A Model Cousin Pt. 04

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10 PM. The hour I’d been waiting for.

My cousin was in her room with the door closed, and I had all my camera equipment all set up and ready to go. I knocked on the door. “Ready to shoot?” I said before she even said anything.

“Yeah, come on in. I’m just putting some make-up on.” she replied.

I entered her bedroom to see her standing at her dresser mirror wearing only a bra — completely bottomless — putting some blush on her face. She had done up her hair in an unfamiliar way — almost that of a 1960s Playboy model.

“Wow, nice hair.” I said as I entered.

“It’s nice, isn’t it? Set the camera up on the side of the bed and I’ll be ready in a second.”

I did as she asked. She spent another 5 minutes dolling herself up before she came over and laid down on the bed.

She knew exactly what she wanted. “Okay, so this set will be exactly 10 photos. The first is just kind of a wide long shot of my whole body so you can probably stay right there. By the way, I want these to be in black and white.”

I quickly switched to monochrome an readjusted the ISO.

She posed into a spider-like position that showed up the side of her ass to the camera, but nothing else.

Then we did one of her lying on her side looking at the camera with her breasts falling out of her bra (which she then took off), smiling. Then, one of her standing up on the bed with her back to the camera as she leaned against the wall from far away. Then she wanted to do one that was just simply a close up of her vagina. Then another of the exact same thing but her legs crossed so her vag was slightly tucked inward. It was an astonishing display of anatomy.

That was photo .

5 more.

“Okay, now here’s you come in.” she said as she sat up on the edge of the bed. “Take your pants and underwear off.”

I put the camera down on the bed and, slightly hesitant as I was, I undid my belt, threw it to the side, and slid my shorts down to my ankles.

This was the point of no return.

I stepped out of my pants. Then, I took a deep breathe in and slid off my boxers, then stepping out of them as well.

That was that. My cousin, who was beautiful and totally naked before me, was looking at my penis.

It was semi-erect. Not hard enough to produce anything, but certainly no softie.

“Okay good, you’re not all the way erect yet.” she said.

She got off the bed and handed me my camera, before getting on her knees in front of me.

“Okay just take one of me looking up at you all naughty-like.” she commanded.


Then I realize my the bottom of my shirt is in the frame. It didn’t look right.

“Hold on. My shirt in is in frame.” I said.

I put the camera down on the ground next to me for a moment then took my shirt off and threw it to the side. We were both completely naked now, my cousin and I.

“Okay.” I said picking the camera back up again.

She kneeled down sitting on the backs of her feet. She folded her hands in her lap innocently and looked up at my dick with a look of slightly naughty wonder. It was almost…cute, ya know?

Snap, snap, snap, snap.

“Got it?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“Okay, now I need you to get all the way hard. Like, veins-popping-out hard.”

At first, I wasn’t sure bahis firmaları how to respond. I stammered a bit.

“Okay. Um, should I just like, play with it?” I asked in reply.

“Yeah, sure. Do whatever you gotta do. You can even jerk off if you want. I’ll wait for it to do it’s thing.”


I put the camera down on the ground next to me again. Without thinking about it to much, I just started masturbating while standing up in front of my cousin. Jerking it up and down.

She didn’t say anything. She just remained kneeled down where she was and watch patiently with a slight grin on her cheeks. From her angle, she probably saw my balls failing around more than anything else. It was both awkward and arousing.

After about a minute of jerking off in front of her in total silence, she said “Okay, that looks hard enough.”

I picked my camera back up.

“Try to get as close as you can to the angle and framing you just had.” she commanded me again.

I tried my best. “Alright, I think I got it.” I said.

“Alright, then the next one is…”

And then she wrapped her hand around my dick. Suddenly her warm fingers clasped together around my noodle. It felt blissful.

“…I’m kinda looking down slightly like this.” she finished.

My dick in her right hand, she looked to the side and tilted her head down. Then, she put her hand over half of her mouth and gave a laughing expression. I suppose the implication was embarrassment.

Snap, snap, snap. 3 good ones.

“Alright, next.” I said promptly, wanting to move on to the next step in the intimacy ladder.

“Alright, come over to the bed.”

We both went over to the bed.

She layed down flat on her back. What could this one be? I wondered.

“Alright so, you’re gonna kneel down above me, right at my chin, and let your dick just kind of lay on my face. Just like it’s chillin’ there.” she said.

I chuckled. “Haha, okay, that sounds interesting.”

I got into position. Putting the camera down on the bed for a moment, I swung one knee over her neck and kneeled down directly above her. My dick was strewn out like a log across the length of her face covering her right eye, my balls sagging and resting right on her neck.

“That good?” I asked.

“Perfect. Don’t move an inch.” she replied as she moved her arm across the bed to hand me my camera back.

When she talked I slightly felt the edges of her lips move across the underside of my shaft. It almost tickled.

Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap.

“Got that one. What’s next?” I asked.

“Okay…” she said while politely pushing me off. “Now you lay on your back.”

I did. My head on her pillows, I laid back with my throbbing penis pointing straight up at the ceiling.

She laid down on her stomach at my waistline. I knew what was coming. Oh my god.

“Okay, get in close on the tip of your penis, but leave a lot of room on the right side of the frame.” she said.

I did my best with this request.

“Okay, so I’m just gonna do a little bit like this.” she said.

She grabbed the base of my cock with two hands to keep it steady, opened her mouth, and gently placed her tongue on the side of the head. My cousin’s tongue was rubbing against my penis.

Muffled, she tried to say “Just still and not kaçak iddaa moving like this.”

“Oh, okay, gotcha.” I replied, trying to resist every urge and grab her by the hair and fuck her in the face until she’s red.

