Almost Chance Ch. 05

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For a moment, as she slowly recovered and returned to normality, Jen wasn’t sure of where she was. As though she was waking from a confusing dream, she slowly became aware of her body and it took her a moment to realise that she was spread-eagled on a bed, her immobility caused because of her limbs being tied and bound, the darkness caused by the blindfold wrapped around her head. Then, just when she was beginning to wonder if she had plunged from a blissful dream into a nightmare, the events of the last few hours flooded back into her mind and she remembered exactly where she was – naked, collared, blindfolded and bound before Mistress. She had never known that a simple kiss could deliver such passion, but she knew the kiss had been merely the key that had opened the floodgates, releasing everything that had gathered within her during the previous hours of anticipation.

Her body was still in its post-orgasmic flush, her nerves and muscles still twitching, her heart and breathing equally ragged. She took stock of her senses, her sight still blinded by the soft velvet on her eyes, feeling the warmth in her muscles, the sweetness of Mistress’ lips still faintly in her mouth, the heady aroma of the room now mixed with the scent of her arousal, silent except for the sound of her heavy breathing as her body sucked in air.

Had Mistress left her on her own in the room again? It was possible, she knew, for in the intense pleasure she had just experienced she had almost shut out the world beyond her body and she would never have heard the door opening and closing as Mistress left. Jen remembered the feeling she’d had before when Mistress left her, that hollow feeling inside at being out of Mistress’ presence. Looking deep inside herself, she didn’t feel that sensation and relaxed in the knowledge Mistress was still with her, waiting to see what would come next.

When the voice came, it was from behind her. Mistress’ voice, so soft and yet commanding. ‘Are you back with me now, sweet Jen?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘Good. For a moment there, I thought you were about to be lost forever in your pleasure. It was an intoxicating sight, but there is so much more for you yet to experience. Now, do you wish me to remove your blindfold?’

Jen was desperate to see Mistress again, to look on the person who had given her such delight, but she remembered the nature of her submission, her surrender to Mistress’ will. ‘If you wish it, Mistress, I do.’

‘Oh, you learn so well and so quickly, my dear Jen. Yes, I do wish it. Raise your head.’

Jen lifted her head carefully, feeling the blood rush through her head as she moved it, her neck muscles straining slightly. She felt Mistress’ fingers move swiftly through her hair, untying the blindfold and carefully moving it away from Jen’s eyes. She opened them carefully, but the light in the room was still that of the candles, their flickering casting a warm glow around the room that was sweet to her senses after the darkness of the blindfold. Slowly, she lowered her head back canlı bahis to the silk sheets beneath it, looking up at Mistress as she gazed down upon her.

‘I wish I had a mirror in this room, directly above the bed so you could look at yourself and see what I see now. I wonder if you can imagine how you look now, dear Jen. Close your eyes for me Jen. See yourself as I see you. See what you are becoming.’

Mistress’ words were hypnotic to her. Jen felt her eyes closing, taking her back into the darkness. She summoned the image of the room she had created before, imagined a mirror above her reflecting her image back to her. She saw a woman who looked like her but she did not recognise, an image more wanton, more full of desire, more open to pleasure, than she had ever thought she could be. The petite woman in the mirror was her, but a way she’d never imagined herself, not just that she was tied down to the bed, but her pale skin flush pink with exertion, her curly hair slick with sweat, the collar proudly round her neck looking like part of her, her sex proudly on display and eager for attention. She knew she was changed forever and even when she left Mistress – though the time of being apart from her seemed so far into the future now that it was only theoretical – she would never be the same again.

‘I can tell you like what you see, dear Jen. You should be proud of yourself for you have come so far, so fast. Now, open your eyes.’ Jen obeyed and saw Mistress had moved round to be beside her. She sat down to Jen’s right and began to stroke her arms softly. They were silent for a minute, Jen looking in adoration at Mistress as the candlelight flickered over her, all he shades of her hair coming to the fore as she had imagined. Her touch was smooth and tender, making Jen feel safe and loved. ‘Tell me, my sweet, are you still comfortable in your bonds? Do you wish to be released from them?’

‘Only if you wish to release me, Mistress, I feel fine.’ That was the truth. Jen knew her muscles should be aching from the strain they had been under, but they still felt warm and comfortable.

‘Good. I didn’t want to release you yet, not while you still look so fabulous. I just needed to be sure you hadn’t damaged you and prevented you from fully experiencing what I have to offer you.’ She continued caressing Jen’s arm, using both hands now, softly massaging the tender flesh, slowly working down from the wrist to her shoulder. Her touch was gentle yet insistent, leaving Jen’s muscles feeling relaxed as they moved on. Her hands caressed along the top of her shoulders, around her neck, stroking all over, leaving Jen’s skin tingling. She moved her body closer to Jen’s, moving round so she was kneeling fully on the bed beside her, then straddling across her, Jen feeling the warmth of Mistress’ leather across her stomach. She massaged her other arm now, leaning forward across Jen so her breasts pushed forward, letting Jen see an outline of white lace beneath the silk blouse. Slowly, Mistress moved up until she reached Jen’s wrist then bahis siteleri trailed her hands back down her arm until they were resting on the top of Jen’s breasts where they began their small curve up from her chest.

