After The Match

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I had a wonderful time on match day this year. Wales were playing France and I spent the day with a lot of straight friends. Seeing those gigantic thighs and enjoying the atmosphere among my macho friends had made me horny as hell. I told them that I’d catch them later and headed off towards the gay area of Cardiff. On the way I realised that I was hungry and popped into the local chippy. I loved the guys in the chip shop, they were Turkish and I’d spent some time there. I loved to ask them dirty questions in Turkish. This would make them roar laughing.

Ahmed was behind the counter when I went in and as usual we flirted together like mad. The other guys came out from the back of the shop to say hello and gossip. I really enjoyed their company and was completely relaxed, maybe even a bit more open as they all knew that I was gay. I couldn’t help but notice that a guy was eating his chips by the door. He was tall, beefy, but slim and better still, he couldn’t take his eyes off me. Now I know that sounds big headed, but it was unusual for me to get that kind of attention. My friends told me that I was cute, but I like to think I’m just your average, nice looking guy. So this kind of attention was nice to get.

I told the guys that I was making a move and dropped my rubbish into the bin. When I looked up, Mr Handsome was gone. I was gutted, but I guessed that he was out of my league. I ambled up the street, barely looking where I was going and a voice came from beside me “Excuse me mate, Do you know the number of a local taxi?.”

I was a little drunk and spoke before I could think “Is it really a taxi that you want?” I asked the gorgeous guy from the chip shop.

He looked horrified and then said “No, not really, I just wanted to speak to you?” he blushed.

“Oh really, Why?” I replied.

He laughed and said “You’re very mischievous aren’t you?.” I smiled and replied “I can be, so what do you want to talk about?.”

He took a deep breath and said “About two months ago I saw a porn güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri video, it was bisexual and two of the guys had sex, since then all I can think about is what it would be like…,” he paused

“You know, with another man.”

I smiled “Okay,” I said wanting him to ask me directly.

“Will you have sex with me?” he asked.

I said “Sure, come with me.”

We went down an alley and where it got dark, I pulled him to me and we kissed passionately. He was trembling and breathing hard. He was obviously very excited. He squeezed my arse hard and then slid his hands around onto my cock. Squeezing my steel hard rod through my jeans. I gasped, his enthusiasm was getting me really worked up.

Dropping to his knees, he unzipped my fly. He knelt there wanking my tool and looking at it like it was some kind of vision that would soon fade away. Then he pulled back my foreskin and began to lick around my helmet, pushing his tongue into the eyehole . I felt my legs weakening, it felt great. Then he took my balls out and licked and sucked them. You would never have known that it was his first time, he must have really taken notes from that video! Next thing he pulled down my jeans and ran his hands over my cheeks as he licked the tops of my thigh, between my balls and legs. You had to give him points for enthusiasm. Just as I was getting really horny he went right down on me, sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. I could feel his tongue swirling around the head of my knob as he sucked me hard. This went on for a few minutes, then he looked up at me and said

“I want this in my arse! Will you fuck me?.”

He stood up and dropped his trousers, before he could turn around I grabbed him and pulled him against me. I deep kissed him as I squeezed his cock, it was nice, around seven inches, slim and hard as a nail. Sliding my hand around I loved the soft skin of his chubby little arse, it was a real bubble butt. I was ready, I turned him around and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri bent him over. I spat onto my fingers and slid them up into his hole. It took a while and a lot of spit, but finally his virgin arse started to open for me. All the time, he was moaning like a bitch, almost whimpering with pleasure at the finger fucking that he was getting. I could just make out the shape of his butt in the light, it made my dick twitch just looking at it. I couldn’t wait any longer, I put my dick against his tight little hole and began pushing against it. He moaned his appreciation and pushed his cute little hole against my thrusting knob. I loved the feeling of this handsome man trying to impale himself on my eight inches. I pushed hard against him, my cock felt like it was in a vice as it ploughed straight up his arse.

He bit his arm to suppress a moan, “That’s it fuck me!” he said.

I felt his arse as I plunged in and out of his pink passion tunnel, occasionally slapping it as I went.

“Tell me how it feels!” I demanded.

“It feels fucking incredible, it hurts, but it’s just fucking great!.” He went on for ages, telling me how much he loved my cock up his arse and how he wanted to fuck my arse afterwards. I was so turned on, but I held back. I was enjoying fucking Martin too much to let it end quickly. All the same I was reaching the point of no return. He suddenly began clenching his cheeks around my dick. It felt incredible. I was powerless to resist and I felt my spunk boiling up from my balls and with a grunt I poured my hot load into his gripping love schute. I reached around and felt his cock, it was hard as a rock and soaked with, thick, dripping precum. I shot again just thinking about sucking this studs beautiful cock.

When I pulled out I was surprised when he knelt before me and began sucking my cock clean. Not that it was that messy, he was a very clean guy, he was mainly licking the spunk off my cock. I pulled him to his feet and pulled his rugby güvenilir bahis şirketleri shirt up, I began kissing his nipples, loving the way they hardened in the cold winter air. Then I licked down his tummy, kissing his belly button and then on down to his pubic area. His cock and balls smelled great, really masculine and just a little sweaty. I licked around his balls and up his shaft. He was so excited that I could feel his legs trembling, almost thrumming with excitement. I took his cock into my mouth and sucked him hard, loving the salty taste of his precum slicked tool. I played with his arsehole, fingering his cum drenched boy snatch as I ate his steel like prick. He was fucking delicious, I could feel his legs tensing, he gasped and I tasted his hot cum as it jetted into my mouth. I sucked harder wanting all his juicy jism in my mouth, it was so hot and salty, delicious.

“I still want to fuck you!” he gasped as I stood up.

“Yes, you will,” I replied.

I stuck my tongue in his mouth and stroked his cock, it had become slightly softer, but it was still hard enough for fucking. I turned around and guided his cock to my hole. He was so eager that he was pushing against me before it was there. As a result, when he was finally at my hole his thrust sent him right up my arse. I loved it, pushing against him as he filled my hole with his man meat. The great thing was that as he had already cum, I knew it would take ages for him to shoot his wad into me. All the while he was shafting me, he kissed my neck and stroked my dick. Grunting with pleasure as he took his fill of my body.

I’d never felt anything like it, he was so keen to take everything he could from me and give everything that he could back to me. I felt him collapse against my back, his legs juddering as he pumped my snatch full of his boy cream. He still kissed my neck as he crested down, fucking me slower and slower. Until in the end it was barely moving and slid out of my slick crack. He asked for my mobile number, I told him “No, it’s more exciting if we meet by chance,” he looked gutted, so I said “I’m always down on match days.” He grinned “Take care mate!” he called as he walked off. I smiled and zipped up, what a fucking great day and as I looked towards the sauna I smiled at the thought that there was still the night to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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