A Matter of Betrayal Ch. 01

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1. The “A Series of Matters” Trilogy is foremost the story of the love between a mother and son and what they go through to be with each other. However, it is also a story about heroes, villains, and the grey characters that fall in between. Naturally, conflicts are going to arise so I caution you there is violence in these stories.

This isn’t a short story; it’s a novel posted in chapters. If you don’t like long stories, you’ve been warned. For those who are unfamiliar with my work, if you are expecting a quick sexual escapade with no deeper meaning, that’s cool and more power to you, but you won’t find that here. There is sex in my stories and plenty of it, I don’t hold back on the details, but there is also more. If you are looking to make an emotional, as well as sexual, investment in the characters and get caught up in a gripping saga , that is what I have strived to provide.

2. All characters and events portrayed are fictional, any similarities to actual people is purely coincidental. While there are real locations in the story, many of the locales depicted are fictional as well.

3. I know many of my readers have requested and been waiting a long time for a follow up to “A Matter of Trust”. Originally I had intended “Trust” to be a stand alone story, but the sheer volume of requests for a sequel made me rethink that decision. The more I thought about it the more I realized that there was more to tell of Colin and Aileen. My dilemma was thus: In the first story I had all ready built up the sexual tension between the main characters and brought it to a fruitful resolution. Where was I to go from there to keep the plot exciting and engaging? I knew I had to raise the ante, expand the plot, and bring Aileen and Colin’s little world jarringly into the real world. Minor characters from the first story would have to play bigger roles and new characters would have to be introduced, but at the same time I did not want to do anything to corrupt the characterizations of Aileen and Colin established in the first story. As I deliberated on their further adventures the rest of their story just clicked into place. I was able to develop an outline and saw that their story needed to be told as a trilogy as there are three very significant turning points in their lives.

Throughout all this it was the encouragement and kind words of my readers that kept me plugging along with this most complicated story I have written to date. Therefore, “A Matter of Betrayal” is dedicated to all my readers who have sent me such positive comments on the first story and especially to those requesting a sequel, without you this story and the ensuing one probably never would have come about. I thank you and hope you enjoy the next two parts of the “A Series of Matters” trilogy as much as you enjoyed the first.

– AngeloMichael


Today was New Year’s Day, the first day of 2004. It was also Seth Reilly’s birthday. Seth was turning eighteen years old today, which made this birthday even more special than most. He was an adult now, and it was time he took on adult challenges. Seth knew 2004 was going to be his year.

He always liked the fact that the day he celebrated his birth, the rest of the world celebrated as well. His birthday was all ready a national holiday and all he did to deserve that was being born. Seth thought there was something portentous about being born on the same day a new year was born. It meant something. A new year meant new resolutions, new aspirations, and new opportunities.

His parents had thrown him a lavish party at his dad’s restaurant, Reilly’s Pub and Grill. The place was decorated wall to wall with streamers, balloons, and “Happy Birthday’ banners, along with the Christmas and New Year’s decorations still up from the holidays. The restaurant had been packed with friends, family, and people who generally just wanted to kiss his ass.

Seth may only be eighteen, but he could have written his own book on winning friends and influencing people. He had learned early in life that the more people who thought you were their friend, the more power you had. Everyone had something useful about them to exploit. You never knew when you might need someone with the right connection, and Seth knew that having the right connections was a way to achieve power and influence.

The party had been quite entertaining. His parents and siblings lavished him with affection, more than one of his friends invited him to a “real” party after this one ended, and he got a shitload of presents, some of the best ones coming from the ass kissers. It kind of reminded him of the beginning of “The Godfather”. People came up to him all night asking for favors.

Seth wasn’t averse to doing favors for people. In fact, he felt quite the opposite. He considered favors a type of credit. If you did something for someone, then they owed illegal bahis you. Most of the time what people asked of him was easy enough to accomplish, especially with his network of connections, but that was the great thing about favors, there was no real rate of exchange. You did a small favor for someone and could ask for a big one in return.

