A Quiet Evening at Home?

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“Perfect,” you whispered to your computer screen. The familiar soft click of the computer mouse echoed throughout the silent room as you swear you heard a rustle outside. You cocked your head to listen, only to hear silence. Silently shrugging, your focus is back on the two amazing blondes on the screen, kissing like mad. You smiled that cocky smile of yours and was about to move your hand down to your pants just as you hear the voice of an angel. Samantha.

“Jake! Hello? Anybody home?” her voice rang gently through the air into your ears. You closed your eyes and just savoured the sound of her sweet voice. A moment passed and you’re snapped out of your daze and you frantically started clicking your mouse, trying to get the damn site minimized. You sigh, relieved that you were able to close the entire page out before she entered the room.

“There you are! I thought I just walked into an empty house and was about to raid whoever the hell lives here’s refrigerator.” She giggled and you laughed along with her as you stood up to give her a hug. You always loved her touch, and the smell of her perfume entering your nostrils… sending you straight into ecstasy. You pulled yourself close to her as she did the same, never once realising or even thinking of the lustful sights you are seeing of her in your mind. Her sucking on your cock lovingly, her gorgeous body spread out on the bed, waiting for you to take her, her breasts bobbing in front of your face as she rides your cock all the way to orgasm…

“I said how have you been, Jake?” Samantha says, once again pulling you from the daze she put you into in the first place. You hadn’t realised that she had pulled herself away already and was starting a conversation.

“Oh, sorry, I was just thinking…” you trail off. She raises one eyebrow, wondering what’s going on exactly. “Never mind. I’m great. How have you been? Haven’t seen you around here near enough lately,” you respond. ‘Act cool,’ you think to yourself, ‘or you will never survive this.’

“Well, things are okay I guess. Could be better. I miss you, though. I just dropped off Jenny and thought I would come by to see you. John’s out for the day, at work, and I’m stuck with nothing to do but visit your sorry ass!” she jokes.

“Hey, I’m not so bad, am I?” you snap back, giving her a playful look. ‘God, she’s so sexy,’ you think to yourself.

“No, of course not. Let me make you some lemonade?”

“Sure, that would be nice, but I should be the gentleman and make the lemonade,” you protest.

“Nah, I insist. It’s no trouble. Besides, I believe I, um, interrupted you…” she said and for a brief moment you swear she looked down at your crotch at your cock… which was, to your dismay, still slightly hard and possibly visible. She giggled and turned around to go into the kitchen. So she had noticed. Shit.

You followed her into the kitchen and casually sat down at the table. Perhaps underneath the table, she wouldn’t take any more notice, you hoped. Unfortunately, as you looked up, you saw that amazing, tight, perfect ass of hers and your cock seemed to jump back to life instantly. Immediately you looked away, trying to hide your horniness, Samantha starts to hum some bouncy tune. Even though you hated the music, her amazing voice just put you into a trance… and turned you on even more. Before you gave her the opportunity to turn around just once and face you, you quickly spurted out, “Excuse me,” as you rushed out.

The cold water on your face was soothing as you slowly felt your hard on start to shrink. ‘Why is this so hard this time and not any other?’ you asked yourself in your head. You couldn’t find an answer, but Samantha was calling to you, telling you to come get the lemonade. Something else cold; good. Slowly you re-entered the kitchen and seat yourself. Samantha was already sitting down and sipping thoughtlessly at her drink, looking out the window and thinking deeply, it seems.

“Pondering something?” you ask to break the silence as you sit.

“Hmm?” she says, not even looking up. “Oh, no, sorry. Well, yeah, sort of. Nothing important, though. Taste it, see if you like it. I’m not sure if I made it sweet enough or not,” she hastily said, trying to change the subject.

“I’m sure if you made it, it will be absolute perfection.” You smile. Lifting up the glass to your lips, your eyes met with your sister’s and you gently took a small sip as you stared into her beautiful, deep eyes. Amazingly, the lemonade is made just the way you liked it. Perfectly sweetened. Smiling and stealing one last glance at her, you felt your heart flutter, and your cock begin to grow yet again.

