A Lost Daughter Ch. 10

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My stamina was gone after our little escapade at the tattoo shop and we’d decided to skip the rest of the shopping trip, which meant we’d have to revamp Sienna’s wardrobe another day. Sienna was fine with this though, as she was positively fiending to get back home to her meth pipe. That was also the day that both Amber and Sienna popped their hot rail cherry. As if I hadn’t been overstimulated that day already, I got to see the two women snort lines of meth through superheated tubes of glass that resulted in thick, monstrous clouds that billowed out of their mouths deliciously.

I ended up being able to muster one more erection that day as a result and rotated between fucking my wife and my daughter while they hot railed thick lines of meth. It was a glorious event that sapped the remaining energy I had to the point where I went to bed at just 8pm. Of course, Amber and Sienna were unfazed, and stayed up another night smoking, snorting and chatting.

I awoke on Monday morning to go to work and they were both wide-awake to greet me. I suggested that they take a break from the amphetamines and start doing some more Oxy to get some rest, which they agreed would be a good idea before they started seeing shadow people. While I was at work I struggled to stay on-task. I was tired—exhausted in-fact—and the mental and emotional toll that riding the roller-coaster of excitement that was currently my life had me feeling drained.

By the time I clocked out and headed home, I silently wished that both Amber and Sienna had taken my advice and were hibernating. I was pleased to open the door and be received by a dark, still, and silent home which boded well for my previous wish. As I quietly made my way to the bedroom, I noticed no movement or noises in any area of the house. I pushed the half-open door to my bedroom open and was able to confirm my hopes—both Amber and Sienna were sleeping soundly in the bed. I was elated.

I walked quietly back out of the room and headed for the guest bathroom, not wanting to risk rousing them from their slumber with my shower. I enjoyed the incredible release of tension and stress that the hot water cascading over my skin gave me and I took my time getting out. As I was shaving my phone rang with a number that I didn’t recognize. I figured it was a robocall or spam and decided to ignore it but was greeted by a chime that indicated they’d left a voicemail. After I had finished shaving and rinsed my face off, I listened to the message and felt my heartbeat double in an instant.

‘Hi Matthew, this is Julia. I’m just calling because we haven’t heard from Sienna in a couple of days and we were really hoping to come over for dinner this week. We’d love to see your home and see Sienna and how she’s fitting in over there. Give me a call back when you have a minute and let Sienna know that I called.’

I just stood there, frozen, with the phone still up to my face.

Dinner? A visit?

This was not good news. Sienna had just gotten an extreme make-over that her parents were very likely not to appreciate. And if that wasn’t enough to set them off, it was certainly enough to draw suspicion and motivate them to look for anything out of place—which meant any traces of what had been going on needed to be well hidden. This was exactly the type of stress that I didn’t want or need at that moment, and an evening of going to bed early and recuperating was suddenly replaced with an evening of anxiety. I really wished I could wake Amber and game plan with her, but I knew she needed sleep, especially since I would need her to be on her game for when Ben and Julia visited.

I decided to accept what I could do nothing about for the moment, and at least call Julia back before she decided to just drive over here and see why no one was returning her calls.

“Hey, Julia, sorry I missed your call I was in the shower,” I started, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.

“Oh, that’s okay Matthew. Did you get my voicemail?” Julia asked in response.

“I did, and I think that sounds great. Amber and Sienna are out at a movie so I can’t get a hold of them, but I’ll talk to them when they get back and decide on a good night,” I covered smoothly.

“I hope it’s none of that R-rated garbage they’re making these days,” Julia responded harshly, taking me by surprise.

“Oh, the movie. No, they went to see some romantic thing I think,” I scrambled, hoping that something resembling that description was even playing.

“Oh, good. Although even those films have pre-marital sex and partying, I guess she’s a woman now, so she’ll have to find out the hard way that Hollywood is perverted and corrupt,” Julia continued, giving me even more anxiety about our future dinner.

“Yeah, there’s a lot of that these days,” I bumbled, not knowing how to get out of this awful conversation.

“Okay, Matthew, well thanks for calling me back. I’ll look forward to hearing from you and please let Sienna know that we expect to hear canlı bahis şirketleri from her every day,” Julia said sternly.

“You bet, I will let her know,” I replied.

“Okay, talk to you soon,” she said.

