A New Job

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I’m sorry, but if that’s what you are looking for, it would probably be better if you moved along to avoid any disappointment on your part. What sex there is appears at the end as I try to concentrate on character building and dialogue.

As always, any similarities between the characters in the following story and real people either living or dead, is purely co-incidental and not intended to cause offence.

The story is, and always will be, the intellectual copyright of the author, and may not be re-produced in any form without his express permission.

So. after all that, if you’re still determined to read my little effort, (which may, or may not, be the first of a series, depending on your reviews and marks) I hope you enjoy and maybe read the rest of my humble contributions.

Once again, I have to self-edit (been let down too many times to bother trying to find a reliable editor), so I apologise for any spelling or other errors anyone may notice. With that in mind, if you do find any such errors, please e-mail me and I can then correct them for the enjoyment of any future readers.

Once again, I hope you enjoy.


A New Job

“JIMMY!!!… If you don’t damn-well behave, you’ll go straight to bed when we get home.”

Kathy impatiently pulled her five year-old by the hand. The shitty weather of Northern England in November, being stressed by her little boy’s exuberant behaviour, meant the mother of three was eager to get him home and get on with her work as a freelance book editor before it pissed it down again.

* * *

Chapter 1

At 43, and with 21 year-old twin girls at university, Katherine (Kathy) McGuire had been surprised (devastated, is probably nearer the mark) when she’d fallen pregnant at such a relatively comfortable, if expensive, time in her life. Her career had been progressing nicely. Her and her husband James (Jim) had just begun to experience the joys of so-called empty-nesters, able to go out whenever the mood took them; have holidays that were for them rather than the family; and, significantly for the horny mature woman, once again have sex anywhere in the house, and at any-time they felt like it.

Being able to fuck the husband she still loved dearly, without the fear of interruption from two boisterous young girls who thought their parents were so old and decrepit they’d given up doing the dirty deed immediately after having conceived the two of them, meant a great deal to Kathy. The pair had always enjoyed an exciting and fulfilling sex life early in the relationship, right up until the girls had become old enough to make a difference to their privacy, so getting back to that gave them the freedom to physically express their love for each other in the sweaty, naughty, way they both revelled in.

With Jim being a year older than her and well into ‘grey’ mode, and her own long blonde hair streaked with the dreaded silver — she had never gone down the route of dying it — the thought of looking more like their new child’s grandparents, rather than parents, had tormented Kathy greatly during in the dark days of waddling around like a beached whale and feeling as unattractive as a bag-lady. As for having to fight to get her slim figure back again after the birth, well that had almost terrified her. It had previously taken her months of working-out and running to get her body back to the glamorous shape that had been her pride and joy ever since she’d first sprouted her sumptuous breasts as a teenager. Now she’d have to go through it all again if she didn’t want to turn into the same, saggy-titted, middle-aged women Kathy remembered her mother being when she was growing up herself.

Husband Jim, of course, had been delighted, especially after they’d discovered the unplanned addition to their family was going to be the son he’d longed for throughout his life as the father of two precociously beautiful daughters. Daughters he’d seemed to spend all his time trying – unsuccessfully, unbeknownst to him — to protect from the attentions of any potential defilers of their innocence as the two girls had passed through puberty and developed into the dazzling beauties who were the image of their mother at the same age. At last, he’d be able to share his passion for sport with another male, rather than having to spend time in solitary confinement if he ever wanted to watch a match, or game of whatever, whilst the rest of the house was monopolised by three totally disinterested females who’s only topic of conversation when they were all together seemed to be whatever so-and-so was wearing; or who was doing what to who; or the merits of the latest teen heart-throb — all of which went completely over his head and left him yearning for maybe just a small dose of male testosterone once-in-a-while.

Once young Jimmy was born, of course, everything changed. His parents and grand-parents doted on casino siteleri him; even his older sisters adored having a little baby to play with when they came home from university — especially as their mother took care of all the dirty, nasty, things their young brother seemed to spend all day doing. Back to being parents of a young child again, Jim and Kathy were once more taking family holidays; having to consider what was best for their son rather than themselves in whatever plans they had; and again, back to being so tired and pre-occupied they had to sneak in short, hurried and hushed, sex whenever the need for carnal satisfaction became too much to ignore.