Starting an innocent conversation with her, you lightly asked how John was and how their marriage was going. Always the same response, “Great, same-ol’, same-ol’.” – which oddly enough satisfies you. You weren’t too interested in hearing about John. Realising that your glass has been emptied, Samantha jumped up and refilled your glass. Without her realising, you again got a nice view of her canlı bahis perfectly shaped ass, her pants hugging her curves amazingly. She returned with your glass filled and sat down in her own seat. Finally, you heard the question you knew would come up eventually…

“So, anything in the porn industry spark your interest lately?” she said boldly while taking another sip of her still half-full glass. You felt yourself flush slightly.

“Nothing too interesting. Same-ol’, same-ol’.”

“Ah, I figured. Must be nice to get to view it without interruptions or without fear of being caught.” She took another sip.

“Yeah, it has it’s perks. So, you seen anything new lately?” you asked, returning the favour.

“Haven’t had the time.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Me, too.”

There was a short silence before you suddenly become as bold as she was minutes before.

“So, what did you enjoy before? When you had more time to look?”

She almost didn’t answer right away, then, “Well I’m sort of a vanilla kind of person actually. I mean I like to see all different kinds of positions and stuff, but nothing out of the ordinary.”

“Anything you enjoy in particular?” you asked, going along with it.

“Hmm… not really. Oh, well, there is one thing. But I’m way too shy to admit something like that!” she exclaimed coyly.

“Aw, come on. I’ll tell you my favourite thing if you tell me yours first.” Hopefully that will make her talk.

“Well, I really enjoy to watch… and to experience in real life… facials. I just think it’s so erotic, just feeling the hot, sticky cum run down my face and onto…” she paused and looked at you, embarrassed. “Oh my gosh I’m sorry. Way too many details for you there.” She flushed a deep crimson colour. Your cock jumped.

You laughed gently, trying to shove it off. “Oh it’s alright. No worries.” A smile covers your face.

“So, now your turn,” she suggested.

“My turn? Oh yes, I have to tell you my favourite thing. Well, actually, my favourite thing that I’ve seen that I would like to do to someone would just be, honest to god, just a really sexy kiss.”

“A kiss? I was expecting something a little more juicy than that, Jake!”

“Well, it’s just been a while since I’ve had a kiss. I just miss the feeling. The closeness, shared heat, passion, you know how it feels, what am I rambling on about? You’re married. I’m sorry, I’m talking too much…” you trailed off and took a big gulp of your lemonade.

“It’s alright. We all ramble sometimes.” A pause. “So, you have anyone in mind that you’d like to kiss? Anyone that I could help to hook you up with? You know I’m the Matchmaking Queen!” she tried to help fight off your embarrassment with a laugh, and it worked. She never failed at anything.

A blush covered your face yet again.

“I was kind of hoping to kiss someone I already know very well actually,” you respond, trying to avoid the direct point.

“And who might this be? Anyone I know?”

“I would hope you know her very well. More so than I do, anyway.”

“O…k… and you want to kiss this girl that I apparently know more about than you do? Are you confusing me on purpose?”

“No, I’m just trying to kind of hint to you who I’m talking about but… never mind. It’s not important,” you gave her a fake smile that she saw right through.

“Tell me. You know I won’t tell a soul,” she almost whispered. How could you say no to that?

You looked into her eyes again, knowing she was telling the truth. She would never say a word to anyone. You know your secret would go with her to her grave. Blurting it out, you decided, was the only way you would be able to get it out period.

“I want to kiss you!” you almost shouted.

A very, very long pause. You felt your heart beating rapidly inside of your chest, you swore it was going to burst if she didn’t say something soon. Your eyes met hers and suddenly you knew it was okay. She wasn’t saying anything, but she didn’t have any look of disgust or appal in her eyes, which you knew was good.

“Samantha?” you asked innocently.


“May I kiss you?” you hoped there wasn’t any shakiness in your voice.

“Well, I don’t know. I mean it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that…” you noticed that during her small speech she was giving, you were inching closer to her and she was doing the same. You lifted up a shaking hand to brush her cheek just before your lips made contact. Her last breath before the touch was raspy, shaky. And then, it happened.

It was as if time had stopped and let you and Samantha embrace this moment without fear of time passing you by. You could feel her tenseness and you knew that she can feel your hand shaking on her soft skin. Your lips touched once, twice, three times. Three quick, small kisses and you pulled away. You almost immediately began to apologize, but she shushes you.

