A Growing Anticipation – Continued

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(This is a continuation of Growing Anticipation, which was written by HugeErectson. I asked to write part 2 since they were taking to long to do it and did not receive any response. As such I decided to write it and post it here, giving credit to HugeErectson. This part is entirely my own work using part one for inspiration. It picks up directly where the first part left off, and makes no sense if you haven’t read part 1. It contains incest and unrealistic body part sizes. Please do not comment to say that it is unrealistic- this is a fetish story, its SUPPOSED to be unrealistic).

*All characters are eighteen or over*

She was still standing by the kitchen counter when I came back in.

“how do they fit?” she asked me.

“there okay,” I said, trying not to get hard by staring at her top.

“Good, then maybe you could return the favor. I noticed we are all out of milk, could you run out and get some?”

“Sure, I’ll go right now,” I was relieved that she gave me the opportunity to leave the house; I could feel another hard on starting. I grabbed my coat and headed for the door. The local grocery wasn’t to far away, and I needed desperately to cool off. After a fifteen minute walk I was at the store, but when I got to the register I noticed I only had enough money for one gallon of milk. What ever, I thought. I paid and left.

Half way home I started thinking about my mom’s massive breasts again. The way she was so relaxed, even trying, to show them off. Suddenly I felt a hard on starting. I tried really hard to stop it, but it just kept going. The pouch sown into my shorts quickly filled and It became painful to walk. Five minutes from home I couldn’t take it anymore.

I walked over to some bushes by the side of the road and pulled down my shorts, then my special boxers. Out sprang my twenty inch cock, veins pulsing with a purple red head. I sat down and started slowly stroking it. I couldn’t stop thinking about my mom, her massive mammaries. It was weird, partly because she’s my mom, partly because I had never jacked off with my cock so close to my face (it had never been this long before). My cock was over flowing with precum and I had to take off all my clothes just to keep them clean.

Since my parents had never gotten me circumcised, and with the precum and all, my cock was making this really slick slapping sound. I was using both my hands and really going for it. Just the thought of my moms tits getting even LARGER. I felt my oversized balls beginning to tighten, and just before I blew my load I had my most brilliant thought ever.

It came to my simply because the bottle of the pills I was using said it increase sperm load size. I wanted to see how big my load was, so I stopped my pumping and grabbed the milk carton. I emptied it out on the ground, then positioned my self over it and started to pump me pulsing cock again. After a minute I felt my balls tighten gain just before I blew I put my head in the top of the carton.

If the ground hadn’t held the carton it would have been blown away. The first thick white creamy rope (and I mean rope, it was like, at least half a centimeter in diameter) of cum spewed out of my cock into the carton and splashed across the bottom, nearly knocking it over. It was followed by another, and another and another as I kept pumping, until the ropes turned into streams and then stopped.

I was so dizzy that I fell back as my cock became flaccid. After five minutes of rest I looked at the carton. It was nearly full to the top! I put the cap back on and then removed the sticker on the side. I smiled as the dirty thoughts I had just used came to mind. I quickly cleaned up as best I could and ran home.

When I got there my mom was still in the kitchen, making more tops. She was still wearing the one she had on when I left. I sat down at the table and put the milk carton on it.

“Hey, I got this new brand of milk for you mom. It’s supposed to help women who’s breasts are growing larger,” I said. As she turned around I tried my hardest to keep a straight face.

“Really, of honey that’s so sweat! Here, let me try it,” she came over and picked up the carton, not even questioning what I told her. For a second I was worried that she might recognize that it was cum, but I didn’t think my mom was the kind to give guys head. She poured a glass full, but before she had some she said,

“Its warm!”

Quickly I thought up a reply, “Oh, well you see I got there just as they had refilled the fridges, so it wasn’t that cold to start out, then with the long walk home in this weather…”

“Oh, that makes sense, okay,” and with that she sipped my cum.

“Hmmm… tastes a bit salty, but I kind of like it. Thanks honey,” she beamed. I couldn’t help it, I was so hard when she said those words. The pouch was full again and I hurt to keep my cock in it.

Once my mom finished the glass of cum she smiled at me, then noticed the expression on my face, “whats wrong honey?”

