A Nip in the Christmas Air Ch. 03

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Brendan Albertson could scarcely breathe. And he loved the reasons why.

He was kneeling on the floor, his face and head crushed in a pair of fleshy, nylon-clad thighs, his mouth buried in the furry pussy he was slavishly licking to an endless gooey stream of orgasms that filled his mouth and threatened to drown him.

He smiled, looking out of his leggy prison, up and over the swell of the woman’s belly and into the tits she was pulling up to her own mouth to suck on.

“Am I doing OK?” the 19-year-old young man panted breathlessly, winking at her as she looked down at him, his eyes eager.

“You’re doing better than OK, much, much better,” sighed Katie, the beautiful, silver-haired older woman benefitting from the lad’s eager oral ministrations.

The room flickered with romantic candlelight as she stroked his hair and rested her locked feet on his back, pumping slowly into his mouth, grinding it with her sopping sex.

“Keep going, darling, keep going,” she growled urgently to the boy – her grandson – scissored face first into the sexy soup of her pussy. “I’ll tell you when to stop!”

She tensed her remarkably strong, 67-year-old thighs on his neck and face as a warning. He smiled broadly, lowering his tongue again to her engorged clit, lapping madly at it, very eager to please his sexy grandmother.

And never wanting to stop.

The evening had begun on a most boring note for the boy at his granny’s house where earlier guests of friends and family milled about Katie’s traditional Christmas Eve party, one Brendan had been forced to attend with his mom and dad.

He’d been bored out of his mind, fantasizing about a girl he fancied with giant tits who was having a party of her own, one Brendan ached to be at, wanting a crack at that girl’s massive mammaries.

But that changed when the quite liberal and long-ago hippie, Katie, noticing her grandson’s fascination with her saggy but sexy whoppers, took the boy to a bedroom down the hall – as the party went on – and jerked, sucked and titty fucked him to a mind-blowing orgasm.

If things were unbelievable at that point, it got better: Later the same evening, on the outside patio of Katie’s Southern California home, she jerked Brendan off, after letting him suckle her big boobs again, sending a stream of his goo onto the patio flooring as she pressed her chest into his back and gave him a reach-around.

And all the while she teased the boy, titillating him with talk of his mother’s own huge bosom that he’d noticed earlier as well.

But the incestuous trigger that really put him over the edge was when his grandmother talked about her sucking her own daughter’s tits while both of them jacked the boy.

The fantasy, forbidden and accurate, made him cum like he’d never cum before.

Moments later, the boys’ mother, Linnie, in a shockingly comical twist, came out to check on them and nearly fell as she stepped into and slipped in the big puddle of her boy’s spunk on the deck.

After the party, as guests were leaving, Brendan told his mom he wanted to spend the night at his beloved granny’s house, and Linnie happily agreed, having no way of knowing exactly what the incestuous pair had been up to – and would continue doing.

And now, in the master bedroom of his grandmother’s house, he knelt on the floor before her, making her cum with his mouth, her thighs pressed to his skull, squeezing him to her, smothering him much to his gasping delight.

She looked insanely sexy, having changed into a tiny black push-up bra that forced her giant tits into an even fleshier state, black high heels, black nylons and garter, and a tiny black thong that he now pushed aside to fully attack her copiously furry cunt.

“So good, Brendan, sooooo good,” she cooed. “Goddammit, I’m cumming! AGAIN!”

She bellowed with orgasmic urgency, arching her back and thrusting her gushing quim into Brendan’s happily smothered face, thighs quivering on his head, before slumping back to the bed, sated and exhausted. She sighed, unlocking her legs and tilting his smeared, smiling face up to look at her.

“I wonder…if your MOM would love how well you eat pussy, young man,” she giggled, delighting in his blushing.

“Oh, Grandma, c’mon, stop…” he said softly, licking her cream from the insides of her luscious thighs. “That’s just…”

“What, ridiculous…wrong…forbidden?” she laughed. “Like a grandmother and grandson having sex isn’t ridiculous, wrong, forbidden? Honey, you just spent all that time locked in my thighs, pleasing me, is there something wrong with that?”

She curled up to a sitting position, bending to kiss him, licking her juices from his face and lancing her tongue into his mouth to share. She broke it, holding his beaming face in her hands.

“It’s love, Brendan…it’s only love…” she whispered. “Nothing to be ashamed of..it’s love…”

She slowly stood, peeling out of her thong and turning around. Her ass was as fantastic as the rest of her, Brendan noticed with a groan, thick and white, fleshy yet shapely, sagging canlı bahis with the most exquisitely wrinkled flesh at the sides and bottom of the creamy orbs.

