A Sexual Reckoning

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Editor’s note:

While there is group sex and bisexual activity in this story, it is about Mary, an unfortunate woman whose prudish mother and severe grandmother will neither accept Mary’s lesbian life choice nor treat her wife, Luann with anything but disdain. Fortunately for Mary, she knows a secret about her mother and father that she and her wife can leverage to forever change the status quo and gain her mother’s endorsement of their marriage. Mary and her spouse are bisexual swingers, which gives their plan a chance.

Will they be able to turn Mary’s mother, or will the plan backfire and not only distance them further but also drive a wedge between her parents and a couple they have loved for decades?

For the record, all persons having sex in this completely fictitious tale of revenge, retribution, discovery and delight are over 18.


“We’ve been invited over for dinner at Mom and Dad’s day after tomorrow,” Mary announced to her wife, Luann. “Edna and Adam will be there, too.” With a smile, she added, “June and Alex will be there, too.”

“Really? I have no ideas why your mother invites us both. We’ve been married for five years and she still hasn’t warmed up to me. I like your parents, especially your father, and Edna and Adam have always been good to us, but that edge on your mother’s part is almost painful. No, sorry, Mare, just plain painful. At least we can see your friend June and her beau. I know how much you like them.”

“Yeah. When Mom and Dad visited Edna and Adam or vice-versa, June and I got to have sleepovers. But that edge on mom’s part … it’s got to be Grandma and the others at church, Lu. I think Mom really likes you deep down inside, but she’s afraid of what Grandma and her friends at church will say if she accepts us our marriage. I suspect she really wants to, but there is still some unspoken last hurdle.”

“So how do I finally get to her? I would really like her a lot if she would just get over whatever it is that put that stick up her butt, Mare.”

“Would you do whatever it took to get there, Lu?””

“Sure, love. I really want top be part of your entire family. I think she’s smart and really hot and I just want to be family around her.”

“Hot, eh? That’s new. Been perving out on my mother have you?” Mary grinned.

“Yeah. Like I know you do over my mother. I see you looking at her picture when you masturbate. And she’s over fifty.”

“That’s what I get for marrying an old lady, love.”

Luann smiled and held Mary’s chin while she once again recounted the tale they both loved, “So I robbed the cradle. You were a junior at State, and I was finishing my masters at the vintage age of twenty seven. My advisor had me TA-ing the class you were in. After that first class, I had to seduce you or I would just die.”

Mary laughed and continued the tale, “Yeah. You engineered that double date, and once the four of us were back at your apartment you talked me into doing a show with you to ‘get the boys hot.’ Little did I know that it was a setup, and the three of you were all bi. By the time you had my clothes off, the two of them were going at it looking at us.”

“I seem to remember you got off watching the two of them while I was licking your clit, young lady.”

“Well, Lu, it was kinda hot. Brought out both the exhibitionist and voyeur in me that I didn’t know were there.”

“It brought out more than that. By the end of the weekend you discovered you liked pussy more than dick, though you enjoyed the DP they gave you. After that, you couldn’t get enough of me. And when I introduced you to my sorority sisters, you did that thing at the House with Tara, Lisa, Ida and Virginia.”

“They let me join as a junior because of that night, don’t forget. Not many girls get that offer. All it took was a strap-on, some restraints and a lot of lube. They begged me to join.”

Luann was in stitches. The memory of her soon-to-be-fiance satisfying four of the sisters from her old sorority chapter in one evening was etched in her memory, and it was truly something to behold at the time.

Mary turned out to be a natural. Since their wedding they had a few adventures with some of the sisters, a couple of couples they knew and that memorable five-way on the cruise ship. The two women loved each other more than anyone could know, but they also loved using others as toys in their lovemaking repertoire.

“So what did you have in mind, Mare?”

“I’ve never told you this, but there is a skeleton in my parents’ closet that it’s time we took advantage of. It is a secret I really shouldn’t know, and I’ve respected their privacy until now.”

“Do tell, pet? Something juicy, I hope.”

“Remember a few weeks ago after we went to Edna and Adam’s for the pool party and you said you wished we could fuck Edna and Adam?”

“Sure. She’s the most beautiful Eurasian babe I know, even in her late forties. And Adam ain’t bad to look at, either. So?”

“They have been having sex with my parents for over two decades. Straight canlı bahis sex only, I think, but they get together at least once or twice a month. I think each couple kind of loves the other as much as their own spouses.”

