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It began with a dare. Two of my group of friends accepted it from two other people in the group.

With women, there’s short and then there’s “actually a midget”. A woman who’s four-feet-eleven-inches tall is short. Cindy was 25 years old — a year younger than me — and was three-feet-three-inches tall. That most definitely qualifies as “actually a midget”.

And even for a guy, I’m tall. Six-feet-seven-inches tall to be precise. Which just accentuated the contrast between Cindy and I. I’m the tallest person in our group of friends by a good five inches.

Anyway, getting back to the dare, most of us in the group had significant others. But Cindy and I were both unattached. Obviously, all of us in the group liked each other’s company or we wouldn’t all hang out together. But there’s a difference between “I think this person is cool to hang out with” and “I’d like to take this person on a date and court them and make them into my partner.”

One day, we were all hanging out and suddenly Rob pushed Cindy over towards me and Jill pushed me over towards Cindy.

“Tim, you should ask Cindy on a date,” Jill intoned.

“Cindy, you should ask Tim out,” Rob grunted.

“Are you two trying to set us up?” I giggled.

Jill smirked. “What was your first clue, Sherlock?”

I looked at Cindy. She looked at me. We simultaneously shrugged.

“What the hell, you only live once.”

And so, Saturday morning, I found myself driving over to Cindy’s house. It’s not like we needed to get to know each other. I already knew that she had finished college the year before and was working from home for a big advertising agency, proofing newspaper ads. She already knew that I had finished college two years before and was working as a low-level office grunt for a company that had 20 offices in the state. We knew what each other looked like (clothed, anyway). I had a pretty good idea of her interests and she knew most of mine. We had arranged to have me come over and bring a movie we both liked (“The Cutting Edge”), which we’d watch and then we’d have lunch together.

Cindy nestled against me while we watched. Normally, I’d say her head was resting on my chest. But she’s so small and I’m so lanky that it seemed like her entire body was pressed against me.

I held her gently and dipped my head. Cindy tilted hers upwards and I kissed her cheek. She tried to wrap her arms around me, but they were so short she couldn’t quite succeed. I put one of mine around her, and she smiled.

I hadn’t realized bahis firmaları quite how pretty she was. Her light-brown, wavy shoulder-length hair framed her face. Her body was small, but not mis-proportioned. Her brown eyes seemed to twinkle with happiness and her smile could melt an iceberg. She didn’t appear to be wearing a bra under her shirt, and her chest was sized perfectly for her frame. (B cups, as I found out later.) She had just enough meat on her bones to give her ass, now clearly outlined by her leggings, nice curvature.

We watched the movie and enjoyed it, as expected. When it ended, Cindy seemed reluctant to get off the couch. And since we were at her house, I didn’t feel that it was my place to tell her to do so.

“Tim, this feels very nice. Hold me closer.”

“Okay, Cindy.” I put my other arm around her and snuggled her more firmly against me.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a… partner I could trust. Most men just want me to have sex with them so they can say they banged a midget. Another thing checked off the bucket list and then they move on.”

“I’m sorry.”

Cindy smiled up at me. “You already like me for who I am, not what I am.”

I dipped my head, and this time kissed her very gently on the lips. “True.”

My stomach growled loudly, and that was the impetus for us to climb off the couch and head for the kitchen. I helped her cook a simple, tasty meal, and she appreciated having someone who could reach into the cabinets and get the food so she didn’t have to climb on a step stool every time she wanted something.

When we finished eating, I put the dishes in the sink. Cindy wrapped her arms around my leg — the only part of me she could reach.

I reached down and picked her up, lifting her so that her face was level with mine. “What can I do for you?”

“To me,” she corrected. “I haven’t had anyone who actually cares about me in my bed in way too long. Sex is much better when it’s with someone you know and care about.”

“You’re very attractive,” I informed her. “But I have an ironclad rule not to have sex on the first date.”

She gave me a very pouty look, and I pulled her close enough that I could give her a kiss.


“I have an idea,” I said. “I can leave now and return at 5 p.m. this evening. That way it’ll technically be our second date.”

She sighed. “I guess that’ll work.”

I pulled her body against my torso and held her, then gave her another kiss. “I promise it will.”

So at 5 p.m., I kaçak iddaa found myself returning to Cindy’s house. This time she was dressed in a robe.