The couple, now in their late forties and inevitably showing the signs of life’s wear and tear with the odd wrinkle and extra pound here and there, were both still very attractive specimens of mature sexuality, both missing the wild, uninhibited bouts of love-making they’d been able to indulge in for the years after the girls had grown and started spending most of their time out of the house. Kathy, especially, missed their frequent and varied fucking. She’d always been a horny sort of girl, and being able to have sex whenever and wherever she wanted had made her even hornier. She loved fucking, possibly even more than her husband, and now that their sex-life had dissipated to maybe once a week since the birth of her son, she missed it. Even her collection of kinky sex-toys didn’t satisfy her needs. The menopause being hopefully a few years off yet, and her pussy still producing enough womanly fluids to flood her panties whenever she got excited, she was a passionate, mature woman who was at her sexual peak with regard to reaching the deeply satisfying orgasms she still craved for.

Consequently, the beautiful wife and mother was feeling frustrated and resentful. She wanted, and actually needed, more than she was getting; her carnal deprivation leaving her irritable and tetchy with her life in general — and especially with idiots who disturbed her daily routine…

* * *

“Excuse me… Could I have a word?”

Kathy tried to ignore the man’s voice behind her, irritably pulling her son toward her car.

“Excuse me. I won’t take too much of your time, just a second or two.”

He was now in front of her, blocking her path.

“What?… I haven’t got ANY time to spare, so please, leave me alone, and stop being a bloody nuisance”

He didn’t move. Angrily, she glared at him, fixing him with a stare that threatened all manner of retribution if he didn’t get his arse out of her way. A little taller than her, his eyes twinkled with amusement as they looked down at her pretty face — something that annoyed her even more.

“Well? What is it?… Do I know you, or something?”

The man chuckled, his face breaking into a gentle smile, “No… Well I don’t think so anyway. It’s just that I’ve watched you picking your little boy up for a few days now, and I’d really like to offer you a job… Well, you and your husband, actually.”

Angrily, Kathy looked at the man, noticing for the first time, that he was actually quite attractive. Maybe 6ft tall, with a nice smile and a slim, well-dressed, body, he was not handsome as such, more… well, sexy really. Determinedly hanging on to her wriggling son’s hand as he tried to get away from her and join his friend on the other side of the road, she continued to glare at the stranger who was now really beginning to annoy her.

“I already have a job. I don’t want another job. I don’t need another job. So please, get out of my way, and leave me alone.”

The man’s grin widened even further, amused by her angrily flashing eyes that somehow made her even more attractive to him.

“I appreciate that… It’s just that I’m a website manager on the internet, and I think you would be perfect for my latest project. So, please take my card, and if you’re interested in injecting a little excitement into your life, give me a ring.”

Totally pissed-off now, Kathy violently snatched the proffered business card from his out-stretched hand and jammed it into her jacket pocket. With every intention of throwing the damn thing in the trash once she finally got home, she just hoped he’d be satisfied and get out of her fucking way so she could get back to her busy life.

“Okay,” She hissed through clenched teeth, “I’ve got your bloody card… Now, get out of our way so I can go home and make my son’s tea.”

Chuckling once more, the man stepped sideways and extravagantly bowed as he waved her past, shouting after her, “I’ll look forward to hearing from you then.” whilst admiring her gorgeous backside as she stormed up the road to her car.

* * *

Several weeks later, after a particularly fraught period in Kathy’s life when she had seen her work for the publishing company virtually dry up, at the same time as her husband being told by his employers that they were struggling due to the economic downturn and canlı casino his job was in danger if things didn’t pick up, she had occasion to wear the coat she’d had on at the time of her meeting with that impudent stranger who’d stopped her and her son on the street.