“Sorry, its not you, its just well…” I pointed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri down at my pants. She came over and hugged me, not helping by shoving her breasts in my face, her areolas showing over the top, “Oh my poor baby. Listen, if it helps at all, Ill let you walk around without any pants on. Would that help?”

I jumped, “But mom, you will see me and…”

“No buts, its nothing I haven’t seen before and I won’t have my son in pain on my behalf!” She stepped away and looked at me expectantly.

Slowly I got up off the stool and slid down my pants and boxers at the same time. Out sprang my monster, and quickly watched her eyes dart to it then back to me.

“See? Now doesn’t that feel better?”

“Yes mom,” I said with a smile.

“Good, now I’m going to go take some more pills for my breasts and maybe another glass of the milk you gave me.” She walked out of the kitchen and went upstairs. The rest of the day was exciting, but my previous jack off shesh helped a lot. That evening it began to storm, badly. I went to bed after taking more of my growth pills.

It was 3 in the morning when I heard a voice over the thunder.

“Honey?” my mom was standing in my door way, shivering.

“What is it?” I asked, still groggy.

“The roof is leaking over my bed, I just woke up freezing and soaked!” She walked into my room. In the dim light I could make out that she was wearing one of her bras that she made. I couldn’t tell what color it was, but it was a reverse shelf bra. Instead of holding the breasts up and exposing the top of the breasts and nipples like a shelf bra, it came down from the top and stopped just after where I thought her nipples were, leaving the bottoms of her breasts fully exposed. Other than that she had on a standard pair of panties, which I guess she hadn’t had time to make like her tops.

“Could I sleep in your bed for the rest of the night?” she asked.

I groaned, “Sure, I’ll go find a sleeping bag and sleep on the floor…”

“Oh no honey, my chest my be bigger but I don’t take up that much space! Just let me slide in next to you.” And with that she walked over and pulled up the blankets. I didn’t even get a chance to tell her that I was naked. I slide down as far as I could; knowing the massive hard on sleeping next to my mom was going to give me. I closed my eyes and tried not to think about it and go back to sleep…

It must have still been night when I woke up again, because it was still dark. I could tell something was wrong, because my dick felt funny. I opened my eyes and that’s when I saw the hottest sight ever!

My dick had become rock hard in the night and I must have rolled over after I had positioned myself facing away from my mom, because there was my raging pulsing cock, slightly wedged up in between my moms breasts. They were still wet from the rain and my cock felt so good and warm and wet in between them. Normally (whats normal about this?) I would have just pulled down and turned away, but in my half sleeping stupor I went with my other head.

I slowly started humping back and forth in my bed. My moms breasts, although wet, didn’t give way much. They were so firm! None the less it felt great and I kept doing it, until I felt my precum start flowing again. That was when I almost stopped. She was still sleeping, all I had to do was pull away and she would never know.

Like hell I thought and with that kept going. With the precum I was now gliding nicely between her breasts, and with the downward support of her reverse shelf top my cock was being firmly pumped by her breasts.

I was in heaven, and as I pumped my cock into her breasts my head popped out from in between them. I pulled down enough so that it was still in between, I didn’t want to wake her. As I did so her nipples slipped out from the bra, which I had pushed up with my dick. I could see them in the dark, and they were pointy and hard. Was it that cold, or was she turned on in her sleep? Either way the sight was too much for me and I blasted thick ropes of cum into her breasts. It took all my strength not to make any sounds as I came. I watched as my cum over flowed from in between her giant breasts and seeped down the side and over the nipple to puddle on her side.

She began to stir, and I realized there was not way to explain this, so I did the only thing I could do with so little time. I closed my eyes and did my very best to pretend to be asleep.

“Oh my! Honey?” I heard her say. I kept my eyes closed and breathed slowly and rhythmically.

“Honey?” she said again. “I guess he must have done it in his sleep. Poor thing.” I heard her say, then she got up and went to the bathroom.

I awoke the next morning after passing out from the last nights experiences. I looked over and saw that my mom had already left the room. Where she had slept the night before there was only a damp spot, she must have cleaned up the mess.

I HAD GOTTEN AWAY with it. I was so happy that I quickly dressed, not putting güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri on pants and went down stairs for breakfast. What awaited me in the kitchen nearly knocked my out.

