A Little After Game Fun

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A Little After Game Fun

For Scooby and his friends it had been a tough game of Power Ball against the Beagle Boys. But even so, they had managed to pull a win and beat them, showing they can get through anything, even a sport with the odds against them.

After the game Bigtime and his brothers left in a huff. Before leaving completely, the smaller beagle boy declared they would challenge them again. Scooby just chuckled to himself saying: “Well, that will be a good waste of time.”

“Ya know, Scooby, I think Bigtime was just looking for a reason to take you on”, said Bruce.
“You really think that?”, asked Scooby scratching the tip of his ear.

“I think your brother’s right”, Yangus replied.

“In case you didn’t notice, the game seemed to focus more on the things you love”, Ba Chieh added.

“Plus, whenever you got the ball, he made sure his brothers kept us away from you while he took you on”, Sperg brought in between.
“I think you’re all just over thinking things. And the smell from your bodies is making you crazy”, Grizzle interrupted with his arms crossed, as he defended his hero/master.

“I agree with Grizzle. You guys don’t know what you’re talking about”, Scooby concluded. The others all looked at one another and shrugged.

“Well, the k**’s right about one thing: I am a little gamy”, Yangus said ,sniffing under his arms.

“Yangus, you’re always gamy.” Said Ba Chieh.

“Hey, where I’m from you only take a bath if you need it.” He replied.

Ba Chieh just rolled his eyes and told the others he was going home and shower. The others thought that was a good idea too and decided to follow him all. Only Scooby decided to go in the other direction.

Bruce turned around and saw Scooby  going another way. He called out to him, getting the beardog’s attention. Scooby stopped and turned around, telling his brother he was going to Tarson’s sauna and bathhouse and to tell Dex he’ll be home in a bit later. And turned to continue on his way.

When Scooby reached the sauna he saw Tarson outside, sleeping in his hammock. He walked inside and put his money on the counter. He pulled a towel off the rack and looked at it. It was ridiculously small.

” Damn it Tarson, you still didn’t get the towel sizes right? This is small enough to be a bath towel. Aw, what the hell, I’ll use it as it is then.” He thought to himself.

While he started to undress he felt someone was watching him. He turned around to see if anyone was behind him but saw no one there. He just shrugged it away and finished taking his clothes off and headed into the showers. He grabbed a bar of soap from the rack in the shower room and walked into one of the stalls. Scooby turned the water on and started soaping his body up. Because of the water running, he didn’t hear someone stepping into the shower room.

The figure – whoever it was – moved behind him, reached into his Infinit Pocket and slowly took out a dagger. Quickly he threw it at Scooby. But the beardog reached behind himself catching it with two of his fingers. “You do know I have Nature Sight, right Short Stuff?”, he smiled while facing Bigtime.

The Beagle Boy grumbled. “Just testing how good your reflexes are,” he said, “And don’t canlı bahis call me Short Stuff. You think you’re such a big beardog, but you’re just tall, that’s all. And you know I can take you on any time.”

Scooby wanted to answer that but instead he walked up to Bigtime and gave him a big sloppy kiss. Immediately the Beagle Boy felt weak in his knees. He wanted to resist but at the same time he knew that any resistance was futile. Reluctantly he gave in. Then he gathered his wits together and pushed Scooby away. “Who do you think I am? You think you’re so sexy you can do anything to me?” He shouted.
“Well, you did follow me here. As I hoped you would.” Scooby said innocently.

“Who says I followed you? Maybe it was the other way around. I always come here after a ball game”, Bigtime said halfheartedly.

“Yeah, sure, whatever.” Scooby shrugged, “But look at us. We are both here. This could be the beginning of a beautiful adventure.”

Bigtime’s eyes narrowed. “I eat beardogs for breakfast.” He bragged.

Scooby smiled again: “That’s’ cool, Short Stuff. But tell me, what part of the beardog you eat for breakfast, and do you swallow to?”