“I just, missed the feeling of touching someone else’s lips. I really didn’t realise that was going to happen,” you said.

“I know, neither did I. bahis siteleri It’s alright,” Sam replied. She looked deep into your eyes as she placed a still slightly shaky hand on your cheek this time, yours having already fallen from her face. She looked at you questionably, then said, “You really needed that, didn’t you? Jake, I feel really bad that you haven’t been able to embrace love like I have. It’s unfair. I’m sorry that a guy like you has to be alone at night.” She was amazing.

“I really hate to say this, Sam, but I was hoping that it would be a little more of something to remember, you know? I’ve always wanted to feel your soft tongue in my mouth…” you trailed off in embarrassment, not even really paying attention to what you’re saying, just knowing that it’s personal information that you had never imagined would get out of your head.

As you looked down at the table, she raised your chin up and brought herself forward to meet your lips once more. This time, her sensuous touch lasted. She kept herself leaning towards you as you felt her lips press against yours, in what you realised was wanton desire. You decided to make the first move and you slightly opened your lips between short kisses. She felt your movement and responded by doing the same. Your nerves were still rattling, and your mind was racing like crazy. You tried to focus on the sensation of a woman’s touch, Sam’s touch, but you couldn’t concentrate. The touch of her tongue sent you crashing back into reality.

You felt your sister lick your bottom lip seductively. An almost forgotten sensation. You responded by opening your mouth slightly and taking her bottom lip in between your teeth. A small moan came from Samantha’s throat, didn’t it? What nerves the two of you shared diminished in that moment of passion. Coming back from her lips for only a brief moment, you make sure that she is comfortable and lean in to her a bit. You lift your hands slowly up to her cheeks and pull her back towards you, and you make the move. Your tongue brushes the tips of her bottom teeth, and she opens her mouth slightly, allowing your tongue access into her warm mouth.

The feeling of being this close to Samantha, knowing that your tongue was inside your sister’s mouth, had your cock throbbing. You hadn’t realised until then how hard you were, and how uncomfortable you were starting to get. Just as you were about to break the amazing kiss, you feel Sam’s tongue push yours back into your mouth and hers follows. Her tongue swirls around yours and you give a slight moan of delight. Somehow, without you realising it, your right hand removes itself from her cheek and slowly lowers to her breast.

You feel her flesh underneath your fingertips and suddenly it felt you had been hit by a truck. You pull everything away, your head, your hand, yourself. You open your eyes to see Sam’s on you already. She has a look of sheer innocence in her eyes, but something else. A fire. She leans in to kiss you again and gently wraps her fingers around your wrist and brings your hand back up to her breast, not letting go until your palm is resting on her flesh.

Gently moving your hand around, you cup her amazing breast and run your thumb across what you then realised was her hard nipple. She was just as aroused as you were. She let out a moan into your throat. Your tongue was inside her mouth, dancing with hers, as you took her nipple between your fingers and gently pinched it. She pulled away and gasped, breaking the kiss and moving backwards, away from the kiss and away from your touch. You looked at her.

“Did I do something wrong? I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that,” you start to stutter.

“Shh…” Sam urges. “Don’t talk. Just touch me again…” she fades off as she scoots her chair closer to yours, finally sitting down and letting you sit down in what must have been over twenty minutes.

Not a word was said as she watched your hand return to her breast, and saw your first finger toy with her nipple for a few seconds. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She let it out as a long, drawn out moan. While your right hand is playing with her nipple, pinching and twisting it slightly, your left hand reaches down and rests on her upper thigh. ‘Why stop now?’ you think to yourself. You wanted to see how far this might lead.

Becoming more bold, you curled your fingers between her legs and she slightly opened them. She wanted you to touch her. She needed you to touch her. Your hand reached down and ever so slowly and gently cupped her pussy. You could feel the heat emanating from within her and it only served to turn you on more. Her head was leaning back against the chair and her mouth was open in pleasure. Letting out moans with every breath, your sister is completely taken away by your touch.

