a masturbation session

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a masturbation session
i was anxious for her to leave for a few hours because even though we had just fucked that morning, I was ready to strip all my clothes off and masturbate on the sofa watching porn in the living room. She couldn’t have left sooner, my raging cock still moist from her wet pussy was starting to throb.

As as soon as she left I locked the door behind her, checked the front door and three went into our room into her bedside table and brought out her dildos. Unbeknownst to her I had been using her glass dildo in my ass for a while and actually encouraged her to buy it so that I could use it when she wasn’t around.

as I walked upstairs naked with a fully erect penis, my hands filled with toys, coconut oil a pair of her dirty panties and a towel to clean up with, I realized I hadn’t drawn the blinds fully closed. I put everything down on the floor and pulled the chain until only avout 6” of light could poke through. Just enough for wandering eyes to catch a glimpse of my soon-to-be horny masturbation session. If the audio from the video I was to be watching didn’t attract attention, surely my loud moans, dirty talk and slapping spanking of my own ass, balls and throbbing dick would.

As I sat at the edge of the sofa, I leaned back and put my feet up as well, beside me… feeling the cool air on my exposed asshole, I quickly found a hot scene on xhamstsr and spread the warm coconut oil over my cock, ballls, taint and anus… gently tickling all of them, bringing more blood to my cock and dirtier thoughts to my mind.

I spanked my taint once quite hard.

”mmmm yeah”

I squeeze the base of my cock hard with my left hand and slowly penetrate my ass with the middle finger of my right.

“Oh god I love your canlı kaçak iddaa finger in my asshole”

the porn plays on my phone, I’ve gone pasr the point of syncing it to the tv and watching it on the larger screen. A commercial plays on tv and I watch my phone as some big titted Latina girl sits her large ass on a lucky guy’s face. I am imagining her sweaty ass on my face, her deep asscrack trapping moisture near her anus making it especially fragrant. I’d love to be the one under her and between her legs, devouring her delicious holes and tasting her salty sweat from her plump outer labia.

my middle finger is as deep as it can get into my asshole, im prodding around trying to find a rhythm and a magical spot that will bring me the deep deep orgasm I crave.

i hear people walking down the sidewalk so I turn up the volume on my phone and plead wit h her to keep fingering my asshole while I bury my tongue in holes, digging for her delicious orgasm and all of the sweet flavourful juices it will bring.

I mKe eye contact with an older Asian woman who walks by. She quickly looks away and then looks back again two beats later. She fully sees me but keeps walking.

I briefly fantasize about her running to work and heading straight to the bathroom where she pulls down her pants and quickly rubs out a sweet orgasm on the clit that starting throbbing at the sight of my large dick fully aroused and shining with coconut oil.

my sexy Latina fuck buddy is now on her knees, large aSs presented to her lover and her great tits pressed up against the bed, spilling out beside her, nipples concealed. She rubs her clit while he pushes his uncut cock deep into her soaked pussy for the first time.

”you love my cock in you don’t you”

”oh pinbahis yeah” she says – a perfectly timed response to my question.

i pull my finger out slightly so it’s just the tip and then I articulate it up and forward… a deep rushing sensations fills my body, that’s the spot I love. I hold my finger there and wince was the intensity of my left hand stroking the head of my shiny cock.

on tv, a soccer game is playing. It captures my attention for a fraction of a second. My finger in my ass and my hand squeezing my dick.

the cool breeze circulating around my balls taint and asshole.

the sweaty, superfit soccer players.

the moaning Latina porn star, now on her back with her legs spread wide, tits with erect nipples bouncing perfectly and her hand still on her cunt, rubbing it for me.

The soccer player walks up the three steps into the living room, pulls his shorts down exposing a sweaty semi hard perfectly shaved cock. It’s long and thin. He walks over to me, grabbing his dick and stoking it from base to tip.

he stands directly in front of my, slowly pulls my hand away from my asshole and places his cock right where my finger just was.

He gently presses it and his semi hard cock which is perfectly suited for my wanton asshole is now just the right rigidity to penetrate me.

he pushes it in, just past the head and my rim adjusts nicely around the shaft of his cock. It’s hitting the same spot my finger was but the sensation is enhanced because of his girth.

hes looking down at my cock and his, disappearing into me. He uses his right hand to push my left hand away and takes over the stroking of my dick, which is right on the brink of eruption.

he presses deeper into me. About half way. His pinbahis güvenilir mi hand follows the speed and depth that his cock does. he pulls back his dick sonit sjist the tip and his hand slides up to my tip at the exact same time and pace.

he starts thrusting and retracting his veiny dick into my super horny asshole and his hand is fucking my cock the same way.

Hes still lookkng down at his dick in my ass and my dick jnbhiin his hand. Each of his thrusts go a bit deeper and a bit faster as do his strokes of my cock.

I can feel an orgasm coming on but it’s much deeper and slower to build, it’s coming from a very intense place.

while his thrusts and strokes continue to increase in speed, my orgasm builds up incrementally with each one, my legs are shaking, my biceps are tense. My left hand is pesssed up against the wall behind me, giving him some rigidity to get deeper.

I can feel beads of sweat dripping onto my balls, maybe from his chest or chin. He’s so deep into me and my cock is throbbing twitching and quivering. The motion is so synchronized it feels like I’m fucking my own ass with my own cock.

I can feel I’m seconds away from ejaculation, my mouth opens, my head kinks back and my whole body tenses, I say loudly and deeply “oh god I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming” in perfect sync with my Latina girlfriend who’s screaming it out on my phone. My cum shoots out of my massively swollen dick up and all over my stomach, chest and arms and down my hands.

I tilt my head to the right, open my eyes slowly and see that sexy Spanish girl with a perfect body quivering from hers, I tilt my head back to centre, look down to see a huge gooey mess of my cum all over myself, just below my wife’s dildo in my ass wth my hand genntly holding the bulbous end. I give my head a little shake, take a deep breath, and slowly look up to find my wife standing at the top of the stairs, recording me on her iPhone with one hand, and the other fingering her wet hairy cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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