A Wet Appetite Dried Up

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What can I say? I’ve been a sex fiend since I was young. When my parents would leave me alone while they went out to eat, my little butt would be running around the house naked as a jay-bird looking in every single crevice imaginable of my parent’s house to find something porn or porn type.

Sometimes I would strike gold, sometimes I wouldn’t. Once or twice I ran across pictures torn out of nudie magazines that my Dad had, and other times I would run across soft core porn that my Dad owned. Yet, most of the time I bit the dust, my Mother was good at hiding things, way too good. I mean, I never even found where my parents hid Christmas presents for Christ sake!

Either way, I’ve always enjoyed every sexual thrill I could get. When I turned sixteen, my buddies and I even got the chance to sneak into a couple of strip joints. Yet, always ended with us getting kicked out by the bouncer.

I mean, I had a pretty good stature, I stand six foot even, I have red hair, green eyes, and pale white skin. I’m about an even one hundred and fifty pounds and have an average penis length of five inches (although I wish that could be better). So sex wasn’t too hard to come by with me. Yet, I still liked the thrill of things that some girls wouldn’t do.

All in all, I’ve been the average teenager.

Yet, that was just set the background of the main character. Me. So here goes my first experience ever with another man.

I’ve always considered myself straight, I’ve had several girlfriends over time, and have had very sexual relationships, it just seems my appetite is too large for my own good. So I try other things when I can.

Either way, my story begins on my 18th birthday. In my small little town there had always been one porn store. It’s been there since the freaking 60s, and growing up near it I’ve always considered it the epitome of the places to spend my paychecks when I got a job.

So finally the day comes. I turn eighteen and get in my car and drive down to the porn store. My palms are sweating, my throat is dry, and my hands shake so bad that the car starts to shake.

Even though I’m nervous, I’m extremely excited. The pictures of naked girls keep running through my head. Of what they do to each other. Of naked breasts rubbing up to each other and of women taking each others pussies into their mouths. My little five inches begins to just quirk with the thought of things that I will see.

This was a dream come true. Anyways, to speed things up a bit. I get into the store, show my identification and begin to browse through the whole store. My mouth just continues to drool. I can’t believe my eyes at have the things I see.

Dildos the size of horse penises. Videos of all prices, lengths, and types. Sex toys, everything! I couldn’t stand anymore of it.

Finally, as I begin to find my canlı bahis şirketleri way into the back of the store, I notice a curtain with a sign over head saying: “All you can watch porn. Eight dollars.”

That’s when my head starts spinning! I know eight dollars seems like a money to waist. But you have to realize that at this time I was going on two years without a girlfriend, and almost four years without actually seeing anything new, along the lines of sex.

I run up to the curtain and grab out the eight dollars as quickly as I can. The man at the door was a tall, brown curly haired man who stood about six foot two, (which is only one inch taller than I) he was about two hundred pounds, most of which was muscle, yet a small yet unnoticeable beer belly poked out somewhat. Anyway, the man took my money, and opened the curtain.

I was in hog heaven. As I stepped in I discovered a wall with about sixty videos total. I looked at the wall of videos playing and memorized all the lesbian vids that were playing at the time. I couldn’t wait.

I ran to the nearest opened door and sat down in an eight by eight room with one little television and a bench to sit on. I couldn’t believe this. It was like all a dream. A very wet and crazy dream, yet a wonderful dream none the less.

Anyway, I locked the door and say down and hit the button marked “play”. For about twenty minutes I was dazzled by women on women action. All types, fat ones, small ones, pregnant ones. Everything of the sort.

Finally I couldn’t stand it and pulled out my very erect cock and gently started stroking it. I mean, this was my birthday and I wanted to enjoy this for a very long time.

As I began to stroke my hard shaft I was shocked out of total surprise to find someone nock on my door. I’ve been walked in on by my parents before while I was masturbating before, so my instincts basically kicked in and I zipped up real quick and remain as quiet as I could.

Another nock occurred and I just went on watching the video with a heartbeat that wouldn’t stop pounding so hard I could hear it in my ears.

Anyways, a few minutes passed and then I saw a note be slipped under the door. I was still zipped up and didn’t know really what to do, so I quickly picked up the note and read it.

What was written on it still shocks me to this day:

“Open the door and I’ll come in and suck your cock!”

Those were the exact words typed on the sheet. I was surprised it was typed, not very sure how a computer could be asked I quickly opened the door in fear of thinking one of my friends was playing a prank on me, I quickly opened the door to find the very dark hall way empty and filled with nothing more than the noises coming from the other booths.

I shut the door gently, yet, looked at the note as I held the lock in my hand. canlı kaçak iddaa I don’t know why. Maybe it was a moment of insanity, or just simple stupidity, but I decided to not lock the door.

