Acting Out

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Acting Out
When I was 19 I found myself in a bad spot in life. I had just gotten away from an ex that liked to hurt me in ways I wasn’t okay with and my best friend was sick of listening to me complain. I was unhappy. My parents were on my ass to go back to college and do something with my life. I had younger relatives that looked up to me and depended on me and for some fucking reason, it was my job to take care of these k**s that weren’t mine.

I was hurting, I was angry, and I was resentful. I blew off steam by chatting with men online. I was fairly good at getting them off while talking to them on the phone, and I think they loved having the sexual attention of a 19-year-old. I probably could have gone to clubs and bars and really get guys off, but after my ex, there was a part of me that was afraid of being physically near men.

I knew it wouldn’t take much to convince me to be useful to them in whatever way they wanted me to be. I needed that connection with people and I found it way to easy to give myself over to the person I was with, without regards to my own safety or desires. I got hurt and was left unfulfilled. It was easy for them to use me in person. On the phone or online, I got my needs met as well.

But the ones online could sweet-talk me too. I sent them photos of me, never my whole face, but nothing else was off-limits. I wore a mask if they wanted a full shot of me, it covered my nose and eyes, and curled down over my cheeks and jawline and had two curly twists that went up along my forehead like horns. It was a deep violet and emerald solid leather mask that allowed only my eyes and lips to be visible in the photos.

I did what they asked within reason. There were certain lines I wouldn’t cross, but there were very few things I refused to do for them. Looking back on it, I should have charged them for it, but I got something out of it too. Having older men tell me I was beautiful and that my breasts were perfectly rounded, or my pussy was the prettiest pink they’d seen did wonders for my self-esteem and kept me from thinking about how worthless I felt outside of what I had to offer sexually.

One of the men made me feel more comfortable than the others. He talked to me about everything from the d**gs he’d tried in his youth to how his wife hadn’t let him touch her in years. He let me talk about my ex and my friend, he seemed like he understood why I was so hesitant to physically be around men at the time, but he was also a very smooth talker and before I even realized it, I had accepted a flight out to Colorado to meet up with him.

I was all nerves for weeks beforehand, and I’d lied to my parents about where I was going and why. As far as they knew I was going to Las Vegas for a week to unwind at a casino. They weren’t happy, but I was 19, what were they going to do?

When I arrived at the airport, I pretty much immediately went into the bathroom to throw-up and brush my teeth. I was suddenly having all of the horrible what-ifs flying through my head that centered around him being a psychotic murderer that lured me out here just to brutally assault me and eventually kill me. I had walked into the hands of a sexual predator and deviant. I was going to be the victim of a serial killer. All of the things your parents warn you about when meeting someone online.

He wasn’t any of those things, though. When I met him, he was like the cool dad everyone wanted as a teenager. He wore a black blazer, an AC/DC t-shirt, and dark blue jeans with hiking boots. His hair was a dark brown with a light streak of silvery-gray at the temples, and he had such soulful green eyes. When he smiled his whole face lit up.

I was sitting in a seat by the entrance of the airport, clinging tightly to the backpack I’d brought with me when he walked through the door. He checked in with an attendant, I’m assuming he was asking if my flight had landed yet, we had actually landed earlier than expected, so I’d been in the airport for about half an hour already before he showed up.

I saw him before he saw me. I just watched him scanning the various faces in the crowd, he looked concerned as he didn’t seem to notice me. To be fair, I wasn’t in the crowd, I was sitting in a chair off to the side, almost hidden in a corner. I got up and his eyes landed on my face, and that was when he smiled. He looked like he’d seen his best friend for the first time in a decade.

He jogged over to me and picked me up in a great big hug that left me laughing and kind of afraid at the same time. I was trembling when he put me down, he noticed and quickly apologized but I waved it off, “I-I just wasn’t expecting you to pick me up. I get nervous with my feet off the ground,” I laughed.

He grabbed my bag and nodded to a group of old ladies giving us stink eye, “Wanna call me Daddy then kiss me to really get their Depends in a bunch?” He smirked and I blushed brightly. He took my hand and led me to the car, “First we’re gonna get some food…”

I groaned and pulled my hand over my stomach at the mention of food.

“…Not gonna get some food first, because the plane ride didn’t agree with you and you need your feet on the ground for a while…” he smoothly finished his previous line without missing a beat.

I laughed a little, “Sorry. I don’t fly well. I’ll be okay in a while.”