Luann was stunned. Straight-Laced-Alice, Mary’s mother, was a swinger!

“You’re shitin’ me, Mare! That’s hotter than I can imagine. How do you know?”

“When I was about thirteen, the six of us, including their daughter June, were on vacation at Yellowstone. We had an RV and a tent at a campground. June and I had the tent, and one night about two in the morning I had to go to the bathroom. I didn’t want to wake Mom and Dad, so I went to the restroom just down the path from our tent.”

“As I passed the RV, I heard a moan of pleasure and saw one shadow on the blinds, then another, another and another. I listened at an open window, and I clearly heard Mom telling Adam to, and I quote here, ‘stick you big fat dick in me, Adam.’ I was floored. Then I heard Dad telling Edna to open her legs and finger herself until she was wet. I stayed there and listened for twenty minutes. They all had outrageous orgasms.”

“After that, whenever we stayed at their place or they stayed at ours, I snuck out of the bedroom when they thought I was asleep and watched them make love in our downstairs family room or the detached guest house at Edna and Adam’s. Always just Edna and Adam and Mom and Dad or Edna and Dad and Mom and Adam. Never a threesome or the women or men together. And always well after the time June and I went to bed.”

“When I was older, it was my favorite masturbation time. There is something delightfully wicked watching your parents fuck their friends.”

Luann asked, “Yeah, pretty hot. Why tell me now? Just want to make me horny enough to rip off your clothes and have sex here on the living room floor?”

“No … not that it wouldn’t be unwelcome … but it is just time to use it. Five years, and Mom still hasn’t had the guts to cross Grandma and her fuddy-duddy friends. It’s time we leveraged her past to overcome her fear of her mother.”

“Okay. I’m in. What’s your plan?”

“Well, over the years I’ve noticed something about Edna and something about Mom. When they are screwing each other’s husbands in the same room, they exchange furtive glances that speak volumes. I have come to believe that there is no same-sex sex because Dad and Adam have no interest in each other. I don’t think Edna and Mom feel quite as strongly about it, though. When Edna watches Mom screwing Dad or Adam, her focus is not on the men. It’s on Mom. There’s a bit of that when Mom watches Edna, too.”

“So you think they have a bit of bi in them?”

“Yes, and I want to find out how much. I want to corner Edna and talk her into having sex with you while I watch.”

“Mare, I’m more than in! When?”

“I’ll see if we can’t do it tomorrow. Next month is Mom and Dad’s anniversary. I’ll call Edna and see if she’ll plan something with me for it. Dinner at her place. Adam gets home from the city about six thirty, and I’ll see if we can’t get there maybe fourish when Edna gets home.”

Luann grinned, “I hope you can get your silver tongue going in high gear. I want to have that gorgeous woman’s mouth on my clit long before Adam gets there.”

Mary smiled and replied, “If I work it right, you’ll have his dick in you by nine.”

Luann gasped, and her response was to pull her wife tight against her so that their breasts flattened against each other. Without a word she pulled up the hem of Mary’s skirt and slid her hand past the hem of her panties.

Mary gasped with delight as a slender finger slid into her wet vagina.

Wit a lascivious grin she whispered, “I want to see Adam’s dick there, Mare. I want to watch you ride him while Edna licks my clit. We’re going to turn them tomorrow, love. Your parents’ lovers will become our lovers, too. Think about the dick that fucks your mother deep inside you. All of your teenage fantasies coming to fruition.”

Mary began to shake with the building orgasm. Luann kept it up, both with her fingers and her whispered words in her lover’s ear. Mary threw her head back as it hit her. She screamed, “Oh yeah, I want to fuck both of them so bad! Make her eat my pussy! I waaaaaaa …”

She never finished that sentence as she sank to her knees, a smug Luann following her down as she tore off their clothes and pushed Mary to the floor. As she straddled Mary’s face, her younger lover grabbed her buttocks and pulled her onto her mouth. Her legendary cunnilingus skills had an immediate effect on Luann. As quite a number of their sorority sisters could testify, that tongue possessed almost-demonic skills. Darting, circling, dancing, probing … it found every sensitive spot Luann’s genitalia had to offer.

Twelve minutes later, Luann lay flat on her back on Mary’s legs, her breath coming in ragged gasps.

