A strange, adventurous day at home

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A strange, adventurous day at home
By Dina Petro

Being a middle aged woman, it was my day off from work, which is usually the day I do my house work of deep cleaning, arranging, housekeeping and so on. Waking up late on my day off as usual, I was in some comfortable house clothing, which consisted of light material short fluffy skirt, a light, short and low cut tank top, meaning my waist and mid parts of body were revealed with no bra or panties on just for my own comfort at home during my day off.
I was doing my housework, when I heard a knock at the door, it was my lower floor neighbor’s son Sib, who was in his teens, he told me his mom was suffering of a water leak problem from the roof, which they think it came from my bathroom floor drainage system, he wanted to check and make sure if it was true or not.
I let Sib in, lead to the bathroom where he started his quick inspections around the pipes and under the basin and everywhere else, it looked like without noticing I had flashed the boy some tits and thighs or even much more than that, up my skirt while trying to help and show him around, I clearly noticed the bulge under his shorts, but I just thought it was the young people’s way of uncontrolled behaviors close to good looking women, I know I am a very good looking one with a very sexy, curvy body.
I wanted him to finish and out as soon as possible, although having such a handsome, young man around me in any state would be a complete turn on for a sex loving woman like myself, but again he was my neighbor’s and best friend’s son, there was no way I could seduce or get anywhere near him.
I did not seem to realize the fact that I had already seduced the boy by flashing my loose assets and uncovered private parts, unintentionally of course, at a certain point, I was trying to open the lower cabinet to show him the main pipe connection when he hugged me so tight from behind, and started pushing his hard on to my ass, rubbing it while holding my tits over my top.
I didn’t really jump or scream I acted cool, smiling, looking backwards at him saying “what the hell do you think you are doing Sib?”
He said “I am sorry auntie, but I could not handle it anymore, you are gorgeous and your hot, sexy body is killing me, I just have to have it”
I said “What? I am your mother’s best friend, old enough to be your mom, stop it Sib please”
It looks like my cool reaction that way seemed as an invitation for him to go on, I did not really mean it to be, but the same time, I cannot lie and say I did not think about Sib a few times before, and had some day dreams about him fucking me, although I had never tried to seduce him or appeal for him.
Sib pushed his hands under my top, started rubbing my bare tits, pinching my nipples, which were getting hard, believe it or not, humping me, rubbing his hard cock to my ass, I was just instructing him to quit and move away from me, but those requests were not accompanied by any physical reaction from my end, like trying to push him away or struggle, may be I did struggle, but it was fake, weak trials in fact.
Only a couple of minutes later, Sib managed to pull his cock out without my noticing it, I only felt his bare meat against my bare ass cheeks, pushing itself in between my ass upper thighs, he held it in his hand, guided it to my pussy and started rubbing it under my pussy first, then to my pussy lips, he pushed a little and he was in me, sliding inch after another till he was balls deep in my slutty, hot and willing cunt.
Too late for me to say or do anything, he started fucking me deep and hard and my reaction was clear and so obvious weather I wanted to believe it or not, I was already moaning feeling his young, hard, strong and huge cock digging itself in my hot, wet and willing pussy.
He fucked me for 10-15 minutes, I was close to cum when he started breathing hard, shouting he was cumming, he pulled out of my pussy, I turned around so quick, took his dick in my mouth and sucked on it, milking it till he came in my mouth, I swallowed it all, avoided looking him in the eyes, so did he in my eyes, he pulled his shorts up, turned towards the door, and walked out without a word.
I walked to my living room, not believing what had happened, I smiled, not knowing whether I should be mad or happy or whatever, but I had a drink, recalled it all over and decided it was fine and a nice fuck I needed, I got up and continued working in my house as if nothing happened.
While cleaning the kitchen, I was shocked by the water pumping out, covering my kitchen floor, realized the drains were clogged, I picked my phone dialed the plumbing canlı bahis company asking for a quick help, they said they would send a plumber in ten minutes at the most.
I was trying to shovel the leaking water here and there to prevent any damage when the doorbell rang, I opened the door to find a handsome, young man of early twenties, tall and thin, I let him in showed him to the kitchen and started explaining to him what had happened.
After some inspections, he said it was fine, he found the problem and would fix it in no time, but he needed my hand and help to do it as fast as possible, I did all I could moving around, handing him tools, turning the water on and off for him.
To be honest, I did not think about anything sexual, although he was a tempting, young and good looking guy, I was just fucked by my neighbor’s son a little while ago, although I am not the woman who would ever say no to sex, but he seemed to have thought about it, I did not know what happened to my mind, I was moving around, bending over in front of a total stranger, forgetting I was braless and pantie less, flashing my assets to his young, female hungry eyes.
The first time I noticed my mistake, when he was on his back on the floor, working on the joint under the sink, asked me to switch the water on from the faucet of the sink, of course the only way I could reach the faucet was to saddle his body and get closer, when I looked down to see what he wanted next, I noticed his eyes were fixed up my skirt, eyeing my bare pussy down there, a second quick look was at his obviously noticeable hard on forming a huge tent under his pants. I was fully ashamed, I glue my legs together, holding my skirt to cover up, moved aside, away from him without looking him in the eyes.
