A Night Out

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Being married my “men on men” relationships have always been limited to the odd fumble in the back of a gay cinema or in a romp in a sauna. Occasionally as I got older I answered an ad in a contact magazine, for an evening session. But I never managed to stay overnight and one of my longings was for an evening of sex, sleep and then more sex as my partner released my morning glory.

This seemed an idle fantasy, until my wife announced she was taking her mother to Paris, for a long weekend.

I dropped her off at the newly opened St Pancras terminal for the Euro train, before heading to my home.

Once home, I prepared for my night out. I had a hair trimmer and used it to shave my armpits and then my pubic hair round to my butt hole, I fixed a leather strap around the base of my cock and smiling to myself I admired my smooth, albeit slightly rotund body in the mirror. I then applied lubricant to my butt hole and was ready for my evening.

I pulled on my denim trousers and jacket and black trainers, feeling that clothes should be minimal.

I decided to take in as many experiences this night as possible and drove to East London and parked in an NCP car park and walked the short distance to the original Chariots sauna. It took me 20 minutes to have the nerve to go in. Despite the fact that this was not my first visit to a gay sauna, I never get over the initial nervousness of going in, a sense of betraying, I suppose. The anticipation and excitement always results in me being incredibly hard when I finally make the decision, this was helped by the little blue pill I had taken a few minutes earlier.

I soon slipped out of my clothes and strolled around the complex, a quick dip in the pool and a stroll through the cruise area, before I decided to go and watch a porno in the cinema room.

I laid my towel down on the bench and watched as two leather bound beefcakes were fucking a guy in a sling on the screen. I slowly stroked as I watched, but was careful not to be too intense, I was determined to make this evenings experience last for more than a few minutes.

Watching the film as well as the guys around me, who were either pleasuring themselves or their neighbour, I was getting more and more excited and felt my inhibitions, what were left, drift away.

It was not long before a guy similar in age to me, walked into the room, looked around, dropped his towel and presented his erection to my face. I needed no further invitation, I kissed the end of his cock, my hands reached round behind him, stroking his buttocks, gently running my nails, my tongue poked out licking the crack before opening my mouth and plunging downs, rhythmically I bobbed my head up and down, sucking as I moved my head back. I could feel the effect it had on him as his hips began to thrust forward, helped by the urging of my hands. I had recently been practising ignoring my reflex gag action and it was paying off. For 30 years I’d been blowing guys off, but for the first time I could actually deep throat and I felt this anonymous cock slip down my throat. My ministrations seemed to be having the desired effect, as my fingers found his arsehole and slipped in I could feel the member in my mouth swell güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and with one final thrust my mouth filled with cum, it just would not stop flowing, as much as I swallowed, it also dripped out of my mouth, down my chin and on to my chest. As he finished he wiped the residue of his cum, onto my face and as anonymously as he had entered the room, he left it.

Having had his abdomen removed from my face, I could look round the room and saw those that were not engaged in their own trysts staring at me. I licked my lips and smiled, the invitation in my eyes did not go unrewarded and I was soon presented with another cock, this time the owner first reached down lifted my head and licked the cum off my cheeks and neck before deeply kissing me with his tongue. He then pulled back and I cupped his balls in my hand and began to cover them in saliva, he had removed all hair which made them a delightful meal as my tongue explored every nook and cranny, kissing and nibbling his ball sack. I turned him round and sat him in my place, so that I could sling his legs over my shoulders as I knelt on the floor, as he leaned back I ran my tongue down his perineum to his ass hole, one hand reached his cock and began to stroke it hard up and down, while my tongue licked the edges of his arse hole and the thumb of my other hand used the excess saliva to open him up, before plunging my tongue into him.

As I ministered to my groaning friend, I felt a pair of hands on my buttocks, I was raised off my haunches and I felt a finger being pressed into me, this only added to the enthusiasm of my rimming and wanking, as my prostate was being massaged, first by one then two and finally three fingers.

As my friend in front erupted over his own stomach, my licking became more frenetic and the fingers were removed from my ass, only to be quickly replaced by a cock, in my frenzy there was no thought of who what or how, as the cum from the stomach in front was fed to me and the cock inside me thrust hard and fast – I was in heaven, the guy in front, slipped away from me, so I was now leaning on the seat on my elbows, thrusting back to meet every thrust forward, one hand from behind was kneading my balls and then he exploded inside me, my insides were covered in his cum, he carried on thrusting as he softened and as his member left me he kissed my neck and then withdrew. I just stayed there, thinking of what had happened, this was my first ever bareback experience and I had enjoyed it, but also was worried about its implications. This suddenly put a dampener on my mood and I raised myself from my position and put my towel around my midriff for the first time while I went for a shower.

I could feel the cum running down my butt cheeks onto my thighs, instead of further worrying me, it added to my excitement, as I walked to the showers I felt decadent, degraded, a man whore – it felt great. I could not hide my erection as I entered the showers.

It was not long before the shower had others in it, I was the only one with an erection and this time it was noticed as a guy about my age came over and started to kiss me we were mixing saliva as his hand reached my cock and began to stroke up güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and down roughly squeezing and pulling, his tongue deep in my throat, before he had a chance I dropped to my knees and for the third time that evening began ministering my mouth on his cock and balls a sizeable cock 8.5″ and really thick, but unlike my previous partners he had little self control and quickly came over my face, as I stood up licked my lips and drew the cum into my mouth, unabashed by his cum on my face he kissed me and tongued my mouth further. He whispered into my ear “Let’s have a coffee and a chat”.