The next day, they were at Edna and Adam’s at three-forty-five. Both were wearing fairly plain shifts, but underneath they were wearing lace bras bahis siteleri and panties, garter belts and real silk stockings.

Edna pulled up at three-fifty-five and gave them both a hug before leading them into the house, asking,

“So you want to do something special for their anniversary, eh? What do you have in mind, Mary?”

“Well, actually I wanted to do something for them and for your two. You two are their oldest friends.”

Luann interjected, “Speaking of that, how did the four of you meet?”

Edna sat and with a reflective smile explained, “We were all in college. I was an engineering major and Alice was a business major. We both had to take a humanities elective, and we both wound up in an art history class. I didn’t have much interest in the class, but Alice really loved it. I asked her for help picking out what was really important and might be on a test, and she agreed to give me some tips. By the end of the class, I saw what she loved about art, and I actually started to appreciate it, too. We became best friends.”

“One day I said I had a classmate in a calculus class that she might like. She said she knew a guy in her statistics class that I might like. We decided to do a double blind date, and the guys turned out to be Adam and Henry. The four of us became inseparable. After graduation we got married just six weeks apart.”

Luann added, “And then, according to Mary, you and Henry started your tech firm.”

“Yup. I had some ideas that turned into our first patent, and his marketing abilities put us on the map.”

Mary turned to Luann and asked, “Honey, I could use a snack. Could you get the stuff from the car and make your famous guacamole?”

“Sure,” Luann replied with a wink, and left for the car and the kitchen.

Mary turned to Edna after Luann was gone and took her hand. She leaned forward and almost conspiratorially asked in a low tone, “Luann, I have a delicate question for you. Is that Okay?”

“Sure, honey. Anything. You know I’ll help you with anything you want. What is it?”

“Well I want you to know that what it is about is more than okay with Luann and me, but we were curious about you and Adam and my parents.”

Without catching on, Edna replied, “Sure, Mary. Ask anything.”

Mary took a breath and asked, “When did the four of you become swingers?”

You could have heard a pin drop. Edna put her hand to her mouth and gasped, “You … you weren’t supposed to know … how … oh, dear, I’m so sorry …”

A tear appeared in the corner of Edna’s eye as Mary pulled the older woman to her for a reassuring hug.

“It’s okay, Edna. I have known since I was thirteen. That time we all went to Yellowstone. I heard you in the middle of the night when I went to use the restroom. Please don’t be embarrassed. It has done nothing but make me love you and Adam more. I think it is beautiful that the four of you share such love.”

Edna wiped away the tear and smiled tentatively as she asked, “You are really all right with it?”

Mary dropped the other shoe, “Sure. Luann and I completely understand. We’re swingers, too.”

Edna’s mouth opened in surprise. When she could finally form words, she asked, “The two of you? You have the most solid love for each other I can imagine. Do you see other women together?”

Mary smiled and confided, “And men, too. We’re bi. We love women, but want the occasional man, too.”

“Does your mother know?”

“Hell no. She has trouble enough with our lesbian marriage. No, she doesn’t.”

“So why are you telling me this?”

“I think I may be able to help with a problem that I firmly believe exists.”

Edna furled her brow and asked, “What problem might that be?”

“Well, after that night at Yellowstone, I began to sneak out of my room when you two were at our house or we were at yours. I peeked.”

“You watched the four of us? You were peeping?” blushed Edna.

“Yeah. I have to apologize for that, but it turned out that I have a really voyeuristic side to me. It was like a compulsion. But all those years of watching led me to realize there was a problem.”

Edna recovered from the realization that their swinging foursome had been discovered by her lovers’ daughter and asked the next logical question, “Does June know?”

“I don’t think so. Whenever she woke and heard me get up, which wasn’t that often, I just said I was going to the bathroom. She probably thinks I have the weakest bladder on earth, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know.”

“Thank god! Now what is that problem you think you saw?”

Curiosity was getting the better of Edna now that the shock of Mary’s knowledge of her swinging past was, well, past. She actually seemed to await the answer with eager anticipation as Mary set her jaw and began.

“Well, in all the times I saw the four of you, I realized that it was straight sex only. You and Dad or you and Adam, with Mom and Dad the same. Never you and mom or Adam and Dad together or joining in with a couple.”