Bigtime was infuriated at that point and wanted to fight Scooby. But Scooby took him in a tight grip with both his hands and just laughed at him: “Don’t be so heated up, Short Stuff. And don’t stay in the showers. Let’s go to the jacuzzi and continue our discussion there.” And still holding him tight, he walked up to the bubble bath and jumped inside it. Water was splashing everywhere.

“Relax, Short Stuff. What’s the point of being in a jacuzzi and not to relax? These things are made for that. You know what, you sit at one side and I at the other, ain’t no harm in that no?” Scooby grinned.

“I guess. And don’t call me Short Stuff.” Bigtime continued to grumble.

There they sat, the two of them opposite to each other. Ever so slightly, Scooby shifted position. Bigtime did the same and they were getting closer to one another, playing their little cat and mouse game of seduction. Soon their feet touched. No one withdrew his feet and they shifted still closer to each other until they sat side by side.

Under water, Scooby’s hand went for Bigtime’s dick.

“My my, that feels nice, I understand now why they call you Bigtime.” He said in an admiring tone.

Bigtime wanted to say something nasty but he was too proud because of the compliment he had been given. Instead he said: “Told ya, I ain’t no Short Stuff.” Then he continued: “Well, you touched mine, ain’t only fair I touch yours too.”

“Go ahead, it’s waiting for you”, Scooby said. “Remember how The Mighty Dick plowed your cute tight ass before?”

“You got lucky and besides I had better than you.” Bigtime objected once more.

“Better than my Dark Side?”, Scooby frowned, “Well, I guess I have to apologize for that. If my friend s didn’t stop me I would have fucked you to pieces. Would be a mighty shame too, you’re too cute and besides I wouldn’t mind doing it again. But this time it would be just ole me. I show you I can be nice too.”

“You’d love that, dontcha? I’m the best fuck around and you know it.” Bigtime said.

“You can brag all you want to but action perabet speaks louder than words, my sexy friend”, Scooby said, while stroking Bigtime’s dick with one hand while the other was laying casual over the border of the jacuzzi. The Beagle Boy did the same. “Damn”, he thought, “His dick feels so good in my hand.” He didn’t want to show it, but he was really turned on.

“Last time you fucked me I couldn’t walk for days.” He said.

Scooby pulled the Beagle Boy on his lap. Their dicks were squeezed between their bellies. “I promise you it will be different this time. That is unless you want me to do that again”, Scooby objected. “You know what, I’ll tell you a secret. You know how Dex calls my dick? He calls it The Monster Magnet. It is like a remotely-piloted missile, once the target is set, he’s gonna hit it, no matter what. And I’ll let you in on another secret. You pushed my red button, Bigtime. The missile has been launched and there’s no way now it is gonna miss”, Scooby played Bigtime with a dreamy voice.

Bigtime’s resistance was broken. “Oh what the hell, let’s do it. Let the beardog fuck me”, he said and while they saw other people heading for the Jacuzzi, they got out of it and went for a private room.

Scooby closed the door behind him. They spread their towels on the matrass and lay down. He wanted to take the lead but Bigtime beat him at it. The Beagle Boy had waited long enough and couldn’t restrain himself any further. He jumped upon the beardog and started to kiss him as if his life depended on it. No one spoke a word. They were too busy kissing and touching each other all over. Slowly Bigtime moved from Scooby’s head to his chest and belly and lower still to the dick. He sucked it eagerly. It tasted just as he thought it would, like dark chocolate and beef.

“Why don’t you turn around so I can work you over too?” Scooby asked.

They lay in a 69 but instead of sucking Bigtime’ dick, Scooby licked the hairy hole in front of him, while playing with Bigtime’s dick, jerking it vigorously. The tongue of the beardog did its magic. It tasted a bit sour sweet, but it was the feel of it that pleased Scooby the most. On the other side, Bigtime had stopped sucking and moaned now. He had to grasp for his breath that came out in fits and starts.