The clock in the rest room showed 11.30, I could not believe I had been here for three hours, my activities had lasted longer than I had realised. He ordered a cappuccino and I had a latte, as we sat down, he introduced himself as John.

“Sorry I came so quickly, the first one is always quick, but then I can go all night and shoot two or three times, I have been watching you all evening and love a cum slut. I see you are married, what time do you need to leave”

I looked down at my hand and realised that I had forgotten to remove my wedding rind, which, incidentally had caught some cum under it. Now being a cum slut, in the semi darkness of a gay cinema room, is easy, talking about it in a well lit café bar is something else. I looked down sheepishly.

Mumbling I said “Errrm, my wife’s actually away so I don’t have a time to be home tonight”

John smiled, “So you could spend the night with me?”

“Not at my place, sorry.”


His hand was on the top of my thigh, touching my scrotum, my erection hardened a million fold, my brain exploded and through a dry throat I replied


“If you come back with me you do every thing I ask, I can see that you are a slut and I’ll treat you as such, do you agree?”


Quite loudly he asked

“Will you eat my arse?”


“Suck my cock? Eat my cum?”


“We’ll stay here a while longer and then go back to my place”

He then announced, “anyone who wants to fuck my slut then we will be in the cruising area”

I was so horny, I was gagging for it, I still had not come this evening, but this just added to heighten my sexual awareness.

He took me down to the cruise area and bent me over the “bed” in a cubicle; it was not long before I felt my cheeks being parted and a cock being inserted,

“The first of many” was whispered in my ear.

Over the next hour, in various positions – on my back, on top, doggy, I lost count of the different number of cocks I had maybe 10, maybe fifteen, filling me with cum, those that did not want to mix their cum, would cum over me or in my face. Then John “closed shop” and told me to get dressed, I got up and moved in the direction of the shower, but was instructed that as a smelly cum slut, I should get dressed as I was.

It was time to go back to Johns, as I sat in my car following his I could feel the cum slipping out of my ass, although it gave me a damp patch in my jeans, I felt warm contented and horny in the expectation of what was to come.

John led me into his home, as güvenilir bahis şirketleri we entered the door we kissed long hard and deep, then he whispered in my ear and directed me to a room, where I was to strip naked and wait. I entered the room; it had dimmed lights, dark walls and a round bed. I removed my clothing leaving them in a pile in the corner and went and sat down naked, the only thing I was wearing, was the cock ring, sitting there I pulled on my cock, keeping it hard and erect.

John entered the room, dressed only in a leather harness, like me John was a blue pill popper and it showed. I have never been a great one for rimming, that’s not until OI get excited and warmed up and then I can’t get enough ass. John walked to the bed, he said nothing ms out stretched forward and bent over. I knew he was not asking for me to fuck him, no… I went behind him, spread his buttocks and attacked his ass hole, I licked, I lapped, I poked my tongue was getting and giving the work out of its life, my face deep between his cheeks, I was almost Cumming without being touched, this was so decadent and I was as horny as I ever had been, the only thing missing was an audience, but then that was just being greedy. My tongue licked down to John’s balls which I took and sucked in my mouth, maybe too hard as John winced, but a bit more gently I carried on until I returned to his man cunt. God I was in heaven, at the feet of this man.

As my tongue began to tire, John turned round raised me and bent me over the bed, his fingers easily slipped into my stretched ass, and I felt only a little pain as he slipped his knuckles past my sphincter, his other hand reached round and roughly milked my cock, not that I needed milking as I soon gushed all over the bed, bucket loads of cum sprayed on to the sheets. Adding to the excitement was the rough extraction of the fist from my ass and then as I was instructed to eat my cum from the bed, I was entered, hard and thrusting, hands reached round and used my nipples as handles, each thrust giving excruciating, pleasurable pain.

Having spent his load earlier John continued to fuck me, keeping hard, until getting bored or just looking for variety, he withdrew spun me and pushed my mouth down onto his cock. As I have said, I give good head and despite his spent state John was soon filling my mouth again and I savoured his saltiness.

Offering to suck me off, I declined, sadly I am a one come wonder and I was now tired. We had not spoken about sleeping as I was getting my things together; John said how disappointed he was that I was married, as he would love to wake up with me in his bed. I was delighted and explained that my wife was away. I dropped my things and holding Johns hand we went to his bedroom.

After a rigorous evening, despite kissing and fondling I was soon asleep. The next morning, I was slowly coming to, lying face down my legs were splayed, I realised my balls were being licked and the tongue ran up wards and my cheeks separated as my hole was penetrated buy Johns tongue, he tongue fucked my ass which I so enjoyed, waking up to this was heaven and it was not long before he raised himself and gave me my ultimate reward, a morning cock up my arse, he fucked me for ages before we swapped and he turned me over, to lower his ass on my cock.

This was pure fantasy fulfilment ….. after I came we showered together and then called our work to let them know we were sick, before taking a rest in anticipation of the day to come………….

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