He nodded, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri “That’s okay. Let’s get you checked into the hotel so you can get settled and maybe take a bath to settle your stomach. We can order something up when you’re up to it later.”

I nodded and he led me down to a large black SUV, we climbed in the front seats and I watched out the window as we drove away from the airport. I’d glance over at Kevin every now and then and he would run his hand through his hair, his brow furrowed. I think I almost caught him looking me over a few times. He was nearly 40 years older than me. He was already the father of an 18-year-old boy when I was born.

It felt weird, but it was also welcomed. My ex was 3-years-older than me, but about 10-years-less mature. I needed to be around people who were nothing like him, mentally or physically. He was a blonde jock-type, bullheaded and conceited.

My best friend had found out my plans around this getaway and he tried to talk me out of it, but I didn’t listen. Maybe I should have, but I didn’t. I was mad at him. He just brushed me off when I most needed someone to listen to me, and maybe putting myself into a bad situation would make him think about how he treated me in the future. He was mad at me because I refused to cancel the trip because he wanted to go to Las Vegas with me and I told him no, that I wanted to be alone, away from anyone that knew me so I could relax and just figure out who I wanted to be. He didn’t like it, but he didn’t follow me either.

We made it to the hotel and he led me into the lobby. I stood quietly next to him as he finalized all of the paperwork. The looks people were giving me screamed, “She’s a trampy escort.” It might have all been in my head. I was wearing jeans and a baby-doll top. I wasn’t dressed like a sex-worker. I was dressed like the average teenage girl. I wasn’t even wearing much makeup and my hair was in a messy bun from the flight. I was a bit of a mess, to be honest. Maybe that’s what they thought. Maybe I was projecting how I felt about being their onto them and really their thoughts were about how I didn’t fit there. This was a pricey resort and I was not wealthy, and that was fairly painfully obvious.

Kevin took my hand and we went to the elevator, he was walking so fast that it was more like a light jog, but I kept up with him okay even as we weaved through a few small crowds. He squeezed my hand as we got on the elevator and he seemed like he might make an actual move on me, but a couple got on right after us and he sighed. He kind of tugged me to the back of the elevator as the couple was getting off earlier than us.

The couple got off and someone almost got on, until they realized we were going up anyways. It was just the two of us for the last four floors and he took the opportunity to lean down to me and kiss the back of my neck, near my shoulder. I shivered and felt his lips smile as he wrapped one hand around my waist. He lifted his lips to my ear and whispered, “I told you that would feel better than it sounded.”

I blushed and looked back to him, he was about to lean down to kiss me, but the elevator dinged and the doors opened. He just smiled and guided me off the elevator and down the hall. We made it down to the room and he placed my bag on a chair near the entrance. I followed him into the room and fully expected him to pounce on me as soon as the door closed, but he didn’t.

He reached his hand out and ran the back of his palm along my cheek, then reached behind me and carefully unlooped the elastic holding my hair up, releasing a cascade of shoulder-length blond curls. I’m sure I was radiating tension due to how nervous I was. He turned towards the bathroom and set up the tub to fill with hot water. I followed him in, I didn’t really know what else to do.

He stood up and slid his hand under my top, then lifted it up and over my head. I didn’t resist at all. I just stood there and let him. My hands were trembling slightly and he stopped to look me in the eye, “I can go in the other room if you’d prefer?”

I shook my head and shifted nervously, “I-I just…I’m afraid…I don’t want to mess up or disappoint you…” I stammered.

He rubbed his hand over my cheek and let it drift down to my shoulder, along the edge of my bra and down my side until he reached my hip. I was trembling and a few tears had started streaming down my cheek as I tried to pretend they weren’t there.

He moved a little closer to me and wiped the rogue moisture from my cheek, “I’m not expecting anything from you,” he said. “If you tell me every single day you’re here that you don’t want me to touch you, I won’t touch you. Do you want me to not touch you right now, Jess?”

I shook my head and he started to step away but I grabbed his hand and held it to my hip, “No, I mean I don’t want you to not touch me. I-I…I want to not be afraid of physical…touch. Please help me with this? Help me push through this fear?”

He smiled at me and leaned over me, kissing my forehead as he started unfastening my jeans. He slid them down my legs and I kicked my black flats off so he could pull my jeans fully off of me. The tub was nearly full so he leaned over to turn it off. It was the biggest tub I’d ever seen.

