A Handsome Valentine’s Stranger

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“I hate Valentines Day!” Heather was sobbing into a box of chocolates. The classroom was empty except for Heather and the large heart-shaped box. Crumpled sheets of paper littered the floor along with slivers of construction paper and the mashed ends of crayons ground into the moldy, grey carpet.

Heather scanned the chocolates as fat, self pitying tears slid down her neck and down along her round breasts. She chose the square newspaper boy and then bit off his head in one angry chomp. He didn’t seem to mind that he’d been decapitated, so next she took his legs and then finally just shoved the rest in her mouth, mixing the salt and the sweet. She grabbed a tissue from the box on her desk and blew sloppily as she got to her feet.

It would be another year of drinking wine at home and trying to convince herself that she wouldn’t rather be in a hotel having the shit fucked out of her. She straightened her skirt as she got up off the desk, abandoning the box of chocolates long enough to begin collecting the stray bits of paper. She had been too worn out to do much with the kids today. Valentine’s day was always wearying for the bitterly single. She’d given them each a sheet of white paper, a box of crayons to a table and told them to make cards for their mommies. Jerry, that adorable kid with the bowl cut, had nervously told her that he had two daddies. She could see the worry building in his face so she cut it off at the pass by giving him an extra sheet of paper and telling him to make each daddy a card. Then she sat at her desk and allowed herself an hour of running through all of her failed relationships while she stuffed her face with chocolate. When the kids found her crying she just told them that she missed her mommy. They nodded knowingly and returned to the crayons.

It had been…probably a year since she’d last fallen in love. It had taken about a year to get over that one, and even then she sometimes found herself sharply woken by dreams of him looking at her with disgust, or even worse, touching her body. She missed the way he smelled. She really wished that she didn’t. She had tried dating. It was amusing and sometimes the sex was good, but mostly she fucked for the rush of escape and then found herself resenting her bedfellow the minute the sweat had cooled.

She picked up the last sliver of paper and threw it in the wastebasket. She returned to her perch on the canlı bahis desk, but the sight of the chocolate made her feel ill, so she hastily let them join the paper in the wastebasket. Then she lay flat on the desk and tried to breath. As the calm settled over her she thought she heard a sound out in the hallway. She listened for several moments, but when she heard nothing she shut her eyes again and let her mind spin with thoughts. Was the chocolate making her feel aroused? Well, she didn’t know what was making her feel that way, but her brain began to fill up with images of naked men licking her skin. One hand slowly crept down her legs and snuck into her underwear feeling her wet as it diddled her clit. Her other hand traveled up to her full breasts and began to tease her nipples through the thin cloth of her shirt. She slipped two fingers inside of her tight canal and began to rub its length, wishing for a stiff cock. Her nipples grew hard and she slowly pulled down her shirt and slipper her hand down her bra pawing at her breasts.

She did not hear the door slowly open. The stranger made no exclamation and stopped moving immediately. He had not imagined that anyone was still in the school. He’d brushed a broom up and down the halls and then thought that he would sneak into Ms. Mark’s classroom. He liked to go there when the quiet had set in and touch himself. He would sit at her desk. Sometimes she even left her green knit sweater by accident and he would ball it up and hold it to his nose as his fist pumped up and down his thick shaft. He would let his hot cum shoot over her desk and then shame facedly he would clean it up.

He couldn’t believe that the object of his fantasies was reclining on her desk with her legs held wide, breathing heavily. He wanted to touch her. To draw her close and gently bury his teeth in her neck, nipping and licking at her exposed flesh…and those breasts. His hand slid down to his pants and he tried to pull down the zipper as soundlessly as possible. He grabbed his thick cock and began to stroke himself, desperately hoping that if she noticed him she would not scream in fear.