The one thing Seth demanded was respect. If he was going to bestow a boon to someone, he damn well better see they respected him as a person of power. If someone asked him to do something as petty as to pass the salt and Seth perceived they regarded him as little more than their bitch, he would tell them to fuck off. It was all about respect. Vito Corleone knew about respect and resultantly he knew about power.

Tonight Seth felt powerful. People from school or around the neighborhood that he barely knew or didn’t know at all would come up to him trying to find the nerve to ask him for something and he could see they were ready to piss their pants in fear. When Seth put his arm around them, affected his most friendly smile, and acted like they were his best friend in the world and said, “Sure, I’d be happy to help you out!” he saw the fear drain from their body instead of piss. He knew he had become a hero in this person’s eyes and they would stop a bullet for him now if they had to. That was when Seth assumed his most practiced expression. His previously congenial blue eyes grew cold, his brows knit to shadow those eyes, and his mouth locked to form one straight sober line. The fear would return to their expression, they better watch that bladder after all. Then Seth would say, “Just remember who helped you out,” implying that if they forgot they would be reminded in a most disagreeable way. Respect. He demanded it because he deserved it. People came to him because they needed him. After all, Seth was a people person.

Feeling powerful gave Seth a hardon like nothing else. Seth willed control over his erection. He liked to be in control of everything in his life, and that included his libido. He enjoyed fucking as much as any other eighteen year old male; he just didn’t let his hormones dictate his actions. He decided the times he would fuck and who he would fuck with. Tonight he decided to indulge himself and have a birthday fuck.

Seth located Sheryl talking with his mom and dad. Seth grimaced when he saw this. Ever since he had started going out with Sheryl he would catch looks of disappointment in his parents’ eyes. It annoyed Seth that they were disappointed in him because he had stolen Sheryl away from Colin. What the fuck was with that? They had no right caring about Colin after the way he’d been treated. They should have been proud Seth had taken her away from the asshole. His parents were disappointed in him? Fuck that, he was disappointed in them.

Seth strolled over to the table where his parents sat with Sheryl. He took her hand in his and motioned her to get up. “C’mon, some of the guys invited us to an after party, party,” he said.

“Seth, you know it’s rude to interrupt people when they are in the middle of a conversation,” Sarah, his mother, said.

Inwardly Seth rolled his eyes, but outwardly he put on his “aw shucks” expression. “Sorry mom, it’s just been an exciting day and I got carried away,” he said. There were two ways to exert power over someone: intimidation and manipulation. It didn’t take a neurosurgeon to know which method needed to be used on his parents. “This has been the best birthday party I ever had. It just seems to be winding down now and a few friends had invited me to hang out and have sort of an informal celebration. Would it be all right if I went?”

His mother sighed but he saw the corners of her mouth trying to upsweep, then she said, “I suppose so, if it’s all right with your father.” Seth felt like grinding his teeth. He swore there would come a day when the only method he needed to exert power was intimidation.

Seth looked at his father expectantly. “May I go Dad?” he asked.

Patrick Reilly took a minute to look like he was giving the matter serious thought. C’mon Dad, Seth thought, this act grew old when I was ten years old! Everybody knows you always agree with whatever Mom decides.

“I guess you can go,” Patrick said. “Just remember, even though you are eighteen now and legally an adult, that doesn’t mean you can do anything you want. Be home at a reasonable time and act responsible.”

“I will Dad, thanks,” Seth said. Do they give every parent the same handbook with all these speeches written in them for them spout? Seth wondered. Ah well, he knew his dad was saying that more for his mother’s benefit than his own. With Sheryl in tow he grabbed their coats and made his way out of the restaurant, saying “Goodbye” to his brother and sister and any friend he came across that wasn’t going to be at the other party.

The party was held at Ricky Woods’ house, one of Seth’s flunkies from school. Ricky’s illegal bahis siteleri parents had gone out of town on New Year’s Eve and wouldn’t be back until Sunday. The previous night having been New Year’s Eve, there had been a lot of parties with a lot of drinks. It had been pretty easy for each person to bring a bottle or two of leftover booze or a six pack of beer or something, and it wouldn’t be missed. Most parents were still suffering hangovers from last night’s festivities, and a few of their kids were too, but for them the best cure for partying too hard was another party.

