A Happy Trouple Ch. 02

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Warning: This story contains lots of bisexual male on male action is not suitable for those who don’t like to read about men doing naughty things to other men.

Disclaimer: All sexual activities and stunts in this story were performed by limber professionals. You should consult your physician or a shrink before you attempt to do any of this stuff at home or with your friends.

Dedication: This new chapter is for those awesome fans who voted, messaged me and/or commented on the previous chapter of this story.

…and for Monica.


What had happened in such a short time, was simply incredible. First I broke up with Brit, my hot, but pissy girlfriend, and shortly after I hooked up with Kari and Ken, a crazy-hot couple who helped me realize my hottest, craziest sexual fantasies. I was high on lust. The sex was beyond amazing. Kari and Ken were nice, caring, kind and smart. They were also sexual freaks, in a good way; in a very, extremely good, fantastically wonderful way. They made me feel special because they genuinely felt that I was special. They truly enjoyed my company, my body, my youth and my freshness. Me? Everything we did together felt new and super exciting to me. I was like a kid in an ice cream store with too many flavors to choose from. I couldn’t -and still can’t- imagine that I would ever get tired of being with Kari and Ken, and I know for sure that the feeling is mutual.

After a crappy childhood and a sad relationship with Brit, I was being rewarded by the Universe. That’s right; I was being favored by the gods of friendship, joy and sex. Movement, action and direction of every single atom, molecule, insect, animal, person, star, planet and galaxy had been altered by the almighty boss of all existence in my favor, just so I could have great sex for an unknown period of time. I am simply that important. Nah, don’t be ridiculous! That’s not how the universe works. Sometimes you’re on top of the world, and sometimes not so much. If the memories of good moments in your life are bright enough to guide you through the darker times, then you are truly blessed.

Now, let’s go back to where we left off; I think I was about to go inside the house with my new friends and fuck Ken’s ass in front of his lovely wife. Ken was a real champ. I fucked him nice and hard on a sofa for at least half an hour in every position you can, and can’t imagine. I held onto his hips and slammed my dick into him from behind, flipped him over and fucked him while looking into his eyes, placed him on his side and pumped his pooper with one of his legs draped over my shoulder, and even fucked him upside down with his shoulders on the floor. I even fucked him floating in the air in slow motion like Keanu Reeves and company in The Matrix. Huh? You’re paying attention? Good. Kari filmed us, spanked my ass, jacked Ken’s cock, kissed and licked our bodies; she was always present and active, doing exactly what any supportive wife would do for her husband while he is being ass banged by a horny, young stud.

After Ken and Kari were finally satisfied…wait…what? More details about me fucking Ken? I fucked him and came inside his ass. Then Kari rimmed her husband’s asshole, cleaning him up real good with her tongue. Now with your permission, I would like to skip forward a little. There is so much to tell and I don’t have the time to tell it all, so I will stick to the more interesting parts and hopefully you will agree with me after you read the whole thing, or you won’t. It’s my story and it’s not like I am being paid to tell it. Imagine we are sitting around a campfire, and your friend (me) is telling you a story, then you get really hot, pull down you pants, or pull up your skirt and start whipping your cock or pussy. And if you don’t like my story, I am pretty sure that you will let me know. I don’t mind. I am such a good friend, aren’t I?

So, until Sunday afternoon when I finally headed home, the three of us fucked like rabbits, drank some wine, tried to watch a movie but couldn’t because we ended up fucking again, talked and laughed and fucked and sucked. Due to a rapidly spreading wildfire in my ass, Ken graciously stayed away from it, while Kari treated it with a soothing ointment once every few hours. I didn’t want to go home, but I had to. When I got home, I was exhausted, but had a stupid I-just-got-laid smile on my face that stayed with me all through the next day. Noticing my dreamy smile and cheerful mood, my pals at the sawmill started asking questions. I was met with cheers and given high fives when I confessed to having the best sex of my life the day before. When they begged me for details, I gave them a heavily redacted version of the events for obvious reasons. Poor Ken’s role was completely deleted while Kari became the star of my R-rated story. Imagine how my rugged, flannel wearing coworkers would have reacted if I had told them about the things Ken and I did to each other. Coming out in front of a bunch of lumberjacks in a place full of tools güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that could potentially be used to maim or murder me would have been a dumb choice. Some men, especially those with homosexual tendencies of their own, will overreact to anything even remotely gay to prove to others and to themselves that they are absolutely and categorically straight. Some just lose it and run away like the Road Runner or lash out like Taz from the Looney Toons, while others bully you and pass legislations against you.

