A Touch of Lace

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**Note to reader: If you haven’t read the other story about Jack, you might want to first so you have a grasp of the characters Jack and Sara**

Jack strode through his 6th Form College building and finally arrived at his destination, his ICT room. He stepped in and sat down. It was another start to another boring day at college, and Jack wasn’t really looking forward to anything. The echoes of his morning erection were gone and he sat, relaxed, waiting for something to happen.

Jack wasn’t waiting for too long, as within the next minute or to his friend Sara walked in and took her place opposite Jack. She looked absolutely stunning in a tight, denim skirt and a (somewhat unsuitable for college) top, that was very low-cut, giving a fantastic view of her breasts for anyone who was interested, which meant pretty much anybody. Jack wasn’t interested in her breasts though, for him it was all about that one elusive look up her skirt at her panties that excited him the most, and he was set on getting a peek in this period.

“Hi Jack!” Sara waved and smiled sweetly.

“Hi Sara, how are you?”

“Oh I feel great, it’s such a lovely day don’t you think?”

Jack smiled, “Yeah, definitely darling. I love the clothes for today.”

“I’m sure you do,” Sara giggled, “they keep me cool so that’s all that matters, and no teachers have complained yet.”

“Glad to hear it, though I can’t see why they would complain!” Jack smiled as the teacher came in and began the lesson.

Somehow, thought Jack, I need to get under the desk so I can have a peek up her skirt. Jack quickly formulated a plan, and he was very glad that the class was emptier than usual, and mostly full of the geeks that sat towards the front. It was just him and Sara at the back.

Once the lesson had properly begun, Jack put his plan into action and pulled out the mouse lead from the back of his PC.

“Damn, mouse came out!” Jack exclaimed, and he reached for the lead to put it back into the PC.

Sara smiled at him and he nodded happily as he went to put the lead back. Sara was blissfully unaware of his true intentions, and he ducked under the desk and crawled to the box of the PC. He halted there and looked between Sara’s milky white, sexy thighs. What he saw took his breath away.

Sara was wearing a pair of white, lacy panties. bahis firmaları They looked very, very sexy from where Jack was, and he instantly felt his cock begin to grow and reach a full, raging boner in seconds. He let out a little gasp and quickly plugged the mouse back in, coming back up from under the desk.

“You ok, Jack? You look a little flustered” Sara asked, concerned.

“Haha, don’t you worry about me, it seems that plugging a mouse lead back in his harder than it seems,” joked Jack.

This explanation was good enough for the blonde bombshell, and she settled back down to her work.

Jack’s cock had become so hard it was uncomfortable, and he shoved a hand in his pocket and started to rub his head. He quickly stopped though when he saw Sara getting up and walking over to the paper draw. This could mean only one thing; she was going to bend over.

Jack lent back in his chair, he was never gonna miss this!

Sara bent over, her skirt riding high up her long, sexy legs as she reached for the drawer. Jack rubbed his cock furiously, he just couldn’t believe what he was seeing, but the best was yet to come.

Sara bent down further and her skirt rode up a little further, flashing her panties and the bottom of her gorgeous ass cheeks at everyone. Jack rubbed his cock faster, but had to stop when he saw Sara begin to stretch back up, her skirt falling back into place.

She turned and walked slowly back to her place, her ass wiggling gently but oh so sexily as she walked.

Jack had a small or infact rather large, problem on his hands though. Time had flown past and with only 15minutes to go before the end of the period; he had a huge tent in his jeans with no sign of it going down, and worse still… Sara was coming this way, fast.

“Jack honey can you show me how to do something please?” asked Sara

“Yeah sure, come and sit here,” said Jack, offering a chair.

Jack and Sara had a very close relationship, but they had never gone very far together, only hugging and kissing, despite the best hopes of Jack.

Sara sat down next to Jack and her skirt rode up on her legs, revealing lots of sexy thigh and a tempting line leading between her smooth legs. She patted Jack’s knee and started telling him what she was trying to do, when suddenly her voice trailed off.


Jack kaçak iddaa looked at her, and then followed the line of her gaze, straight down to where his cock was at it’s most prominent. Jack turned red very, very fast.

