A Seduction Ch. 02

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We were fondling each other before I even had my eyes open.

My new lover was lying behind me, his arm resting on my hip and his hand gently stroking my soft, but becoming hard, penis. My hand was behind me, my fingers wrapped around the shaft of his hard-on.

Mike began to kiss the back of my neck. I could feel his warm breath and the wetness of his tongue on my skin. “No regrets?” He whispered.

I lie there, thinking about the night we shared together. The first oral stimulation from a man, cuming in his mouth and tasting him in my mouth, I was beginning to get hard. The pictures in my head and the feeling of him in my hand and his manipulation of me, I couldn’t stop my physical reaction in his hand.

“No, but I need to digest what has happened here”.

“Well, while you digest what happened here, I’m going to take a shower.” And with that, he let go of my penis and pulled me closer to him with the same arm. I could feel the hardness of his cock between the cheeks of my ass. Then Mike sprung from the bed and walked to the shower.

I watched him walk to the bathroom and I think I was smiling. Mike is about six feet in height, he weighs about 185 pounds, and his body is tanned and toned. He isn’t the body builder type, but in good shape. He has brown hair with touches of gray and brown eyes. To top it off, he’s got a nice ass. I never thought I’d see that in a guy but I did in him. Hairless and nicely shaped, Mike’s would look great in a pair of silky panties.

I lie in bed, staring at the ceiling and thinking about my first bisexual experience. I couldn’t help but get a little turned on. But, I had a decision to make.

I didn’t come on this vacation to explore my sexuality or to be with anyone for that matter. But, here I was. Lying in another mans bed, naked and turned on.

I heard the shower start. I could slip out of the bed and his room. Go to my room, get my things and check out. I could leave him here and probably never see him again. That thought was appealing. Or, I could sneak into the shower with him and explore a little further.

I started to fantasize about what I’d do once in the shower with him. I could start out by kissing him and then turn him around and begin to soap his back. Let my hands run over his shoulders, down his back, let one hand slide down his hip and then around to the back of his leg. The other hand, I could slide around to the front of his body, and slowly stroke his cock. The thought of getting into the shower with him was really turning me on. I reached down with my hand and found that I was very hard. Hey, I’m here for seven days!

I stretched and got out of bed. I went out onto the balcony and stood there looking at the ocean. This was paradise! The sky was a wonderful dark blue; there were white, puffy clouds and a soft breeze blowing the salty smell to me.

I couldn’t keep my hand off my erection. I was standing there, stroking my cock and looking out to the ocean. Okay, I’m going to stay with Mike for a while. Once I made the decision, I turned and walked back into the room and straight to the bathroom.

The door wasn’t locked and I stepped in. The shower curtain was pulled closed and I could see one of Mike’s hands reaching up. I assumed he was washing under his arm. I stepped to the shower curtain, took a deep breath and pulled it open, slowly.

I stepped into the bathtub and leaned back on the wall. Mike was facing away from me, and I guess oblivious to my presence. Or, he was playing along. My eyes traveled from his head, down his back and to his ass. He had just washed his ass, and the soapsuds were running down his legs. He really did have a great ass!

I got off the wall and stepped closer to him. I reached up with both hands and began to massage his shoulders. Mike jumped a little and then placed one of his hands on top of mine. His hand was soapy and he gently rubbed his fingers over my hand.

I stepped even closer until my cock was resting between the cheeks of that great ass. My free hand ran down, over his chest and stomach. I reached his semi-soft cock and let my hand travel further to his balls. Lightly grasping his balls, I began to knead them in my hand, feeling the weight and wishing my face were between his legs again.

I pushed, leaning him forward casino şirketleri and under the water. The water rinsed the soap off the back of his neck and I replaced the soap with my mouth. I took his hand from the top of his shoulder and guided it around in front of him. I placed his hand onto his cock and we began to stoke him together.

I assume that Mike was pleased, because he began to push back against my cock and moving his hips from side to side. I could feel myself becoming wedged between his cheeks. The slippery motion of my cock rubbing on his ass was getting to be too much and I didn’t want to come just yet.

I turned mike to face me. He was absolutely sexy with the water running down his face. I reached up with both hands, placing one on his neck and the other on the back of his head. Moving my face in to his, our lips met. I parted mine and dived into his mouth with my tongue.

Mike slid his wet hands down my back and grabbed my ass, pulling me into him. I could feel our cocks meet and then brush to the side. We were kissing passionately and grinding our cocks together. I could feel that intense feeling in my soul and I knew that I was going to come.

I released Mike’s head and sank to my knees. I knew that if there were any more manipulation on my cock, I would explode. Mike was blocking the water with his back and I could see that he was incredibly turned on. His erect cock was standing straight up and just waiting for my mouth.

