A wild anal action by night

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A wild anal action by night
That night I felt really aroused as I waited for my hubby to come home. I knew he would be late; so I had plenty of time for me…

I turned on my laptop and got an interracial porn movie. Soon I was very horny and then I pulled out one of my favorite vibrators: a very huge black rubber piece; realistic with veins and very, very thick.

I placed just the tip on my exposed clit and laid there as I watched the movie. Soon my cunt was soaking wet.

As I moaned there in the bed, I thought I needed more.
Obviously I would have to try something new.

I pulled out my vapor rub and dipped a menthol tip into the rub.
Then I slid the tip slowly in my anus, as deep as it could go…
I instantly felt the menthol and then I turned on the vibrator against my swollen clit. I wanted to feel the tingle, but I didn’t expect the burning sensation. I laid there hoping it would settle down a little.

After a long while it did not seem to settle so I grabbed the douche bottle and shoved it in my asshole, squirting water deep inside me. I released the cold enema; but the burn sensation was still there. My pussy was just getting wetter, now with the black rubber dildo deeply buried to the hilt. So I did several more enemas güvenilir bahis şirketleri and the burning finally eased off a bit.

I felt so stupid. But I was so wet at the same time. I knew my loving hubby should not find me lying there with my ass sore and burning; so I decided I had plenty of time to go to the nearest hospital. So I put on a summer dress and jumped in my car.

Then I sped out of the driveway, heading for the hospital as fast as I could. I got almost there when I noticed blue lights flashing in my rearview. I had no idea how to explain all the matter to a cop.
To my amazement a gorgeous female officer walked up to my car. She asked for my license and I started shuddering; that bitch was the sexiest cop I had ever seen. She asked where I was going in such a hurry and I told her to the hospital. She asked what was wrong. I finally told her that my poor ass was on fire and I had the bottle shoved in it, trying to keep the burning down.

I thought she was smiling when she ordered me to park my car in a very dark corner of a nearer parking lot. I was scared and excited.
I had no idea what this sexy bitch had in store for me.

She told me to get out of my car and bend over the trunk.
Then perabet güvenilir mi she lifted my summer dress and whistled as she pulled out the little bottle from my anus. Then, without any warning, she shoved her rubber stick in my asshole, passing down my sphincter.

I felt it very cold and hard. That thing was exactly what I needed. The bitch fucked me steadily while bent over the car, until my cunt exploded and I came all over.

After my brutal orgasm subsided, she pulled out the hard stick and leaned over me; spreading my ass cheeks with her soft hands.

She licked my stretched asshole with her nice tongue.
Soon I felt a second orgasm building up in my wet pussy.
I begged her not to stop and then the bitch shoved again her hard stick in my body; but this time it was deeply in my wet cunt.

She leaned onto my neck and licked it as she fucked me so wildly. The burning sensation in my ass now was turning into pleasure. That bitch was driving me crazy. I screamed for more and she pushed the stick even harder and deeper in my desperate vagina.

Soon she made me cum for a third time.
I was horny as hell; but now my asshole was not sore.
I wanted to get fucked again by that sexy woman; I begged tipobet her to come back with me to my home.
She asked about my husband and I explained her that he would come back by midnight.

The bitch then asked if I would stand a threesome with my hubby and I replied my loving Victor would be very pleased to have the chance to fuck such a fine piece of ass.

The sexy cop told me her name was Susan. She smiled and picked up her radio. She called the police station to inform she had and emergency and would be out of contact for the rest of the night.

Then Susan again licked my asshole and after a couple minutes she shoved for a second time her hard stick deep in my anus.

I screamed loud in pleasure and she fucked me again in the ass; saying now it would be fine for letting my husband sodomize me…

She stole another wild orgasm from me as she fucked my asshole.

Then she went to her patrol car and told me she would follow me on my way back home. As soon as we arrived, we went to the bedroom and Susan got naked…

She had the finest hard toned body I had ever seen.
I begged her to let me suck her nice round tits and she made me lick her hard nipples. Then I pulled out a nice strap-on I used to wear when Victor wanted a prostatic massage.

Susan smiled and she got on all fours.
As I shoved that nice dildo deep in her wet cunt; she screamed and moaned in pleasure.
I was pumping her sweet cunt in a very wild way and Susan was coming in my fingers, when my lovely husband appeared at the bedroom’s door…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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