Playfully, she put her hands on her hips and made them bounce, one at a time, the jiggling, dimpled flesh quivering before his grateful eyes.

“Oh my GOD, Grandma!” he laughed. “Look at you doing a booty dance!”

“Yup!” she giggled. “Girl’s still got it!”

He couldn’t contain himself just watching that marvelously meaty rump jiggling, and he dove in, mauling her cheeks with his hands, kneading the warm flesh and slathering it with kisses and licks. She moaned as he worked her meaty butt with hands and mouth.

“Wow, Brendan, you really seem to like Grandma’s ass,” she hissed with a throaty growl, continuing to quiver her fleshy cheeks on his worshipful tongue and mouth. “Mom’s got a great ass, too, ever notice that, baby?”

“Oh God, Grandma,” he groaned, concentrating on his grandmother’s lush rump and trying not to think about his mother’s, which he realized with clarity was pretty spectacular as well.

Katie’s hands slipped back from her hips to her cheeks, slowly spreading them. Brendan’s eyes widened as he focused on the dark crack, and in between, the darker puckered ring of her asshole. He looked up her back as she looked over her shoulder, smiling.

“Let’s see how your talented tongue feels in there, baby,” she whispered. “Go on, Brendan…lick it..I LOVE having my bummy eaten so go on, baby…lick Grandma’s asshole!”

Never in a million years, would he have thought anything that had happened this night ever could have. Which now included hearing the words “lick Grandma’s asshole” come out of her mouth.

Now it’s all he wanted to do.

He dove in, face smashing into the sweet, saggy orbs, moaning and licking, his frantic tongue spearing her tight sphincter and lancing as deeply inside as he could. He held onto her beautiful thighs, growling like a dog as he ate his grandmother’s delicious asshole, running his tongue in circles around the wrinkled ring and inside, probing deeply.

“OH GOD BABY!” Katie screamed in pleasure, arching her back and spreading her cheeks wider for her ass-gobbling grandson, the flesh of them framing his face, obliterating it in the meaty grip. “Your tongue feels SO DAMN GOOD up my ASSHOLE!”

Brendan groaned with his own pleasure in servicing his beloved grandmother’s fleshy ass, scooting up close on his knees, brushing his stiff cock against her calves, aching for release. She felt him there.

“Take it out, baby, take out your cock…” she moaned.

Never stopping his oral worship of her ass, Brendan obeyed, frantically undoing his pants and freeing his cock, the tip soaked with precum.

“Put it in my calves, baby, fuck my calves while you eat my asshole!” she screamed, scarcely believing the words she was saying.

Brendan speared his granny’s nylon-clad, muscular old calves with his cock, the sensation of her fleshy lower limbs on it driving him to twist his adoring face even deeper inside her magnificent bum.

The abrasiveness of the nylon almost hurt at first, but his flowing pre-cum lubed her calves up and now it felt like liquid velvet in them as he madly humped back and forth, matching the in-and-out strokes of his tongue plunging into her rectal ring.

“Play with my pussy, baby, play with Grandma’s pussy!” she growled in a sultry hiss.

He ran his hands around the front of her thighs and up as he ravenously devoured her asshole, his fingers parting her furry slit and dribbling her clit. She screamed louder still at his digital manipulation that combined with his near rabid worship of her sensitive asshole, quickly put her over the edge.

She came with a guttural growl and bellowing roar as she came on his probing fingers, snapping her hips back and forth and nearly sucking her grandson’s tongue out of his worshipping mouth and swallowing it up her ass.

Her orgasm slowed and Brendan’s fingers fell away, but his face did not. He continued to scour the depths of his grandmother’s clutching asshole until she giggled and shook his face from its fleshy, musky depths.

“Oh my God, Brendan, that was…amaaaaazing,” she growled, turning to kneel and kiss him, tasting her ass scent on his tongue as she sucked it into her mouth. “So nasty, so lovely…”

She lay back on her giant bed, legs spread, pussy hair gleaming with her fluids. She curled a finger at her grandson, who quickly shucked his clothes and knelt between those beautiful thighs. He pushed close, his dripping cock tip brushing her bushy pussy.

They looked deeply into each other’s eyes, his uncertain as to this next, consummating step. Her hands came up to his face as he leaned over her, shaking.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Katie asked, smoothing his hair.

“Nothing, Grandma…it’s just that…I love this, I love YOU, it’s just…”

“Love baby, like I said,” she smiled, his eyes drawn to the sexy mouth that puckered into the most alluring wrinkles. “It’s just love…”

She bahis siteleri wrapped her legs tighter around him, pulling him in. The first inches of his cock sheathed into her pussy, making him gasp and shiver.

