A Night at the Opera Ch. 04

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Cuddling and stroking her back, I couldn’t imagine a lover better than Kate. But at the same time I realized I couldn’t imagine only making love to women.

I just love dick.

I love the sensation, when I’m really turned on, of a dick sliding inside me for the first time. It’s even hotter after a long spell between fucks. Hah! Any dick feels big if I’ve been empty long enough. And I get kind of eager when he pulls out, waiting for him to slide back in. And then, when a guy really gets going and pounds me hard and fast, yeah, I love that, too. Watching him above me, the way his face contorts trying not to come, almost out of control, that is so HOT! I want him to keep riding me, stretching my legs wide, holding me with bruising strength. I seriously don’t want to get pregnant, but something in me also wants him to come … to gasp and groan and thrust uncontrollably and shoot his load inside me. I feel so tender and protective afterwards when he lies on top of me jerking slightly and breathing deeply.

And don’t even get me started on doggy style! I get horny just thinking about it!

I’ll never forget the first time I made a guy come with my hand in the back seat of an old car parked behind the high school. I had no plan and no idea what I was doing, of course, so he helped me get his dick out after I squeezed his hard-on through his jeans for awhile. I was fascinated by his size, which I later realized was average. But at the time I was impressed by the way his dick filled my hand, how warm yet hard it felt and how his hips jerked when I stroked the head.

I decided to use my hand on his dick the way I imagined a pussy might clasp and stroke it. Sooner than I thought, he started moaning, put his hand over mine and doubled the speed of my strokes. He gave a drawn-out groan and my hand was suddenly covered with warm, sticky semen. My best girlfriend told me a guy’s come was disgusting, but I felt only curiosity and held my hand up to look at it in better light. It looked a bit like the icing Mom made for cinnamon rolls, and smelled slightly musty. And it smelled wet, if that’s a thing. It took awhile, and a lot of coaching, before that guy ever got me off with his fingers, and he never managed to make me come with his dick. He just didn’t last very long.

My orgasms with Kate felt different from fucking a guy. Not night-and-day different, just different in a subtle way. Maybe with a guy it’s having something deep in my pussy, something bigger than a tongue or a couple of fingers? Maybe with a woman it’s her canlı bahis şirketleri softer skin, the flow of her hair across my inner thigh, the way she knows my body or her focus on my pleasure. I’ll have to think about it.

Kate and I made love again later. She started stroking my hair, then her kisses changed from light and playful until she was thrusting her tongue in my mouth eagerly. Her hand stroked my neck, then both hands were holding my head allowing her lips to push hard against mine, her tongue delving deep in my mouth. Her arousal triggered mine and I started kissing her back just as hard. It became a sensuous battle, our slick, warm tongues twining and searching first in my mouth then in hers. Her kisses grew more gentle then and that’s when I noticed her hands on me … stroking my arms, caressing my breasts, sliding slowly up and down my legs.

Her fingers slid tenderly down my belly, through my pubes, along the outer lips of my pussy. And my fingers sought between her legs at the same time. She opened them to give me room and I slid a finger up her slit. With just a little pressure my finger dipped between the plump guardians of her inner gates and found her wetness. I opened my eyes to find her blue eyes staring intensely into my brown ones. She held my gaze with a slight smile.

“God I want to watch you come!” she whispered. I sighed and felt her finger penetrate me deep enough to gather a coating of my juices.

Soon I was stroking her soft, wet inner lips and her finger was exploring my pussy from my vagina up – almost – to my clit. Up and down her finger tip stroked and I spread my legs to encourage her exploration. Her fingers began to match each movement of mine. When my finger slid slowly inside her, her finger penetrated me to the same depth. When my finger pulled firmly at the muscles around her opening, hers did the same. Her warm breath brushed my face.

I slid my finger tip gradually up her slit, gathering wetness, and she matched me again. Then my finger was at her bump and I circled it gently, barely touching. She waited until my finger had completely circled her clit before her finger did the same to me. I suddenly realized I was holding my breath and gulped for air.

“Tell me what you want,” she whispered.

“Oh,” I hesitated, and said the first thing that popped in my head.

“I want to finger you til you come. And I want to push my fingers deep inside you … and lick my fingers dry!”

“Sooo FUCKING SEXY!” she groaned and suddenly her first finger canlı kaçak iddaa was stroking me steadily and I matched her stroke for stroke, feeling her bump sliding slickly under my finger. I kept my strokes light and steady, instinctively knowing if her peak built slowly it would be all the higher. And again she matched me stroke for stroke with the exact same pressure.