Finding his card in the pocket, she looked at it properly for the first time. “Mark & Lena Thomas — Adult Internet Entertainment” she read silently, shocked by the simplicity of it that told everything she needed to know about the man. “Adult Entertainment?… we all know what that is… What on earth had possessed that moronic idiot to offer me a job in Adult Entertainment?” she muttered under her breath as she waited for Jimmy to finish school for the day. For no apparent reason she could have explained to anyone, including herself, she put the card back in her pocket instead of throwing it away as she’d first intended.

Later that night, she handed the card to her husband, Jim, and told him the story of how she’d been accosted in broad daylight by a total stranger, and that stranger had then offered the pair of them a job.

“Bloody hell, Kath… What sort of fucking creep was he?… Approaching you like that in the middle of the street. It’s not as though you’re a naive young girl who wouldn’t know any better when he promised to make her a star and tried to get her to take her clothes off. You’re a middle-aged, married woman for fucks sake. I hope you told him what to do with his fucking ‘adult entertainment’?”

Kathy bristled at her husband’s unintentional slight on her sexuality, suddenly angry that he was insinuating that, because she was older, and married, a man wouldn’t be interested in getting her to expose her naked body to him.

“Oh, thank you very much!!!… You trying to say I’m past it? … That no-one, and that includes YOU lately, would be interested in seeing me naked?… Fucking hell… You sure know how to make a girl feel good about herself.” Her anger threatening to boil over, she stood and made to leave the room, “And what about you?… He offered BOTH of us a job, you know. Why would he think you would be any good in fucking adult entertainment?… You’re not even an enthusiastic amateur nowadays, never mind a fucking professional.”

Jim had been married a long time. He knew from bitter experience that the best thing to do when you’re in a hole, is stop digging. Eventually, Kathy realised her unintentional pun, suddenly bursting into a belly-laugh before leaving the room with as much dignity as she could muster and giggling over her shoulder, “Fuck you, you tosser.” to her quietly amused husband.

* * *

A few days later, Jim had it confirmed that he would be losing his job in four weeks time. Having paid off their mortgage a couple of years earlier, and him receiving quite a generous redundancy package, his unemployment wouldn’t mean them immediately living on any sort of breadline, although they were obviously both worried at the possible consequences. Their two daughters being at university would inevitably put a huge strain on their finances of course, but for a few months at least, they would be okay.

“What do you reckon he had in mind?”

Kathy looked up from her newspaper and glanced over at her husband when he suddenly broke the silence. Questioning him with a raised eyebrow, she put her paper down on her lap and waited for him to continue.

“The bloke on the street, I mean… The one who offered us a job. What do you think he wanted us to do?”

Placing the folded newspaper on the coffee table in front of her, she sat back and looked quizzically into Jim’s eyes. She would never have admitted it to anyone, even her husband, but she had secretly been intrigued by the stranger’s approach and subsequent offer. What did he want them to do? That question had been occupying her lonely dreams virtually every night since she’d met him. Now, her husband too, was obviously curious as to what was on offer.

Taking a deep breath, she answered softly, “I have no idea. There is only one way to find out though.”

Jim sniffed and pursed his lips, obviously in deep thought. Eventually, he picked up his own newspaper and opened it up on the sports pages before speaking. Trying to appear disinterested, and deliberately avoiding looking her in the eye, he said softly, “I think you should ring him…”

* * *

Chapter 2

The two couples sitting in the darkest, quietest corner of the restaurant were locked in furtive conversation. Mark Thomas had been delighted to receive the phone call from the beautiful, mature, lady now sitting directly across the table from him. Obviously nervous, Kathy had suspiciously enquired during their short conversation as to what he would want her and her husband to do for him, and, after Mark had told her he would rather they all meet in person to discuss the matter, had agreed for her and her husband Jim to meet Mark and his wife Lena for dinner at the smart Italian restaurant kaçak casino they were now sitting in.

