Adventures In Hitchhiking Ch. 04

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After taking care of Jake and Al again, Al told me to get up off the floor and get them a beer. I got up, shakily, and went to the refrigerator. I could hear them laughing and whispering something behind me but not really getting what they were saying. I got out two beers and yelled back, “May I have one too?”

Jake yelled it was “OK just hurry the fuck up”. I got back and gave them the beers and took a swig from my bottle. It tasted great, and cooled my mouth and throat. Al told me I could drink the beer but I had to be on my knees, as a matter of fact, I was to be on my knees at all times when I was with them. Feeling really humiliated, and totally dominated, I went to my knees. And took another swig of beer. Jake said as long as I was on my knees, I might as well use my mouth on his cock between drinks of his beer. My mouth moved forward and engulfed his semi hard cock. It was getting hard again in my mouth.

Then Al said “Well let’s finish the beer and then we’ll do what we talked about with this sissy”.

We finished our beers, as I knelt there and I wondered just what they had in store for me now.

They both got up and got dressed leaving me still naked and kneeling.

Then Al said “Come on we’re going to have some more fun, follow us”. I started to rise when Jake said; “Asshole, you follow on your knees, you don’t get up until one of us gives you an order to stand, you are our bitch and bitches stay on their knees.” “UNDERSTAND?”

“Yes Sir”

I crawled behind them to the front door.

They went outside and Al turned and said; “Well I guess you can get up now and get to the car.”

I started to get my clothes and heard: “HEY! We didn’t say anything about bahis firmaları clothes. Get your ass in the backseat.”

Jake put a towel down and had me get in, then thought for a second and told me to get on the floor, on my hands and knees behind the front seat. They got in and closed the door, started up, and backed out of the drive. We drove for a while with them talking and laughing and drinking beer while I was in back, naked on my hands and knees in back. After a while we slowed down and pulled into some lot, it turned out to be a parking lot of a Gay bar.

They got out and told me to get up and get out, DAMN, how could I get out naked as a jay bird, but by this time, I knew I had no choice. I knelt up then got out into the parking lot. By then they were walking away and I had to close the door and walk across the parking lot and to the door by myself. I hurried as quick as I could, the rough stones hurting my feet. I got inside fast and was met with cat calls and whistles.

There were about 17 men in the bar, most older, and looked kind of rough. Al called me over to where the were at the bar, and motioned for me to get to my knees. After a minute or so the bar tender came over, and I heard him tell Al “Hey man we can’t have a naked guy in the front bar area. If you have something planed for him take him into the woman’s room.”

Al said, “Follow me”. I started to get up and he said, “No jerk off,,,, crawl”. Damn, I turned even redder and stayed down and crawled after him into a bathroom. Naked and crawling through a gay bar, I knew this was going to be an interesting night. It had a row of sinks along one mirrored wall, and toilets with no doors across on the other wall. A couch kaçak iddaa and a large table were in the rear center. It was pretty good sized, and no doubt, at one time was a very nice Ladies Room, in what was once a nice restaurant. Then someone who followed us into the room, put a blindfold over my eyes.

“Kneel up” someone said. I knelt up, and heard some rustling, then a cock head was pushed against my lips. I knew what I had to do now, no way out, no choices, and besides, I was getting turned on again. My cock started to respond and harden, letting everyone know I was going to be a good bitch for them.

I took the new cock into my mouth, it held still, so I suckled on it and moved my mouth up and down the hard shaft, pushing forward, pushing cock into my throat opening, and gagging on cock. My mouth moved in and out, my mouth sucked down deeply on that cock. “Suck start a Harley” came to mind. I was really getting into it, I liked being naked, being on my knees for these men, I liked sucking on hard cock. Damn where had this come from all of a sudden, liking to suck cock wanting to suck cock, and waiting for cock to shoot cum into my sucking mouth.

I know the Army made me into someone who followed orders and submitted to superiors but this was total submission. Total and sexual submission. I was sucking on other men’c cocks and taking their cum down my throat. This wasn’t supposed to be the way things are. This wasn’t a normal thing to do. But I was doing it very willing and finding it a turn on. I couldn’t understand this but; I was going to do it.

I had never felt the desire for cock before. All that cock in the Army, swinging back and forth in showers and the barracks. So many cocks kaçak bahis back then, cocks that I missed the opportunity to suck, and now the cocks of these men using my mouth, cocks that will cum in my mouth, spread cum around in my mouth and the cum will be drooling out onto my chin.

Now I could tell more men had come into the woman’s room, more men seeing me naked, kneeling before a strange man and sucking his cock, and my hard cock sticking out making a show of how turned on I was.

And they would all be sure I would suck their cocks as they wanted, as they pleased I would have no say in the matter. I would suck cock, and they would shoot cum into my mouth as long and as often as they pleased. I was there to be used.

Now the cock in my mouth started pulling back and jamming back into my mouth, giving me a good strong face fucking. Ramming into my mouth and jamming into my throat. And as I knew I would I was drooling, over my chin and down unto my chest. Then that cock started pulsing, that cock started shooting cum into my mouth, and then as cock continued to pump in my mouth it’s cum spread around in my mouth and drooled out of my mouth no matter how tightly I tried to suck I couldn’t contain all that cum.

When he was done I took a breath and another cock was pushed against my lips, it pushed at my mouth, my mouth opened and took another hard cock into my face. I could tell by the scent, this cock belonged to a black owner. He had that familiar musk of a strong black man, and the cock was thick and long. Going deep into my mouth to the opening of my throat, but too thick to enter my throat. Cock was filling my mouth, there was still cock left I would still have to suck on. I was gagging as his cock jammed against my throat, and I really tried to push forward, trying to push his cock into my throat but it was futile. I was so turned on to being just a submissive cocksucking bitch boy.

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