Edna explained, “That bahis şirketleri was our original agreement. One night the four of us had been out celebrating a new contract Henry had just obtained for one of our products, a bearing we had just patented. It was worth over a million dollars. The four of us had drinks with dinner, and we continued at your house. You were maybe two or three at the time.”

“Henry took me in his arms and said that I was the most brilliant engineer he had ever known. Adam and Alice were on the sofa next to each other. Adam gave me a little kiss to punctuate his remark. I kissed him back. I had always envied Alice, even though I love Adam beyond description.”

“We continued the kiss for at least half a minute. When I broke the kiss and looked in embarrassment at Alice, I saw she was breathing heavily and that she had her hand on Adam’s thigh. I looked at Adam, and he was breathing hard, too. He looked at Alice and then at me. I nodded, and he pulled her into an embrace, too. The four of us kissed without speaking for five minutes. Then I saw Alice move her hand to Adam’s crotch and unzip what by then was an incredible erection. She pulled out his penis and started to stroke it while kissing him.”

“He began to fondle her breasts, and I felt Henry’s hand lift my skirt and slide into my panties. I was so hot by then, I pulled him to the floor. Somehow we managed to get our clothes off, and I had my first sexual intercourse with your father. Alice and Adam did it on the couch while we watched each other.”

“Afterward there was an awkward silence until Adam announced that he had been fantasizing about that for years. We all laughed and admitted that we had been, too. We agreed that it would be just the four of us, and Adam and Henry insisted that the two of them not engage in sex together or together with either of us. Alice and I agreed that it would just be straight sex. Been that way ever since.”

“But you had reservations about that agreement, didn’t you Edna?”

Edna raised her eyebrows and asked, “Why do you say that?”

“Because in all the time I have watched the four of you, I noticed that when Mom is making love, you watch her, not who she is having sex with. You almost get to the point where your respiration matches hers. You have wanted to touch her, haven’t you?”

Edna lowered her eyes and admitted, “Yeah. I guess I have. But I didn’t want to dishonor our agreement.”

“Why not when the two of you were alone?”

“Mary, one of our ground rules was that between the four of us, we would only have sex when all four of us were there in the same room.”

“Ever look at other women?”

Edna blushed again and answered, “I have to admit, I have looked and wondered what it would be like. Especially since you and Luann got together. I envy you in that way. I talk about the two of you when Adam and I are in bed, and it gets him off in a heartbeat.”

“So Adam is into watching women. Interesting. Does it get you off, too?”

Edna mumbled, “Yes.”

“Thinking about making love to my wife gets you hot?”

“Yes,” Edna almost involuntarily blurted out.

“If you had the chance, then, you would like to bed Luann?”

Edna shuddered. She nodded her head, looking directly into her best friends’ daughter’s eyes.

“You have the chance. This very minute, in fact.”

Edna’s almond-shaped eyes opened almost to disks, and she put her hand to her mouth again.

“She’s standing right behind me, isn’t she?” Edna gasped.

Mary didn’t answer. She just reached out and began to unbutton Edna’s blouse. Edna didn’t resist or protest. She closed her eyes as the blouse opened and she felt Luann’s hands encircle her and touch her breasts through her bra.

Luann kissed her ear and whispered, “I have dreamed of this from the moment Luann introduced you to me. Now turn around and kiss me in front of my wife.”

Edna turned and, as if in a dream, put her arms around Luann’s neck and kissed her. The feel of the other woman’s tongue probing hers sent shivers up her spine. She had always wondered how a woman would feel, and often masturbated about this, but she never knew how to do it in a way that would be safe and not cheating on Adam. In her mind, she knew how this evening would turn out, and it would only be behind Adam’s back if she was having sex with Luann behind him while he fucked Mary.

Luann and Mary led her to the master bedroom and Luann turned her back so Edna could unzip her shift. Edna eagerly unzipped it and gave a little squeal of delight when the shift dropped to the floor. Mary had pulled off her dress, too, and both were now in lace bras and panties with garter belts and stockings.

Mary took Edna’s clothes off and then took her hand and placed it on Luann’s bra. Edna took quite a while exploring Luann. It was everything she had yearned for, and the experience fulfilled all of those yearnings.

Luann took Edna’s hand again and led her to the bed, pulling her down gently. They caressed and kissed for some time before Luann began to work her way down Edna’s torso. Several minutes of nipple licking and biting was followed by slowly kissing her way down to the fine, black pubic hair, now glistening with Edna’s desire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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