There was my mother, wearing only some jeans and no top! When she heard me coming down the stairs she turn around and smiled.

“I figure its only fair for you to be so comfortable if I get to be to. The truth is the reason I wanted to slip out of those tops was to relieve some of the pressure,” she said without blushing or being awkward.

My cock quickly began to fill so I made a quick move to the stool and tried to act nonchalant, “Its okay mom, your beautiful anyway, so I don’t mind,” I grinned as I thought of the night before. Now seeing them in full light, they were gorgeous. The nipples were an inch in radius with the tips one centimeter out. They were a nice pink red color.

“oh thank you honey. You really think so?” I could see her nipples hardening, was she turned on?

“Of course, why would I lie?” I said. She walked around the table to give me a hug. When she got to the stool she saw my massive boner that I had hidden under the table. She stared at it for what seemed like a minute then continued toward me and hugged me. My erect penis went up between us and I wished I had worn no shirt, but that would have been too obvious.

“If only all men were like you,” she said, “in more ways than one,” did I catch a hint of sarcasm in her voice. Did she just make a comment about my penis? I took my opportunity.

“Oww, mom, your putting to much pressure on my penis,” I said.

She quickly backed up, but still had her hands on my shoulders, “oh sorry baby, I didn’t know.” She giggled, “tell me, do you masturbate to relieve the pressure?”

“Eww, mommmmmm!”

“Just be honest son, do you,” her eyes didn’t flinch from my cock.

“Well, no,” I lied, “ever since I started the pills I stopped. It doesn’t feel the same I guess.” I tried to act childish and young.

It worked, “Ohh, that must be so hard for you. Do you want mommy to help you?” She said in an even voice. I looked into her eyes as she kept hers on my pulsing monster, which was pointing angrily at her tits.

“What do you mean?” I said, keeping up the act.

“Well I know that it’s the pills and hormones of a strong young man that is doing this to you and I just want to help. I know its not me that makes you, ummm… like this and I could help.”

“Like this,” and with that she reached back with her hands and grabbed my cock and started pumping. Her hand felt so soft.

“Does that feel better honey,” she said, still mesmerized by my penis.

“Oh yeah, that feels great,” was all I could say. She moved one had to my balls and started fondling them. With her other hand she made smooth pumping motions up and down my penis. It was all I could do to not cum right there, I groaned loudly.

“What a big boy you are!” She said in a loving voice. I looked down to see precum leaking steadily down my shaft, lubricating her hands. Now she was pumping even faster, getting some of my precum on her breasts. I continued to groan, until I heard my mom make a faint moan of her own. She was getting turned on. The room filled with wet slapping sounds as she pumped me furiously.

We went like this for nearly 15 minutes, until I was getting close to cumming, but I wanted to see what was going to happen next. My mom was using her back to pump my cock, so her tits were juggling up and down with each stroke. I couldn’t take it, I grunted and then released.

The first rope of cum came out as my mom was pumping up, so it went straight into the air and hit the ceiling, then splashed down on me and my mom, the next rope came out on the down, so it hit my mom directly in the face. She didn’t stop pumping as seven more ropes of cum came out hitting everything from the table to her tits. I watched it all, and when it was over I felt amazing.

My mom, who’s face, breasts, and hair was covered in a thick layer of cum, said, “Honey, could you get me a paper towel?” I quickly got up and got her the roll. She was helpless since she couldn’t open her eyes.

“Here,” I said as I put the roll in her hand. After she wiped most of my cum off her face she looked around, then smiled at me.

“Well, how do you feel?”

“Relieved,” was all I said as I grinned.

“Good, I’m going to go clean up, why don’t you do the same?’ We both went to our separate bathrooms and showered. When I came out of the bathroom and went to my room for some clean clothes I realized that today was laundry day and I had no more shirts, but after everything I didn’t care and just went on naked. When I came back downstairs she had cleaned up all of the cum except what was left on the ceiling and was at the sink trying to washed the cum off her jeans, she had put on a new pair.

“How does my big man feel?” my mom said as I came up behind her and hugged her.

“Amazing, thanks for the help” I said.

“Nonsense, güvenilir bahis şirketleri what are mothers for? If you ever feel the pressure is to much, just come to me and I’ll relieve it, okay?” she said as she turned around and kissed me on the forehead.

