After My Ex, Teaching in High School

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Hey folks, back again, sorry but went back to Florida for a couple days. I will write of that later on but anyway, I was writing about getting a baby for my ex’s boss and his wife. Everything went as planned and I had a great time that I will write about later on. I ran into a couple of my ex-students the other day and we sat and talked of the great times we had when I was their teacher. The we laid around and did more than talk. But, so here it is,

After I had the baby, Bob and his wife adopted it and I divorced my ex simply because he could not take care of my needs and he was a drunk all the time. I left and went back to school for he last year to get my teaching cert and started in middle school for a while but then a good position came up in a high school a county away so I took it. It was a sort of general Social Studies class and lots of fun to teach cause I got to ask how the students felt about issues and got to draw them out on topics that I wanted to manipulate.

I was the center or attention by some of the other staff and by the horny guys and some gilrs that I taught. I kept my tits giving milk because I loved the feeling of them being full of milk and then of expressing it and sucking it from my nipples. I had a couple girlfriends to that loved being in bed and milking me all they wanted to. Well, one guy, Nate, was very mature for his age. He did not act like the other guys that were infatuated and all ga-ga over girls. He was very diliberate in his actions and in my seduction. I saw it coming and really made it easier for him but he did not think so, and in fact I seduced him as much as he did me. After I noticed the attention he gave me I made it a point to bend over so that my tits and cleavage were visible and then I looked to see the reaction he had, hard cock and red face every time. Then of course I was wet after too. Nate was always polite to me, opened the door, carried things I needed carried and picked up things I dropped.

He was having trouble getting his homewrok done and so one day I asked him to stay after class to talk about it. I had a very tight thin blouse on and a loose sweater over it so that I was not too obvious. My skirt came open easily and before class I took off my bra and panties and put pads over my tits to soak up the milk that was starting to flow about half way through class. Nate was taller than me by about a foot so when he looked down he had a great shot of my cleavage. He was strong and very trim and had nice arms that were the result of his workouts. Anyway, I had asked him to come back to class after last period and after everyone had left he stuck his head in the door. “Come in NAte, please, and close the door please.” I told him. He came in and closed it looking around the room. “Come on into the study.” I said and he said, illegal bahis “Okay Ms. Lacey” (I had not changed my name back to Hyatt yet) and he followed me into the study which was a small room off the classroom for workstudy and grading papers for the student aids and such. There was a small couch and desk and chair and shelves. “Sit down.” I told him and he said, “Okay, Ms. Lacey.” “Nate please call me Sue or Susan when we are not in class, okay?” I said and he said, “Sure Ms…I mean Susan.” “Good, much better.” I said and opened his folder and sat at the desk. “You seem to not be able to get the homework done Nate, can you tell me why?” I said. “Well, I work some after school and also play some of the sports so I am beat when I get home late.” he told me. I already knew all this but it was part of my plan.

“Well, you know it is 25 per cent of your grade, what can we do about this?” I asked him standing up and now I had taken off the sweater that was covering my full tits and very hard leaking nipples. Nate stood and looked at me up and down then stepped close to me, “Looks like my homework is not all we need to take care of.” he said. “Why, what are you talking about.” I said and he put his arms around me and kissed me deep and very erotically, slow and using his tongue to tease my lips. I pretended to move from him but he held me tight and kept kissing me. “You are beautiful Susan, very beautiful.” he said softly. “And you are really great looking too.” I whispered back in his ear. I reached down and felt a very large hard cock and he gasped. The he took my blouse off and tossed it to the flor and took my swollen tits in his hands and the milk sprayed as he massagged them. “Oh Nate, that is so good.” I whispered and he began sucking them, first one then the other and back and forth. One hand went to my legs that he was now standing between as he lifted me to the desk and sat me there. I freed his cock from his pants and held it tight, my hand would not go around it all. “Oh Nate, that is nice, what would you like to do with it?” I said as he sucked my tits and then an orgasm shook my body spraying jucies all over his cock that was near my pussy and he smiled, “Well, looks like I need to plug up that leak.” he said and guided his cock to my pussy.He pushed in and I opened for him and his massive cock filled my pussy. “Oh yes, yes Nate.” I moaned and he began fucking me slowly like not one had in a long time. Each time his cock was out to the head at the entrance of my pussy, he moved some and then slowly went back in making me feel every inch as he fucked me. I had at least three orgasms and he had not even gotten going good yet.