The following Friday, I returned to Kari and Ken’s place. We had even more fun this time. The burning sensation in my ass wasn’t bothering me as much anymore, so I decided to test my limits and let Ken fuck me as many times and as hard as he wanted. As usual, Kari made sure that I was comfortable. She always lubed my asshole and stretched it before her husband fucked me, and as usual, she played with my dick, sucked on my nipples, massaged my head and neck, and cheered her husband on while he slammed his monster dick into my asshole. By my fourth visit, my asshole was completely broken in. Of course each time Ken’s huge rod entered me, there was that almost unbearable initial pain, but that was part of the fun. Ah, the agony and the ecstasy of being banged in the ass; you should definitely try it if you haven’t yet.

Within a couple of months, Ken, Kari and I had become best of friends and lovers. We enjoyed each other’s company so much that I took a week off my work to play with them. We were like newlyweds on our honeymoon. It was an unforgettable week filled with good times; making love, power fucking, spit and piss play, laughing, watching movies, going to restaurants and having incredible fun. I had subconsciously assumed a submissive role in our threesome. I was always the one being spit and pissed on. They even tied my hands and spanked me a few times before they both fucked the shit out of my ass. Even those times that I fucked Ken, it was upon Kari’s request and she would order me how hard and how fast I should fuck her husband. I didn’t mind it at all; as a matter of fact I enjoyed being told what to do. I think that is a part of my personality which can be taken advantage of bypeople who don’t appreciate my gentle and kind nature. Ken and Kari appreciated everything about me, even when they dominated me in our hot games. Together we explored new sex positions and various role plays. Teacher, student. Doctor, patient. Master, slave. Parents, son. That last one simply blew our minds; Kari pretended to be my mom, Ken my dad. We loved that one so much that we ended up staying in character for two whole days. That awesome week cemented our friendship. We had become a trouple.

I know what you’re thinking. What happened to Carl and Eva? They had to postpone their visit, which gave me more time to get to know Kari and Ken more intimately. Don’t worry, they finally did come to visit, and I will tell you all about it. Stay tuned for that one. It’s as hot as you expect it to be. Speaking of expectations and surprises; the day I came back from my hedonistic week at Kari and Ken’s, something unexpected happened. Fade to black…


It’s Sunday 2pm. I’m driving in my car; almost home. What a week. It was amazing. I smile. When I called Kari Mom, she came all over my dick, over and over again. Then Daddy got so excited that he slammed his dick up my ass while I was on top of Mom. Mom kept on coming and squirting while Daddy filled my ass with his hot goo. Then I came inside Mommy’s pussy. Do you remember? Of course I remember, It happened only a few hours ago. Mom. Eew Mom! I would never fuck my real mom. How old is she anyway? Five or six years younger than Kari? Man, she has not aged well at all. Why do I get so hot when I pretend Kari is my mother? Freud. That old pervert is right.

Ping! Who’s that?

Text message from Kari: We miss you already honey. Friday can’t come soon enough 🙂

I’m driving. Shouldn’t really text and drive.

Me: 🙂

I grin like a fool. Oh, Kari. Ken. Fuck! That was the best vacation ever! Tomorrow, I have to go back to work. Shit! One. Two. Three. Too many days until Friday. Oh well. I have to wait. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or is it fungus? Both? Why am I thinking in English? It’s my third language. Brit! Why am I thinking about Brit? Oh, yeah…she was my English teacher. Fungus! Haha! That’s funny. I heard it in a song. Did I? In a movie maybe? I know I didn’t make it up…ping! Kari again? She must really miss me. Text message from…what the…Brit? Speak of the…

Brit: I need to talk to you.

Needs to talk to me…about what? I paid my half of the rent for the last month. Not paying another cent.

Me: No

Whatever insane thing she needs to talk to me about, she can text it to me. Not getting sucked into her bullshit.


Brit: Wayne’s Coffee. In 30 minutes. Please!!

Please? How polite of her. What the heck…might güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri as well go and get it over with.

Me: OK!


Brit: 🙂

Smiley face? At least she’s not pissed. Although she can easily smile and be pissed at the same time. What a shame. She’s so hot. Hotter than Kari? No way, but still. Really hot. All right. Helsingborg it is. Our favorite coffee place. I can get some coffee and a muffin. I need some coffee…and a muffin.