I reached up with my hand and firmly grasped his cock. I began to slowly pump with my right hand and I took his heavy balls into my left. Watching my hands while masturbating my lover was an incredible turn on for me. He had such a beautiful cock. Thick and with no veins, large spongy mushroom head and heavy, hairless balls which hung low and allowed me to take them both into my hand.

I gently pulled his cock down from his belly, and guided it into my mouth. Taking as much into my mouth as I could, I decided that I was going to make every attempt at giving him an orgasm.

I looked up into his eyes, and swallowed almost his entire gorgeous penis into my throat. I pulled his cock out, almost all the way and then wrapped my hand around the shaft. I borrowed all the things that I like when getting head and transferred them to the blowjob I was giving.

While sinking my mouth onto him, I used my tongue on the underside of his penis. When he reached the back of my throat, I manipulated the head of his cock with my throat muscles. Then back off with my hands following my mouth. When I had only the head of him in side my mouth, I sucked on it and made love to it with my lips and my tongue. Then back down and I repeated it again.

Within a few minutes, I began moving faster with my hand and my lips. I was soon pumping his erection with both. I was lightly pulling on his balls and rolling them in my fingers. I could feel that Mike was enjoying this, because his cock got even harder!

I was pumping his cock with my mouth and my hand, when Mike reached down to the back of my head and helped me. Soon, he was actually fucking my face.

This continued for what seemed the longest time. My lips were beginning to get numb and my knees were hurting from kneeling on the floor of the tub. The water was getting cold, which was a blessing because I was beginning to sweat from all of my work.

“I’m going to come!” Was the only warning I had. But, that was okay, because I had decided to swallow all of my lover’s seed.

I could feel Mike’s balls begin to swell. I let go of them and slid my hand up and between the cheeks of his ass. My finger found his hole and I began to put pressure at the opening. I could feel the tip of my finger slide into him and I pressed harder. Within a few seconds, I had most of my middle finger inside his hot body.

Mike’s cock swelled and he fucked my mouth harder and faster. He came with a force that I wasn’t expecting. I let all of his sperm build in my mouth before swallowing it. I couldn’t really place the taste of his liquid; all I knew is that I loved it!

We stayed there for a few moments so I could finish sucking him and clean him off with my tongue. When I had all of my reward cleaned and swallowed, he helped me to my feet.

We stood there, casino firmalari me smiling like I had just done what I’d done. And he, weakly smiling at me. We softly kissed, Mike’s tongue dancing in my mouth and licking my lips, my chin and my right cheek. Then we slowly stepped from the shower.

We made our way into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed laughing at our weakness.

“I had to return the favor.” I said. “It was the only way I knew of to figure out if I wanted to be here with you.”

“And, what did you think?”

I rolled over on top of him and kissed him for an answer. I was still very excited. My cock was soft, but I was leaking loads of pre-come.

Mike was kissing me back and I could feel that he was still flaccid. The pre-come that I was leaking was getting everything slippery and every time I moved, my penis grew. Soon, I was rock hard again and ready for more.

“I want you inside me.” I whispered to him. And I did want him inside me! I couldn’t believe that I just told him that, but the only thing that I could think of was feeling him while he was coming.

“I’m not ready, that was a great blow-job and you’ve drained me.”

That was my cue! I playfully bit his lip and winked at him. Then I began sliding down his still wet body. I kissed and sucked at his nipples while moving my stomach around on his cock. I was also grinding my own cock into his leg, getting every place I landed wet and slippery with my fluid.

I bit and kissed his hipbones and finally moved my mouth to his crotch.

First I took his balls into my mouth. I rolled them around with my tongue, feeling the weight and enjoying my job. I let them plop from my mouth and then used my hand to lift them. Letting my tongue trail between his legs and the tip lightly brush his hole. I liked that; I’d have to return to that later.

I grasped his limp cock in my hand and began to softly massage it. And my mouth kissing and nibbling the inside of his thigh. His right foot was playing with my cock and I knew that he was beginning to get into this.

I got up on my knees again and sank my face into his crotch. I took his soft cock into my mouth and began to suck and play with it with my tongue. There was still a little come inside him and I was rewarded with a few tastes. It wasn’t too much longer, and I could feel his cock swell again in my mouth.

He got to the point that I could use my hand to pump him while my mouth was lovingly sucking, keeping him hard for me.

Once he was really hard again, he told me that he needed to get something from his bag. With that, his cock plopped out of my mouth and he got up.

He walked to his bag, his cock swaying back and forth. He bent over, giving me a view of his ass and his balls. Getting what he wanted, he playfully danced back over to the bed.

I was still on my knees, lightly playing with myself. He sat on the bed next to me and told me to lie on my back.

