Alex Takes a Shower

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This story contains penis expansion (tangential to the actual story), a hyper cock, and excessive cum. Also, I never mention the age of the character in the story, but he is 18 years old.


Alex lay in his bed, minding his own business. Suddenly, something began to feel strange. His already tight pants quickly became even tighter, constricting his rapidly expanding cock and balls. His underwear did a surprisingly good job of holding out, but it wasn’t a fight that it was going to win.

Within seconds of this all starting, he heard ripping sounds coming from his underwear. At this point, he wasn’t even worried about the damage to his clothes, he just wanted the constriction to stop! Almost immediately after the ripping sounds started, his underwear gave up the fight. There was a momentary painful sensation as the underwear snapped. Now uncompressed from the confines of his underwear, his cock and balls burst forward, filling every bit of free space in his pants.

It took even less time for his pants to succumb to the same fate, the slightly painful ripping a welcome distraction from the intense pressure caused by his growing package. Now completely unrestrained by anything, his cock and balls surged forward. Already the size of beanbag chairs, his balls filled up more and more of the bed, which creaked with their weight. Worried that his bed wouldn’t be able to take the weight, he awkwardly hopped off of the bed as quickly as he could. He tried to step backward and pull his balls off of the bed, but they wouldn’t budge! They easily took up the entirety of his queen-sized bed and must have weighed….. CRACK! …a ton.

Alex could actually feel the floor buckle heavily as his massive cock and balls slammed down into it. By now, his cock had snaked its way all over his gigantic balls and had gone behind him, making its way out of his bedroom door and down the hallway. His balls actually pushed him backwards as they grew, pressing against the walls and what little furniture had yet to have been destroyed. He could feel his cock actually getting stuck in the hallway as it continued to thicken, applying an increasing about of force to the walls.

By now, Alex was standing In the doorway to his bedroom, his balls pressing against all four walls after having decimated every last bit of furniture in his room. That unwelcome pressure came back in a hurry as his cock and balls continued to expand into space that was simply much too small for them. But surely the walls would have been able to stop him, right? They would have kept him contained in a sad, immobile state, but at least they would have saved everyone else from the ever-growing reign of terror rapidly being imposed by his package.

Alex waited, but nothing seemed to happen for a moment. Did this mean that the walls had won? Just as he let his guard down and breathed a sigh of relief, the walls began to crack around him. The ceiling gave way up into the roof, billowing it outward. For a second, his house looked like it was in a cartoon. All of the walls curved outward around his balls, which showed no sign of stopping. The walls continued to deform as more and more pressure was applied to them before they exploded outward. Large chunks of drywall were sent flying as the unbelievable pressure was released, embedding themselves into nearby cars and neighboring houses, inconveniencing them in a way that wouldn’t seem so bad very soon, if he kept on growing at his current pace.

As soon as his package had freed itself from it’s final and largest confinement, it seemed to start growing even faster! Alex stared in horror at the monstrosity that lay in from of him and behind him. It was like an absolute nightmare! He tried to run away from canlı bahis it as fast as he could, but his balls wouldn’t budge an inch! By then, they must have weighed at least a dozen tons, judging by the way that it had begun sinking into the ground beneath it. Completely panicked and unable to think straight, he decided to try running again. This time, he seemed to be making progress! He was able to make it to the street, but it wasn’t until he looked back that he saw why. His balls were actually growing toward him!

Alex began to run as fast as he could away from his balls, even though he knew that he wouldn’t be able to outrun them. By the end of the block, he felt them pressing against his back, knocking him down into the middle of the intersection. Inch by inch, his balls crawled on top of him before they covered him completely.



Alex woke up with a start. This wasn’t the first time that this nightmare had haunted him, and he was sure that it wouldn’t be the last. There was a slight tingling sensation in his feet, not that he could actually see them. In his way was a massive mound of covers, bulging upward from just below his midsection. The miniature mountain range definitely wasn’t “morning wood”, however, as it was much too wide for that. Plus, Alex rarely ever had erections upon waking anymore, because… well, we’ll get to that part in a second.