I sat back down on the bench and unzipped my pants and began to slowly stroke my penis again. Just as the movie begins to get good, I was surprised to actually see the door open.

It was the bouncer outside the curtain. I was surprised to see him. He just smiled at me and shut and locked the door. He put one finger over his mouth to say “shh” and that was all. I was so petrified with fear I didn’t know what to do.

I have never been with a man in my life, I didn’t know whether to run or get angry or what. Just as I was about to rebel he took my penis into his hand and began to stroke it at a very slow and enjoyable pace.

Now, this wasn’t the first time I’ve gotten a hand job. But it was the first time I gotten one from a man. And even though ever cell in my body wanted to rebel. I just sat back and enjoy the warmth of his hand on my penis.

He stroked it slowly, rubbing his hand up and down my shaft and then would speed up for a second. My body melted to his touch as he massaged my hard organ in his very firm hand.

And just as I was about to climax he suddenly stopped, and did something so totally unexpected. He quickly swallowed my penis in his whole mouth.

My body shudder as I received my very first blow job ever. Even though it was a man it was astoundingly pleasurable.

My whole body shook as his wet mouth consumed my prick and moved his tongue back in forth at a steady pace that I hoped lasted for days. I moaned constantly, yelling words like: “yes, please don’t stop!” His moans were the only form of satisfaction I had ever received.

Suddenly, without warning, as his tongue was swarming around the base of my balls I yelled: “I’m going to cum!!!!!” And with that he swallowed my cock in his mouth and I shut my eyes as I unloaded several loads of cum into this guys mouth.

As I felt him swallow I reopened my eyes and looked down as he licked the last drops off of my penis. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I was too weak to move.

“Thank you so much. Oh dear god that felt so good!” I mumbled out of breath. The bouncer only smiled and told me to stay right here. I didn’t have the strength to argue. Only watched as he got up and walked out.

I returned my attention to the porno video just in time to see a fat woman have her pussy eaten out by a very young blonde. I could only smiled and slouch on the bench in relaxation, as my pecker started to go soft.

Suddenly, the bouncer returned with a condom in hand and relocked the door. I suddenly became scared. I was worried for what was going to happen. I had never even had a proctologist exam. Let alone this, yet my canlı kaçak bahis fears were quickly laid to rest as he began to suck on my balls and make my penis harder again.

“We can’t leave until you’ve had a little more fun…” he said with a sly smile. “Wha-what do you want me to do?” I could only stutter.

“You’ll see…” he smiled as he placed the condom onto my now fully erect penis. I couldn’t believe all that was happening to me at this moment. I looked at the tv for a moment for some type of inspiration and saw that he had changed the station to a gay video.

Now, I had watched one or two gay videos in my life, they were all videos that friends of mine had, yet still. I found them interesting. Porn was porn to me when I was growing up. The movie was of a teacher doing one of his “younger” students. The sound was turned off, by the bouncer I could only quickly assume so I couldn’t here the dirty talk that usually turned me on.

Yet again, my prayers were answered. “Do you like seeing that man fuck that other guy?” He asked in a deep sultry voice. My lips quivered hard and could only allow me a nod to answer. He spoke again: “Would you like to fuck another guy in the ass?”

My penis began to spasm with pain as he said this and I shook my head as quickly as possible.

Just then, he eclipses the television that has my attention and turns around to show me his very tight blue jeans that encompass his butt. I hear the jeans begin to unbutton and unzip. Suddenly, as my mouth opened wide, I saw the most beautiful, soft, white butt I have ever seen in my life.

I don’t know what took over me. My penis began to ache so badly for it that I almost began to cry. Suddenly the bouncer spoke again and said: “Do you wanna touch it? Go ahead, play with it!”

Suddenly, my hand found it’s way over the cheeks of the man’s ass. I squeezed gently and began to caress the soft buttocks as I saw him began to jack off on his own very big member. Drool slowly dripped out of my mouth as both hands encompassed his bum.

Finally the moment came, he slowly found his way on the tip of my penis, and I could only roll my eyes back into my head as I felt my cock punch through his anus.

He quickly began to ride my cock as my whole body began to shiver to the experience of actually doing a man. I sat there, slowly finding own prick and tacking it into my hands and massage it to the best of my abilities.

“That’s it. Let daddy ride his little boy’s cock. Daddy likes his son’s cock really bad. Go on, cum inside daddy.”

As he began to ride my cocker faster and faster I could feel the build up of cum as my balls pulsated harder than they ever had before. I came so hard I actually blacked out.

I awoke later to find another typed note saying: “Thanks for the wild time. Hope to do it again sometime. I’m here every Thursday.”

Suffice to say, I cleaned up and left the porn store as quickly as I could. It was a great experience to go through. And did go back on a couple of Thursdays for a few rendezvous’. All of which were worth the “eight dollars”….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20