A Hot Young Latino Hookup

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I’m a white male college professor who lives a few miles from a large land-grant university. The enormous student population provides ample opportunities to bed students who want to experience my nine by six cock. Here’s a recent story.

He kept hooking his powerful soccer legs over mine, moaning while I pounded his boy hole as he lay face down beneath me. He arched his back, pushing his round muscled butt up to meet my thrusts. “Oh my fucking God! You are so big!”

I was so horny Sunday I started looking online for a bottom. A cute latino college lad with a killer smile didn’t mind the age difference, met for coffee, liked what he saw and agreed to meet at my place later for a quick suck and fuck. He was 5’6 and maybe 150 with short black hair and dark eyes.

He pulled off his shirt as soon as he was in the door, rubbing the hard on in his baggy shorts. When I opened them they fell to his ankles and he stepped out of them. His jockeys already sported a wet spot and he didn’t stop me pulling them down over his sculpted thighs.

He sighed and exhaled while his thick brown cock grew hard in my mouth. I sucked precum from his rod then lifted it and mouthed his young balls. He hummed in delight. I wrapped lips around him again. His butt squeezed and relaxed, canlı bahis fucking my mouth. When I let go of his dick and slid hands up the insides of his thighs he said, “Where’s you bed?”

He sat on the edge of the bed holding my cock, having pulled it out of my shorts while I shed my shirt. “You are massive,” he said as I grew hard in his hand. “I’ve never have one this big.” He kissed my head, then took me in his mouth, his other hand cupping my balls. We rolled on the bed sucking each other. “You want to take your shoes off?” I said, hooking a finger in one of his white, ankle-high basketball shoes. “My feet stink,” he replied. “I don’t mind,” I said. “No they really stink. I just showered and put on clean socks and they still stink.” “Want to wash them?” I offered “I just did,” he said. “The doctors don’t know what’s causing it.”

Okay, this was one of the more unusual conversations I’ve had while holding another guy’s cock. I have fucked guys wearing athletic shoes, but high-tops in bed? This was going to be a first.

He got on all fours in the middle of the bed. I spread his muscular cheeks, sucked his balls and perineum, then tongued his clean hole. “Fuck me, papi,” he gasped.

I rolled on a condom, squirted lube on it and on his boy hole, then began teasing bahis siteleri and pushing in. After several minutes of getting nowhere he said, “It’ll be easier if you let me be on top.”

I rolled to my back, he straddled me and worked his way on, stopping to add lube a few times. “It’s been a while for me,” he exhaled, his eyes closed. “Take your time,” I said. I lost count of how many oh-my-fucking-god’s he uttered, my hands caressing his abs, sides, thighs and calves as far as his shoes. Slowly, surely, he relaxed and slid all the way on.

He planted hands on my chest and looked in my eyes. “Are you really 52?.”

“Yes,” I said.

“You look 30,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said, “I got carded again last month.”

“Mmm, you said,” he hummed, slowly moving his hips.

We had already had this conversation in the coffee shop.

“My father’s younger than you,” he said.

“You said,” I whispered.

With that he squeezed me between his brown thighs and I felt his weight lift off me as he began sliding up and down on my cock. What started slowly quickly became an athletic romp. His cock, flaccid from relaxing to take me, soon became rigid and dripped precum on my chest and belly. He leaned back, cupped my knees and rode me till his smooth bahis şirketleri brown skin glistened with perspiration, his face the picture of passion.

When he stopped and lowered himself to me, I was surprised by his kiss. He had said he didn’t want to kiss, but now his mouth was passionately in my mine and I returned it. I lifted knees, planted feet and pounded him from beneath until his gasps broke our kiss.

He climbed off and got on all fours again. I pounded him doggie, my hands on the tramp stamp just above his butt-one of those edgy geometric designs. Soon he collapsed beneath me, fistfuls of sheets in his hands, his face buried in the bed moaning. He hooked and unhooked his feet and calves around mine, his legs flexing and quivering, and I felt the shoestrings and leather of his high tops on my legs.

I lowered to him, my face next to his, the ecstasy on it making me fuck him even harder and loving his powerful thrusts back at me. He moaned and went limp. I propped on my arms and banged the last nine yards, filling the magnum.

“I came on your sheets,” he said when we got up, “That’s never happened before.”

“They’re just sheets,” I said.

“I mean I’ve never come just from cock in my butt,” he said, “not without stroking it, too.”

“Cool,” I said.

When I stripped the condom off he held my fading erection and said, “That is one dangerous weapon.”

He peed a long pee standing naked in my bathroom in white high-tops, then dressed and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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