Seth never got drunk, especially when other people were getting drunk around him. Part of it was he didn’t want to lose control, but also there were many opportunities to exploit when people around him were losing their inhibitions. He would only allow himself a few drinks at a party like this, spread out over decent intervals.

When they got to Ricky’s, Seth refused the drink offered him as he pulled Sheryl along to an empty bedroom. He gave people only the most cursory of greetings when they stopped to say “Hello” and wish him a happy birthday. Most of the people here were people he had direct power over so he didn’t need to be sociable.

He was a little bit more cordial when Carrie Moore greeted him, although he made sure Sheryl didn’t notice, just a brief but meaningful glance between the two of them. It was rumored that Carrie had fucked half the boys at school (and a number of the girls too). She seemed to get a perverse sense of pleasure from fucking guys that she knew were in relationships with other people. Seth had to admit, it was kind of a turn on to cheat on your girlfriend but all Seth really cared about was Carrie was a hot piece of ass and it paid to stay on friendly terms with her.

Seth allowed his arousal to heighten and he hurried Sheryl into the bedroom. Once there, he shut the door and locked it; then he began kissing Sheryl deeply on the lips. He unzipped his fly and gave his erection some room to stretch out.

“Whoa there,” Sheryl said breaking the kiss. “You practically ripped my arm off dragging me here, you barely said two words to me in the car when we were racing over here, and now you are just going to attack me like some horny gorilla?”

Oh shit…Seth thought in disgust, the things I have to put up with just for a fuck!”Oh baby,” he began putting on an admonished expression, “I’m sorry. It’s just that this has been such a big day for me, the party my parents gave me was so huge, but the whole time I was wishing I could just be alone with you to celebrate in private. I just love you so much I wanted to spend some special time with you on this day.”

“Oh honey,” Sheryl said with tears forming in her eyes, “I love you too and I’m here for you.”

Finally! Seth thought as he began kissing her again trying to get their clothes off at the same time. Sheryl was pretty cute, Seth supposed, but he had been with other girls with way better bodies than her and were much better in bed. Like Carrie Moore. Sheryl had light brown curly hair that went down just past her shoulders and brown eyes. She was wearing a sweater striped in pastel colors and blue jeans.

Seth managed to get the sweater over her head revealing the white lace bra underneath. He quickly unhooked it. Sheryl’s tits weren’t that big, but they were nicely formed and felt good enough in his hands. He felt her nipples hardening as he ran his thumbs over them. Next he unbuttoned her jeans and let them slide to the floor. She had white lace panties on for underwear. She stepped out of her jeans and Seth took her hand and pulled her, gently this time, over to the bed.

Seth undid his belt then and undid the button that fastened his khaki slacks. He let his pants fall down to his ankles and he sat on the bed. Sheryl knew what he wanted her to do. Slowly she squat down between his knees. She reached up and slowly pulled his underwear down around his ankles where his slacks were.

She reached out and started rubbing her hand on his hard cock. Seth closed his eyes enjoying the sensation. Then he felt her tongue leerily reach out and touch the tip of his cock. Slowly but surely she took the head in her mouth. Sheryl really didn’t like giving blowjobs, especially since that time he came in her mouth without warning her, but she knew Seth enjoyed them so she did it for him.

She started bobbing his cock in and out of her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head. One of her hands reached to his shaft and began to stroke it. Seth started moaning and when his “Ohhhh’s” and “Ahhhh’s” started getting too loud, Sheryl let his saliva slick cock slide out of her mouth.

She climbed up on the bed and started kissing him. Seth’s hand found its way to the rim of her panties and he slowly pulled them down. His hand found her pussy and started rubbing it, feeling it moisten. When he felt she was wet enough he laid her back on the bed. canlı bahis siteleri He reached down to his slacks and fumbled around in the pockets until he found his wallet. He opened his walled and pulled out a condom. He took the prophylactic out of its wrapper and rolled the latex over his hard cock. Then he mounted himself on top of Sheryl.

