a sissy gayboi fag is born not made…

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a sissy gayboi fag is born not made…
“What do you think you are doing, boys don’t wear dresses unless they are sissy fags.”

Mom’s words as she entered my bedroom.
Is that lipstick and rouge and those eyes make-up on them too.

Oh my I have a sissy fag for a son.
How cute, how sweet.

This is going to be so much fun.

Me and your dad don’t have sex anymore he has some weird tastes in kink but having you as my sex toy sissy plaything will be oh so much fun.
To tease, humiliate, share with my lady friends.
Oh what joy and pleasure is mine to see now with you darling sissy fag boy.

I was lost for words.

I had taken the day off 6th form school to study but found dressing up more fun.
Mom was supposed to be out visiting a few friends for a coffee morning why was she now stood in my bedroom?

Well, well, well, I only came back for my purse as the ladies had a sexy lingerie sale and I fancied one of their corsets and thought I heard you up illegal bahis siteleri here – oh I am so pleased to have found you. I had wondered about some of my missing satin slips and bra-panty sets– thought it was your dad taking them for one of his tarts but no it was my sissy fag son all the time.

Now I know what – put those heels on – pointing to some kitten 2inch heels and that jacket a short one furry barely down to my sissy fag ass and finally some perfume, your hair is fine but add these pearl clip on earrings – lovely now come along you are going to meet the ladies for coffee.

But mom..?
No buts dear sweet sissy fag son of mine, you decided to wear the clothes so now you have to put up with the exposure and other consequences – the ladies coffee circle just adore and love sissy fags too and we often talk about if any of ours sons had come out as one how wonderful it would have been and now we have you my own son perabet a sweet transvestite and sissy and fag to be. We shall train you well to enjoy being a proper sissy fag darling. Come along grab my spare purse and off we go.

Arriving at number 73 a dozen doors up from our house mom took me by the hand into a parlour where a dozen ladies of various shapes and sizes were busying themselves looking at sexy lingerie. They stopped chattering the instant we walked in – now ladies this is a now member coming to join our elite coffee club for ladies – my son – yes we have at last found us a sissy fag boy to enjoy – my very own son – isn’t he just cute – take your jacket off and show the ladies your choice of outfit from your own mom’s wardrobe.

I took the jacket off – I had on one of mom’s silky dresses with a pleated skirt about mid-thigh on me as I am taller than mom.

More dear let me unzip you – turn around – mom did the zipper perabet güvenilir mi slowly and am she caressed my body deliberately as she did so – the slip beneath was smooth against my flesh and she touched it – there now slip the dress off and let the ladies see your underwear.

The dress was now on the floor and I stood before the ladies now in just a slip and stockings and high heels.

So now the slip dear – I slipped it of at the shoulders down my body and that joined the silky dress on the carpet.
Oh such a pretty floral patterned bra dear one of my favourites so feminine, such a shame you have no tits to put in it and oh yes that girdle is holding you tummy in nicely and the stockings attached neatly to the six garter clips. I see a pair of my green nylon bikini panties there under the girdle. Oh look ladies you can see my gay fag sissy son’s little cock – such a small one ladies giggle.

Well ladies as we are having this sexy lingerie sale today what say you we undress our fag boy here and dress him-her up with some hot sexy underwear take some pictures and start selling them online – you know the site Maggie – clips for sale – gay fag sissy section.

To be continued maybe….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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