A Physical and a Cystoscopy

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So let’s start with the basics. I am 29, male, and from the U.S. Until this past year I had not had a physical exam since my high school sports physical. Why would I? I’m in great shape. Besides, like most boys that age, an old Indian guy (my pediatrician at the time) giving me the “turn your head and cough” drill wasn’t exactly a huge motivating factor for me in terms of getting regular check-ups in my early-20s. In fact, that guy was the only doctor I had ever had. Well, the combination of government mandated health insurance and my nearing 30 convinced me to get one again.

Additionally, I’m trying to become more comfortable with my body, so when the only doctor accepting new patients at the lone nearby clinic that my insurance authorized happened to be female I said that was fine and my doctor’s sex didn’t meritroyalbet matter to me. I did so fully knowing that I might be a bit embarrassed by this fact – at least until I got used to it. But whatever, I was committed.

I was advised to take off work for the day of the exam because it would be “thorough” since some time had passed since my last checkup. Well the exam was indeed THOROUGH!!! After filling out some consent forms in the waiting room that the girl at the front desk had given me, a young female nurse – a pretty brunette in her early-20s named Bex – came out from the back, called my name, and instructed me to follow her. She led me to a standard looking exam room. Then she immediately took a small paper gown and a plastic bin from a drawer and told me that I could step behind this semi-sheer curtain that was set up to one side if I would like.

She didn’t leave the room. Instead, she sat at the desk writing something on her clip-board. “You want me to put this on now?” I asked hesitantly, not expecting to be in such a situation right off the bat.

“Of course.” she responded. “And the bin is for your clothes.” I timidly undressed behind the flimsy plastic – neatly putting my clothing in the bin. When I was down to my tighty-whities I put the gown on; it was like a typical hospital gown in that it was open in the back, but it also seemed quite short – ending more than halfway up my thigh. Whatever. I stepped out from behind the curtain and handed her the bin.

“No underwear?” she asked after a quick glance at the bin’s contents.

“Oh… ahh… I didn’t think I needed to take them off yet.”

“Yep. It’s required.” I nervously slid my briefs to the ground under Nurse Bex’s watchful eyes. Then I stepped out of them, cautiously bent down to pick them up, and handed them over. The undies went in the bin, and the bin went in the cabinet drawer, which was promptly shut. “Now we have to get your weight and height.” she said, opening the door.

“Out there!!?” I asked.

“Don’t worry. The scale is just down the hall. Follow me.” Well, there was nothing to do but to follow, clutching the back of the gown to keep it closed. The sensation of cool air on my now completely bare skin under the gown suddenly reminded me that my genitals were no longer constrained by the briefs and my manhood now dangled as I walked. Again the length of the paper gown made me nervous. I’m not hung like a horse or anything, but I have been told I’m well-endowed, and the tip of my penis was at this moment hanging out an inch or so.

In truth the scale wasn’t that far, and we didn’t encounter anyone else. I’m tall (6’3”), so I felt a bit uncomfortable though when I had to step up onto the scale; it only exaggerated the skin I was showing. “Hands at your sides!” commanded Nurse Bex who couldn’t have been more than 5’2” herself. “How am I supposed to get an accurate measurement with you clutching the back of your gown with one hand and pulling the front down with the other? Oh, and stand up as straight as you can.” Sigh. I did as I was told. “You know… maybe it would güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri be easier for me if you faced the scale.”

“But the back of the gown…” I protested.

“I don’t mind.” she said. Just do it, I thought, and I turned around, exposing my backside to the hallway. She did some quick calibrations and a moment later, “All done.” I turned around only to find another nurse waiting to the side with a female patient. Both had grins on their faces as I walked past, following Nurse Bex – this time red faced – back to the room.

Shortly after returning to the exam room and hopping up on the exam table to wait patiently for the doctor Nurse Bex and I were joined by Dr. Lindsey Mckinney – a voluptuous blond in her early-30s who must have been just out of medical school. I had had no idea what my doctor would look like. Honestly, I expected some old hag or an Asian or Indian woman. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised but also a bit nervous at the thought of being examined by such a beautiful woman. She introduced herself and expressed how happy she was to see that a male my age would feel comfortable choosing a woman doctor.

“You’d be amazed at how rare it is you know. Most of my patients are female, and the few men I see are probably all over 65.” she said.

I tried to act casual. “It’s not a big deal to me. You’re trained medical professionals, and I’m sure you’ve seen it all before.”