“Do you like this? Are you wet, Samantha?” you quietly asked her. She could do nothing but nod. She opened her eyes and reached down to your hands and pulled them up and away from her body. She kissed your fingertips and looked into your eyes. Standing up, she pulled you up slightly with her. She turned, your right bahis şirketleri hand still in her grasp, and pulled you through your house into the familiar surrounding of your bedroom. She closed the door after you two were inside and she quickly turned and raised her hands to the edge of your shirt. Just as she started to pull it up and off of you, you stopped her.

“Wait, can we really do this? I mean we might get caught and it’s just not right and there’s so many other reasons why we shouldn’t be doing this that I can’t even think of right now…” you protested. She silenced you with a quick kiss, then pulled away.

“And yet we are doing it, so why stop here? You’ve made me feel good, now let me return the favour. I’m extremely turned on, you are as well. You know we both need release. So, should we go our separate ways and then just end up masturbating in separate houses, or shall we stay here and embrace each other? Please Jake, just let me please you.” And how could you resist that?

She had taken off of your shirt and moved her hands down to your belt.

“Actually, why don’t you lie down and get comfortable? There is no need for you standing all uncomfortable and trying to balance. Just lie down, let me take care of you,” she ordered gently. You complied.

She climbed on the bed after you and settled on her hands and knees. She leaned up to her knees and her hands found your belt once more. You knew that Sam felt your hardness pressing against her soft hands through your pants, and this excited you. You couldn’t believe that you were about to receive a blowjob from your sister, of all people. You knew you wouldn’t last long deep inside her throat. Sam seemed to be a pro at getting guys prepared, because your cock was out and standing at attention before your thoughts roamed back into reality.

“If I do something you don’t like, just tell me, okay?” Sam says. You slightly chuckle.

“Not likely, but okay, you have my word,” you respond.

Keeping your eyes on her the entire time as she lowers her head down to your cock, you felt yourself get even harder, if that was even possible. The soft, wet touch of her tongue almost sent you over the edge immediately. She looked at your face as you let out a loud moan and you felt her smile. Your eyes were already clasped shut and you knew that she was watching you. She started to slowly lick your cock like a Popsicle, just very slow, long strokes. Covering your cock with her tongue. She flicked her tongue slowly at first and then more rapidly on the tip of your head and she was rewarded with your sweet precum. She licked it up greedily.

You found yourself placing your hand on the back of her head softly and gently urging her downwards. She followed your lead, to your delight. She let the head of your cock enter her mouth and her tongue swirled around it slowly. Savouring every moment as if it would end the next second, you were completely consumed in desire for your sister. You pushed her head down just a bit more and she relaxed her throat to let the head of your cock push past the back of her tongue. You felt your cock curve slightly at the back of her throat and you moaned at the sensation. Whether she gagged or just contracted her throat voluntarily, you didn’t know, but you felt her throat grasp onto your cock with amazing vice-like strength and you only imagined how her pussy might feel.

She pulled herself back up and you allowed her to come up. She took in a breath and licked her lips before she went down again. She took in more than half of your cock this time, and let it curve once more in the depths of her throat. She sucked your cock hard as she brought her head back up, causing you to bring your hips up off the bed with her mouth. She giggled when she released her suction and you fell back down the inch or so she had lifted you up. You smiled at her giggle. But then you were consumed once more as you felt her push her head down onto your cock again. Samantha evened herself parallel with you, and she plunged her head down onto your cock. Her nose was buried into your skin and you had to hold your orgasm back with all of your strength. She brought her head back up, sucking your cock up with her, making you again lift up off of the bed. When she released you, you dropped back down, with a frustrated groan; you really needed Samantha to make you cum.

Sensing your discomfort, Sam wrapped her sweet hand around the base of your cock and slowly moved it up your shaft. When she reached the top, she flicked her tongue on your head that was leaking precum once more. Taking a deep breath, she evened up her head once more with your body and she licked her lips. One last look up at you before she plunged, your eyes made contact. You watched your sweet, amazing sister swallow your cock whole and this time you just could not hold back your orgasm. Your cock twitched within Sam’s throat and you felt yourself start to cum. Silently praying that she would not release the grip on your cock with her mouth, you find out that she wasn’t going to. You felt her throat contract around your cock as the first spurt of cum erupts from your cock and into her throat. She swallowed it greedily and quickly, waiting for more. You kept cumming deep into her throat, each time a bit harder, and she swallowed it up like a pro.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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