Snap, snap, snap, snap. I didn’t even care that my own penis was gonna be on the internet. This was worth it.

“Looks good?” she asked, momentarily taking her mouth off my dick.

“Hmm,” I replied. “A bit shaky. Let’s give it another go.”

And so we did it again. This time when she opened her mouth, a big string of saliva fell from her tongue. It dripped straight onto my nutsack like fudge onto a scoop of ice cream, and just as warm.

Snap, snap, snap. That was enough.

“Okay, that’s 9 photos. What’s number 10?” I asked and she removed her mouth again.

“Actually, I just got an idea for another one.”

She scooted over a bit and laid kneeled down right above my legs. The way she was positioned, her pussy was rubbing against my ankles, and her tits against my thighs.

She touched my cock and pushed it back against my belly.

“Get one like this where I lick the underside.” she said.

With no hesitation, she started licking an area in the middle of the underside of my shaft up and down over again like a cat, slowly enough as not to create a blur in the camera.

I tried it multiple ways. Long shot, extreme close up, vertical, horizontal (my favorite, since I was shooting with wide angle lens), slightly out of focus. I’m sure one of them looks the way she wants it.

“Alright, looks good.” I said. “What’s the last one?”

She sat up on the bed with her legs Indian style and looked at me. “Okay, so, this is where you put in a little bit a work again. I need you to bring yourself to the point of ejaculation. And when you finish — and let me know your about to — when you finish, you’re gonna do it on my face, and then an extreme close-up of me will be the last photo. Okay?”

I couldn’t tell what was happening faster – my heart’s beating or my blood shooting down to my penis. To think, this all started from a mention of a magazine ad. Thank you, Victoria’s Secret.

“So you want me to, um, cum on your face?” I asked.

“Haha, yes, cousin, I need you to cum on my face. Does that make you uncomfortable? You agreed to this.”

“No, no, it’s all good. I just need to…ya know, it could take a while.”

“I know, I’ll wait.”

I put the camera down on the bed and sat up against the headboard. Once again she just sat there and watched me silently as I jerked off.

After a while, I had been going for about 2 and a half minutes, but the silence and awkwardness of the situation made it seem longer.

“Almost there?” she asked eagerly.

“Another couple minutes.” I replied.

“Anything I can do to help speed it up?”

“No, no, that’s fine. Just wait a minute.”

My arm was starting to get tired, though.

I kept going for another minute before Elena started to look annoyed.

“Alright, here.” she said as she repositioned herself into the crouching position she was in for the last photo. “I’m just gonna help you out to make this move along a little quicker. Snap some photos while I’m doing it. Maybe there’ll be more that look like they could fit the set.”

Before I could even get my hands around my camera, kaçak bahis I felt the warm embrace of my cousin’s mouth around my dick. Lips and tongue, all the way. She was giving me a blowjob, clear as day.

I tried to take some photos as she requested but none of them came out clear enough to be set quality. Plus, I could barely focus.

She did everything. She knew every trick in the book. Deep throating, licking up and down the sides, stroking the tip, tonguing the hole, sucking and stroking, cradling the balls, bobbing up and down. Everything. This was the best oral sex experience I’ve ever had in my entire life.

“Don’t forget to let me know when you’re about to cum!” she blurted out before licking my balls.

“Minute or so.” I said.

Fuck the camera, I said. I put it down to my side and let me head hang back. I needed to enjoy this without thinking about photography for a moment. My cousin’s wet mouth all over my sweaty genitals was I needed in the world at this moment. Absolute, peak pleasure in it’s purest form.

Then, after about a minute, I started feeling it rising. I was gonna burst like a pricked water balloon.

“Okay, cousin, I’m gonna cum.” I alerted her.

She quickly laid back down on her back.

“Okay,” she said. “Kneel right above me like you did before and let it rip right now on me. Try not to get any of my sheets.”

I rushed into position, furiously swinging my knee over her torso like a saddle.

I pumped my pud right over her face at what some would call light speed. My balls slapped audibly against the underside of her chin with every stroke.

“Okay, here it comes!” I said loudly.

Then, I let out a harsh, gasping moan as I squirted my thick, white cock juice all over my cousin’s pretty face. It almost covered every inch of her face. Upon further inspection, it humorously glued one eye shut. I was glad to see also that a big portion of it got on her lips and around her mouth.

“Alright, grab your camera and snap a close-up. Soft focus.” she muttered through the cum barrier around of mouth.

My balls and now-deflating penis, which still had cum dripping from it, rested on her right shoulder as I leaned over the pick up my camera. I framed up.

She closed her eyes and let her face go lose. It almost looked like she was asleep. It’d be hot as fuck if she was.

Snap, snap, snap, snap.

“Looks good to me, cousin.” I said as I got off of her.

“Gosh, I’m sure it does. Thanks so much again for helping me out with this one. I know I was asking a lot of you.”

“It’s no problem, really. Hey, before you clean up, I got an idea for one more.”


“Go sit over at your mirror, leave the cum on your face, and act like you’re wiping it off. Maybe run your thumb along your lip and smile in the mirror.”

We did as I suggested after she wiped the cum out of her right eye so she could open it again. It was a really good looking photo. Like an old school behind-the-scenes-at-a-strip-club photo, except it was my cousin, and my cum.

Still naked, I fetched her a towel from the bathroom before wrapping up my gear.

“Here, use this.” I said as I tossed it to her.

“Thank you. I can’t wait to see how these come out! I have so many more great ideas like this, cousin, you have no idea!” she replied smiling, as she wiped my specimen from her face.

“Can’t wait to hear them. I’ll go set these up.”

I gathered my clothes and my gear and I exited, walking naked into my bedroom.

Continued adventures in Part 5…

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