Rubbing the sleepiness from his eyes, he pulled his body backward, his back now resting against his pillow. The mound of covers wobbled as he did so. Once situated, he figured it was time to address the tingling. Unceremoniously, he reached over and tossed his covers off of his body, revealing the culprit behind the mound. Billowing out just below his midsection was a cock and a pair of balls that a person would have to see to believe. And even then they still might not.

Alex’s monstrous balls covered his thighs completely, easily reaching his knees. Not only that, but they actually hung over the sides of his legs! His ball sack looked like someone had shoved a pair of over-inflated beach balls into it. Laying right on top of his balls, a thick, flaccid member went all of the way up and over the mountains and rested on the other side, the big head resting on the bed just below his knees. As one could imagine, this was the cause of the tingling. Each of his gigantic orbs weighed a good thirty-five pounds and his cock was easily another fifteen, none of which helped with circulation, especially when they rested on top of his thighs as he slept for 8 hours.

Alex spent long and hard trying to find the best sleeping position for his… predicament. He used to sleep with his legs spread apart, his cock and balls in between them. However, in addition to being uncomfortable, it eventually became nigh-infeasible. As that became more uncomfortable, he experimented with sleeping on his side. That didn’t last very long either. While the unbelievable size of Alex’s balls meant that they were surprisingly resilient, the feeling of one thirty-five pound testicle on top of the other just felt far too weird to be comfortable. Plus, from that position, it was far too easy to try to roll over onto his stomach, which felt even weirder than being on his side! As such, he decided that sleeping with his balls on top of his legs was his best bet. Though he wasn’t sure what would happen if they were to continue getting bigger…

Leaning forward, Alex carefully hefted his weighty balls up off of his legs. At over eighty-five pounds total, it wasn’t the easiest of tasks, but it was one that he had gotten used to, and certainly one for which he had prepared. When he was younger, after he realized that his cock wasn’t going to stop bahis siteleri growing any time soon, he decided it would be prudent to start doing strength training exercises. Luckily, he had been able to keep up with his growth so far, but he worried about whether it might be enough. With his package hoisted up off of his legs, he could feel the tingling gradually dissipate.

Just a few seconds of wiggling his legs and toes was all that it took to completely wake them up. Once they felt like normal, he swung his legs over the side of the bed and carefully stood up. More and more, this was becoming a slow process. If he didn’t use his butt to counterbalance the enormous weight of his package, then he’d surely topple forward. As soon as he was fully upright, he carefully lowered his package back down, until he felt his balls against his knees.

He began walking toward the bathroom. With each step, his balls wobbled and his cock swung back and forth between his knees. Unrestrained, his balls bumped against his thighs, but he had long since gotten used to that. Walking into the bathroom, he noted the few inches of clearance that the doorway afforded him on either side of his balls. He worried about what would happen if (and once) those inches of clearance reached zero. But as long as his package didn’t crush him like in his nightmare, he decided he could find a way to deal with it.

Alex made his way to the shower and turned on the hot water. He slept completely nude, so there was no need for him to undress. After waiting a few moments for the water to warm up, he stepped inside, the water hitting his cock and balls long before it hit the rest of his body. Looking up into the shower head, he let the warm water splash his face for a few seconds before turning back around, shuddering as cock brushed against the cold wall and knocked over his bottle of shampoo in the process.

He bent over to pick it up, his cock head swinging just inches above the ground, and then stood back up. Squirting some shampoo into hand, he began to wash his hair, slowly massaging his scalp as he went along. He rinsed his hair, making sure that every last bit of shampoo had been removed. Next he grabbed his bar of soap and began rubbing it across his arms. Alex didn’t have huge body-builder style arms, but he certainly had a fair bit of tone thanks to his package-imposed strength training regimen. From his arms, the bar of soap slid down to his chest. His torso, like his arms, had a mild bit of tone. If it weren’t for the monster down below, he’d definitely be considered above average in looks. With it, however…

The bar of soap reached the base of his cock, which up until that point, had done an excellent job of keeping calm. The massive tube of flesh began to engorge as he slowly rubbed the bar of soap up and down its length. He lifted his member, positioning its head right in front of his mouth. While still stroking the length of his cock with the bar of soap, he began circling his tongue around the head. The massive shaft thickened slowly in his hands, as something as large as Alex’s cock took much longer than normal to fully harden.