He rubbed his aching cock around the wetness of her pussy. He found the entrance and allowed himself to sink in. He pushed himself in all the way then he pulled himself back out almost to the tip of his cock and then he slid back all the way inside her. He got into a rhythm as his cock pumped in and out of her pussy. Sheryl moved her hips up and down synchronizing herself to his movements.

Sheryl began moaning and he knew she was reaching climax. He pumped himself even faster into her and finally heard her scream out in orgasm. Seth wondered if the guys outside in the party had heard her, knowing what they were doing. Well, they haven’t heard anything yet! Seth thought with a grin. He brought her to two more climaxes, each time she screamed louder, before he finally shot his load into the condom while deep inside her.

When he was done he pulled out of her and removed the used condom. He tossed it into the wastebasket. He smiled knowing this was Ricky’s room and he might very well see what he left in the trash confirming what they had done. That would lead to more bragging rights for Seth. He pulled up his underwear and his slacks and then lay back down on the bed beside her, basking in the relief of his sexual tension. Sheryl had gotten better at this since their first time together, Seth thought.

He had taken her cherry more than a month ago. Hers wasn’t the first cherry he had popped but it was the most satisfying. She hadn’t been much different than any other virgin, a little unsure, a little excited, a little scared, then a little whimpering and it was over. What made it so satisfying was he had not only taken this girl away from Colin, he had taken something away from her that she could never get back and therefore never give Colin even if she wanted to.

Colin, Seth thought, with an angry frown. He had never been able to accept that Seth was the superior one between the two of them. Colin thought he could compete with Seth on any level. Seth had to work hard and wear Colin down to achieve any grudging respect in eyes. That was unforgivable so Colin deserved whatever he got. That’s why it had been so much fun winning Sheryl’s loyalty away from Colin.

For two years he had watched Colin strut around with the girl on his arm, thinking they had something special and therefore he was special. He had thought there was no way Sheryl would leave him. Seth’s frown turned into a devious grin. There was always a way. Maybe now Colin realized that anything he had Seth could take away. Maybe now he had learned some real respect.

The last month had felt like an unending victory celebration as Colin came to school every day to see him together with Sheryl. Every day Colin seemed to get more depressed and more despondent, he quit the basketball team and he also quit working at his dad’s place. It was hilarious to watch the asshole get his due.

“…said ‘I love you!’” Seth was broken out of his reverie by Sheryl’s voice.

“Huh?” he said.

“I just said ‘I love you!’ twice!” Sheryl said with an exasperated tone.

“Oh! Uh, I love you too babe,” Seth said. He could see that wasn’t going to be enough so he added, “I was just thinking about us and all that you mean to me, and I kind of got lost in my train of thought.”

“Awwww, honey, that’s so sweet!” Sheryl said.

Yes, it was sweet! Now stop yapping and let me enjoy the silence! Seth thought.

“What were you thinking about us?” Sheryl queried.

Fuck! “You know babe, I’m kind of tired, could we talk about this some other time?” Seth asked.

“Sure sweetie,” Sheryl said wrapping her arms around him and resting her head on his chest. Seth sighed and just let her stay there as he returned to his thoughts.

It was kind of a let down that Colin was away for the winter holidays. It was going to be Seth’s coup de grâce to rub Colin’s nose in his and Sheryl’s relationship on Christmas. But, in a way it was just as satisfying knowing he was snowed in at that stodgy cabin with no one for company but that bitch of a mother. It wasn’t from anyone strange that Colin learned not to know his place in life.

He heard they got over four feet of snow in the mountains from that blizzard. They would be digging out until Valentine’s Day! Seth inwardly laughed with glee knowing that they must be at each other’s throats by now having to spend so much time together stranded in that isolated place. Cabin fever in an actual cabin! The lameness of being stuck in a cliché was just too rich. Colin used to be a mama’s boy, but at least Seth had put enough pressure on him to break him out of that sissy habit. He probably resented his mother for attempting to pull him out of his wallowing despair and she was probably fed up with having to deal with a mopey teenager all week. Both of them must be miserable! Seth chuckled out loud at the thought.

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