“Nate, you are driving me crazy Baby, will you please fuck me hard and deep, please.” I begged him. He plunged into me like a rod of steel and his cock hit my cervix illegal bahis siteleri over and over again.He did this for what seemed like eternity but was a half hour of hard deep plunging and then he began groaning. “You going to cum NAte?” I asked him. “Oh yeah Susan, I am going to cum big time.” he said. “Good, fill my pussy, fill it up.” I said. “Cum inside you?” he said. “Oh yes Baby, never waste good cum.” I said and he plunged harder and then tensed up and filled loads into my pussy making my body convulse with a wonderful orgasm. He stayed in me and we just stayed like that, me on my back on the desk and naked and Nated almost all naked, his pants around his ankles. His cock throbed a long time and then he began to move in and out again getting harder. “Oh yes Baby, fuck me again.” I moaned and he started again. He began ramming me harder than before and I was riding waves of orgasms and then one hand was on my neck and he smiled at me, “Ready for some real fun?” he said and I said, “Oh yes, anything Baby.” “Good” he almost growled and his hand began to tighten afound my neck. I felt the blood slowling it’s flow and it was getting harder to breathe and he was pumping harder and my pussy felt like I had had a gang bang and then an orgasm came aand I passed out.

I woke up and he was sucking my tits and I was leaking cum from my pussy and milk from my tits and he laughed, “I thought you might like it a little rough.” he laughed. “Oh Nate, you don’t know the half of it Baby.” he said kissing him. “I think we tookcare of the homework problem, and a couple others too.” I said and he kissed me again and my body was stirring again. “One more thnig Nate.” I said as I slipped to the floor and on my knees. “What?” he said smiling down at me. “I have to suck your cock BAby and swallow that cum if you have any left.” “Oh, there is some if you wanna take care of it.” he said and I sat him on the couch and began massagging his cock as it grew and the head swelled and I took as much as I could in my mouth. I teased his balls with my tongue and moved his legs over my shoulders and began rimming his ass hole making him really moan a lot, “Oh fuck Susan, of damn, that feels great.” he was saying over and over. Then as his cock began to pulse I took it in my mouth and got as much as I could in till the head was almost past my gag point and he exploded and I swallowed it all down. “Fuck Susan, that was incrediable, no one ever did it like that.” he said gasping for air. “Good, then I am the best cock sucker you have ever had?” I teased. “Susan, you are the best everything I have ever had.” and I stood in front of him, my tits leaking now not as full as before. I dressed and he watched every move I made. Cum was running down my legs and I felt it making me so hot again and told Nate, “Okay, that is all for today canlı bahis siteleri Baby, we will have to find a better place to help you do homework.” I said and he agreed. He dressed and got up and I let him walk out a side door and into the parking lot before I left. I got to my car and found a note on the windsheild, ‘Ms. Lacey, you fucked Nate, I am next.” it saidand I looked around. It seemed that someone knew what had happened and had left the note and now I wondered who would be next. NAte said he did not know and so all that week I was waiting for the note writer to let me know who they were.

The following Friday after school Julie came in as I was getting ready to go. “Ms. Lacey, I have some questions.” she said standing a few feet from me. “Sure what is it Julie.” I said. “Well, I like one of my teachers.” she said and I was not sure if it was me or someone else. “Wel, okay.” I said, “What can I do to help.” I said and then she pulled off her t-shirt and pants and was naked in front of me. I instantly was soaking wet and stood, “And so this means it is me then?” I said and she just stepped to me and grabbed me and kissing me as if she was in a hurry. I felt the buttons on my blouse give way and then my bra was off and I was there in my skirt and that too was soon on the floor. I was naked now and Julie was trying to suck and kiss everything at once. “Let’s slow down Dear and go into the study.” I said and picked up the clothes and locked the class door and then the study door. “can I nurse from you please?” she said very shy and I sat on the couch and she laid across my lep like a baby and I guided her face to my tits, “Nurse all you like.” I said and she started and I felt my pussy getting soaking wet then an orgasm came and she looked at me, “Did I do that?” she said and I moaned, “Of course Baby, Mommy loves you nursing and it makes me feel good too.” I moaned as she went back to sucking and then her head went further down and my legs came apart and then her head was slipping between my legs. She found my swelled clit and sucked it into her mouth and began playing with one tit and fingering my pussy as she sucked a tit and then sucked the other. I was going nuts have this shy, athletic girl all over my body and then I sat her up and said, “Okay dear, my turn now.” and I dove between her legs and began a wonderful meal. She flopped around all over as she had orgasms and then we got in a nice 69 and kept licking for a coud hours. Soakng each other’s hair and faces and now the couch had the scent of woman’s juices all over. It was dark out when we dressed and she kissed me and left the room after we agreed that there was more to cum and that she would let a few select frinds know I like men and women and that I was ready to take all I could take from whoever coupld give it to me. That year was great and I ened up with 6 guys and 10 girl lovers. All of them passed their classes needless to say.

Well folks, gotta go shower. See you later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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