I arrived at the coffee shop a few minutes later. I was a few minutes early, but Brit was sitting outside, drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette. She looked simply stunning. As usual, her lustrous, long, layered golden hair cascaded down her back. She was wearing a white tank top and tight low cut jeans. The strap of her white bra hung loosely down her shoulders, steering my attention toward her large, pear-shaped breasts. I thought about her perfect, naked tits for a while, automatically comparing them to Kari’s. Brit’s boobs were much paler, well not just her boobs, but her skin was much paler than Kari’s. Although Kari was two decades older than Brit, her body looked firmer; her boobs also felt firmer than Brit’s. I am not saying that Brit’s body was less attractive than Kari’s. She was also toned and athletic, but Kari probably spent more time exercising at the gym. Now, back to their boobs; Brit’s areolae were larger, but her nipples, although very nice and delicious, were not as long as Kari’s. In conclusion; I love boobs, and both Kari and Brit had lovely boobs. Beautiful, delicious, suckable, kneadable boobs.

When I reached Brit’s table, she looked up at me as she blew a think cloud of smoke out of her cute nostrils. Her beautiful blue eyes were heavy with a kind of deep sadness that I had never seen in them before.

“Hi,” she said as she put out her cigarette in an ashtray. “Thanks for coming.”

“Sure,” I said, giving her half a smile. “Are you all right?”

“No!” she said, her eyes welling up with tears.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Let me go buy you a Cortado and a muffin,” she said as she rose up to her feet.

“You don’t have to,” I said. “I’ll get it myself.”

“No,” Brit insisted, forcing a smile. “After all I put you through, I owe you at least a Cortado and a muffin.”

“All right,” I said as I sat down in a chair.

What the hell? I wasn’t expecting this. What is she up to? Is she playing a game? I don’t think so. Oh man, that outfit! She’s trying to seduce me…and it’s working. She wants me back? Oh crap, that’s it: she wants me back!

Brit came back with my coffee and muffin, then sat back down in her chair. A couple of minutes passed in complete silence, then she said, “I…I am so sorry, Leo!” Then a single tear drop trickled down her beautiful cheek.

Wow! What do I do? What am I supposed to say?

“I treated you like shit,” Brit continued, drying her eyes with a napkin. “I was horrible to you.”

When I didn’t respond to her heartfelt confession, she continued to tell me that she was sorry that she didn’t appreciate me, didn’t love me enough, didn’t treat me right and so on, because she was angry and jaded after her failed marriage and she took her anger out on me.

“I don’t know what to say,” I said, smiling uncomfortably. “I appreciate your honesty, and accept your apology.”

Her eyes suddenly lit up and she let out a sigh of relief. I looked at her and then continued, “But I haven’t changed. I am the same guy, and not worthy of your company!”

Passive aggressive much? I need to act like a man and tell her how I really feel.

I told her that I had listened to her advice and met a couple online. I let the news sink in before I started to tell her how happy I was with my new lovers, that I would never go back to the way things were, not even to the time when I first met her, when she was incredibly nice to me. She reached for a cigarette and tried to light it with trembling fingers. I grabbed her lighter and held it steady in front of her cigarette until it was lit.

“So,” she exhaled a thick cloud of smoke and paused thoughtfully, “did you like it? I mean being with a guy?”

I had no reason to lie to her, or not to tell her how wonderful it was to get fucked nice and hard by a handsome man in the presence of his hot wife. Then I started to tell her the explicit details of my visits, only leaving out the part about being spit and pissed on. She wiggled her ass in her chair and listened intently as I began to tell her about Kari and Ken and the things we did in and out of bed. As she listened, she raised her eyebrows, then snapped them together, her eyes widened, then she squinted, smiled, frowned and adjusted her boobs, wiggled her ass in her chair and finished smoking two cigarettes by the time I was done talking. I remembered our erotic story-times together, and I could definitely tell that she was extremely aroused, although knowing her well and judging by güvenilir bahis şirketleri the rapidly changing expressions on her face, she was probably going through a series of contrasting emotions all at once.

“Take me home and fuck me!” was not at all what I expected to hear her say, but she said it. I looked at her. My cock started to tingle and move inside my pants. I didn’t reply. Then she repeated those words, “Take me home and fuck me, please!”

