Alone and Vulnerable

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–Disclaimer– All in this are over 18.

When I met Allison, something changed. Perhaps it was the circumstance, perhaps I was out of my head, but whatever it was, it shifted me forever.

That night before, I ran around to the local bars, met my friends and flirted around. It was my usual routine, and nothing felt different, nothing felt like it was on the verge of changing.

The only thing I chose to change up that night was that I decided to walk to Willie’s old rundown shack, The Office, by myself. It was one of those nights just on the cusp of autumn that cooled down with the wind and warmed up in the moonlight so that it was the perfect temperature for a light jacket and a walk.

I made it about three-quarters of the way there before Devon found me, wrapped an arm around my shoulders, and said, “So, Grace. You ready to get your drink on?”

I laughed, Devon was the drinker of the group. We, most of us, went for the good laughs and a couple drinks, but not him.

Perhaps I should describe my group or the chatter and the drinking that came before the walk home, but all of us over eighteen know how that goes. Plus, it wasn’t different from any other time, as I said, so why chitter on about that?

No, it was on the way back home that my life tilted and changed its direction for good. My mother would say I was on a downhill slope, and I, for my part in the matter, came to welcome it. Here’s where the story gets good, so tune in. Maybe then you can tell me what happened because I’m still reeling.

I had my jacket draped over my arm, my face tilted into the wind a little to cool the heady glow of being around everyone and having a little fun. The night was winding down, people were going home, bars were shutting up for the night, and soon it seemed like just me and a few stragglers here and there. Now, I’m not stupid. Bars have shut down, people have left, it’s dark, and I was alone. I was starting to get nervous.

Sure, I told myself that I’d be fine, but I’d seen every horror film and read every instance of women disappearing only to show up raped and dead. I did not want to be that girl, and so I jumped at every little bird canlı bahis flapping its wings and pebble my toe accidentally connected with and sent skittering. On edge, I clung to every shape of a couple that were stumbling along the sidewalk on the other side of the road. If other people were about, I wasn’t going to disappear without a trace for certain. No one would kill me, and a mugger might be more easily stopped.

Or so I thought.

I never saw him- them, her, I don’t know who. Walking past an alley, my attention on the couple across the street, someone must have slipped behind me. I felt a prick on the side of my neck, an arm that snaked around my waste, a hand over my mouth, and then I sunk into the person holding me and was out.

When I woke up, I knew three things instantly. I was naked. The floor beneath me was lushly carpeted. The ceiling and walls seemed to be grey cement. It wasn’t until I sat up that I saw the mirror set into the wall across from me. In a corner sat a chest, in the middle cuffs attached to chains laid open on the floor both for legs and for wrists, on another corner curled a figure.

I was not alone, but maybe you guessed this already. In that corner sat a girl, a lit cigarette dangling from her lips, and an intent look set in her eyes which focused solely on me. When I said nothing, she gave a little half-smile, and when still nothing happened, she unfurled herself from the ground and began toward me.

And thus I was treated to a view of her body. Here I will interject that I had never been attracted to a female, and I keep this to a single instance even now.

Her skin was the color of my coffee in the morning, more cream and sugar than anything, and looked just as smooth. Both breasts stood pert, and I found myself wondering if they’d fit as perfectly in my hand as it seemed they would. When she stopped in front of me, I almost reached out and touched her, stroked her, to feel the satin that I knew her skin would be beneath my fingertips.

And then she dropped to the ground next to me, and the spell cracked just enough for me to think to cover my most personal place. She noticed with a smirk and stretched out.

“My bahis siteleri name is Allison,” was the first thing she said, and I wondered if we were supposed to just magically act like I hadn’t been kid- well, adult- napped.

“Grace,” I responded, my eyes still looking her over, her nipples standing taut under my gaze, and I wished that it was I who had caused it not the cold in the room.

Then I wondered what on earth I was thinking. She was a woman, I was a woman. Both very obviously in our late twenties and now stuck naked in a room together, we should not be worried about each other’s silky smooth private places, or hard sensitive nipples, but how we would get out.

She took a drag on her cigarette, offered it to me a moment, and when I shook my head, shrugged and put it out. Then she nodded at that mirror I had noticed when I’d sat up.

“You know what that is?” she asked, and again, I shook my head. “A two-way glass. There are some people behind it that watch us. When they brought you in you were out cold, but I could still feel them on the other side sizing you up. You’re not the first girl they’ve brought here.”

“Well, obviously not,” I snorted. “You were obviously here before me.”

“And so was a little thing named Rebecca, so timid, so shy. They made a mistake in bringing her here. All she did was scream and cry. And Daphne, the whore, too much of a show-off. And before me there was a guy in here.” Here she paused, for dramatic effect I suppose.

“A guy?” I asked curiously. “Why’d they want a naked guy?”

“For me.” She pointed at the cuffs then raised her eyebrows significantly.

“They-you-what?” I imagined her in those chains, tied down, submissive, and as much as I tried not to, imagined that man over her, plunging inside of her, raping her over and over. I wondered that she’d taken it, even knowing her none at all, she seemed too intense, too forceful to put up with it.

“But they don’t do their research you see, and after a couple more guys thrown into the room and no response from me, they caught on. I don’t like being chained down, and I’m certainly not interested in men.”

I gaped at her, bahis şirketleri wondering why she was telling me all of this, and feeling that weird sort of tingle in my groin as I thought of her with another female. I felt deranged, insane, creepy as I felt myself respond. I liked men, I tried to tell myself, and I did, but there was something in Allison that called to a part of me that I’d just discovered.

“You don’t seem like any of the other people who end up here, though,” she told me seriously. “No crying or screaming. No flaunting. You just look at me. I can feel your eyes everywhere they go, but you hide from me all the goods all curled up like you are. They’ll want to see you as badly as I do.”

Once again she stood up, and once again, I found my eyes drawn to her body. She reached down, took my hands, and dragged me up so that I was standing. Rather self-consciously I placed one arm over my breasts and a hand over my pussy as I back up against the wall away from her prying eyes.

She moved closer, and I didn’t know what to do, where to go, so I stayed put as she slowly got so close her nipples brushed my hand. She shivered, and my stomach turned in a weird sort of delight. And then she was so close that her breasts and my arm, our stomachs and legs, her pussy and my hand were pressed against each other tightly.

She whispered ever so softly into my ear, “Don’t hide from me Grace or they’ll chain you up to the wall. You’ll be bared and embarrassed. I want you to feel special, the chains aren’t necessary for this are they? We’re both women.”

And so as she backed up slowly, I slowly revealed myself to her. My lips compressed into a thin line. She used her own to open mine, nibbled and played until I opened up to her. My breasts rose and fell slowly with my breathing. She cupped one in her hand and began to play with it. The spot between my legs tingled. She slipped her hand down to tease me to the point of oblivion, bringing me to the height of desire and then over the cliff. I laid my head on her shoulder and relaxed. She kissed my temple and told me I did well.

And so began my relationship with Allison, the twisted, beautiful time that I never want to forget. Are you as entranced as I was? I hope so, as I haven’t even gotten to the chains and toys yet.

–This is the end of part one, if people enjoy it, I will go on. This is my first story like this.

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