Alien Surrender

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“I can’t believe this is happening to me!”

The young man looked down at the steel clamp around his ankle. He fumbled at the flashing light of the locking mechanism, and pulled on the tether to the concrete block a few feet away. He knew why the trap was set, and he knew what was coming for him.

He had left a crowded Earth at 25, opting for the riskier world of Brelan. The Brelans had come ten years before, bringing their FTL technology and inviting humans to live among them.

Brelans had a dark, secret influence over humans that became more and more mysterious – but it was certain that Brelans had no qualms with plundering anything human. Still, this was a better life than what was found on old, tired Earth. Humans had learned to be wary on their new world, and keep to themselves. Still, the number of missing humans on Brelan grew day by day.

And the young man pulling on the steel tether knew that he would soon be one of them.

In the darkness, the rustle of branches began to grow louder. The young man tried to hide, but the radius of the steel tether denied him any real concealment.

“Well, I appear to have caught a young human.”

The speaker emerged from the shadows. The pale green skin of a Brellan, covered in a tunic, shone dimly in the light of the double moons. The six-fingered hands,ending in long claws,reached forward and stroked the young man’s cheeks. The long angular face was punctuated by the short fangs of the mouth. The eyes, black as night, shimmered and offset the purple irises that beheld the young man with undisguised desire.

“Let me go. Please, let me go,” the young man pleaded, moving as far back as the tether would allow.

“Now why would I do that when I have yet to learn of the supposed delights of your species? I have been alone for some time, and I am yearning for what you offer. I will have you now – letting you go would be pointless and foolish.”

The young man kept as much distance as he could as his captor disrobed. The Brellan was well over seven feet tall, and he revealed a lean frame suspending a flush, full cock of at least 12 inches. The gigantic organ had rows of bumps running down it’s length. As the Brellan removed the last of his clothing, he gazed at the young man, and slowly the Brellan’s enormous member began to rise. It whipped back and forth, as if it were a snake, and the whole length of it began to ooze a slimy sheen, which dripped to the ground. The bumps rose off the surface and extended into waving tendrils, extending and contracting in their gleaming wetness.

“I am ready for you. I have been ready for you for a long time.”

The young man screamed, but the Brellan seized him and effortlessly thrust him over a large, fallen tree. Before the young man could recover, the Brellan locked his wrists into identical clamps to the one that the young man wore on his ankle, which were secured to the tree trunk over which canlı bahis şirketleri the young man was draped. His upper body secured, the Brellan much more leisurely added two more clamps to the young man’s ankles, immobilizing both hands and feet. Then the Brellan turned and withdrew a small knife from his discarded pile, and carefully cut the clothing off the screaming, writhing young man, at last leaving him completely naked but for his shoes.

“Please don’t put that in me! I just want to go home! Please let me go home!”

The Brellan stepped forward and placed his hands on the young man’s sides, easily stilling the thrashing torso, and the Brellan’s slimy cock came to rest in the unwilling cleft, causing the young man’s cries to reach greater hysteria.

“You won’t want to go home for very much longer,” the Brellan said as his cock began whip back and forth over the young man’s hairless mounds, the tendrils chaotically spreading ooze over the young man’s dry skin.

“I don’t want you to fuck me with that thing! It will kill me!”

“Far from it,” replied the Brellan as he brushed the slime onto his finger, then placed it on the clutching rosebud, “you cannot understand what I will do to you with this until it is done.”

The Brellan’s finger entered the young man, who gasped at the intrusion. The young man’s entrance was hardly a stranger to penetration, but what was to be asked of it was beyond anything that it had known before. The young man cried and struggled, but the Brellan held him firm and gently worked more of the fluid, and more of his fingers, into the clutching orifice.

The young man lurched harder when the fingers were finally removed, because he knew what would soon replace them. The Brellan began to nuzzle the tip of his cock between the unwilling cheeks.

“Please, I’ll do anything that you want! Just don’t fuck me with that thing!” The young man’s shoulders thrashed, his waist immobile, while the Brellan held firm on the cheeks, spreading them wide, and closed the distance on his prize.

“But what I want is precisely that! And what I want, I will have!”

The Brellan’s slick cockhead pressed against the young man’s rosebud, which distended, then gave way, expanding around the crown that sank slowly within.

“You’re hurting me! You’re really hurting me! Please stop! I can’t take it! You’re splitting me in two!”

The Brellan slowed, but did not stop, his advance into the young man. The tendrils on his cock retracted as they neared the entrance, collapsing into bumps which rode under the grasping, flexing anal ring.

“We both know that if you relax, you’ll enjoy this. Calm yourself, and let this happen.”

The young man remained frantic as the Brellan slowly impaled him, perhaps to a small extent confusing fear for pain. The young man cried out even louder when he felt the Brellan’s legs press against his thighs, wailing at the deepest canlı kaçak iddaa point of the thrust. The Brellan stayed still for a few moments, then began to slowly retract. The young man’s cries began to diminish, and his struggles stilled, but more tellingly, the young man’s cock gradually hardened, and after a time the tip produced a small bead of fluid.