Heather imagined a pair of hands sliding down her body, twisting at her nipples and then entering her. Tried to imagine the fingers inside of her were in fact the thick cock of a handsome stranger feverishly plowing into her with a lust that could not be sated. She came with bahis siteleri a few whimpering cries and a rush of blood to her fair cheeks. It was only in the moments of silence after her crescendo that she heard the sounds of someone else in the room. It was the panting of a man. There could be no mistaking the sounds of arousal in his hurried breathing. She slowly opened her eyes, her fingers still lingering in her pussy in a moment of shock and lingering arousal. The young man standing near her desk. He was tall with dark brown hair and he was desperately pumping the thickest cock she had ever had the pleasure of seeing. Their eyes locked and although his showed a hint of fear he did not stop pumping until finally he came with an enraptured lengthy moan as his hot cum spattered the floor.

Heather was met with two conflicting desires of equal intensity. To run screaming from the room, or to take shove his cock between her pretty red lips and suck it back to full erection so that he might pound her. He stood there breathing heavily, not daring to move at all lest he startle her. His innocent eyes showed no threat. She trusted the moment and sank to her knees. He exclaimed in shock as his cock sank into her pretty mouth and then as her tongue began to run circles around his length he allowed the moment to take him too.

She bobbed up and down, keeping up a constant suction-pull and twisting her tongue around him like a ribbon tying knots. After several moments she took one of his hands in hers and brought it to the back of her head, motioning that he should set the pace. He gently laced his fingers through her long red ponytail and brought himself further into her moaning his pleasure. His other hand found her naked breasts and he delighted in cupping them and twisting the nipples. Her hand sank back to her dripping pussy and she resumed her determined fingering. She came again and this time the moans traveled up through his cock. Her grabbed her head sharply. She looked confused and hurt for a moment as he pulled her to her feet, but relaxed when he quickly spun her around and bent her over the desk.

Her round full ass beckoned him, but he wanted to be the gentleman, so this time he sank to his knees and buried his delighted tongue up her hot wet snatch. She writhed in pleasure, so he placed a hand on her lower back to keep her in place, not letting her wriggle away from the penetration bahis şirketleri of his tongue. He was overcome with arousal and bit gently at her round full ass. Then he shoved his tongue back up her pussy and gently rubbed her clit between his fingers. She shuddered slightly as one of his fingers brushed her asshole, but when she did not protest he began to gently rub at her tight opening encouraging it to trust him. She opened slightly and little by little he guided one thick finger up her ass while his tongue continued to satisfy her pussy. She lay moaning to herself on the desk, playing with her nipples and praying that he would fully penetrate her soon. Finally, she was overcome, “Fuck me! Please, Please fuck me!”

He was immediately on his feet and letting out a long moan as his thick member began to enter her tight, wet canal. The glove was a perfect fit and began to gently stretch to accommodate him as he started to pick up speed, one finger still burying itself in her asshole. Soon he was slamming her into the desk, encouraged by her delighted cries as his cock disappeared inside of her and his balls smacked against her. As she came he felt her tight inner walls milking him, but there was still one more part of her he wanted to claim.

He let her shudder to a stop and then removed his cock and gently placed it against the opening to her ass, pausing in question. He felt her hand sneak around and grab his member and he thought he would be denied, but then he felt her drawing him close, trying to open for him. He gently pushed in the tip of his cock while thrusting several fingers into her pussy to try and make her forget the pain. She made a small sound of discomfort, but then as his fingers slammed in and out of her she started to moan in pleasure and he slowly continued pushing forward, establishing a rhythm in time with his finger thrusts. Little by little she began to open for him and he found himself whispering in her ear, “Open for me. Be a good girl and open for me!”

Soon he was thrusting in and out of her with both his cock and his fingers. He continued thrusting, hitting peak after peak of satisfaction until finally he submitted to her body and his hot cum began to pour into her tight ass. He lay against her in exhaustion, both of there bodies exuberant in the moment. She began to laugh, a small happy laugh. He listened for a moment and then said devilishly, “Would you like to be my valentine?”

She only laughed harder, but when she caught her breath she said, “Only if you go on fucking me and then buy me dinner.”

He kissed her deeply and began to move inside her once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20