A Romantic Night

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After that evening in the love nest created by Corporal Higgins I was, as you can imagine elated. It was hard to act normal the following morning going about my duties, being of a quiet shy nature helped me hide my feelings and at times like that I was glad. I thought that I’d overcome my attraction to females, and in joining the service made me think I could be more normal away from Emma’s influence. I obviously under estimated how living in a word of women in a way would not let me forget the pleasure I’d had with Emma.

I wasn’t strong enough to tear myself away from my crush on Darleen; perhaps it was a mutual thing. I wondered how the subconscious mind works to bring people together like that, a sort of ESP attraction between us if you will. I began to wonder what made me have those queer feelings, even as a child I had always felt more comfortable in the company of females. Did Emma sense it too? Is that what made her approach me, not only that, but risking her own career if anyone had found out? How I worried about the small liberties I felt she took in mother’s house when she came to dinner etc., was I being too analytical?

It’s just what had happened had felt so natural to me, it was after wards that the guilt feelings would surface, at the time our love making felt so good, so natural I just couldn’t help myself. I was beginning to accept the fact I was queer, and my concern now was how to keep it hidden from the others girls in my barracks. Other girls had formed friendships and I looked for signs that some of them may also be more than platonic, but so far found nothing obvious.

In Emma’s letters to me she was always pestering me for details of my personal life, asking me about the other girls, and had I made any ‘special friends,’ and to tell her about them. Now I took great pleasure in telling her all about Darleen, how wonderful it had been. For the first time I think, I thanked her for teaching me how to love another woman.

For the first time I didn’t go to any dances that weekend, I knew I was going to dump Ray but was scared to do it. Darleen was encouraging me and we went to the pictures together on the Saturday night. She was lucky, being a Corporal she had her own room so could leave her knickers off anytime she wanted as no one would be any of the wiser. Whereas myself, I couldn’t risk it in case any of the girls happened to spot my bare arse when getting changed.

We went to the early house and after the picture was over, we went to the ladies room for a pee. As it was a given we would be going parking, I removed my knickers and bra and put them in my handbag. I would have been happier if she had taken us to her love nest in the stores, but Darleen was concerned about others becoming suspicious if we went there too often.

As before she drove down a country road and found a parking spot among some trees, where she parked and switched the lights off. Now in private as we had been intimate a couple of times, I wasn’t quite as shy as I normally would be, and was happy to undo her blouse to explore her chest. She had lovely firm tits that was a real pleasure for me to caress and suck, and soon the car windows were steamed up from our lovemaking.

As a Saturday night we were in no hurry, taking out time loving and finger fucking one another quite a few times. Darleen’s squeals of delight and the moans escaping our mouths in between kisses grew louder as she got more aggressive with me. The rougher canlı bahis she got the more I loved it, and in turn it turned her on too. It was like we were trying to outdo each other. It was after midnight when we got back to camp and kissed goodnight.

The barracks was empty as the others were not back yet from the town dances or their dates, so I quickly stripped off and went and took a bath. The water was piping hot so I added some bubbly and soaked, letting my mind and fingers wander as I recalled my love affair. I decided I would write and tell Emma all about it as she had been pestering me in her letters about the other girls, as if she thought they were all queers too.

The next afternoon Darleen took me for another driving lesson, and as before we stopped and had a couple of drinks and got back to camp in time for supper there. As we chatted we planned to get away the following weekend and spend the night in a hotel. As a result we didn’t date during the week, I wrote home and in particular a long letter to Emma giving her the details about my affair, thinking this might cool her enthusiasm for me and get on with her life. On the Friday night I went to the dance in town, there I met Ray and we talked and I told him it was over between us, he wasn’t too happy about it but finally walked away to go dance with others.

The week seemed to drag on and Saturday finally arrived, after lunch I quickly changed and packed a few things and hurried to meet Darleen. She had me drive now as I was getting more confident and it was just a question of getting more experience. She had me drive to another town called Norwich and I stopped on the outskirts and she took over for the drive into the city.

She told me to tell people we were cousins if anyone should ask, and that I had come to visit her for the weekend. She drove to this hotel and we checked in, she had booked the room in advance and there were no questions when we signed in. The butterflies were doing a number in my stomach during this time, until we finally got to our room where I could relax. The room was spacious with a lovely big bed and the daylight was streaming in through a large window, we were on the third floor so there was no danger of people seeing in.

We kissed right away and I felt that warmth start in my tummy, but she suggested we should go out for supper and have a couple of drinks before turning in for the night. On the way we stopped at and bought a bottle of wine each for later in our hotel room.

In the restaurant we took our coats off and took our time enjoying our meal, washed down with some white wine made it quite the treat for me. Darleen was wearing a nice blue dress with her cardigan draped over her shoulders, fastened at her neck by just one button seemed to accentuate the curvature of her firm breasts.

After we strolled along the street arm in arm till we found a pub, there was a lot of laughter and gaiety coming from it so we went in for a drink. We found a table along one wall and ordered our drinks, there was the usual hub bub to be found in bars like that on a Saturday night. We were sitting on a bench seat along the wall, and as it was quite crowded we were kind of squished against each other. I didn’t mind at all, in fact I liked the feel of her thigh pressing against mine. She placed a hand on my thigh under the table and gave it a slight squeeze, her fingers tracing my garter strap through my dress. I was in a state of mild arousal bahis siteleri and feeling daring did the same to her leg. She leaned her shoulder against mine in a show of affection, glancing at me for a moment and smiling as if to remind me of what was to come.