“okay,” I said as I stared at he nipples.

“Going around nude now are we?” she smirked as she backed up from the kiss.

“Well today’s laundry day and that was my last shirt. But yes, besides, its more comfortable.”

“Good, I’m glad you feel comfortable around me.” She smiled, and turned around to continue washing. I got an idea, and went over to the drawer with the measuring tape.

“Hold still mom, I want to check something,” and with that I slid the tape under her arms and around her breasts. She didn’t protest as I checked the numbers.

“Wow, almost two inches more! You really are growing.”

“oh that’s great, I’m so glad.” She said without turning.

The rest of the day was pretty boring. I kept low to the ground, yet tried not to seem awkward. My mom had prepared her bed so it would dry quickly and much to my disappointment she slept in her own room that night. Restless that night, I went online and searched for the brand of pills my mom was taking. Sure enough, they were of the same brand as mine. I read the effects and they were this, breast enlargement, nipple enlargement, firmer breasts, and firmer nipples. On the warning page it said, “Warning, side effects if taken on plan 2 include increased fertility, greater breast sensitivity, increase libido, and in rare cases, breast lactation.” I had no idea what plan 2 was, so I went to the instructions and check. It turned out that all their products had 2 ways to be used. Plan one was one pill a day, what my mom was doing and what I had been doing up until 2 days ago was plan one. Plan 2 was to take two or three pills a day for increased effect, but at the cost of possible side effects. For me they were increased fertility, increased sperm load size, and more powerful ejaculations; besides the intended increased libido, size and stiffness. I got all kinds of ideas that night, and went to sleep thinking about tomorrow.

When I got up the next morning I had a plan set out in my head. I wasted no time and took two of the pills, then got myself hard (I had gone to the bathroom so my morning wood was gone). Once I was fully erect I went down stairs, my cock leading the way. My mother was still asleep so I sprung into action. I got out the “milk” and pour a nice tall glass. Then I took out three of my mom’s pills, four was the maximum daily dose and I figured she would take one when she woke up, and crushed them up and but the powder in the milk. I then mixed it well and made eggs and bacon. I made sure to make the bacon and eggs a little salty, so she would drink all the milk. Then I put it on a tray and went up to her room.

She was still asleep, so I went to her bedside and say down.

“Mom?” I said a little loudly. She woke up and smiled when she saw the breakfast.

“Oh honey, your so sweet. Thank you!” She took the tray and started eating and complemented the cooking. I took out her pill bottle from the bed side stand and took a pill out and said,

“Don’t forget this,” and handed her the pill.

“Thank you,” and she took the pill and washed it down with some milk. I

watched her drink a quarter of the glass of “Milk” in one gulp, then left to not seem weird. Half an hour later she came down with an empty tray.

“I get so hungry these days, it must be my growing breasts,” she said. I couldn’t help but nod because she was wearing only a black, lace thong, and nothing else. I figured that it would take a while for the full effect of the pills to hit her, so I told her I was going out to bike for a while. I left for nearly six hours, long as I dared without worrying her.

When I got back she was in the living room reading a book. When she saw me she smiled and went back to her book. I was annoyed until I realized that I was fully clothed and that she had nothing to look at, so I went upstairs and stripped. Then got myself hard, and told myself, “show time.”

I walked into the living room with an anxious face, and my mom dropped on it with one look.

“Do you need my to relieve your penis again?” she said, already closing the book. I walked over and sat down on the couch next to her, cock straight in the air.

“Yes please mommy,” laying on the innocent. I pulled out a measuring tape, “But first, can you measure me? I figure we could keep track of each others growth.”

“Sure baby, here, let me see.” She kneeled down in between my legs, just like I planned. Her giant breasts, nipples now hard and protruding an inch each, lay on my thighs. As she kneeled down, when her breasts touched my thighs, I caught a quick red flash of her face. Her breasts must be more sensitive, I thought.

She took the tape and held one end on my balls and the other at the tip, “Wow, my big man is 21 inches!” She put the tape down and began the pumping. My plan was working flawlessly, with each pump her arms unavoidably grazed her nipples and breasts. With each pass she became more and more short breathed, becoming very rapidly excited. I, trying my best to seem unaware, began to slowly hump her hands, and in doing so, added to the friction on her breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20