Adisa Shows the Way

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Adisa was gently playing with my belly. Pale and a little flaccid, it was the product of a decade of donut and fast food abuse. What had once been the body of a high school rugby player was now, very much the body of a middle aged nerd. As if sensing my insecurity she quickly straddled me, kissed me on the lips and said:

“Lets go for a run.”

“But I’m hungover.” I complained, “Plus, I haven’t worked out in years. I doubt I could make it to the other end of the village and back.”

“This is true. But I’m now invested in your stamina. Come, run with me. I’ll make it worth your while.” and with that she stripped the sheets off me a sashayed towards the shower.

I rolled upwards and checked my phone. One missed call from Rebecca. “Dammit” I hissed under my breath.

“Your wife called about 10 minutes ago, you were asleep, you should call her back whilst I shower.” Adisa called back from the bathroom.

I found my robe. Started the coffee machine and wandered out into the small flower garden that was attached to the hut. How the hell was I going to do this? Rebecca would probably detect something was wrong, but I’ll just blame the hangover.

I start the call. It rang a couple of times before my eldest, Robert, answered.

“Hey Dad! How are you doing?”

“Actually sweety, I don’t feel so great, can you get mummy?” there was a little shuffling as the phone was passed around.

“Hey! Oh, you look rough.” Rebecca wasn’t wrong. The small preview of me on the screen was not a pretty sight. My wife looked amazingly composed for this time in the morning. She was wearing a nose ring instead of her normal diamond stud. She was wearing straight, auburn hair down over her shoulders.

“You should see how it feels on the inside.” I replied. “We went out to celebrate last night, and I got a little carried away. You look great!”

“Thanks! Looks like it. Still, you needed to cut loose a little.”

“Yeah. The worst part is I think I agreed to go for a run with Adisa this morning.”

“A run? I didn’t know you did that.”

“I’m not sure if I do. If I don’t call you tomorrow, you’ll know why. Look, honey, I gotta go. I feel like shit, and I need coffee and a shower. Can I call you back this evening?”

“Sure. Love you.” and she kissed the camera, then passed it around to the kids.

“Love you too” and I did. I still genuinely loved my wife, my kids, my entire life. I figured I could do this. At worst this was a 1 month thing. No one ever had to meet each other. No marital beds would be soured, no one would have to explain to the children why Daddy was with another a women. I might not even have to lie.

I stepped back into the hut. Grabbed a coffee and started to search my closet for something that looked like I could run in it. Being a giant nerd, t-shirts were not a problem, I had some old cargo shorts lying around. I just didn’t have anything that resembled running shoes.

Adisa came out of the shower. Her skin radiant. I strode towards her and kissed her. Her breath was minty fresh, I guess she’d used my toothbrush.

“Coffee breath and I know you haven’t brushed your teeth yet.” she said as she failed to return my kiss. “Cherie, I’m not that kind of girl” she added in her best southern drawl, which came out adorably french.

“We have a problem. I don’t have any trainers.”

“No problem, we’ll run bare foot.” dismissing my concerns with a wave of her hand. “OK, I’ll meet you at the south end of the village in ten. I’m going to get some running clothes. Its still early, I think I’ll avoid the walk of shame. And please, brush your teeth.” and with that she was gone.

10 minutes later I ambled out of the hut and started walking out of town. Adisa was there, smoking and chatting with a couple of the guys on the team.

“Hey Boss!” one of them called. “You look like shit!” He was a recent grad, canlı bahis also a Bassari. Tall, skinny, shaved head, and wore one earring in each ear.

“Fuck you!” I replied with a smile and he grinned back. “And I’m not your boss, I just work here.”

“Whatever, Boss” he replied. “Hey, Adisa, take it easy on him.” and he walked away.

“OK, this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to run and talk at the same time. If you can’t talk we’re going to fast, so we’ll either slow down, or walk. I’ll set the pace.”

“How far are we going?” I asked, the fear was clear on my face.

“Just three K. I have a fair sense of how fit you are.” giving me a wink, “Its not as bad as you think and by the time you go home, I bet you’ll love running.”

“I doubt tha-” but before I could finish she had already started jogging.

“C’mon, this is the warm up!” and I reluctantly started jogging towards her. She slowed her pace to mine then started talking.

“Tell me about your wife. Tell me about Rebecca”. I considered this. A little shocked.

“I’d rather not. This is new to me. I respect my wife. I love my wife. I don’t want to…”

“No, this is important. I need you to understand that I’m not jealous of her. I need you to know that I also respect her, that I’m not in this to hurt her.” I looked skeptically at Adisa, trying to figure out if this was a trap. Then Adisa looked down at my feet. “What are you doing?”


