A Late Night Surprise

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Hello readers, this is my first attempt and I hope you enjoy it.

* * * * *

OK, I’m a pervert. Now that we have that out of the way, I can tell you my story. My name is Cody, but and I’m 18 years old and getting ready to go into my senior year in high school. The truth is, I should be starting college this year, but I got held back in the third grade. It wasn’t because I wasn’t smart enough, the teacher said I was not relating to my surroundings well as I should be and that I interacted with my classmates in a way that indicated I had retarded emotional development. Whatever the hell all that had to do with my staying in that damned third grade another year, I don’t know. Anyway they held me back so I have always been a little older than most of the other students in my class. Well, that’s enough about that. If you’re on this site reading these kinds of stories, you’re probably like me and want to just get to the parts that are worth getting off to.

I’m pretty average all around, 5’4″, red hair (yes it’s red down there too), not fat, but not skinny either, with a 36C up top. And even though I have pretty good-sized titties, I still get carded everyplace I go because of my face. I’ve got freckles that run across the bridge of my nose and my face is round and innocent looking so everyone thinks I’m still a kid. When I go to “R” rated movies, they always make me show ID. But that’s OK because I know a lot of guys really like the way I look, especially the kind of guys that I want to like me.

I’m a fool for older men. I like men over 35 who have been around for a while and have these awesome tongue talents. I love to have a head that’s either going bald or has some gray hair down between my legs sucking up my girly juices. I just cum and cum for that kind of action. I think I’ve got a daddy complex and I know exactly where it came from.

Just after I turned 18, Daddy came into my room one night when he thought I was sleeping. My mom is a really cold bitch who once told me that it was a wife’s duty to give her husband sex once a month and that when I got married I would have to get used to enduring having a sweating pig on top of me. Daddy’s a fat guy, but he’s still a handsome man (I guess that’s why I particularly like fat guys too). Anyway, Daddy is standing there beside my bed with his robe on. He pulls the covers slowly back until he can see my titties (I usually sleep in just a pair of panties) and all at once he opens his robe and starts stroking his cock. I pretended to be asleep and before long he lets out this quiet groan and splash, my titties are just covered with his cum. I’ve jerked and sucked off a lot of guys, but never had I seen that much cum shot out of a cock. That told me three things:

1.My bitch mother was not giving him enough pussy

2.He was holding off his need for sex until he couldn’t stand it any more

3.He would rather be with me than Mom.

When he left the room, I rubbed his still warm cream into my titties and tummy

and played with my clit till I came in my panties. The next night I would be ready for him.

For the next month, every night when I got ready casino şirketleri for bed, I would shower, put on some perfume and get into bed without my usual panties. I also would push the cover down completely so that I was lying naked on the sheet. I was ready to give up after a full month of waiting when one night I heard my bedroom door open. Ever so slowly the door swung open until Daddy could step into the room and close it behind himself. He stood there for a minute before he started toward the bed. I think it surprised him that I was naked because he stopped before he got to the edge of the bed. I was really afraid he was going to just turn and leave so I took the chance and spoke

“Is that you Daddy,” I said softly.

“It’s me, Cody,” he said nervously. “I was just checking on you, I thought I heard something fall in you’re room.”

“Quick thinking, Dad,” I thought.

“You just go back to sleep and I’ll see you in the morning,” he said still staring at my naked body.

“I was just dreaming about you Daddy,” I said as I moved my hand down to my pussy. “It was such a nice dream. Do you want to hear about it?”

“Maybe in the morning, sweetheart. You should really get back to sleep and I should get back to bed.”

“No Daddy,” I said in my best little girl voice. “I want you to hear about my dream now. Come over here and sit on the edge of my bed like you used to when you read me bedtime stories.”

He stepped to the bed and sat down as I had instructed.

“OK Cody, but you need to be quick and speak softly, we don’t want your mother to wake up.”

“That lazy bitch wouldn’t wake up if the house fell in on us,” I said.

“Cody! Don’t talk about your mother that way,” he said.

“Fuck her Daddy, I want to tell you about my dream.”

“Cody……” he started to admonish me for such language, but I cut him short.

“In my dream, Daddy, you were sitting on the bed just like you are now,” I reached out, took his hand and put it on my naked breast. “You had your hand on my titty just like you do now.”

He pulled his hand away, but I grabbed it a put it back.

“Now that’s not what you were doing in my dream,” I said. “You were massaging my titties and playing with my nipples like this.” I put my hand over his and squeezed making his finger cup my breast in a most delightful way. When I removed my hand this time he continued to squeeze and fondle.

“Do you like the way my titties feel,” I asked.

“Yes, God help me, I love the way they feel,” he said.

“In my dream you leaned over and gave me a big kiss, do you want to kiss me Daddy, like in my dream?”

He leaned over and pressed his lips to mine. My tongue was in his mouth in and instant and he accepted it. When we broke the kiss, I took his hand off my breast and moved it to my pubic mound. By this point he didn’t need any coaxing. His finger found my slit and he began searching for my clit, which wasn’t too hard to find since it was swollen and ready for stimulation. Gently he massaged my pussy before finally slipping a big finger into my tight little hole. He leaned over and took one of casino firmalari my nipples in his mouth and sucked and bit it while he finger fucked me like a teenaged boy.

“I want you to eat my pussy, Daddy,” I said. “Don’t you think you would like to eat your little girls tight little cunt?”