“And besides,” she cooed warmly, “you’ve earned it…”

He groaned loudly as she pulled him all the way in, taking him to the balls in one stroke. She groaned herself at its thickness and fullness, his hard young cock now thrusting in and out with insistent yet gentle strokes, their eyes locked on each other’s.

He lay atop her, kissing her as romantically and sweetly as he could, feeling far more than more physical love for this sexy old woman almost 50 years his senior.

He licked down her chin into the sexy wrinkles of her neck, sucking the meaty, salty flesh of it, noting her increased moaning at his touch, and sucking and licking it more, so very eager to please her. He looked down at her heaving tits in her push-up bra as he continued to lance his cock into her hot, tight pussy.

She kissed him, pulling down her bra. Those massive tits, the ones triggering the entire night’s events hours earlier, quaked into view. His eyes went wide, glowing in the dim light of the room, fixed on the flesh of them, white and creamy, the most delicate of tiny blue veins visible beneath that alabaster skin, her huge pink nipples erect and waiting.

“Suck ’em baby,” she hissed, pulling his face to them where Brendan instantly started lapping them. “Suck Grandma’s big tits!”

Brendan lovingly buried his face into the freckled, warm cleavage, the flesh wrinkled, the tit meat saggy and sexy, licking and kissing his way over the white meat and sucking on it before latching his mouth to one huge pink nipple and then the other.

Katie smiled, wrapping her fleshy arms over his head, holding his grunting face to her huge boobs.

“God, you love my tits, huh?” she laughed, watching the boy work her huge mammaries as he continued to slowly plunge into her gripping cunt. “I love you sucking on them, baby…suck ’em…suck ’em hard…”

They locked into a syncopated rhythm, he pushing in, she pushing up, making romantic love like long-time lovers. She curled his hair in her fingers, licking his ear and hissing into it.

“I feel your cock getting thicker, baby, you’re gonna cum, aren’t ya?” she teased, biting his earlobe, feeling him get bigger inside her, knowing how to take him to the edge and beyond. “Mmmm, feels so good, your cock in me…think Mom would like your cock in HER, stud, hmmm?”

She felt his body shiver at that, his cock knob pulsating against her pussy walls.

“Thought so,” she laughed, licking her way to his other ear and then pulling his face from her tits to look at her, sweaty and eager. “Where do you want to cum, baby…in Grandma’s pussy…”

She tensed her tight cunt walls on his cock, milking them up and down his pulsating shaft, making him moan louder still.

“..or on Grandma’s TITS!” she growled, pressing them together around his sucking face.

He screamed and did both.

He started to cum, roping two or three voluminous jets of sperm into her clutching pussy before she pulled him out and up over her, spearing her tits together to take him inside, holding them tight, bobbling them around the jetting cock and feeling the rest of his load smear the fleshy interiors of them.

Two shots escaped her tit grip, one lacing up over her laughing face, the other catching her square in the wattle, filling every sexy wrinkle there with his hot cream.

“Wow, Brendan, you came so much again!” she laughed, wiping his cum off her eye and licking it clean. “You really DO love my tits, don’t you?”

“Oh hell yes,” he moaned, flopping off to the side, cock finally flagging, but barely, and leaning over to kiss his grandmother’s come-streaked face.

“You naughty, naughty boy,” she snarled, holding his head as he licked his cum from her forehead, nose and lips, running his tongue into her mouth to share it before continuing down to clean her creamy wattle, slurping up his load. “God, you’re amazing, not many men would do that, not to mention boys like you! God, that is SUCH a turn-on! My tits, baby, clean Grandma’s tits!”

He didn’t need to be told. He smiled up at her, running his tongue through her soupy cleavage and onto her soaked tits, lapping at the insides as she held them up for him, twirling his tongue into the clumps of goo and pulling it into his mouth.

He attached his lips to her nipples, slurping cum from them, and then kissed her, the lovers groaning as they snowballed the steamy load between them.

“So sexy, baby, so sexy,” she whispered as they broke their kiss, gobbling up the silvery sliver of sperm strung between their lips, then directing his adoring face to her tits to gobble up anything he’d missed. “God, imagine sucking cum off Mom’s tits…imagine BOTH of us sucking your cum off Mom’s tits!”

He looked up at her, grinning.

“You keep saying stuff like that…you…you like girls, I guess?” he smiled. “Gosh, Grandma, I didn’t bahis şirketleri know you liked women, too, not to mention your own daughter, damn, the stuff I’m learning…”

“Well, I do…I HAVE liked girls in the past,” she sighed as he continued to feast on her tits, suckling those big nipples, creasing the meatiness of her tits into wrinkly cones in his hands.