He finished working, got up, trying as hard as he could to hide his hard on, but he seemed to have failed, it looked like I was unintentionally staring at it with a naughty smile, he was nervous and ashamed saying “It is all done now madam, why don’t you try to pour some water in the sink now and see how fast it would vanish inside the drains not outside?”
I walked to the sink, turned the water faucet on, full blast, while waiting to see, he was getting closer to me from behind, I felt his hand going right up my skirt feeling my bare ass, while rubbing it he whispered in my ear “I am sorry madam, I could not help the hard on, but any one in my place rewarded with the best looking and tempting pussy, ass and tits like yours would feel exactly the same”.
I was totally shocked this time, although my inner mind had expected something from his side, and I knew I should not stop him, it was my fault of seducing him after all, but I jumped, tried to move away from him screaming “what the fuck?” but it seemed too late, he had me in his full grip of his strong, young masculine body, I could not move at all, his cock was already out of his zipper, rubbed to my ass, in between my legs, under my pussy, while both of his hands were gripping my bare tits under my lose, short top.
I was trying to stop him, saying some words, when he got his head closer and around, pushed my head to face him and locked his lips to mine, started kissing me on my lips, pushing his tongue deep in my mouth preventing me from saying a word, same time, his dick was already finding its way in my pussy, and he was pushing it slowly in me.
Although, to anyone else if there was any around, it would look and sound like a rap case, but being a wise woman, I switched it to my own benefit, instead of being ****d, I decided to turn it to a nice sex game with him, as they say ‘you cannot **** the willing’ I started cooperating, kissing him back, pushing my ass and pussy back and up for him to go deeper in me and he started fucking me like there was no tomorrow.
I would be one hell of a big liar if I have ever claimed I did not enjoy or love the feel of his cock inside my pussy, he had a cock a woman would remember the feeling of it forever, although I did not see it till that point, but from the feel of it fucking my pussy, it felt like it was over ten inches long, on the thin side and he sure knew how to use it to please a woman and enjoy fucking her.
I was shaking and trembling, screaming of having a shocking full orgasm over his dick, he kept at it till my orgasm had subsided, he pulled his cock out of me, turned me around, and started kissing me on the lips for a few minutes, I got on my knees and started sucking his dick dry and clean again of my pussy juices.
He held my body, lifted me up over the counter, spread my legs wide, bent over and started bahis siteleri eating my pussy, licking my ass making me steamy hot and leaking wet again, he held his dick in his hand guiding its head towards my fuck hole, started rubbing it to my pussy lips and ass hole, then fucked me for a few minutes in my pussy.
He pulled out and started teasing my pussy and ass again, with his rock hard cock, he rubbed its shiny red head to my ass hole while I was looking at it, rubbing my own tits, pinching my nipples, and he looked me in the eyes, as if waiting for some reacting from my end. I knew of course he wanted to fuck me in the ass and it is one hell of my top pleasure points in fact, that is why I smiled nodding my head saying “yes, fuck my ass, what are you waiting for?”
The plumber started pushing his cock, forcing its head in my rear fuck hole, which did not require lots of work or pressure to accept it inside my already used to cocks, ass hole.
My mouth was wide open, my eyes closed, a few moans were departing my mouth, true I am fully used to being fucked in the ass, but this was a stranger cock which was invading my ass, it did not cause any pain, but sure needed my attention and appreciation signs, I was more of appreciating and enjoying his cock up my ass than complaining of it.
He was pushing it slowly and carefully inside my ass all the way till his calls were stopped outside by my anus ring, he pulled all the way out again, then back in faster, then faster and faster till he was slamming the whole length of his gorgeous cock in and out of my ass like a jackhammer, he placed his fingers over my pussy rubbing my clit while fucking me in the ass, his other hand found its way over my tit, rubbing and pinching my rock hard nipple.
He kept at it, deep and hard, and so fast till he was close to cum, I had already cum for the second time by then, he looked at me while getting ready to shoot his load, holding his dick to pull it out of me, I shook my head screaming “No, No, please cum in me, I want your cum inside my ass please?”
He sure loved my request as if it was what he needed, he kept at it till I started feeling his dick thickens and pulsating, started shooting its cream load after another inside my rear fuck hole, giving me as much pleasure as he had felt, he kept moving in and out so slow till the last drop of his cum went inside of me, he pulled out, his cum was following his cock out of my ass seeping everywhere.
He helped me down off the counter, I got on my knees, sucked his dick dry and clean again, he started pulling his pants up, straightening his clothes saying “there will be no invoice madam, I think you have already paid much more than I need to ask for”
We both laughed loud and he continued saying “I do hope and pray your drains get clogged again”
I said “be nice, no need for that, give me your number, I will call you for another round when it is possible if that is what you wanted?”
He kissed me again on my lips, saying “Yes I would love that madam” we exchanged numbers, he left and I cleaned up, wore my clothes and sat again on my couch after preparing another drink, saying what a lovely day it has been so far, I wish I would have it more often, I just happen to love sex and enjoy being fucked by many different men, no matter what.