When Scooby judged the Beagle Boy’s ass muscle to be smooth and supple enough, he brought a finger inside. It felt wet and he could feel the warmth inside. His finger slid in and out easily, so he brought in another one. The reaction came immediate. Bigtime retracted a bit forward but then came back. His moaning became louder. The big sturdy fingers of Scooby sent waves of sensation throughout his body and the beardog started to make scissor movements, stretching the hole even more. Soon he had three fingers inside and Bigtime had restarted his blow job. Scooby’s dick hardened and grew in size. And the bigger it became, the faster Bigtime sucked. He really put his heart into it as he took Scooby’s dick in completely, saving up his saliva to let it run free all over Scooby’s dick and balls, as lube.

When Scooby’s dick was completely hard and erect, like a rocket, the Beagle Boy stood up perabet giriş and bended over Scooby. He grabbed his dick and guided it to his hole. Carefully he brought it inside. The little resistance left of his ass soon gave way. When Scooby’s cock was past the muscle, Bigtime shifted position and let it go in all the way. For a moment he didn’t move, letting his ass adjust to the girth. When he felt comfortable he started to go slowly back and forth, resting his hands on Scooby’s chest. Soon he raised the pace. Scooby grabbed his shoulders and pushed his dick all the way in. The look on Bigtime’s face was one of complete ecstasy.

“You love the dick, huh”, Scooby smiled. “just say it, Short Stuff.”

“…I…I…FUCKING…LOVE…THE…DICK…” Bigtime stammered.

“Good, ‘cause I can go on like this forever”, Scooby said. After a good while Scooby suggested to change position. He wanted to roughen up things a bit and the best way to do that was to go doggy style. That way he could have a good sight at Bigtime’s ass while he fucked him.
The Beagle Boy was easy to comply. Scooby teased his hole by shoving his dick in all the way and retract it completely, while slapping Bigtime’s butt from the left and the right.

“Stop playing and fuck me, Scooby.” He said. But he enjoyed the way the beardog terrorized his ass.

Then Scooby grabbed Bigtime by the underbelly. He pulled and pushed him back and forth, fucking him like he was a plush, while he kept his dick in position. It was the kind of roughness that is playful and exciting.

“I’m about to cum if you don’t go easier on me” Bigtime said.

So Scooby said that he should lay on his back and they could go to their climax together doing missionary.

It was a fantastic grand finale.

Bigtime’s legs rested on Scooby’s shoulders while the beardog fucked him. Scooby bend forward so their bellies touched. He had his hands around Bigtime’s neck and strangled him softly. His brain made a short circuit and all what was left was this crazy sex. It made Bigtime insanely turned on and hot. When Scooby picked up his normal position again, he watched how Bigtime’s dick bounced up and down. It was a beautiful sight and he had to say that Bigtime too had a gorgeous dick, plump and fat. “Funny how short people have big dicks.” He thought. He had the inner urge to touch it, feel it, watch the Beagle Boy cum while he jacked him off with both hands.

As Bigtime stammered: “I…am…am…cumming”, Scooby too felt how the cum was running through his loins, searching for an explosive way out. Bigtime came first and he shot his cum as high as the ceiling and all over both their bodies. Then it was Scooby’s turn. He didn’t retreat. It was like a fire hose. He came with a loud cry and his cum filled Bigtime.

Both of them breathed heavily. There they sat. Two sworn enemies, side by side. It was a beautiful but awkward moment. Then the cum Bigtime had shot as high as the ceiling came dripping down.

“It’s raining cum, Big Boy”, Scooby said to Bigtime. They both laughed. Scooby didn’t notice it was the first time he didn’t call Bigtime “Short Stuff.”

Then he reminded he had promised Dex to be home soon. “Aw shoot, I better get my sorry ass outahere. Game is still on, Short Stuff?”, he said to Bigtime.

The Beagle Boy stood up and walked to the door. Before opening it, he turned to Scooby and kissed him on the mouth: “Always.” He said, “And don’t call me Short Stuff!”

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