After three or four drinks we left the pub and walked back to our hotel, we both had a glow on and started walking faster and faster looking forward to the privacy of our room. There we quickly got out of our coats and embraced each other, her tongue plunging deep into my mouth for me to suck on. My hands caressed her hips and arse and I felt she wasn’t wearing any knickers as usual, or a garter belt for that matter.

Her hands came around my back and undid the clasp and unzipped my dress, then took a moment to step back to let it fall to the floor, followed by my bra. She quickly undid her own dress and let it slip off her shoulders, and then her own bra and we stood looking at one another for a moment. I saw the lust in her eyes as they looked over my body, standing there in just her nylons held up with garters, and her shoes.

Taking me in her arms she pressed her body against mine, her hand raking over my back and bum as she moved me back wards till my legs hit the bed and we both fell onto it. Her kisses were urgent as we tongued each other, her hand groping my pussy inside my knickers and pushing them down to my thighs. She sat up and took a moment to rip them off me altogether, then quickly turning round straddled my face and pressed her face between my legs to lick my cunt.

Her own cunt was sopping wet; my tongue explored her labia’s before probing in between as I sucked on her clitoris. It was only a few minutes before we both exploded with pleasure from the first of many climaxes we were to enjoy, coupled with the muffled sounds being emitted from our mouths being buried in each other’s pubic hair.

Finally sated for the time being, she crawled up beside me to hold me and we kissed each other, loving the taste of our juices as we licked each other’s faces. We expressed words of endearment to each other as her hands found my tits, slowly and lightly at first with just her fingertips circling my nipples. The feelings surging through my body were agonizing till at last she touched my nipples.

I had to fight back moans of pleasure as she pinched them, pulling on then a little harder each time as she looked into my eyes to gauge my reaction, then placed her mouth over them to suckle me. I felt her teeth nibble on them causing some pain then followed by her tongue as she licked then sucked hard on them. I was writhing with pleasure, a hand found my pussy and felt her slip some fingers inside. She held one of my legs between hers tight as she did this, pressing her own mound against my thigh and humping it.

It was beautiful how she could bring me to the brink of pleasure between her hands and mouth on my tits, and then when I felt ready to explode she started kissing her way down my body. My arousal lessened although the pleasure continued, she stopped at my belly button as she moved her body between my legs permitting me to open them fully. Kissing and licking her way down I soon felt her tongue on my pussy, poking and probing as she sucked at my labia’s and clit. The re triggering of my arousal didn’t take long and in a few moments I exploded with the most powerful orgasm. Automatically I held her head tight against my cunt till the feelings surging through bahis şirketleri my body subsided and I could relax.

I knew by now that although I felt completely satisfied but she wasn’t. Crawling up to me on her hands and knees her face shining from my juices and smiling, till she kissed me hard before turning onto her back to allow me to show my appreciation for the pleasure she had given me. I followed the technique she had used on me beginning with her tits, slowly moving down to her moans of pleasure till I could drink from her well of pleasure.

Once rested, she got up and opened one of the bottles of wine and poured us each a glass, we toasted each other and sipped our wine in between kisses. We talked about sex and how much pleasure it gave us, she asked me if I’d ever used an object to please myself with penetration, and I told her about Emma’s ‘Robbie,’ as well as the time I’d used cucumbers.

During this she was smiling at me and I should have known this was leading somewhere, she got up and went to her bag and brought out a rubber dong, it was a double header about 10 inches long with each end crudely fashioned like the head of a cock.

She refilled our glasses with more wine then put her glass on the side table and put one end of the dong in her mouth to wet it, getting me to open my legs she slowly worked it into my cunt. I was already so wet it slid in without too much trouble and felt good. Now she slid closer on her arse placing her legs over mine and around my hips as she worked the other end into her pussy.

Tightening her legs around my hips, we sipped our wine enjoying the feelings the dildo induced in us. Sitting upright like that we did silly things, like link arms before taking a sip of our wine, offering our glasses to each other to take a sip. With our muscles we were moving the dildo back and forth in each other’s pussies it was a beautifully exhilarating experience.

With our free hand we explored each other’s tits, what she did to me I did to her, caressing them lightly with our fingertips, holding the nipples between forefinger and thumb to squeeze and pull on them. Putting our glasses down she gripped my tits hard, I did the same to hers, I could see the lust on her face and we tightened our grips on each other. Suddenly without warning she wrapped her arms around me to press her tits against mine and kissed me hard on my mouth, our tongues reaching deep inside each other. We held each other like that for quite a few moments, joined together by the dildo now working its way back and forth between our cunts.

It was finally into the wee hours of the morning when contented and exhausted, and too tired to even take our stockings off, we finally fell asleep in each other’s arms. We slept late, but woke up refreshed to cuddle some more before getting up to share a bath together.

We had to check out by1 pm, so got dressed and after checking out went to a restaurant to have brunch. We talked about our night together, and I asked her about the ‘toy’ she had. I assumed having her own room helped, but she explained she could keep such it in the boot (trunk) of her car, to keep it from prying eyes.

Easter was the following weekend and Darleen asked me what my plans were, and I said nothing so she invited me home with her for the weekend. I was hesitant to answer her not knowing what to say, so she went on to tell me it would be all right as her family knew about her attraction for other women. That made it worse, and then they would also think I was queer too and didn’t like the idea of others knowing. Anyway, after much discussion about it and how I would like London I relented and agreed to go home with her.

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