Mistress began to massage Jen’s breasts expertly, her fingers playing with the soft flesh, rubbing and teasing it before tracing tiny circles round her nipples with the tips of her nails. They were still flushed from her earlier arousal and responded quickly to Mistress’s touch, filling with blood and swelling around her touch. Mistress saw them swell and caught the nubs between her nails, bringing a gasp from Jen as she pinched them with the sharp edges, letting her writhe for a brief moment, then releasing them.

Jen watched Mistress’ face as she teased and tormented her breasts. Even if she combined the best parts of all her previous lovers, she was sure it wouldn’t look as beautiful as the woman who was continuing to drive her wild. Her fingers seemed to know exactly where the most sensitive parts of her breasts were and found them unerringly, placing exactly the right kind of touch on them to send more pleasure through Jen with every moment. Her hands roamed all over Jen’s chest, stroking the taut muscles, administering soft, sweet massages of pure luxury.

Mistress moved slightly, twisting herself around a little so only one hand lay on Jen’s chest, balancing herself while the other went behind her back, moving straight between Jen’s legs. She let out a moan of sheer delight as a finger easily slipped past her slick lips, moving inside her then withdrawing. She watched as Mistress raised it to her lips and licked it. ‘I think you’re ready now, my dear. Do you want to taste yourself?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘Good.’ She repeated the movement again drawing another moan from Jen as she was penetrated once more then taking the finger to Jen’s mouth, letting her suck on it and taste her sweet juices one more time. Jen delighted in the beautiful flavour, knowing that Mistress’ would taste even sweeter when she finally got the chance. ‘We need just one more thing. Close your eyes, my sweet.’

Jen closed her eyes and felt Mistress move away from her and off the bed. She licked her lips as she awaited her return, mixing her sweet taste with the remaining touch of Mistress’ lipstick, letting the two flavours merge in her mouth. She was expecting Mistress to leave the room again and was surprised when she felt the mattress to the left of her move slowly as Mistress inched along the sheets to rejoin her. One hand rested on her belly, stroking her navel then moving softly downwards to her bush, then carrying on until it was fully over her pussy, Mistress’ palm barely touching her, her fingers poised on her lips.

‘Now, open your eyes.’

Jen looked, and saw that Mistress was kneeling beside and over her, her left arm stretching down between her legs, her right high in the air holding a large black candle over her, its flame burning high, illuminating Mistress’ face and hair beautifully.

‘You bahis şirketleri have experienced the ice, my dear, now it is time for the fire.’ As she said that, she tilted the candle slightly, letting small droplets of wax fall towards Jen. At the same moment her fingers pushed at Jen’s lips, two of them sliding easily and deeply inside her. Jen cried out as the two sensations hit her simultaneously, the pleasure of the penetration mixing intimately with the sudden heat of the wax falling between her breasts. She couldn’t tell which was which, both sensations so different and yet so alike, her mind unable to understand what her body was feeling. Mistress began to move her fingers inside her, shifting her hand so her thumb lay on Jen’s clit. As she began to rub it softly, tracing circles around and on it she dropped more wax onto Jen’s bare skin. Jen could feel the sudden warmth as it landed on her, but she realised that it didn’t hurt and she could feel a rush from her skin there, moving swiftly round the rest of her body, meeting with the slow pleasure that emanated from Mistress’ hand. The two feelings coalesced within her, bringing on an entirely new sensation as pleasure joined with pain.

She was moaning now, a loud, almost primal, sound coming from deep within her. She felt Mistress’ hand withdraw from her slightly, then push back into her, three fingers now pushing deep inside her, each moving separately, caressing her tender flesh. As they entered a droplet of wax fell onto one of her nipples, the sensation intense on the already stimulated flesh there, quickly matched by wax falling on the other one as well. Her body reached a whole new state, a level beyond that she had discovered in Mistress’ kiss, a bewildering array of impulses moving through her, the spots of heat mixing with the insistent pleasure from her clit then combining with the waves of joy from the fingers inside her. She was losing herself again, her mind unable to cope, wanting to let go, but trying to hold on, desperately trying to keep control as her body twitched and spasmed in delight, pulling and kicking frantically at her bonds. Then, Mistress drew her hand out again, but rubbed even harder at Jen’s swollen clit to compensate before pushing four fingers into her at the same moment as pouring a stream of wax across the tender flesh of her breasts.

She could take no more, the moan in her throat turning into a full blown cry of pleasure, a scream of orgasmic release as her body surrendered to joy. Her clit felt like it was exploding, her pussy spasmed around Mistress’ fingers, gripping them tight, almost trying to suck them deeper into her, her breasts on fire with pain and pleasure. All that merged into one overarching feeling, one sensation that filled her entire body, rushing through her blood, along her nerves, across her entire skin, everything on fire at the same time, her eyes closed as it overcame her but still seeing Mistress there, all around her, everywhere at once, in every moment, every atom of her release. Mistress was still there as she came, her fingers still moving within and upon her, still laying droplets of heat on her chest, pushing her on, pushing her deeper into the pleasure. Time stretched around Jen, and every moment of it was filled with joy.

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