I finished cleaning my house, but did not have enough time to cook, so I decided to order a pizza after I had relaxed, the doorbell rang, I looked through the photocell, it was the pizza man, a new one this time, that I had never seen before, some real huge black guy, not so old, but real huge, may be in his forties or so, not bad looking as well.
It was only then that I realized how much of a slut I was, a cock loving whore in fact, simply because, while pausing, looking at him through the photocell, a thought came to my mind as I looked straight at his crotch, saying to myself, ‘I wish his cock size and length matches his body size and height’
I looked at myself, still pantie less and braless, had already been fucked twice that day and still thinking of another cock to enjoy, I shook my head smiling, opened the door, let the guy in, took the box from his hand, placed it aside, turned around to get him the money, I was shocked to discover there was no cash money in my purse.
I looked at him saying “I am really sorry, I don’t seem to have enough cash on me, but please do not get me wrong, I hope you guys take visa?”
He shook his head smiling and saying “No, I am sorry mam, we do not”
I turned around, bending over, trying to pull my visa card out of my wallet, but this time, my evil naughty and bahis şirketleri slutty mind was working on something else, I was bending over, taking my time, making sure, he was able to see most of my inner thighs, I was talking to him same time as I was searching for my visa card saying “well, then I will have to go out with you to the nearest ATM machine which is only a few minutes from here to get the money and give it to you”.
While saying that I bent further down, rewarding the pizza guy with the first clear flash of my bare pussy under my skirt, I made sure he had a damn clear look at my shiny, well fucked, fully waxed pussy, besides a good look at my fully round, silky soft, big ass, and those were enough to make any guy rock hard no matter what.
I heard the man mumbling words and saying “well, maybe we can work something out madam, so you do not have to go and get the money”
I stopped fiddling with my purse, got the card in hand, walked back facing him, smiling and saying “Like what? It would be only a few extra minutes to get the money out of the ATM machine”
He smiled saying “Nah, it would be too much hustle for you, going out, I am sure we can find an easier way to work things out”
I knew exactly what he was talking about of course, he wanted to fuck me, and I think I wanted it as much as he did, not that I wanted to save the price of the pizza, but I wanted his cock so bad, with the extra bonus of saving money of course, I smiled winking an eye on him, asking in a naughty, feminine sexy way “Like what? Speak up; it is better to be short and direct to the point”
He smiled, winking back, got closer to me, placed his hand on my ass over my skirt, rubbing slowly, while using his other hand, pulled my hand, placing it over his crotch, feeling his already hard, outlined huge cock making a tent under his pants and saying “how does that sound to you?”
I did not move away, neither did I pull my hand off of his cock, I rubbed it a little saying in the most, sexy, slutty way which made me sound like a cock loving, horny whore “OH that is what you want then? My body”
He seemed to have gotten the clear message of my approval to get fucked, he pushed my skirt up, placed his hand over my bare ass, rubbing, pushing it further till his fingers were over my wet pussy lips and clit saying “Yeah, exactly, and I am sure I am not the only one who is thinking of that, you purposely have put your bare pussy and ass in display for my eyes, don’t deny it?”
My slutty, shameless reaction, besides rubbing my ass to his fingering hand, I was saying “well, I wasn’t sure if you liked what you have seen, did you?”
He got on his knees, lifted my skirt up, spread my legs, pushed his tongue over my pussy while I was standing up facing him, licked my pussy for a few minutes, then pulled back saying “how could I not like it? It is a precious piece of diamond; any man would die to get to it”
He got up, unzipped his pants, let out a real monstrous, huge black cock that was at least a foot long and so wide without any exaggeration, I held it with my hand, mouth wide open saying “wow, that is a huge cock, I can’t believe it” I got on my knees, started playing with it, passing my tongue over its length and started sucking on it to the best I could, but again, it wasn’t the first time a real slutty whore like me tries a huge cock like that, and I love sucking cocks by the way.
A few minutes later, he helped me up, turned me around facing the wall next to the entrance door, I leaned on the wall, bending over spreading my legs as he pushed his dick up my pussy slowly and carefully, I was already wet and so horny by then of course, he kept at it pushing an inch after another while my pussy inner walls were totally stretching to their utmost, but I was willingly taking it, may be not as easy as the previous two cocks which fucked me that day, but I was taking it with utmost pleasure, feeling actually fucked and stuffed with enough black meat to fulfill my slutty cock hungry pussy.
It was one hell of a sex quickie by the door, he was fucking me with full pleasure for both of us, same exact position without any changing till I came first, then he kept at it, he was ready to cum while I came too for the second time, he pulled out, and I turned around so quick, I took his cock between my lips, sucked and milked it to the last drop.
The black pizza guy was straightening his clothes, looking me in the eyes, smiling and saying “to be honest, I would say now I owe you some money, this lovely pussy of yours was one of the best I have ever fucked”
I smiled saying “thanks for being sweet, it is ok, we are even now, and you can keep the change” he giggled, kissed me on the lips and rubbed my ass, turned around and left without any further words or actions.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]

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