He stood back up next to me and unfastened makrobet my bra then slid the straps off of my shoulders, dropping it onto my growing pile of discarded clothing. He knelt in front of me and hooked his fingers into the waistband of my panties and kissed my tummy as he lowered them off my hips. I was still trembling and he kissed all the way down the front of me, just until he reached the top of my slit. I felt his lower lip separate mine just a little and my legs got a little weak as he lowered his mouth and continued his little kisses.

He didn’t spread my legs open, they were kind of tightly closed, he just kissed the area visible to him, which allowed him to flick his tongue over my clit and between my lips just a little. I moaned and felt him smile as he kissed his way back up my body, settling with his lips on my neck and his hands on my ass.

He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist, kissing me on the lips to distract me from the fact that he was still fully dressed and I was 100% naked. His hands cupped my butt and held my crotch tightly to his. He looked me in the eye and smiled at me as I began to relax a little. His fingertips brushed against my pussy as he adjusted me on his waist.

My eye kept glancing back to his lips. His lips were soft and he tasted like peppermint. I leaned towards him and pressed my upper lip against his lower lip, pulling it between mine just slightly. My hands were on either side of his face and I kept glancing from his eyes to his lips. I was looking for his approval and desperately wanting to never stop kissing him. I felt his finger rub between my pussy lips and I knew I was very wet. I had been since he pulled my butt against his crotch when the couple got on the elevator with us.

He pushed his finger very lightly into me and I squirmed down against him, my lips were parting his and I moaned as I closed my lips over his tongue, pulling my lips down the length of it until he pulled it away. I looked up at him, he was intensely focusing on me. I clasped my hands together behind his head and lay my head on his shoulder, grinding my hips against his as his finger dipped into me a little deeper.

I felt him squeeze my butt hard and pull me tightly to him. I got my hands under his blazer and started sliding it off of his shoulders. He seemed hesitant to put me down to get undressed himself, but he did and I helped him quite messily get his clothes into a pile near mine. When he was down to his boxers I started to put my fingers in the waistband to pull them off, but he grabbed my wrists and stopped me.

I looked up at him as I knelt in front of him, “Wait, wait, wait,” he groaned at me.

He reached out to me and cupped my chin, “Are you sure? Are you okay?”

I nodded and he pressed his thumb to my lower lip and pulled at it slightly, then he nodded and let me pull his boxers off of him. He was hard and his cock had large veins running down it, the head was mostly covered by a sheath of skin, but a tiny bit of it peeked through. I ran my finger from the head of his cock down the shaft he watched me bite my lower lip and lift myself up towards him. I was going to slide his cock between my lips but when I put my hand around the head of his cock to push the foreskin back, he wrapped his hand around my wrist and pulled me up to my feet.

“Your bath is going to get cold,” he said as he tugged my wrist and walked over to the giant tub with me.
There was a layer of fluffy bubbles on top of the water. The tub was recessed into the floor and he carefully climbed down into it then took my hand to lead me into the water with him. He turned me away from him and sat me on his lap, his cock nestled between my thighs and my pussy lips. He reached up behind him and hit a button, starting a cascade of jets in the water, which fluffed the bubbles even more.

His hands rested on my waist and I leaned back against his chest. He kissed my cheek and I smiled. His hands slid up my sides and over my breasts, gently rubbing and massaging them as he started kissing the back of my neck and shoulder area. He was gentle but it was clear he liked the weight of my breasts in his hand and he liked the way my erect nipples felt as his fingers brushed over them. He acted like he hadn’t played with breasts in years, but he told me all about his sex life, so I knew that wasn’t the case.

I reached my hands down in the water and started touching him. He smiled and rubbed his lips against my neck. I pushed his foreskin away from the head of his cock and traced my fingers around the tip and wrapped one hand around his shaft to stroke him.

He moaned against my neck and shifted in the tub a bit. His hands groped my breasts and slid down my stomach until he got to my thighs and spread them apart, causing me to shift a little lower on his lap, my pussy lips were spread apart with the base of his cock pressed tightly to me, rubbing against my clit as I stroked him. He pulled my hand from his cock and turned me around on his lap to face him, my knees rested on either side of him in the tub and I could feel his cock rubbing against the opening of my pussy, but he didn’t make a move to push into me.

Instead, he kissed me. One hand gripped the back of my neck and pulled me tightly against him and the other was between my legs, makrobet giriş guiding the head of his cock into me. I moaned and he thrust up into me, he was very much restraining himself, so I grabbed his waist and pulled myself tightly down onto him, grinding my hips against his.