“Yep, okay, bye,” I sighed, tapping the ‘End Call’ button on a phone call I hated every second of.

At that moment everything from escaping to Mexico, to buying a wig for Sienna, to putting a ‘SOLD’ sign in the front yard and staying in a hotel was running through my head. How in the Hell were we going to keep the alarm bells from sounding in the heads of these people for an entire evening? It was hard enough during the short visit required to ensure Sienna was able to stay with us in the first place, an entire evening of them visiting our home was going to be torturous.

I was still tired, but now my heart was racing, and I was trembling with anxiety, not exactly the prime condition to sleep. I cursed my luck and began surveying the home, looking for indications that we were not exactly who we were pretending to be. Because Amber and I had been living an unremarkable suburban life, most of the décor and general look of the home was not an issue. The half dozen ashtrays, meth pipes, meth residue, empty alcohol bottles in the trash, etc., were the primary concerns. Additionally, there was a smell that was unmistakably indicative of cigarettes.

Because I was not going to be able to sleep in this state, I decided to resign myself to being productive, hoping that it would quell some of my anxiety. I quietly cleaned and removed any and all traces of illicit substances and cigarettes that I could, storing the ashtrays in the trunk of my car with the empty bottles of vodka that were overflowing in our recycling bin. I didn’t vacuum to avoid waking up the girls, but I did source a carpet cleaner to come by tomorrow morning. After a couple of hours my exhaustion overwhelmed my anxiety and I trudged back to my bedroom and passed out next to Amber, sliding under the covers unnoticed.

I awoke the next day to my alarm and noticed that neither of the girls had budged an inch. My alarm did nothing to change that, so I got ready for work in a silent home for the first time in a week. I desperately wanted to rouse Amber about the dinner but chose to let her sleep and resolved to speak with her when I got home from work. It was another day of managing my compromised attention and by the end of it I was more jealous than ever of Amber and her leave of absence. It was customary not to hear anything from the ladies throughout the day, but it still gave me cause to wonder if they were still sleeping.

Walking up to the front door I could already see lights on, the hibernation had concluded. Walking in I was welcomed to wonderful smells and saw both women in the kitchen, cooking, of all things.

“Hi, hon,” Amber called from the kitchen.

“Hi, daddy,” Sienna followed, doing a little curtsy and angling her cigarette up next to her face dramatically.

My cock lurched.

“Hi loves, what’cha cookin’? I greeted, throwing my keys on the small table next to the door and walking over to the kitchen to get a better look.

“Chicken fettucine alfredo, and garlic bread,” Sienna chirped, kissing me softly on the cheek as I entered the kitchen.

“Ah, carbs with more carbs,” I joked, stepping behind Amber who stood over the stove stirring the boiling pot of penne.

“You know you love it,” Amber replied, leaning back into me and tilting her up, allowing me to kiss her from above.

“You two seem—” I began, getting cut off immediately by Amber.

“Sober?” she interrupted.

“Yeah, actually,” I confirmed.

“We are. Taking a tolerance break, just having a few drinks tonight,” Amber explained, motioning towards the bottle of vodka next to her glass.

“Ahh, I see. I actually needed to talk to you about that,” I started.

“The dinner, we know. Sienna has already spoken to her parents and the carpet cleaners this morning was a dead giveaway something was up,” Amber replied smartly.

“It’s all good, dad. They’ll be over tomorrow night at 5:30. We’re kinda practicing for it,” Sienna explained enthusiastically.

“Oh,” I mused a little bit surprised.

The happy family routine made sense now and a hot dinner awaiting me after work wasn’t anything I was going to complain about. It also explained the windows being open, which I’m sure the ladies hoped would help keep the cigarette smell from sticking. To be honest, seeing the two women smoking and drinking and making dinner was quite sexy to me and being alone last night while they slept had made my libido particularly sensitive. I pressed my budding erection against Amber’s ass as she continued stirring the pasta and caught her mid drag on her cigarette.

“Mmmmmm,” she purred, pressing her ass against me in kind.

“The naughty homemaker thing workin’ for ya, hon?” she asked with a lungful of smoke.