I know, I know! I told you that I was happy to be rid of my crazy girlfriend. I know that I wasn’t completely honest with you. Do you think I’m a wimp? I don’t blame you, but keep in mind that this was the woman that I once loved. Her sincere apology couldn’t make me love her or want to be with her again, but it felt so damn nice. My heart isn’t made out of stone, you know. You would want to fuck your ex too if she begged you to do it, right? No?

“No!” wasn’t the word I expected to say to her either, but I did. “You’re out of your mind with sadness and whatever other emotion you’re feeling right now, but you don’t want a gay dude like me fucking you. Do you?”

“I talked to Ellie,” she said, fumbling to get a new pack of smokes from her purse. “I told her about you and your…orientation. She agreed with you and called me a hypocrite. Then I got mad and had a fight with her. She came to me the next day, we fucked…and talked all night. Then I realized that you and I were…alike. She helped me realize that I had made a big mistake, and told me if you were free she would want to hook up with you. Then I got mad at her, kicked her out of my place, stayed angry and depressed for a month or so, until I admitted to myself that I needed to change my attitude. The answer to your question is, you’re bisexual, so am I. I want you back.”

“Do you realize how crazy what you just told me sounds?” I asked her, arching one eyebrow.

“Yes!” she admitted. “But your story doesn’t sound any saner than mine.”

I admit that she had me there. I laughed. She laughed too. She placed her soft hand on top of mine on the table, squeezing it tenderly. When I told her that Kari was my new girlfriend and Ken was my boyfriend, she squinted and said, “Just take me home and fuck me silly. You don’t have to be my boyfriend, just be my friend-with-benefits.”

I sat quietly for a couple of minutes, then asked her, “So you wouldn’t mind sharing me?”

“What?” she asked, clearly caught off guard.

“You heard me right,” I insisted. “Let’s go and get Ellie. We can fuck her together!”

“Umm,” she mumbled nervously. “I…I told you that Ellie and I had a fight. I haven’t spoken to her since.”

“Ok,” I said, grinning mischievously. “Would you join me and my new pals for a foursome?”

“I…I mean,” now, she was getting uncomfortable.

Before she could come up with an answer to my question I said, “I’m not going to cheat on Ken and Kari.”

She leaned back in her chair, not knowing what to say. She was speechless.

“Thanks for the coffee,” I said as I started to get up from my chair. “You look very hot today by the way. I’m sure you won’t have any problems finding a new boyfriend.”

Brit’s lower lip twitched a little, then she began weeping softly. I turned away from her and walked toward my car.


After I took a shower, I ordered a pizza and started watching some crappy show on TV.


Brit: I’ll do it

She’ll do what? I’ll answer later. I’m hungry.

RING! My pizza is here…yay!

I was about to take a bite off my second slice when…Ring! I picked up my phone. It was Brit.

“Why didn’t you answer my text?” she asked, her voice softer than ever.

“I’m eating dinner,” I replied calmly.

“All right,” she said. “Call me when you’re done?”

“It’s ok,” I said. “I can talk now. So tell me…you’ll do what?”


“Your text…you said you’ll do it. What will you do?”

“I’ll,” Brit paused, cleared her throat, then said, “I’ll share you.”

I wasn’t expecting her to actually accept my half-serious offer. I didn’t know what to say, so I stayed quiet.

“Did you hear me?” she asked, a bit impatiently.

“Yeah,” I said. “What are you…hmm…suggesting?”

“I’ll call Ellie,” Brit said, her tone serious but soft. “I’m sure she’ll let us fuck her together.”

“Nah,” I chuckled, enjoying my victory. “I changed my mind. I don’t even like Ellie. I mean I like her, but not in that way.” I was lying. I would fuck Ellie in a heartbeat.

“Ok,” she said, then paused for a few seconds. “You…and your new friends then?”


“You can fuck me,” she paused again, “I mean the three of you can have your way with me!”

Wow! My cock stood right up and said, “Whaaaaa?”

“Keep it cool buddy!” I said to my naughty, throbbing dick; let’s call him Junior for now. I didn’t actually say those words aloud. I’m not that crazy! You see, Junior and I communicate through telepathy. Nothing special. You probably do it too if you’re a guy. No? Come on; be honest.

“Hello?” said Junior, or was it Brit? Yeah, it was Brit.

“Go on,” I said to her.

“That’s it,” she said. “I thought about the things you told me, and I…I mean…made me so hot. My pussy’s still throbbing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20