“Look at me!” she commanded and I opened my eyes and stared deeply into hers.

“I want to watch you come, sweetheart! I want to see you coming and know you’re coming for me!” I groaned deeply, my hips starting to jerk slightly and her slick, wet finger drove me closer and closer to orgasm. My whole hand was wet with her flowing juices as my finger slipped faster and faster over her clit.

“Come for me, sweetheart! Come for me!” she whispered urgently, holding my eyes with hers. “I want to see you come for me!” That did it.

“AAAAAHH!” I cried as my hips jerked and a wave of pleasure crashed through me, spreading out from my puss. “AAAAAGHH!” And her cry of completion followed mine by a second or two, our eyes still locked in ecstasy. “OHMYGODOMYGOD!” she cried, thrusting herself against my insistent hand. “SOFUCKINGGOOD!!”

We came and came together as our fingers continued working on each other and our bodies convulsed. “AAAAAAH!” I cried and closed my mouth over hers, thrusting my tongue between her lips again and again to match the thrusts of my fingers in her pussy. She moaned helplessly into my mouth and kissed back hard as she could.

My orgasm had peaked, I think, when Kate did something inspired. She pushed her two middle fingers inside me and started jerking her hand up and down, her palm rubbing my clit and her fingers stimulating my vagina. Instantly I felt myself leaping to another crest. I had just a second to shove my middle fingers inside her and start jerking her opening hard while my palm crushed her clit.

“FUCKFUCKFUUUUUUCK!!” I cried into her mouth, as I crested again, and she answered, “I’MCOMINGJENNY-COMINGSWEETHEART-DONTSTOPFUCKINGME!!”

It was probably a minute or two, but it felt like hours as Kate and I came together, pounding each other’s pussies, kissing deeply and staring lovingly into each others’ eyes. Finally we were too spent to move, our fingers inside each other’s slick warmth, our chests heaving as we struggled for air, our faces shiny with sweat. We were smiling at each other like idiots, our noses nearly touching.

I let my fingers slip out of Kate’s pussy and brought them to canlı kaçak bahis my mouth. Holding her gaze I began sucking her juices off my fingers. She grinned and did the same and I felt like something expanded in my chest as I watched her eagerly lick my pussy juice off her fingers. My nipples were hard as rocks.

There’s something incredibly deep and powerful about kissing somebody while you’re cumming. And if you’re both coming … well. Afterwards we cuddled, exhausted, for a half hour in the dim light of my bedroom. Then I thought to ask, “What if your husband finds out you’re fucking a woman on the side?”

She chuckled, “He already knows.”

“WHAT!” I exclaimed, sitting up. “He knows you’re here making love to a woman you just met?”

“Of course. He’s in New York at the moment, but I called and told him I was hoping to seduce you. I tell him everything. I told him about meeting you at the opera, about tracking you down at your job, and about coming to see you here. I’m pretty sure I gave him a hard-on describing you and my plans!”

I was astonished. I could barely get my head around the idea of a woman having an affair – even with another woman – and telling her husband about it.

“And he didn’t freak out?”

“No. Even before we married I shared my fantasies with him … and my history of making love with women. He’s always been turned on by the idea.”

“Do you ever fantasize about other men?”

“Sure, once in awhile some young stud will catch my eye, but then I remind myself how wonderful my husband is. Then I tell him I’ve noticed another man and he teases me about it. It’s really no sacrifice staying faithful to one dick when it’s a world class dick attached to a loving man. He’s a perfect match for me, a yin to my yang.”

“Does he know about your plan to keep him satisfied in bed … the new things you plan to do … the new partners?

“I’ve hinted. He knows I’m always planning every part of our life together, and looking ahead. He realizes I have a long-term plan for our romantic life, but not the details. Frankly it’s part of my plan to surprise him. He loves that.”

“That’s just amazing!” I said, my mind reeling at the idea of such openness.

“Don’t worry,” Kate said with concern. “If you want today to be our first and last time together, I’ll live with that. You have no obligation to see me again, or meet my husband, but I hope you’ll think about it.”

Kate left soon afterwards to put her kids to bed, after making a coffee date with me “to talk about everything.” I was left standing there in my robe, my head spinning with thoughts of Kate and her strange marriage and what it all might mean for me. Her husband didn’t sound like any man I’d ever known, and she was certainly unlike any woman I’d heard about.

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