I answered by reaching canlı kaçak iddaa from behind and grabbing her throat, tilting her head up and allowing me to kiss her deeply as she began to exhale. I continued to enjoy her smoky mouth as my hands traveled down and rested on her hips, working her tight pink yoga pants down. Once I’d moved them down below her ass cheeks, I undid my belt and unbuttoned my fly, releasing my manhood from its fabric prison. I wanted to fuck her as she continued cooking and smoking, bent over the hot stove.

I slid my member easily into her from behind, our kiss clearly having been enough foreplay to lubricate the move.

“Ahhh,” Amber sighed in response.

I placed my hands at her hips and slowly and smoothly began fucking her, careful not to knock her into the boiling pot of pasta. As I continued sliding myself in and out of Amber’s pussy, I caught sight of Sienna entering my peripheral vision from the left. I heard the click of a lighter and turned my head slightly to see her taking a drag off a freshly lit Newport 100.

“You owe me from the day at the salon,” she tempted after popping a large ball of smoke down her throat.

I accepted her terms and welcomed her delicious lips securing themselves over my mouth, our tongues lashing as her chest-full of smoke bathed our faces. My erection surged even stronger as the pent-up desire flowed through me, Sienna’s tobacco-stained tongue continuing to plunge into my mouth while I slid in and out of Amber. Amber was steadying herself with both hands propped on the front edge of the stove, her cigarette ash long and threatening to break off. I acted quickly and carefully plucked it from between her fingers, balancing the precariously long ash while I guided it toward Sienna.

Sienna had seen her mother do it enough times that she immediately anticipated my intentions, leaning her head in and opening her mouth wide with her tongue extended invitingly. I maneuvered the cigarette above her pink, glistening tongue and tilted, allowing gravity to enforce its whim on the towering mound of ash. The integrity of the ash broke and it singed onto Sienna’s tongue as it landed, an ashen cylinder at least two inches long. Sienna accepted it easily and reeled her tongue back into her mouth and sealed her lips, holding a mouthful of ashen saliva a few moments before swallowing.

It was a sight that delighted me in all the right ways, and I was in desperate need of tasting my daughter’s tongue. I released one hand from Amber’s hips and curled it around Sienna’s head, pulling her into me somewhat forcefully. She reacted by opening her mouth and extending her tongue, smeared black with ash and looking as delicious as ever. I welcomed it into my mouth, securing my lips around it alone and slurping its essence. It tasted so strongly of tobacco and ash that I could have been mistaken for believing she had not in fact even swallowed that mouthful of ash.

Having my perfect little daughter’s tongue taste so intensely of the blackened tar that was now beginning to coat her previously pristine, athletic lungs was an overwhelming sense of pleasure. I sucked vigorously on her tongue until all traces of her debauchery were gone and my orgasm had begun to build in my toes. My thrusts became labored and stiff and both women knew what was coming next. Sienna seemed to have decided on a course of action and laid down between my legs, so that she was looking up at Amber’s pussy as I pumped it.

“I’ve missed being filled with your cum, baby,” Amber purred.

“Give mommy your cum, fill her filthy hole,” Sienna called from below, adopting the role her mother had played for the last couple of weeks.

It was all I could take having both my girls encourage me to cum and I planted the head of my prick as deeply in Amber’s cunt as I could and released. My cock pulsed and shot what felt like a thick jet of semen deeply into Amber and I grabbed tightly on Amber’s hips to steady myself as the volley of sperm continued. I felt each individual ejaculation and the involuntary spasms of my ass cheeks tightening and my toes curling as I emptied my balls into Amber’s pussy. After a few more incredible moments of ecstasy I reawakened to my surroundings, suddenly becoming aware of my heavy breathing and the beat of my heart reverberating in my ears.

“Let me taste it, daddy,” Sienna whined from the floor, looking up at my shrinking phallus threatening to slip from Amber’s frothy cunt.

I relented to my daughter’s pleas and took a step back, allowing my penis to slide out. Sienna had been anticipating my acquiescence and already had her mouth open as a thick glob of my cum followed my cock out of Amber’s cunt and landed partially on her tongue and partially on her chin and lower lip. She immediately lapped it up by flitting her tongue out and across her lip, transporting it back to her mouth. Amber kneeled, bending her knees and squatting so that her pussy was directly above Sienna’s open mouth.