He put his lips up to the head, giving it a kiss before opening them up and trying to work his way around as much of his cock head as he could. Nowadays, it wasn’t much. His teeth scraped against what little of his cock head he could fit into his mouth. With his member fully lathered up, he began using both hands to pump its full length. At the same time, he began biting down softly on his head. Almost immediately, his cock surged, pulling its way out of his mouth as it lengthened and straightened. Alex sighed, he missed the days when his cock was small enough for him to suck off, but now his cock reached up past his head!

He bahis şirketleri carefully turned around, pointing his massive cock head at the shower head, letting the warm water splash against it as he continued to pump with both hands. As the pumping became more intense, his balls began to bump against his knees. He knew that he had to be careful, one thrust too hard and he’d end up on the floor, but his state of arousal didn’t leave much room for concerns like that. He stood there for minutes, letting the combination of warm water and increasingly frantic stroking work it’s magic. During that time, precum started drooling out, a couple of cups at a time. Soon after, he could feel his feet completely covered by it. After nearly seven minutes, he was just barely hanging on to the cliff of an orgasm. By that point, he was already ankle deep in his own precum.

At that very second, he couldn’t take it any more. Alex felt a massive amount of fluid flowing its way up his shaft until… SPLASH! Gallons of white liquid pounded against the poor shower head and wall. As quickly as he could, he pointed his cock downward continuing to stroke it before… SPLASH! Several more gallons of cum flowed into the tub. Still, he continued stroking until… SPLASH! Several more gallons. Even with its drainage system… SPLASH! …the tub was having a hard time keeping up. Just one more spurt and… SPLASH! The tub began to overflow.

Alex’s cock, however, showed no sign of slowing down. And despite the enormous mess that he was making, he knew that it was necessary. If he didn’t take care of this now, it’d build up throughout the day and be much, much worse later on. Cum had flowed all over the bathroom floor before his cock finally slowed down. By the time he came to a full stop, he was standing in a tub overflowing with his cum, which also covered the bathroom floor a few inches deep. He couldn’t help but smile. As much of a pain his huge cock and balls could be, and as awful as the mess was going to be to clean up, he actually enjoyed his size. What would take a normal sized guy years to produce, he was able to produce in a single orgasm! A fact of which he was quite proud.

Cum dripped from Alex’s leg as he lifted it out of the tub and placed his foot on the floor. He did the same with the other leg and grabbed his towel from the rack, which was luckily spared from the wrath of his orgasm. He made his way to the door and carefully opened it as little as possible in order to let out the least amount of cum. For him, however, the door still had to be pretty wide open thanks to his package. He closed the bathroom door as quickly as he could and began wiping the cum off of his body with the towel. Once all of the cum was gone, he grabbed another towel and dried himself off.

Alex walked up to his dresser and pulled out a massive pair of boxer briefs. The tag read 6XL. His parents had already started looking into what it would take to get custom clothes made, but he want to wear normal clothes for as long as he could. He used to prefer boxers to briefs, but as soon as his soft cock began poking it’s head out of the bottom, he knew that was the end of that. Stepping into his boxer briefs he slowly pulled them up his legs. The first thing to enter was his cock head. That was the easy part. He then stretched the briefs as far as the elastic would allow him and started to squeeze the bottom potion of his balls in. Things became more difficult as he continued to pull upward, finally reaching the full girth of his balls. A combination of pulling the briefs from below and pushing the balls down from above enabled him to get 99% of his package into the briefs. He shrugged, it was good enough. With his briefs on, his bulge stuck out nearly two feet in front of him. He grabbed a pair of his stretchier sweatpants and slid them on. At least they still fit well…

“Time to go out and do stuff, I guess…” He said to himself as he pulled on his shirt and walked out of his bedroom.

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