“Shit, Sara, please,” Jack stammered as he tried to hide himself away from his gorgeous friend, but he certainly didn’t expect what was to happen next.

Sara leant right into Jack, placed her hand at the top of his inner thigh, and whispered in his ear;

“You and me are gonna leave early and go straight to the girl’s toilets honey,” said Sara, smiling her sexiest smile and licking her lips, “ok?”

“O…ok baby” mumbled Jack

Then, with a light hand on his cock, she had gone back to her seat.

Jack couldn’t believe what had just happened, but it looked as if his day was about to get very interesting.

The bell for break time was about 5 minutes away, and Sara whispered to jack across the table.

“Time to put your stuff away baby”

Jack obeyed quickly and Sara and him snuck out of the room silently, not saying a word until they reached the door of the toilets.

“Coast is clear, Jack, come on!” Sara whispered excitedly, and they rushed into the ladies and took the biggest cubicle available.

Jack’s cock was already solid when he pushed the seat down and sat on it, and Sara locked the cubicle and turned to face him.

“You are a very horny young man, Jack, and it turns me on so much,” Sara smiled and stepped closer to Jack, whispering sexily. “I knew what your plan was, and I made sure you got a good look at my sexy panties when you went under the desk AND when I went to get some paper. Did you enjoy getting a look up my skirt at my lacy panties Jack?”

“Oh God yeah baby,” Jack exclaimed.

“Mmmm, Helen told me you liked panties, but I already had my suspicions after the party last Friday and how you were looking at me all this week.”

“Really? I didn’t want to be spotted so easily,” Jack said.

“It’s too late for that now honey, I’m going to help fulfil your fantasy though, so your next half hour should be one of the best of your life!”

Jack smiled as Sara knelt down and rubbed his cock through his jeans, up and down very gently and slowly, teasing him and turning him on even more. Sara stood up slowly and reached kaçak bahis up her skirt.

Jack thought he had to be dreaming as he watched Sara slowly pull her panties from under her skirt, revealing the small damn spot from where she had become horny as she teased Jack.

Her panties looked so good; a white lacy thong with see-through crotch, and Jack wondered if she had planned doing this all along.

Sara knelt down in front of Jack, undid his belt and jeans, and unzipped his fly. Pulling his Jeans down to his knees, she reached into his boxers and stroked his rock solid cock as she slowly pulled his boxers down.

“Wow, you’re so big and hard for me baby, I love it,” Sara whispered, sending a shiver down Jacks spine. He loved it when girls talked dirty, especially the innocent looking ones like Sara.

Jacks cock popped up and Sara grabbed it, wrapping a hand around it and began the glorious up and down motion, slowly but firmly. Sara then took her panties from the other hand, wrapped them round Jack’s cock and began to toss him off faster and harder.

“Mmmm, does that feel good baby? My panties wrapped round your rock solid cock while I give you a nice handjob? Do you like that?”

Jack struggled not to cum as she whispered those horny words, but Sara carried on giving Jack a beautiful handjob with her sexy damp panties.

“Baby I’m gonna cum real soon,” Jack whispered.

“Ok honey, when you do I want you to cum in my panties.”

Jack couldn’t believe his ears and his cock twitched as he felt the glorious rush of an orgasm coming his way.

“Ohhhh baby here I cum!” Jack exclaimed

“Coat my panties with it baby, shoot all over my sexy panties!”

Jack did just that, depositing his hot, sticky load all over the crotch of Sara’s lacy panties.

“Ohhhh God that was so good baby!” moaned Jack.

“Mmmm I’m glad you enjoyed that,” said Sara as she milked his cock for the last drops of cum, “you’ve got my panties all filled with hot cum now!”

Jack smiled, “It was what you wanted baby!”

Sara handed him a tissue and Jack cleaned the head of his now semi-erect cock.

“Time for me to leave you now baby,” Sara said, and with that she smiled another sexy smile at Jack.

In one smooth motion Sara grabbed her panties, pulled them up over her shoes and back on under her skirt and then licked some cum from her fingers.

Sara bent down and kissed Jack, turned round and left Jack with a rather satisfied look on his face. Until he realised he was still in the Ladies toilet.

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