“Let’s consume some food before going to the bedroom,” I suggested, holding up a bag from her favorite deli. We ate our sandwiches and chips, and then did indeed head for the bedroom.

“I assume this will be the first of many times we do this,” Cindy purred, removing her robe. I was quickly shedding my own clothes.

“Oh, it will be,” I smiled. I finished stripping and climbed onto the bed with Cindy.

“Mmmmm,” she husked. “You have a nice body, Tim.”

“And it’s all yours,” I informed her. “Do whatever you’d like to me.”

I lay on my back, letting Cindy take the lead. The first thing she did was move up far enough to kiss me. It wasn’t the gentle type we’d already shared: this was a deep, tongue-twining lover’s kiss that she only broke when she needed to breathe.

She then began gently caressing my chest with her small hands. I made appreciative noises and she kissed my flesh, slowly easing her way down to my nipples. She nibbled at them and teased them with her tongue.

“Now, you should warm me up,” she whispered, sliding her body upwards along me and presenting my mouth with her breasts.

“Sounds good.” I kissed between her breasts at first, then did the same thing she had done for me and began kissing and suckling them, using my tongue to stimulate her nipples. She shivered and smiled.

“I want that tongue somewhere else,” she husked. She shifted her position and pressed her slit against my mouth. It was already starting to leak.

“Mmmmmm.” I licked up her juices and then ran my tongue along her lower lips, tracing back and forth. She squirmed and gasped. I carefully maneuvered a fingertip to her clit and brushed it with the most gentle touch I could manage. Her small legs wrapped around my face.

“Don’t stop,” she panted.

“I won’t.” I kept very softly touching her clit as I slid my tongue in between her folds. She sat herself down more firmly on my face and quivered as I swirled my tongue in circles to get as much of her nectar as possible. I placed my free hand on her ass and lightly groped her.

She screeched and flooded my face abruptly. I gulped down as much of her honey as possible. When she regained control of her body, she climbed off me and smiled. “Thanks, Tim.”

“My pleasure, Cindy.”

She scooted back downwards along my body and spread my legs, getting in between them. “My turn kaçak bahis to pleasure you.”

I lay still and enjoyed the feel of her tongue on my balls. My cock, already nearly hard, quickly stiffened fully. Even though it wasn’t huge — six inches, and not outrageously thick — Cindy couldn’t take the whole thing into her mouth. She was able to get the head and about half the shaft in.

I didn’t in the least mind, as the feel of her tongue on my cockhead was wonderful. She traced delicate patterns along the head and top of the shaft, and I quickly began moaning and shuddering. Her tiny hands gently cupped and caressed my balls, which slowly started filling.

“My turn to say don’t stop.”

Cindy kept right on working her magic. The look in her eyes let me know how much she was enjoying pleasing me, and I gave her a smile in return. She worked my shaft for another few minutes, then lifted her head.

“I want you inside me now. As you know, when it became clear I would be a midget, my mom had an oophorectomy performed on me when I was 16.”

I did recall her complaining about that in previous hang-out sessions, multiple times. “I know, hon. What position would you like?”

“Tonight, I want to ride your cock.”

I helped her get in position and lowered her onto my pole.

“You good, sweetie?”

“I’m good. If your cock was any longer I wouldn’t be able to take it all.”

I placed my hands on her hips so I could help guide her up and down, and she placed her hands on my belly. She moved slowly at first, taking her time so she could adjust to me being in her. I slid her up and down at the pace she wanted. She gave me a squeeze with her internal muscles every time she slid downwards.

I began slowly thrusting upwards into her using the same rhythm she was for her bouncing. Cindy squealed and her eyes twinkled at me. Her tiny legs tried to grip my hips. I moved one hand to her firm ass and gently caressed and groped it as she slid up and down.

My legs stiffened as she gave me squeezes with her pussy, and she noticed. “Fill me up, Tim.”

“I will.” I bounced her a bit faster, and she squeezed me more intently, trying to milk the sperm from my balls. When she climaxed, her pussy spasms set me off, and I did as she asked, filling her up with jets of my cum.

She climbed off me and scooted her body upwards so we could kiss. “Mmmmmmm. I liked that a lot, and I needed it.”

“I like being both with and in you. I’ll give you as much sex as you want, that’s a promise.”

“Let’s watch another movie, then come back and fall asleep in this bed and you can give me more sex tomorrow morning.”

“I like that idea.”

I’ve spent every weekend with (and in) Cindy since that day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20