Airport Hotel Room

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Slipping the card into the slot, I push the handle down as the lights flash green. The room is emblazoned with sunlight but is so cold that the hairs on my arm stand on end. I look around the spartan room to its crisp white sheets to the large cardboard box on the floor next to the bed. It is addressed to you in care of the hotel and piques my curiosity. I sit at the edge of the bed and pull my overcoat open, slipping it off of my shoulders. The cold pricks my nipples and the peaks tent the front of my blouse. Toeing my heels off, I edge them under the bed and roll my stockings down my legs. Standing up, I unzip and slide my black wool skirt to the floor. I catch my profile in the mirror at the foot of the bed and unbutton my blouse so that it parts my body in two. The two sides of the shirt cover my breasts but lead the eye down to my sex, waxed bare, revealing its pearly soft lips. Pulling the duvet down to the foot of the bed, I reveal the expanse of perfect white cotton. I slide my body across the cool surface and delve my arms under the pillow, resting my head on the pillow.

The rustle of cardboard breaks into my sleep. I peek through my eyelashes, feigning sleep, and try to discern what you are pulling out of the box. It is a large foam wedge that I have seen advertised in the back of adult magazines. I watch as you pull the velvet cover over it and zip the ends into place. It bounces slightly when you drop it next to the chair you’re sitting in. I can feel you watching me now. Your large frame dwarfs the chair, your hands extend over the arms and your knees are higher than the seat. You’re still wearing the suit from your morning appointments but your collar is open. Leaning across the aisle between the chair and the bed, you grasp my ankle and pull me closer to you. I smile as my blouse ruches up to my shoulder blades from the friction and exposes my body to you. Kneeling on the carpet with my back to you, you pull the blouse from my shoulders güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and toss it to the corner of the room.

Moving around the bed, you toss the wedge in the center of the bed and it bounces. I rise from the floor and kneel on the mattress, crawling to the flat edge of the triangle until the velvet rubs the front of my thighs. You firmly push between my shoulder blades until I am resting with my head sloped down toward the mattress. Looking across the room, I can watch you in the full length mirror unbuttoning the cuffs of your shirt. Your eyes never leave the line that runs from the nape of my neck to the apex of my thighs. With my knees so far apart, the crease of my ass feels cool from the chill in the room. I am so utterly exposed to you that I feel myself pushing forward so that I can pull my legs closer together. You sense my unease and rub your palms on each side of my spine. I revel in the feel of your hands, pushing and pulling firmly against my skin. Soon my head lolls to the side and I close my eyes. Swirling my long hair through your fingers, you twist it and pull it above my head.

Moving off the bed, you stand in front of your overnight bag pulling out your clothes and toiletries. You shrug out of your shirt and neatly hang it on the back of the chair. I watch amazed as you go through your rituals, seemingly unaffected by the naked woman lying, prostrate on the bed. Your tell juts from under your boxers. It pulls the thin cotton tight against the elastic of the waistband. Grabbing a tube from your gear bag, you head back over to the bed.

“Have you missed me?” you ask.

“You know I have.” I keep my eyes closed, embarrassed to admit my longing for you.

“Tell me what you miss,” you prod.

“I miss your hands on my body. I miss the heaviness of your body between my legs. I miss the taste of you on my tongue.”

I feel your thighs brush the backs of mine as you güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri lean over and cover my back. You kiss my temple as you wrap your fingers around my wrists. I involuntarily buck my hips slightly against the erection nestled between the valley of my ass. You sigh against my cheekbone and your fingers delve under my body, cupping my breasts.

“Oh god, you feel so good.” I am deliciously trapped under the weight of your body and shamelessly soaking the front of your boxers. You squeeze my breasts in tandem with the grind of your hips against my ass.

Frustrated you push off and sit on your haunches, looking me over. I am not as frustrated as you anymore. I have given up trying to deny the relentless yearn my body has for you. The way my body clenches hearing your voice and the wetness that lets down when you are near. A cry escapes my lips as I feel you bury your face between my legs. Your vicious onslaught of lips and teeth and tongue makes my pussy weep. My senses are so overwrought, I start bearing down on a premature orgasm. It’s too quick, too soon. I struggle as the rough, flat of your tongue rubs back and forth against my clitoris. My hips are held tight by your hands as I shake and buck. Begging and pleading, I can feel tears and sweat roll down my face. My body is straining against my immobile hips and I see flashes of light behind my eyelids as my cunt clenches down on unbelievable pleasure. My tight muscles crumble and become boneless. On the wedge, I am a marionette without strings.

My relaxed state is juxtaposed to the tension still radiating from your body. I can feel the anger and resentment that you still carry. I feel a cool wetness between the cleft of my ass as you snap the cap back on the tube and watch it bounce on the bed next to my face. Your thumb rubs the slippery gel up and down the crease and circles around the puckered hole. You push your thumb into me shallowly and güvenilir bahis şirketleri then retract it quickly, scraping the sides. My gasp breaks your intense concentration.

“Did that hurt?” you ask. I shake my head and look up at your face, but you are back to concentrating on my body responding to your hands. You insert your thumb a little deeper this time, stretching my muscles. I try to relax but it is difficult to ignore the pleasure and pain your thumb is creating. Small, sharps stings of pain mingle with the intense pleasure of so many nerve endings being stroked.

You shift behind me and then the blunt end of your cock is positioned at my entrance. The girth of your cock is held firm in your fist as you try to guide the tip into my resistant ass. You push the left side of ass away and lean forward firmly, the head pops past the thick ring of muscles. A growl rumbles from your chest from the incredible pleasure tightening around your erection. You slowly pump in and out, careful not to dislodge the head. I am hypersensitive and feel every ridge and bump of your body as it enters and exits. I pick up my head and grunt with every heave of your body. My hair is wrapped around your fist and my neck is exposed to you when you pull it back. I can feel you bite the tender muscles of my shoulder as you push in to the hilt of your penis.

I can feel you deep inside me, feel the length of your body as it covers mine. Your body is uncontrollable now, as it drives into mine in a frenzy. I have trouble staying on my knees under you, thankful for the wedge holding me up. My legs are trembling as my body’s momentum picks up speed. I can feel your balls slap against the wet lips of my pussy. My clit is straining for attention and begs for my fingers. I pull my elbows under my body and lift us both up. Your arms are braced on each side of my ribs and your body is mindlessly, relentlessly humping mine. I shove my fingers between the wedge and my body and quickly frig my clit, feeling the quick rush of wetness from my approaching orgasm as your body starts to spasm over mine. I hear a feral cry, your cock thickens and then the warm spurt of your orgasm in my belly, as my own orgasm drenches my fingers. Your body weighs heavily on mine with exhaustion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20