I looked him in the eye as I bit my lip through a smile. He smiled back and his thumb started rubbing my clit, back and forth then in little circles. I put my hands on his shoulders and lifted my hips. He grabbed my waist with one hand and pulled me back down then leaned forward and bit my lower lip gently before kissing me deeply.

I realize that I should have felt guilty. He was married, had been married since before I was even born, but I simply didn’t care. He was gentle and reassuring. He made me feel beautiful and wanted. I think I made him feel good about himself as well as he became a little overwhelmed and lifted me up onto the bathroom floor so he could get his cock as far into me as he could.

I clung to his shoulders and he wrapped his arms around my back, holding me as tightly to him as he could as he thrust in and out of my pussy quick and hard. I was moaning in his ear and he started whispering in mine.

“You feel so much better than I imagined. That tiny pink pussy of yours is going to be so fucking full of my cum. Do you want it, doll?”

I was whimpering as he stretched me over his cock, repeatedly pushing just how deep he could get into me. I managed to moan against his ear without screaming, “Please, please fill my pussy with your cum.”
He managed a few more pumps with me squirming in his grip trying to get my hips tighter against his before he pushed deep and grabbed my ass to pull me as tightly to him as he could manage and I felt the warmth of his cum in me. I panicked for about two seconds as I remembered I was, in fact, on birth control, so it shouldn’t be an issue, but that also made me just a little sad.

When he pulled his cock free of me, he lifted my feet up onto the edge of the tub and played with my pussy, I felt insecure being so exposed but he was enthralled with me, squeezing my pussy lips and rubbing my clit with the cum that leaked from me, rubbing his cum down to my asshole and gently prodding me to see how I reacted. Then he lay me back on the bathroom floor and pressed his lips to my cunt, cleaning the mess he’d made of me with his lips, tongue, and fingers until I arched my back and felt a deep shudder cascade through me. He kept his fingers in me to feel me pulsing and squeezing as my pussy contracted in pleasure.

Then he pulled me down into the tub and washed and massaged every inch of me. He was extra attentive and gentle, kissing me every chance he got. Once I was all clean he brought me over to the walk-in shower and rinsed us both off. While in there I dropped to my knees and got him to pull my hair as I teased the head of his cock with my mouth. He came again, but he mostly missed my mouth, I think it was maybe on purpose because he tilted my face to see the light reflect on the cum that streaked my lips, cheek, and nose before he lifted from my skin with his finger and fed it to me.

With the bath all done he had me sit on the floor in the main room and he sat behind me in a chair and brushed my hair with me wrapped up in a towel. We ordered food in the room and he just absolutely doted on me. Every time I started to fall asleep he would urge me back awake by playing with my clit or breasts. Eventually, we both fell asleep. My head was on his lap and his fingers were in my pussy, but we fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning he was cupping and squeezing my breasts. When he noticed I was awake too he smiled and urged me up onto his lap again. I lazily climbed over him and lay my body against his, my head rested easily on his shoulder. He lifted my face to him and kissed the tip of my nose.

“You know I have to go home to my wife today for a bit, right?” he asked.

I nodded, “You told me you’d have to go a few times this week.”

He smiled slightly, “I left a credit card in your bag. The account is in my name, but I got them to put your name on the card so use it while you’re here. Go around town, go shopping, have fun.”

He pulled me down and kissed me before pushing me back onto the bed and climbing down between my legs. I was squirming against his tongue in just a few minutes as he savored every inch of my pussy. When he finished I was panting and squirming, my pussy was coated in a creamy fluid. He pulled his phone out and I lay back on the bed, fully exposed, cheeks and chest lightly flushed pink and panting. He positioned my fingers to hold my pussy open, the light glistened off my fluids and his saliva that coated me, and he took a picture, with my face fully visible with the entirety of my body.

He kissed me again. I could taste myself on him and he readily shared the reward that coated his tongue.

He got dressed and kissed me again. He started to leave but stopped just long enough to grab my hand and put it on the bulge in his pants, “Buy a sexy dress and lingerie while you’re out today. I want to take you somewhere nice for reminding this old man what it feels like to be alive.”

I smiled and rubbed my hand over the bulge, “I’ll send you pictures of the ones that I liked and you’ll just have to wonder which one you’ll find me in when you get back.”

He bit his lower lip and shook his head, “I’m still working on the recreational entertainment you requested, but I should have it in a few days. So help me if I die before this weekend is up, it’ll be so fucking worth it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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