Smiling, I flipped over on my back and instantly, my hand went to his cock. I was happy to find that he was still hard. I began to stroke him and play with his balls.

“Spread your legs and relax.”

“I want you to make love to me.” I said as I did what I was instructed to do.

He squeezed some lube on my cock and balls and began to massage my erection. Within about thirty seconds I felt the beginnings of a strong orgasm.

“Stop or I’ll come. I don’t want to until you come inside me.”

Mike smiled at me and then I felt his hand slide over my balls and then I felt his fingers searching for my hole.

“Pull your legs up with your arms and let me get at you.”

Once again, I did as instructed. I felt so vulnerable.

He squeezed more lube, but this time directly on my ass. I could feel the cool liquid running down my ass and onto the bed.

He put the bottle down on the bed and began to massage the slippery lube onto my hole. It felt wonderful and I didn’t think it would.

With one finger, he began to apply pressure and I felt it slip inside me. It didn’t hurt at all, and actually, it felt very erotic.

He began to slide his finger in and then out. Each time he slid inside me, he went further. Then out again and back inside. A few times, he rotated his finger and pulled güvenilir casino up or pushed down, stretching my muscles.

Mike pulled his finger out and then pushed back inside with two fingers. Before long, he had two and then three fingers inside me. All the while, I was playing with his cock. Alternating from his cock to his balls and even sliding my own finger to his ass.

We were both moaning and talking dirty to each other when Mike rose up onto his knees and positioned his cock where I could get to it with my mouth. I hungrily gobbled him up and began sucking with all I could muster.

Within a few minutes, he had four fingers buried inside me and was fucking my ass. He was fucking it first hard and slow then hard and fast. I could feel myself opening up for him and I loved every moment of it.

“Please put your cock inside me!” I pleaded.

Mike took himself from my mouth and positioned himself between my legs.

“Just relax and let your horniness take over.”

He placed the head of his cock at my ass and pressed, just a little. I could feel the pressure and it wasn’t unpleasant. I think that my weariness was in control to an extent, I was afraid of the pain I was going to feel.

He pulled back and rubbed the head of his cock around my hole. Every few seconds he would push inside me and then pull back out. So far, it didn’t hurt at all; it was quite sexy watching this man between my raised and spread legs.

Then, he placed his cock at my hole and began to push with a purpose. I felt the head of his cock enter me and push passed my sphincter. It hurt!

“Damit, stop!” I almost screamed.

“It’s natural for it to hurt, but it’ll stop in a second.”

He remained inside me, not moving. But, the pain didn’t go away. I asked him to pull out for a second and he did. Once the pain went away, the erotic desire took over.

I placed my heels on his ass and pulled him to me. His cock entered my ass and pushed passed my sphincter again, but this time, it didn’t hurt that much. He stopped, and was still for a moment and the feeling of pain was replaced by desire. I began to rotate my hips and arch my back to get him further inside me.

I could feel my body opening up to him. His cock was stretch me open and sliding in. What a wonderful feeling it was when he was completely inside me and his balls were resting on my ass.

Mike began to pull out a little and then he stopped and pushed back inside. The feeling was fantastic and I began to rotate my hips again. He pulled out most of the way and then plunged inside me like there was no tomorrow.

I could only moan in response to his last movement and we began to make love.

Mike leaned over me and I wrapped my legs around him, hooking my ankles together. We began rocking together, every once in awhile we would get out of sync and we’d have to stop. But for the most part we moved together beautifully.

Raising up onto his hands and making my legs break apart and fall on top of his, Mike began to really fuck me. One time he caught my balls between us and that was uncomfortable to say the least! I raised my legs again and grabbed my knees so he could have unobstructed access.

Mike was fucking me like I was a woman. Hard and fast and I was reveling in each thrust. I looked down and my balls and cock were bouncing around, how sexy! We were both sweating and his sweat was dripping onto my chest.

Watching this made me become hard again and I was soon feeling the buildup in my balls. Mike began to moan louder and louder, fucking harder and faster. He rose up on his knees and started pumping my cock; I knew that he was close.

In about ten more thrusts, he stopped pumping my cock and I took over. I felt his cock grow larger and harder inside me and I pumped myself harder and faster.

When Mike let out a scream and I felt his hot come fill my ass, I came. I shot my own come all over the place, my chest, face, shoulder and the bed. Mike filled me up completely!

He collapsed on top of me and began to lick my come from my face and shoulder, and then we kissed.

Mike was laying on top of me, all of his weight resting on me. I wrapped my legs around him again and reveled in the feeling of him growing soft inside me.

We lay like that for a long time, no words, no kissing, just feeling each other.

We eventually got up, showered together and went out for the day.

When we got back that night, we started again. I had no doubts that I was going to spend the next seven days with him.

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