Conversation between the couples had been stilted and awkward initially, before, no doubt aided by the two bottles of superb Burgundy ordered by Mark, Kathy and Jim had eventually loosened their tongues enough to confide in their younger hosts that their marriage was going through a minor crisis due to their possible financial problems and the task of raising a young child at their relatively mature age. Both in their late forties — they had celebrated their Silver wedding anniversary earlier in the year — they were finding the constriction of having a five year-old to bring up was very much having an effect on their lives in general, and had virtually eliminated their opportunities for unplanned, satisfying sex. Something that they’d never envisaged when their daughters had left home a few years before.

“So, Kathy. You enjoy sex, yes?” Lena asked, smiling across the table at the older woman.

Kathy giggled, nervously blushing and looking around the almost empty restaurant to ensure no-one was in earshot. Firmly gripping her husband’s hand, she felt her pussy moisten at the directness of the other woman’s intimate question.

“Well, I used to… that is, yes, but we don’t seem to have much time nowadays. And even when we do… you know, do it… we have to be quiet and get it over with as soon as we can so as not to disturb the little one.”

It was Jim’s turn to blush now. His wife’s candid reply brought it home to him, just how much he missed the exciting, often kinky, sex sessions they’d enjoyed in their early forties. Choosing not to say anything, he shrugged his shoulders at Mark’s unspoken enquiry, nodding his head in reply to the other man’s raised eyebrows.

It was Mark who spoke next, chuckling softly as he replied to Kathy’s complaint,

“We know just how you feel. We went through the same thing when our two were born a few years ago. Luckily though, we stumbled on a remedy we feel may well work for you two also.”

Kathy glanced around the room again, then looked at her husband before furtively enquiring,

“How?… I mean… What did you do?”

Lena reached across and took Kathy’s hand in hers, dragging the other woman’s gaze away from Mark and to herself,

“Internet porn,”

The young woman’s brazen and abrupt answer caused both Jim’s and Kathy’s mouths to drop open in shock. Smiling broadly, she continued, “We have a web-site that people enrol to and pay to watch us fuck. They can interact with us by requesting things like different positions, or even different acts, and we get to have as much sex as we can manage and make good money too.”

Kathy looked sideways at her shocked husband, her stunned expression matching the astonishment that was clearly displayed in his wide-open eyes. Slowly, her mouth creased into a feint smile when her attention was drawn to the large bulge stretching the front of his chinos. Incredibly horny herself, she wasn’t surprised by his obvious male reaction to their companion’s explanation of her ‘work’. She had been getting more and more turned-on as the conversation around the table had become increasingly more sexual in its nature. The images now flying around in her head, as she secretly fantasised about performing all manner of lewd sex-acts for public entertainment, had quickly turned her pussy into a soggy mess and soaked her silk knickers with her involuntary secretions.

Quickly transferring her gaze back to Lena, she slyly placed her hand over Jim’s throbbing penis and gave it a gentle squeeze before enquiring of the other woman, “And you’re okay with that?… Complete strangers watching your most intimate acts like that… and paying for it too? Don’t you feel… well, sort of cheap, even a bit vulnerable? What if someone who knows you sees you like that?”

Lena chuckled at her shocked companion, thinking back to how she’d felt herself when Mark had first suggested it.

“Oh my God, Kathy… I love it. I was nervous at first, but now… Fucking hell, it’s just the biggest turn-on. Knowing men are watching me and wanking their hard cocks while they do… and paying for it too. As for being cheap, well it’s anything but that for the punters who want to watch us perform… and anyone recognising us? Well if they ever felt the need to tell anyone about us, they’d first of all have to admit that they are so pathetic they have to pay to watch a woman and her husband fucking in order to get themselves off… And anyway, it’s the naughties… sexual liberation and all that, so fuck ’em…”

Kathy remained silent, unable to trust herself to speak as she desperately tried to suppress the little tremors of excitement that were repeatedly creeping into her swampy vagina, whilst Jim just smiled, the same sort of illicit fantasies his wife was experiencing causing his cock to threaten to burst through his trouser zip and stain his thankfully black chinos with copious amounts of sticky pre-cum. Trying, and failing, to surreptitiously adjust his rock-hard penis to a more comfortable position, he looked over at Mark and asked, “You seem to have everything well-sussed, so why do you want us?”

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