The darkness wrapped them for a long while in this gentle rhythm, the Brellan’s hands releasing their firm grip and freely roving and caressing the flesh below him, the young man stilled and shuddering with sad moans and gasps, the cock slowly plunging past the supple anal ring that held it tightly, the beads of fluid dropping from the free-swinging cock as it trembled at the invasion behind it.

“I have waited so long for this. I am almost ready to take you now.”

The young man raised his head and looked behind him as the cock sank slowly into him again.

“T-t-take me? Where?”

Dazed, the Brellan chuckled.

“Take you into me, of course.”

The Brellan thrusted forward, and the young man squealed as he felt a sharp pain.

“You’re hurting me! Pull it out! Get it out of me!

The young man struggled hard again, but to no avail as he was held firm.

“Oh no, what I’m putting into you will never come out again. I will be with you forever.”

While the young man struggled frantically, the Brellan held him tight and continued his deep, stabbing thrusts. Soon, the skin of the ass cheeks began to crawl and writhe as the tendrils moved beneath, working slowly towards the base of the spine. The young man’s panic continued until the writhing tendrils reached their target, when he stopped suddenly and his cock jetted rapid spurts of fluid as his eyes widened and he gasped.

He collapsed, all struggle forgotten, as his cock spasmed and continued to spew fluid, while the tendrils at the base of his spine knitted in and out of his vertebra, slowly moving up his back. The young man was wracked with a continuous orgasm, and his balls were tight against the base of his cock as the fluid slowly ran dry, but the ejaculation went on.

When the knitting tendrils had risen slightly above his waist to the small of his back, the young man began to thrust backwards to meet the invader, at first gently, but then more forcefully. His balls twitched as they ran dry, but the spasms of his cock continued.

The Brellan reached to the side and pressed a button on a tiny, unseen remote, and all the clamps released. The young man, freed, did not try to escape, but instead spread his legs wider, inviting deeper thrusts, which he received. The pleasures were so profound that he was not at all apprehensive of this unprecedented invasion of his body. He began as an unwilling victim but had become a willing partner, eager for the invasion to continue.

Hands met and clasped, and the bodies grew closer. The Brellan licked the canlı kaçak bahis flesh that writhed along the spine, and the young man arched his back and pressed against the sharp points of the teeth behind the tongue, all the while continuing the long dry spasms of his cock, as an ocean of orgasmic pleasure roared through his mind. He could feel the tendrils as they reached his neck, and somehow knew without concern that they would soon enter his skull. He nestled the grasped hands close, undulated as his partner relaxed upon him, and thrust back and squeezed his ass as the cock inside it writhed and rustled. More and more of the Brellan’s flesh surged into him, and the invasion of his nervous system grew more and more complete.

In the final moments of the advance, he wondered if he had meant to be taken. He had gone so far from the settlement for no reason seeming to invite a Brellan such as this one, and in his final moments of an uninvaded brain, while he was unclear about his original intent, he knew now that he wanted this destiny, and he voiced it.

“My ass… my body… my mind… my will… take them… they belong to you.”

The Brellan moved his mouth to the swooning young man’s ear.

“…and they always will.”

The young man’s mind exploded with pleasure, and his body went into convulsions as the Brellan held him fast and continued his literal mindfuck. At last, the young man stilled and slipped into unconsciousness, but the Brellan continued his assault, his cock making quiet sucking sounds as it was pulled and pushed into the unconscious young man.

The young man awoke in a mind that was no longer his own.

He looked and saw that he was in a plain room, and that laying before him was the Brellan.

“At last, you’re awake. Come here and pleasure us.”

The young man arose, compelled, possessing his own will no longer. He knelt between the legs of his new master and began to run his lips and tongue over the cock that had taken him so completely. It soon began to ooze and the young man eagerly lapped up the fluids. The tendrils extended only a little way, their energy spent

The Brellan gently pulled on the young man’s shoulders. and the young man rose. He knelt and reached behind him; taking the cock, he rubbed it up and down his cleft. The Brellan made an impatient expression, and the young man pressed the tip against his hole and took it inside him once again.

As it slid home, the young man felt flashes and small shocks, and suddenly the thoughts of his partner began to stream through his mind. He realized that the Brellan was named Tyrell, and he felt his own name lifted and taken through this connection; his master before him spoke it.

“Bret. We are Bret. We are Tyrell. You are mine.”

Bret’s cock again locked into orgasm, but the pleasure was shared. The growing, thundering pleasure that Tyrell felt in Bret’s slick, tight hole moved through them both.

As the streaming ribbon of Brett’s continuous orgasm wrapped Tyrell’s lightning surge of cock pleasure, Bret looked into the eyes of his lover and heard a wordless promise.

“Soon, young one. You will carry my cub soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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