She paused a moment, glancing at the nurse. Just as I was thinking that maybe I had spoken too forwardly she replied “Well, it’s great to have a patient who fully embraces the idea of preventative medicine.”

After informing me that Nurse Bex would be observing and assisting with the exam – for my safety of course – because office policy required it for legal reasons, Dr. Mckinney began. She started with the basic stuff: general questions whose answers Nurse Bex recorded on the clip-board, ears, eyes, nose, and throat, reflexes, listening to my breathing etc…

Then came the part I was dreading. “Now I’m going to check your prostate. As you know, it is very important for men your age and older to have it checked frequently.”

“Of course.” I responded – trying to summon up the courage I knew I would need going forward. Well… this was the main reason I signed up for this exam in the first place, so I might as well let the doctor do her job. She had me stand and bend over the exam table, facing away from her and the nurse and simultaneously exposing my backside to both. Dr. Mckinney had slipped on a glove and lubricated it up with Vaseline already, so I didn’t exactly need her to describe what was about to happen.

When her finger penetrated my rectum I must have tensed because she said “Relax! I know it’s a bit cold, but it will be over soon.” Well her not-so-subtle massaging of my prostate caused my already semi-stiff cock to become fully erect. Five minutes later the poking and prodding was finally over. “Your prostate seems to be in good order. Let’s move on to the genital check.” OH NO!!! I was still sporting a massive erection.

“I find it easiest if men remove the gown completely for this exam.” she stated calmly. I hesitated, and she must have noticed the uncertain look on my face because she instructed Nurse Bex to assist me. I stood there like a zombie as the cute 20-something stripped me of my last refuge. Small and flimsy though the gown had been, it did offer some degree of cover. When it was gone my hands instinctively moved to conceal my bare crotch.

“None of that now.” Dr. Mckinney commanded in a stern tone, as she slapped my hands away. “In fact, it’s probably better if you just put your hands on your head for this part of the exam.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. With a bit more “encouragement” though I eventually complied. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri

Dr. Mckinney sat on a stool now, and I stood there with my hands on top of my head, facing her – or rather my fully erect member that was situated about a foot away from her head faced her in the 2:00 position. Maybe if I look off to the side and try to think of something mundane… YIKES!!! As she grabbed me I couldn’t help but glance down. Ohh… why… why did her blouse have to be so low cut?!! “Bex. Note that the patient has reached full tumescence prior to genital inspection please.” she said in a matter-of-fact tone.

I looked at the young nurse who promptly stepped closer and unmistakably scrutinized my hard-on then looked up at me and smiled. “Noted doctor.” I felt like I was going to blow the whole time as she fondled my genitalia. She felt up and down my shaft, pinched and closely studied the head and urethral opening, and then rolled my testes around in her hand.

I kept thinking: Is it really necessary for her to continue to cup and massage my privates as she asks these embarrassing sexual health questions and gives this advice/demonstration about how to self-check for testicular cancer. I guess it was. Still, as awkward as it was, I did swell with pride when Dr. Mckinney told Nurse Bex to write down that I was a “healthy young man” who had “above average genitilia.”

Sure the genital and prostate checks were very embarrassing. However, to some degree I had expected them to be and resolved myself to the fact before even getting to the office. What I didn’t expect was when Dr. Mckinney next said that I was about the “recommended age” to start having a “routine cystoscopy.” I had never heard of a cystoscopy before, so I didn’t really object as she talked me into agreeing to it. I mean, after what I had just went through how could I possibly be embarrassed further? Additionally, I might as well get everything checked while I was here, right?

“You’re in luck.” she announced. “You don’t even have to go to an urologist for this one, as I can perform simple surgical procedures here in the office.” Wait, what? Surgical procedures? Well, I guess “in-office” must imply minor; I still don’t like the sound of the word “surgery” however. “Bex, take him to the operating room; I’ll be over in a few minutes.” the doctor instructed.

Well, after allowing me use the bathroom to “relieve myself” and put the paper gown back on, Nurse Bex led me down the hall again. This time though, it was to a room in the clinic where she said “basic surgical procedures” were done. Much to my chagrin, I had to again remove the gown completely and hop up onto a very different looking exam table. It had stirrups that I had to put my feet into and that she fastened my ankles to. She then touched a button that caused the stirrups to move apart, leaving me lying on my back spread eagle. She also had me arch my butt and lower back up a bit so she could slide a pillow under me. I felt totally exposed, and unsurprisingly got another erection.

