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This is a story specially composed for a very special reader of my first story. Wish it could really happen.

Alison is a 54 year old divorced grandmother that hired me to do work for her around the house and yard periodically. I think the work really never needed to be done she would just come up with things for me to do to have me come over and keep her company.

Alison was a very quiet woman and very, very easy to look at, so she wasn’t the sort that would have problems getting male companionship if she really just wanted to play around. I think the interest that she had in me was the interest that I had for her and she sort of played a game of to allow me to see her. For this I am forever in her debt.

This particular day I had just returned home from my morning walk and noticed that there was a message on my phone from Alison, she was saying that she needed for me to come over and look at her car because it was acting strange. Knowing that I use the computer for my own personal business, I went to see if Alison was on yahoo messenger waiting for my response. She was, I logged on as truesonofabraham and began to explain to her that I first needed to shower off my morning sweat before coming over, she demanded that I come right away because she needed to take care of some urgent business and needed her car to make sure it was taken care of.

Finally arriving at her home, Alison met me in the driveway and walked me into the garage, upon entering she proceeded to close the door. Without thinking any further I asked her what the problem was, she said that the car was making a funny noise and that it sounded to come from under the car. Looking around the garage, I noticed that some of her ex-husbands tools were still laying around. Grabbing the creeper from off the wall, I proceeded to make my way under the car to see what I could find if anything at all. The entire time I was looking Alison made small talk, asking me from time to time questions about my personal life. The question I noticed she focused on the most was why I was still not married. I simply told her that I was looking for a special someone and had not yet found her. That’s when Alison asked me what my special someone consisted casino oyna of. Thinking for a very short time, I began to explain to her that I wasn’t interested in women my age, because they were to unsettled and never knew if they were coming or going for one moment to the next. Then I began to explain to her why it was that I found interest in older women instead of younger ladies.

Alison didn’t say a word, all she gave was a, “hmmmmm”. Then from out of nowhere, I felt a gentle stroke on my leg. It was Alison, was she teasing me or was she really going for it this time? These questions kept running through my mind while I managed to keep my composure together and continued trying to find the problem with her automobile. For the next few seconds there was nothing, no words, no noise, no touching. I was wondering if she was still there, that’s when I began to feel pressure on the region just below my beltline. My zipper started to ease its way down and my belt became unfastened and out jumped my weapon, I then began to feel the warmth of her hand slowly gripping my shaft and making its way to my balls. Slowly and so gently she caressed my balls. Dropping the tool I had in my hands, I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the moment of her easing her mouth around the head of my cock, taking me deeper and deeper into the depths of her throat until she finally reached its base. Then the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced happened, while she had me fully emerged in her throat, she would make attempts to swallow allowing me to feel her throat muscles contract around my cock and then the most amazing thing was when she extended her tongue and began to tickle my balls while she was giving me already so much oral pleasure. Being lodged underneath the car, I was helpless and totally under her control, not that I was complaining any though. Knowing that I couldn’t hold back very much longer I told her I was about to cum, but she kept right on doing what she was doing. Did she not hear me, did she want me to spray her throat with my cum, I couldn’t think anymore and just dropped my head back onto the creeper and let my body enjoy what was going on until I began to flood her throat with thick white cum……….. canlı casino the more I came, the more she seemed to be enjoying it. She kept going and going until there wasn’t anything left for me to shoot. I had came so much and so hard that all I could do was jump in spasms from pleasure.

She took one last swallow and then cleared her throat, still dazed from her assault on me just seconds ago I slowly slid myself from under the car and already looking upwards I saw glory. Alison was standing over me with no sign of undergarments, just her clean shaven pussy and a little distance from it and my face. I reached up and grabbing her thighs and slowly pulled her mid section down towards my face until I could begin to smell her, it was so sweet and succulent. As my tongue slowly parted her vaginal lips she let out a moan that could be heard around the world, I often wonder sometimes if it was.

Alison then became so aroused that she had an orgasm right then and there, after she calmed down some she told me that she had never had her pussy eaten before. She told me that her husband would never do anything like that and wanted to know if I wouldn’t mind do it to her again. Looking Alison in the eyes, I told her that I would do anything and everything that she could think of doing as long as she allowed me to get out of my clothes and the dirty garage. She led me into the house as we made our first sexual pit-stop in the living room. Alison dropped what clothing she had on and fell to the floor, I did the same and positioned myself between her beautiful thighs and began kissing her from her ankle until I managed to once again reach her freshly shaven lips. This time I used my fingers to open them up so that I could see what I was about to get my tongue into. They say that once you’ve seen one pussy you’ve seen them all, whoever made that statement surely had never seen what my dear sweet Alison had to offer. Her pussy was moist and velvety to the touch, there was a soft not strong scent of sexual musk that was driving me crazy. But the thing that caught my attention was the big letter “A” she had shaved just above the entrance of her vagina, it was definitely an eye catcher. That was the last thing that I kaçak casino can remember kissing before I dove in and began to make love to her with my mouth.

Somehow during the third or fourth orgasm Alison managed to position herself with in to 69, this was the most gratifying orgasm that I had experience for myself. Not just because she was sucking and licking me with such great skill and expertise but because of the scent and taste of her vaginal secretions, they were making me go completely out of my mind. After shooting yet another load of cum down Alison’s throat she managed to get herself into the doggie position, while doing this Alison placed her head onto the carpet reached back with her hands and opened her ass cheeks widely apart and then whispered for me to come and enter her from behind and make love to her ass. Just before I entered her she told me of all the things that we had done today and would do again many times in the future was that she always was curious about being ass fucked. I told her that I had done this once before with one other female, she turned her head slightly so that she could look me into my eyes and told me to make sure that I was gentle with her. I looker her in the eyes in return and them bent over and planted a kiss on her ass cheek and told her that I was going to make this a time that neither of us would ever forget and proceeded to kiss and lick her asshole more to make sure that it was nice and lubricated and relaxed. They say that when a man really makes love to a woman’s ass the right way it too can produce a sort of cum, it must be true because Alison shook and shivered and twitched for what seemed like 20 minutes before she unleashed an earth shattering scream of orgasmic proportions and fell over in a dead heap of sexual exhaustion. I spent the night with Alison and we experiment with several other variations of sexual positions and sorts.

It’s been two years since that has happened and to this day Alison and I are still doing just fine. You see even though she was 54 and I was only 38, the following month I asked Alison to be my wife and she gladly accepted. I still do odd jobs for her from time to time and believe me the pay is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

*Alison if you read this and would like to contact me on yahoo messenger, my yahoo id. Is truesonofabraham you already have my email address. Use your aol user name and I will know that it’s you. Hope to hear from you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20