. She had an entire naughty conversation as she hefted up Odette’s right breast. Her left had not stopped its flow, still pushing out milk like a hose. It doused Pari’s entire frame as she entered the way, but she didn’t care as it actually served to inflate her own desire. She had actually longed for this, but had no way of asking for it. Now it was Odette doing the asking, and the scientist in her was curious to a fault as to just how this experience would work. Wordless she went forward.

“Ahhhhh! Pari! O-Oh. . . Pari,” Odette brayed.

Pari had only descended over the nipple, gently surrounding the nub with her lips before a wave of sugary cream filled her cheeks. Shamefully, it was not the first time she had tasted Odette’s milk, but it was the first time she had an entire mouthful. It. Was. Amazing. Like lapping up a smoothie or milkshake but warm and never ending. Its texture was thick and smooth. Its taste. . . was not for anyone that didn’t like sweets. Fortunately, Pari had an insatiable sweet tooth.

“That’s it. Mmmmm, right there like that.” Odette’s eyelashes fluttered. “Ahhh, it’s so good!”

Pari would agree. The first blast was shocking so she had to pull away to swallow, but after that she latched on like a baby receiving her mother’s love. She didn’t have to suck, as the sheer pressure behind Odette’s powerful breasts shot endless jets of delicious juice at the back of her throat. She had trouble keeping up in the beginning, but she swallowed again and again obediently, taking Odette’s greatest efforts. The air tight suction she had on Odette’s breast seemed to stimulate it even more. It certainly made Odette sigh even louder, moan even longer, breathe even deeper. She rose on the highs of her release, the sensation of milk leaving almost as enjoyable as it was having them full and jiggly. They were finally beginning to shrink in size, her production unable to keep up with how much she expelled.

Seconds turned into minutes and gulp by gulp, Pari served her partner dutifully. She had a hand on her stomach but had settled into her role, feeling herself fill with each additional swallow. She took regular breaths, just long enough to have the top of her head showered in the milky substance, but then returned to work. To her surprise she was still working on the right breast even after ten minutes, fighting against Odette’s lactation and production which seemed too active to be real. Still, she loved the flavor, growing ever addicted to the taste and consistency. This beat a triple scoop of her favorite ice cream, an entire chocolate cheesecake, or any other concoction she could dream up for herself. It only helped that the source was the busty beauty she lived with.

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