“With your feet?” I looked down at my feet.


“No, this is not running. Why are your heals touching the ground first? Wait, why are you leaning backwards?”

“I am?” I was confused. I’d done some running at high school, they made everyone do cross country every month. I’d always hated it, but no one had ever said that I couldn’t do it.

“Doesn’t that hurt?”

“Yes. It hurts like hell. Isn’t- running- supposed to- hurt”. Adisa, slowed to a fast walk, and I joined her.

“Not like that. Your body doesn’t work like that. All of your weight is going through your knees.” She jogged a few meters in front of us and started jogging backwards. This sort of grandstanding normally pissed me off, but this time I was intrigued. “See, look, ball to toe. Bounce, don’t roll. Easy, smooth, fast”.

“What was that?”

“Easy. Smooth. Fast. The three stages to mastering anything.”

“Oh, you mean like-” I was still getting my breath back, “Shuhari?”

“I’d never thought of it like that, but yeah, kinda.” She stopped and kissed me on the cheek as I caught up. Feeling a little exposed I looked around. We’d actually covered a fair amount of distance already. “Your running had made me forget that you’re actually smart.”


“Oh, and cute.” she slapped me on the ass and started jogging again and I picked up the pace. “Balls to toe. Balls to toe. Repeat it as we run.” I started chanting. It really helped. “and don’t look at your feet, look up, look out.” I lifted my head. After a couple of cycles Adisa continued “I’m serious about your wife.”

“So am I.” I replied. “She’s the greatest person I’ve ever gotten to know. She’s smarter than me, centers me. Calls me on my bullshit.” despite the moderately improved stance I was still getting winded. “and I’m not sure how to balance that with how great this morning was.”

“It was surprisingly good.” Adisa agreed. I let the surprisingly go. 10 years of marriage had trained me to see the good through the bad. “This is good news.”

“What- is?” with the pause in my breath Adisa, slowed us to a fast walk.

“That you love and respect your wife. It speaks volumes about you as a person, and makes me like you more.”

“Until about twelve hours ago I would have agreed with you.” I snatched out between deep breaths.

“I’m not from a monogamous family.” Adisa started. “My father had two wives, in Islam two or bahis siteleri three wives is common.”

“But you- are- not Muslim” I interjected, slowly catching my breath.

“Polygamy is not unique to Islam and its relatively new to Christianity.” Adisa continued. “If anything monogamy is pretty recent experiment.”

“And you are OK with polygamy?” I asked as Adisa started jogging again.

“I am. Being a family is hard. Women are amazing. The more women in a family the better.”

“That sounds like an over simplification. What about love, the special bond between one man and one woman.”

“How long have you been married?”

“Ten years this summer. Rebecca and I have been together just over 13 years.”

“And do you still feel that same intensity. The intensity that I’m sure you felt when you started dating. The intensity that we felt together this morning.”

“It’s… different. The highs are a little lower, but the sex is still… good.” Adisa took a short glance at me, trying to decide if the pauses was because of the jogging or the thinking. She continued, our pace unchecked. “Have you had long relationships?”

“I have been married twice.” her tone was flat.

“Are you still married?” genuinely intrigued that this was the first I had known about this. I had been involved in her hiring process. It was in her files.

“No. Both ended in divorce.” I considered asking more questions, but didn’t get the sense that now was the time.

“Then you understand.”

“I understand completely. But you also should understand that you can love more than one person at once. That is what is happening now. Rather than ending the relationship with your wife, you are simple experiencing a new set of intensities with me.”

I thought about this a little. The running was actually starting to feel good, but my lungs were on fire.

“Where are we?” most of the last two months I’d been working so hard that the furthest I hadn’t really left the village.

“Almost there.”

“Where?” Adisa picked up the pace, as we began to take on a small hill.

“Shorten your stride for the hill” Adisa suggested, “Move your feet over your toes. Listen to your body. Easy, yes?”

“Easier.” I winged, “Not sure as I’d go as far as easy” I said with a grin. As we crested the hill the whole world seemed to open up. In front of us the valley dropped away towards a vast river as the trees gave way to plains. “Wow!”

“Not bad, eh?” Adisa pulled a cigarette from the packet in her sports bra and lit it. “Dammit, I’m nearly out of these-” she hunted for the brand on the deliberate ugly olive packaging, “Marlboro? That I took from your stash. If you don’t smoke why do you have huge cartons of them in your hut?”

