A Highschool’s Dream

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I stood looking at myself in the mirror of the hotel room I had rented for the weekend, my green eyes were lined with black and my lips had a sultry red lipstick painted on. I had pulled my burgundy hair into a messy bun with a few strands dangling around my face. As I fixed my black skirt I thought about what had brought me here to this hotel tonight, Leon. Leon was a friend from highschool who had been my childhood friend Koy’s boyfriend pretty much all throughout highschool and though I had always wanted him I would never have acted on it. Tonight he was coming over to my hotel room to catch up and seeing as Koy was a completely different person that none of our group could stand to talk to anymore…Leon was free game.

I heard a knock at the door and took one last look at my low cut black top with the Lacy Bell sleeves and pushed my breasts up a little higher, here goes nothing. I walked over to the door and opened it to find Leon standing outside in very Leon attire. He had always worn dark jeans, a white shirt and a ragged black leather jacket and though you could tell it wasn’t the same jacket from highschool, because this one had just a little less wear and tear, it was almost the same. He looked up at me with his dark eyes and ran a hand through his rustic colored hair as he took a sharp intake of air while giving me a once over. “Hi..” I offered with a soft smile opening the door a little bit further. We stood in awkward silence for a moment as we looked at each other, we had only seen each other once since leaving highschool and that had been many years before. Before I could fully canlı bahis understand what was happening his hands were in my hair and his mouth capturing mine. As he tilted my head back slightly, as he was about 7 inches taller than me, his tongue swept it’s way into my mouth and a soft moan escaped my mouth, god he tasted better than I had ever imagined.

His mouth was hot and aggressive on mine as he let one hand slide from my hair down to my waist and pulled me closer to him, our bodies colliding together as we stood in the doorway to my hotel room. He slowly backed me into the room, kicking the door shut with his booted heel. His lips never leaving mine as we slowly made our way towards the bed, my hands slipping off his leather jacket, it hitting the floor with a soft thud. He broke the kiss for the slightest of moments as he pulled my shirt up and over my head before his lips were back on mine, ravaging them as he grabbed my breasts with a need so strong it was igniting the fire between my legs.

Leon pushed me back onto the bed, his figure towering over me as he pulled off his shirt, his body had always had a little more cushion that I normally liked on guys but it had always been his personality that had drawn me in. He climbed on top of me and resumed the kiss, his thigh pressed against my core as I groaned against his lips. Our bodies tangled together as he shifted his mouth to my neck and started to kiss and nip his way along it to my ear. His mouth was against my ear, my body hot and flustered as I waited for his next move. “Don’t move…” was all he grunted into my ear before he bit bahis siteleri at my earlobe, causing me to cry out in pleasure. His head kissed down my body, stopping at my breasts to nip and suck on my nipples, sending shivers down my spine before he moved further down to the place that I was craving him.

My pussy was already soaking wet and dripping into the black underwear I had worn. He slip my skirt up around my waist and slapped upper thigh and lower ass, meaning for me to lift my hips for him to pull off my underwear. I complied and lowered them back to the bed as he tossed the drenched underwear aside and hooked his arms under my legs, shifting me so that his face was hovering over my burning core. He looked up at me, capturing my gaze for a moment before he smiled and buried his face in my cunt. I cried out as I gripped the sheets, arching my back, his tongue was lapping at my clit with a hunger that made me want to cry. He worked his magic on my clit, sucking and licking it until I thought I would die from pleasure, so close to orgasm, and as if he could sense it, he suddenly sunk his tongue deep inside of me sending me over the edge. My body exploded in orgasm, my legs shaking as my juices gushed out of my aching pussy. He gripped my thighs and held them down, his tongue still lapping up the liquid that flooded out of me. Once my orgasm calmed and he’d licked me clean he crawled back up my body, my juices glistening on his lips as he hovered over me. I pulled his head down and kissed him deeply, groaning at the taste of myself mixed with his sweet kiss. As I kissed him he positioned himself bahis şirketleri at my entrance, my heart raced, I hadn’t even seen him pull his pants down.

Leon pulled away from the kiss and looked me deep in the eyes, a hunger glowing in them as if I were a piece of meat and he a starved dog. He held my gaze as he sheathed himself in my burning cunt. We both let out a moan as he buried himself to the hilt and stayed still, deep inside of me, for a moment. Both panting we started to move, thrusting and writhing against each other.

I could already feel another orgasm gathering inside of me as we fucked, hard and heavy, his hand finding it’s way to my hair and using a handful to pull my face to his. He kissed me roughly as he thrust into my aching cunt, I was so close to coming again and I could feel his thrusts quickening, knowing he would soon finish as well.

I clamped my pussy down on him as I came, crying out and clawing at his shoulders as my body shivered underneath him. He kept thrusting as I came around his hard cock, his eyes kept on my face the whole time. As my orgasm slowed, his grunts filled the room and he quickened his pace a bit more before he thrust into me once again, harder, deeper. His eyes caught mine as he thrust into me one last time, hitting deep inside of me and then I felt it, his hot and sticky cum spilling into me, we hadn’t used a condom! Though I knew it was wrong and I didn’t want to get pregnant, the feel of his body on mine, his muscles tightening, his cock buried deep inside of me filling me with his seed was almost enough to send me over the edge again.

After a moment he collapsed ontop of me, both panting as I wrapped my arms around him and held him to my chest. I had waited so many years for this weekend and things were only going to get better from here.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20