“We generally use this table for women getting a gynecological exam, but the doctor likes to use it for guys who are a bit jumpy.” intoned the little sex kitten. Nurse Bex then gave me a pain-pill (I’m not sure what it was – Valium maybe). About five minutes later Dr. Mckinney strolled in with a second nurse, who obviously hadn’t quite expected to be confronted with the view of me she was getting upon first entering the room because she tried to hide a giggle behind her hand. Nurse Tabby, as the doctor introduced her, was another buxom blond, who this time was about my age. In fact, “buxom” didn’t even do justice to her. I couldn’t help but notice that while fairly thin, she was sporting massive tits (probably H-cup or larger). I also couldn’t help but notice that Nurse güvenilir bahis şirketleri Tabby was pushing a cart with some scary-looking medical equipment that made me a bit anxious.

Dr. Mckinney soon began (to my horror) to explain what exactly a cystoscopy entailed. Wait… no… I don’t want to have THAT!!! My moans and protests fell on death ears. She deflected my feeble objections, as the two nurses began to prep me.

First they sterilized my public area. I’m shaved, so all they did was swab my pubic area with an antiseptic cloth. Then Nurse Bex held my penis up while Nurse Tabby used a plastic syringe to inject an antiseptic and numbing gel (Lidocaine) into the hole at the tip of my penis (urinary meatus)! The feeling as she slid the needleless syringe into the opening of the tube inside my penis (my urethra) was very uncomfortable. And she had to inject it twice to get the full dose. I can’t believe this is happening! Still this was nothing compared to what was to come.

After a few minutes waiting for the gel to take effect it was Dr. Mckinney’s turn. This time Nurse Tabby held my erect penis at a 45-degree angle while the doctor used the thumb and forefinger of her left hand to hold the head of my penis and spread open my most sensitive orifice while she took what I later found out was the rigid cystoscope (a device that’s almost two feet long and looks like a battery-powered hand drill) and began to insert the pencil-thick metal tube into my pee hole! They slowly lowered the angle of my penis as the invading rod inched further down the middle of my cock.

My moaning didn’t deter the seemingly sadistic dominatrix though, who reassuringly cooed “I know. I know it hurts. Just try to relax.” My flinching as the device slowly penetrated me in a way that made me feel like I was being raped didn’t seem to bother her either. “This might be the only situation where being bigger isn’t better.” the doctor joked. The raucous laughter from the two nurses indicated they evidently appreciated the humor of my predicament more than I did.

Eventually cystoscope got to my bladder; Dr. Mckinney used it to inject some sort of saline solution that she said would clean me out and make it easier for them to see using the small camera also inserted via the pencil-thick, rigid tube terrorizing my penis. This gave me the sensation of needing to pee, but she said that was normal as she poked around, manipulating my cock and watching what the camera showed on the screen at the same time. After perhaps ten minutes Dr. Mckinney was satisfied, and she slowly pulled the cystoscope out – only to leave my urethra feeling like it was on fire! I don’t understand why the localized anesthetic wears off mere minutes after the procedure is finished, but I soon became aware of the fact.

Again, Nurse Tabby and Nurse Bex cleaned my public area, and the doctor said everything looked pretty good. She also said “See. A cystoscopy is a walk in the park.” What?!! For who?!! You?!! Despite not finding anything, she insisted that I need to have one “routinely” to check for bladder cancer and deal with any bladder stones that may appear. The last thing Dr. Lindsey Mckinney said before leaving the room was “I’ll look forward to your next visit. See you in six months.”

I’ll add that my cock was sore for the next three days and my urethra burned whenever I went to the bathroom or ejaculated for a week, but the sensation eventually went away. When I called the next day to ask if this was normal, the nurse on the phone advised me that it was, though she said I could come in and have them insert a Foley catheter for a few days or even a week if I wanted! I couldn’t pass fast enough.

Needless to say, the experience was not only humiliating, it was painful. I’m not sure I want to have it happen again (and so soon!) – though I have read that it gets easier (more comfortable – or rather less uncomfortable) with each successive time you do it. I’ve also read that “flexible cystoscopes” are easier on your penis than “rigid cystoscopes” like the one my doctor used; maybe I’ll suggest Dr. Mckinney try that next time. Well, see you in six months.

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