Sienna canlı kaçak bahis lifted her head up off the kitchen floor and plunged her tongue into her mother’s hole, fishing for the treasure I had buried there. I took a few steps back so I could get a better look at what was happening just in time to see Sienna’s tongue coated with a white glaze that had been jostled loose from her attempts.

“Mmmmm, clean mommy’s cunt,” Amber cooed, eyes closed and enjoying every moment of this perverse scenario.

Sienna murmured an affirmative in response and continued digging her tongue into Amber’s pussy until it seemed that there was nothing left to get.

“All done,” Sienna chirped, enthusiastic as ever.

Amber stood back up and turned off the stove, although I was sure it going to be overcooked—which I considered well-worth it. The rest of the evening went quietly, as we ate dinner and game-planned for the impending visit that awaited us the following day. It was decided that Sienna would take out her piercings and not style her hair, allowing it to stay dry and look like a somewhat conservative bob—despite the streaks of purple in her otherwise jet-black dyed strands. We couldn’t really do much about that.

She would wear no make-up, a stark departure from the last week as Amber had been teaching her how to adorn her face with various glam and slutty looks that I enjoyed seeing each day. She would be wearing clothes that she’d brought from home, an ankle length jean skirt and a loose-fitting white t-shirt with the name of her bible camp on it. We would be pushing hard to present Sienna as the same modest, reserved, pious young-woman that had left their home—despite the reality being completely the opposite.

The house was swept for any incriminating evidence to the contrary, anything that could be perceived as less-than-Godly hidden or thrown out—we even went as far as hiding our corkscrew. Once we had sufficiently cleaned, hidden, and planned we joined one another in the bed and allowed our collective exhaustion to sweep us away to sleep.

The next day at work was probably the hardest yet. It was a busy day that required my attention to several matters, and I was less than enthusiastic about dealing with them. More than one of my employees commented that I seemed like I was ‘having a bad day’ even though they didn’t think I could hear them. As strange as it sounds, I was disappointed at having been so compromised at work lately as I had always been proud to be good at my job. It was something that had been drilled into me by my father that no matter what you chose to do, do it well. I left work that day resolving to change course and do a better job of focusing on the task at hand in the future.

Stepping into my home I was greeted by Amber and Sienna looking as plain and reserved as I had ever seen them. Amber was wearing a long, cream-colored pleated skirt that went to her ankles and a wine-colored blouse that fit loosely. Sienna was wearing the jean skirt and t-shirt we had agreed on and her hair was freshly washed and blow-dried, looking silky smooth and untouched by any product or styling. If it weren’t for the stark black color and shimmering streaks of purple, none of the ‘punk’ pixie look was discernible. The house smelled of apple-cinnamon candles and Febreze, the smell of cigarettes undetectable to my untrained nose.

The dinner that was cooking smelled less enticing, as we had decided to cook healthy rather than hearty. Green beans, brown rice, and ground turkey. It wasn’t anything that I would ever choose to eat, but Sienna had informed us that it was a staple of her parent’s dinner routine and we’d accepted it. As the minutes ticked by my anxiety built, even as I was changing into brown slacks and a white button up my fingers were visibly shaky. I didn’t know what kind of trouble these people would try to make for us if they suspected something was amiss, but I would prefer not to find out.

The ding of the doorbell as I was slipping into my brown loafers brought me back to the present and I walked purposefully to the door. I took one last glance around the room and nodded to my accomplices before I pulled the door open.

“Hey, nice to see you,” I greeted automatically.

Smiles were easy at first and hand-shakes were enthusiastic but both Ben and Julia’s faces turned sour when they saw Sienna.

“Your hair, what did you do?” Julia gasped, confirming my worst-case scenario.

“I just cut it, I wanted something short for summer,” Sienna countered quickly and as breezily as she could muster.

“But the color, is that purple?” Julia continued, now having walked into the house to cover the few steps to Sienna.

“Yeah, it’s not permanent. It’ll wash out in a few weeks. I thought it would be fun,” Sienna countered again, her nonchalant façade cracking ever-so-slightly to reveal a bit of anxiety.

“Oh, honey, why? Your hair was so beautiful, oh no,” Julia lamented, now running her hands through Sienna’s hair and shaking her head sadly.

This was not starting well.

“Ben, good to see you again,” I said, offering my hand to the stern-looking man whose gaze remained trained on Sienna and Julia fussing over the haircut.

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