“I figured they’d make good gifts. I knew that most people didn’t drink.”

“Most people don’t smoke either.”

“Yeah, I figured that out a bit too late.” I walked over and put my arm around Adisa’s waist and she leaned in to me, putting her head on my shoulder. The heavy, coolness of her earrings on my neck was a pleasant surprise.

“I get the sense that you like my smoking.”

“I went to college in the 90s, all the women I dated smoked. Even Rebecca was a social smoker when I met her, still does if I’m good.”

“Ha! I knew it” she said with a little triumph, “but you’ve never smoked?”.

“Not really. I don’t like the taste or the buzz”

“Huh, those are two of my favourite things, although I rarely get a buzz any more, just a nice relaxed feeling.”

“Strangely, I do like the taste on others.” I admitted. “And, there is something exciting about going down on a woman whilst she’s enjoying a cigarette.”

“Going down? I thought that was a myth. You Englishmen really do that?” Adisa looked genuinely intrigued.

“Are you fucking with me? Of course we go down on women.” I paused trying bahis şirketleri to read Adisa’s expression.

“No. I figured it was made up for movies and porn”.

“Wait.” sensing and opportunity. “Noone has ever gone down on you?”

“No! I’m not even sure I’d like it. Sounds messy.”

“Huh,” I moved behind her and kissed her neck, “lets see if we can fix that” I kissed her neck again and as she melted in it a little my cheek brushed her earrings and the jingled a little and I saw her nipples harden through her shirt. I gently massage her breasts working my right hand down to her pants. Moving my kisses up her neck to her ears I began to work my tongue up her pierced lobe, tugging a little on each ring and letting it fall with a gentle sound into the ring below it. “It was very smart of you to pierce the bits you like me to play with” I whispered in my ears.

“Smart had nothing to do with it” as she turned to kiss me. The large porcupine needle in her septum rubbing against my face as her tongue found mine, and she pushed my hand further in to her pants. I found her clitoris, gently circling until I felt it respond, reaching occasionally down to her labia to moisten my finger tips. Feeling her rhythm I increased my cadence pushing a little deeper with each stroke. I felt her legs weaken little and with strength I didn’t know I had picked her up with my spare arm and lay her gently on the ground.

I broke our kiss, and took small love bites as I worked my way down her body. I pulled down her running shorts exposing her beautiful vulva, long, thick labia and a clitoris that I’d had worked up to the size of a bean.

“I’m not sure about-” and I plunged my face between her legs, working my tongue around her clit. “Oh- no, I’m sure about this” and a felt her relax into it.

Round and round, feeling her body moving beneath me, finding her rhythm and working every curve I could find. As I felt her reaching climax I went a little deeper, forcing my entire face against her body. Her silky pubic hair had a deep, womanly smell. I couldn’t breathe, but I could sense she was close. Round and round, up and down. Keeping the rhythm steady as I varied the intensity getting closer, then backing off, closer, closer, closer, then just as she was about to explode I let loose circling as quickly as I could helping her to release. I felt the first orgasm begin to wane, and I bought my right hand into her, mirroring my tongue on the inside, feeling her writhe with pleasure. Adisa let out a yell, a pure, primal, sexual scream of pleasure and I finally came up for air and lay on the dirt next to her.

Adisa lit another cigarette, her last. Crushed the packet and stared into the sky, her chest heaving. After a minute or two she rolled into the crook of my arm, smiled and kissed me gently on the lips, rolled back and took a deep, deep inhale, exhaling a small cloud between us.

“That. That might be a bigger surprise than your tiny cock!” she said with a wicked smile. I laughed, and pulled her closer, and she rested her leg on top of mine.

A few minutes later, we dusted each other of an started the return leg of the run.

“There’s the village.” Adisa pointed out over the hill, 20 minutes later. We’d made it. “Don’t get too full of yourself. It was a good first run, but I think we can double that pace in the next four weeks.” despite myself I was proud, and Adisa was right, it hadn’t sucked as much as I thought it would. Adisa increased her pace.

“See if you can catch me!” she yelled over her shoulder. I picked up my pace, but I was also really happy to watch her silhouette glide in front of me as I contemplated our earlier conversation. She was right. I could like more than one person at a time.

“Not bad, Englishman.” Adisa said with a nod, when I finally caught up to her and she slapped me on the ass as I crossed the imaginary finish line and bent over to catch my breath.

“Not bad yoursel-” but it was too late. She was already wandering over to a small crowd of engineers. Just as I reached my full height I saw her sneak a glance at me, and I beamed back at her.

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