“Yeah, we heard that…well, I mean, family rumors…you know…”

She laughed, her torso shaking and jiggling her big tits into Brendan’s appreciative face.

“Yeah, I know about those rumors…all true, all true, I was a horny young thing,” she giggled. “And you know, your mom…well, forget it..”

“No, wait, WHAT!” he cried out, leaning up on his elbow to look at her, cum sticky on his face.

She smiled at him, letting him wonder, his mouth agape, eyes wide. She debated continuing, realizing the fantasy of his mom was one thing, the reality quite another. She quickly made up her mind.

“Well, yeah,” Katie continued, laughing as she scooped a dab of cum from his nose and wiped it inside his mouth. “Your mom…when she was about your age…I had suspicions of her and some of her girlfriends…caught them kissing a few times, they didn’t see me and I let it go, all part of a girl’s exploration, ya know?”

Brendan just stared. And felt his cock thicken against his grandmother’s thigh. She laughed as she felt it grow.

“Oh, you like that, do you?” she giggled. “Well, you’ll like this: I actually caught her having sex with another girl one time! Yeah, I came home from work early, heard moaning from her bedroom and peeked in and there she was, they were, in a 69 licking each other!”

“HOLY FUCK!” Brendan cried out, cock now bulging to full length against his granny’s silky thigh. “Did you…stop them?”

“Oh heavens no!” she laughed. “You know how liberal I am, honey, I just ..well, I just let nature take its course. Kinda proud of her, actually, to be so adventurous like that!”

“Jesus Christ!” Brendan groaned. “Who, anyone I’d know, who was she??”

She just looked at him, smiling, shaking her head slowly, torturing him with her reluctance.

“No, I better not…”

“GRANDMA PLEASE!” he begged, leaping to his knees by her head, hands clasped together. “I am BEGGING you, who was it??”

She winked at him and leaned over to so very gently lap the tip of his cock, making him shiver, as she encircled the shaft with her hand, stroking it, then taking him deep into her puckered mouth.

His body trembled as he watched her sexy lips gobble him to the balls, tongue washing the shaft, and them back up to the tip.

She held it, looking at him, flickering the creamy eye of his cock with her rapidly twitching tongue. His eyes were nearly falling out of his head as he watched.

“Who?” he croaked hoarsely, balls knotting for release.

“I shouldn’t tell you…,” she growled, stroking him faster.


“I shouldn’t tell you…or tell you this, either…” she said, jerking faster, licking his cock more wetly, tormenting him. “I went in…caught them…and then JOINED them!”

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck…” Brendan babbled, his nuts about to explode. “WHO?”

She smiled, rubbing his pre-cum soaked tip on her wrinkled cheeks, chin and throat, stroking him a bit faster.

“Your Aunt Cassie…her sister..my other DAUGHTER!” she growled, then gulped his cock balls deep, the tip at her throat, her hands squeezing and milking his balls.

“HOLY FUCK!!” Brendan screamed.

It was information overload, sensory and otherwise. He came before actually realizing he was, balls aching from just having blasted in his grandmother’s tits moments earlier, and unloading another prodigious stream of cum down into her belly.

He felt himself turning inside out, mentally and physically, balls on fire from overwork, his mind a fog as it tried to visualize his big-titted mom and equally big-titted Aunt Cassie sucking each other’s cunts – with his sexy grandmother in bed with them, doing them both.

Katie laughed around his cock, feeling it drain into her throat, gulping madly and then slurping back up the shaft to catch the last drizzle of spunk, swallowing that. She let Brendan’s softening cock plop from her lips, smacking them together and wiping them with the back of her hand.

Brendan couldn’t speak. He just looked down at his cum-eating granny who was smiling up at him. She shrugged.

“So now you know,” she smiled.

“Now I know,” he sighed. “Holy fucking hell…Mom? Aunt Cassie? And YOU? Jesus…”

“Turned you on, didn’t it? Thinking of me and Mom and Aunt Cassie,” she laughed.

He shook his head, trying to assimilate this incredible information.

“Did you…I mean, other times…since then?” he asked haltingly.

“Well, yeah, a few more for a few years, but not after that,” she sighed in an almost regretful tone. “Life, you know, gets in the way…”

“Ever talk about it?”

“No, not really,” she said. “It was…a chapter in the book, ya know what I mean? I never brought it up again, just let it ride. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t ashamed or anything, and they weren’t either. Guess it was just part of growing up, and you move on…life, right?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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