“I’ve been beating off thinking about doing that for a long time,” he said as he moved between my legs.

I watched as he lifted my ass slightly and began to tongue my cunt.

“Eat my pussy Daddy,” I moaned, “Eat me good and you can fuck that thing all you want.” (I told you I was a fool for older men eating me out).

His tongue felt so good on my clitty that I just had to have some dick in my mouth while he did it.

“Daddy,” I said softly, “if you will get on your back on the bed, I’ll get on top of you and we can sixty-nine and maybe cum together.”

He lay down beside me and I climbed over onto his big belly. He grabbed my ass and pulled my pussy hard down onto his face and started tongue fucking me like crazy. I have sucked bigger cocks than Daddy’s, but I have never sucked one that was any harder. It was like having a hot iron bar in my mouth.

“Suck daddy’s cock you little whore,” he said taking a break from ripping my tight hole apart with his tongue. “You are such a little slut to want your own father to eat you out while you suck his big fat cock.”

He started slapping my ass while he was talking.

“Harder you little whore, suck it harder and faster. Move that head you little bitch.”

I loved hearing him talk to me that way, Daddy hardly ever even cursed to hearing him use words like that really excited me.

“I am a whore Daddy. I can’t help it. Maybe you need to spank me harder and punish me for my slutty ways.”

He started to really spank my ass hard and I responded by putting some extra suck on that hard cock. I loved this. I always used to get wet on the rare occasions that Daddy would spank me and now he was really giving my ass a beating.

“Oh Daddy,” I moaned taking my mouth away from his prick for a second, “make my cheeks sore so that I’ll think about you every time I sit down tomorrow.”

I knew my ass was turning bright red by now and I wished the light was on so he could see it. Then he surprised me. Daddy lifted me up off him a little and started spanking my pussy. No one had ever done that to me before and it felt fantastic. He wasn’t spanking it hard like he had my ass, but I was getting my pussy spanked for the first time. It didn’t take much of that and I was cumming all over the place.

“You cum like a slut,” he said as he licked up the juices that were running down my inner thighs. “Are you ready to take Daddy’s big load?” he asked.

“Give it to me Daddy.” I said. “Give me all that cum you’ve been saving up.”

“Here it goes, here’s Daddy’s hot cum going into his little baby’s mouth.”

It almost knocked my head off as the first load spurted out. I had known there would be a lot, but I never imagined this much and this power. I swallowed and swallowed but still had that thick fluid running down my chin. Daddy was groaning güvenilir casino so loudly I was really afraid Mom was going to hear us.

“Catch your breath for a minute,” I said as I scooted off his stomach back onto the bed, “and then fuck my pussy.”

He didn’t wait. He moved down between my legs on his knees and started stroking his cock to get it back to full hardness again.

“Are you on any kind of birth control?” he asked.

“I’ve been taking the pill for about two years,” I told him. “It started just to regulate my periods, but it sure has come in handy for other activities too.”

“Do you fuck a lot of boys,” he asked.

“Not that many,” I lied.

“I don’t care who else you fuck, as long as you come home to Daddy.”

“I’ll always come home to you,” I said as he started pushing that cock into my wet little hole.

He started off slowly with nice long strokes but kept building speed and force as he got more and more excited. My head was bumping the headboard really hard as he pounded into me so I pulled a pillow over and stuffed it between the headboard and me. I could feel the head of his cock bumping my cervical ring and I knew that if he kept fucking me with this kind of force and depth, her would get past it and into my womb, something that had never happened to me before.

Sometimes when I’m excited, I can’t tell what I’m thinking and what I’m saying out loud so I was little surprised when I heard myself repeating over and over, “fucking my daddy, fucking my daddy, fucking my daddy.”

“Yea baby, you are fucking your daddy. Pinch you nipples while I fuck you,” he breathed.

I felt it when it happened; the head of his dick slipped through my cervix and touched the inside of my womb. Daddy must have felt it too.

“Oh Cody,” he said almost unable to speak. “I am in you so deep. I’m going to dump a big load inside that little cunt. Here it comes baby. I’m creaming in my little girls hole.

For the first time in my life, I actually felt the cum splash into my pussy. It sent me over the edge and I started to cum again.

“Daddy,” I said a lot louder than I intended, “I feel your cum going inside me, it’s filling me up, Daddy and I’m cumming with you.”

When or mutual orgasm finally ceased, Daddy lay down beside me and pulled me close.

“Thank you Cody,” he said softly, “I needed that so badly. I know it’s not right, but it was so good.”

“Nothing that feels that good could be wrong Daddy. Don’t let yourself get in this shape again. Anytime you need some pussy or a good blow job, you know where to come now. And I mean it Daddy, anytime.”

“How about tomorrow night?” he asked.

I couldn’t really see his face, but I knew he had a big smile on it.

“It’s a date,” I said.

The next morning Mom came into the kitchen and fixed herself a piece of toast and a cup of coffee. She sat in the chair at the table directly across from where I was reading the morning paper.

“Cody,” she said.

I looked up and she winked at me as she said, “Thanks for the help last night.”

I knew she had heard us and the self-centered cunt thought I did it to help her out not because I loved Daddy and really wanted him to fuck me.

“No problem,” I said and went back to reading the paper.

Who cares what she thinks as long as she’s cool with me fucking daddy, fucking daddy, fucking daddy!

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